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Finished the story in one day! Okay, i have also so many questions left, but i think i have found the answers!

1. Xiao wants some revenge for her family, but the advice that was given to her by her long lost brother made her realized that revenge is not the solution for her family's death.

2. Lin Yang is still alive and I think she's also the reason of Danny's appearance. Remember when she says Xiao will pay for everything? I think she wants to make Xiao's life be miserable, but turns out different. And also they all know that Danny is the reason behind the Murang Massacre, so i think, Lin decided to be trained by the Danny's Org in order for to achieve her goals for Xiao. Until, she came across with Fannie and "Sandy". (Idk exactly but after those twist and turns of their life, Lin just made a choice of being obedient to her "Lord Danny" after realising there's no win in avenging)

3. Danny and Lie's deal. Okay, we all know that Lie has the great win-win situation between the two, therefore, Danny is just a big distraction and just a challenge to Lie's love for Xiao. So, there deal is just a lame game for these two.

Ahhh that's all Hahahaha Sorry. This are just my thoughts after reading the story! I was not expecting the ending, tho. But, Congratulations to the author!

Ps. Can we have a sweet story line after their marriage? And Maomao's life? 😄
HeRley Queen: im agree wit u
WigoJim: by Danny's org. in order for her to achieve her for Xiao***
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🌻Sunny 💗🍨💗🍨: ok. you just join.😊😊😊😊
Nasra Mohammed: I wanna join
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Fede Rika
Eeehm I'm the only one that waited for the revenge part?? I mean didn't she wanted to kill Danny??? 😂 I feel like the whole story about her Family and other Families was unnecessary! We don't even know why did Danny kill her family and attacked the feng family??? Why was Sandy with him for the past 10 years? Why did she leave Lie in the first place? Where did his Fiancé disappear?? I mean why leaving her alive if she's useless? How did her brother survive and did he actually came back for revenge or what? What happened to that doctor that was interested in them? Didn't Lie's friend liked Mu at first right? How did he find his wife and how did he forget about Mu? The last part where he faked his death to get her say she loves him doesn't make sense for me.

But the drawings were amazing. The characters all looked hot. My personal favourites are the Green haired (feng family) and the brother!!
Fede Rika: I hope they'll think of doing a second part to continue with the story.
Amanda Liu Junhong: O_o I been wondering too about those questions you mentioned...
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Isac Belciug
honestly I wouldnt re read this or recommend it to anyone, in the end it was a happy ending and I can only love a story with a happy ending in it but this one was different, there was to many bad thing that happened over how many good things it's just not good to read like the entire thing with the sister dying, it was to much for me that's when I was like "I'm about to just stop reading this rn" because the reason behind it was so disgustingly irritatingly shity and I just could stand it I loved the ending but it's not worth going through all of that heartbreak for that one wedding scene.
If i were you, I would have left a note saying" Lie, since the wedding I have realized you already loved someone and you can't let go her, and as fot me and Moamoa we left do not dare to find because I don't want you anymore, someday I will fond the man I truly love most I hope your happy now."
- Xiaoxiao
Misas: the child name is maomao. but yeah, I agree with u, she should have leave him.. stupid female lead..
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I was waiting for the revenge part honestly drawings are awesome... but the story was a bit confusing and also some parts were useless so i wont recommend to read it but still the drawings were really good and before I started reading this comic i read the description I understood that story wasn’t mine but the drawing style took my interest .
SomeoneThatsLonely M.
if I was her ill just tell him because I want the man I love to be happy even if I have to go away from him forever I'll just have to try to move on and find someone that I will love him and he will love me back...idk maybe or maybe I'll be selfish and choose not to tell it is depends idk maybe I'll choose to tell him or idk lol
I like it like dat: nooo, that is not me, if I'm not happy why do u deserve to be happy 😠😠😠
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스테파니 크리스티
Lie : " I just want you to remember and stay with me"

meanwhile me;

*close the mangatoon app and then open the music play application*

*search and play Stay With Me sung by Chanyeol and reopen mangatoon back. Re-read from beginning to end*
Fair_y_tale: GOBLiN's OST. One of my favorites
SH Soun: Nice 👍🏻
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😍😜im exciting
Naransan nyo na ba guyss yung tipong nanaginip ka tapos sa panaginip mo niligtas mo yung kaibigan mo dahil nilalandi sya nung boss nyo na jot and sexy sa sasakyan nya habang nandun ka tapos nung bumaba ang kaibigan mo dahil hinatid nyo kayo na man dalawa nag sex hahaha tapos yung tipong hindi ka nananaginip yung kala mo tunay na yun pala unan yung sinesex mo pag ka gising tapis nakahubad ka na din hayssttt buti na lang lock yung room ko.,..hahaha
Uhh!!!! Girl just give him the note and say"I found Sandy, you can find her besides she is your true love. And I'm also here to say goodbye, because you already found your one and only so me and Maomao are leaving this place, I wish you happiness
Sana Awan
the guy stayed with her for 1 and a half year to earn her trust and now just kills her off and we still don't know why she killed Ya why am i the only one frustrated with this
Lindsey Bumgardner: someone I forget who explained she wanted to kill ya beat xiaoxiao so xiaoxiao will feel pain
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Aritree Roy
seriously i love this one ❤❤
no forcefully dragging stryline,no main female lead's naiveness weakness,a mature male lead nd more than all super drawings specially about Their expressions 💞💞
loved tht one 😍
"𝓥 ' 𝓼  𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓪𝓰𝓮𝓻"
Danny and President is a same person...And as we know mr. Ge, the neighbour, also works for killer thingy... Thats why mr. ge called danny 'president' when danny took his mask off...
"𝓥 ' 𝓼  𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓪𝓰𝓮𝓻"
The lin girl is so desparate to get him... But a family with a cutie kid naughty dad and beautiful and sexy mom will never be broken... Got that?!
lamiza fernando: for once i ship the sadistic with the playboy i mean every story has that one desparate cick that never finds love i ship them... oky that ?😠😤
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I like it like dat
smartest kid ever and bravest mom ever damn what a powerful family without the dad
Mei Xi: boy...
lamiza fernando: can i ask a quesrion is the kid a boy or a girl ?
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At their wedding “Danny” appears saying he has a gift for them. Out of nowhere a girl from black hair dudes past appears.(forgot his name). When she sees them she goes I’m sorry I interrupted and runs. Black hair dude runs after her and forgets about out main girl. She’s left alone in despair with no one but herself and maomao. But it’s gets betterrrrrrrr just wait and read. There some sad parts too..
Imreallytireddd: Why did u read it if it didn’t seem familiar to u
Jamal Mitchell: congrats you are the biggest douche in the comments for ruining part of the story
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~<* Yeni🍣 *>~
oh well, when you are an assassin u just lick up the nearest bum and make him your cook.....i mean
you could always kill him if he messes up
Emmy Peters
It’s not like she can get arrested since she was being held captive and was about to get killed herself soooo😂
Lindsey Bumgardner: but it's the gangs who probably corrupted the police force in Koreas word against hers
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Salma Adilah
bela belain read this shit dari abis maghrib sampe tengah 1 malem. What a perfect night😂 Emosi, greget, pengen ngamok, pengen nampol, baper nyatu semua😂
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