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Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter

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In the hotel, Manman planned to surprise her boyfriend by showing up for the fifth anniversary, but it turned out to be a nightmare in her life. A stranger happened to step into her room and her life. Several years later, as a mother of two kids, she attended an interview and found the boss resembled her son. This can’t be an illusion!

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Roze Black
Han your so stupid. Use to know when Kiki was up to something or anyone was playing tricks but you just blindly excepted that Manman the woman that's been by your side and has never once betrayed you (expect leaving but again your dumbass fault) would actually betray you by having sex with another man let alone the man she out right said time and time again she doesn't want and no longer has feelings for? Come on man be the smart man you usually are. Also Manman stop letting yourself get stuck in this situations you got lead right into this one as much as Han did. The kids will be very upset when they find out thier father actually believed thier mother would betray him like this and is punishing in such a way. Also Writer I love your story but you can only have a villin do so much before it gets pathetic that the heros actually fall for the stuff time and time again. Someone else commented and I agree it's going in circles.
gunerz7: use this please
H U 5 X R Y
k2love__: V6W3EA
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I know some of you think she's being stupid, but would you want your children to be raised in the same family as a dangerous and unstable woman who hates all three of you and is a constant threat? A woman who, further, as the LEGAL wife would treat you as a mistress/slut/homewrecker and ruthlessly do anything possible to grind your childrens faces in their lower status (illegitimate, but she'd use the worse word) AND yours? A woman who will obsessively promote the interests of her OWN child and be a constant, extreme danger to yours? Come on! She isn't just leaving because she's hurt. She's trying to keep her kids from being abused or killed. Or abused and then killed.
ishi..: nailed it bro
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Julia Deane
Wait, wait, wait, they made up just like that. He’s still married. You’re still moved out.
Just him realizing that your dad is enough to go back to him even though he got married to someone else.
Am I getting this right? That’s just what.
I feel like there should be some resistance on her side still not just “oh I get it, get married to someone you love not keep a mistress”
“Yay you understand”
Kiss kiss kiss
Like shouldn’t there be more talking and stuff since he did something on a pretty large scale and it will take time. If anything it’s more of trust needs to be rebuilt not just going straight to kissing.
JV: Omg your profile pic/gif freaked me out
OutOfDateCondom: That is why I dropped this serie
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