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Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter

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In the hotel, Manman planned to surprise her boyfriend by showing up for the fifth anniversary, but it turned out to be a nightmare in her life. A stranger happened to step into her room and her life. Several years later, as a mother of two kids, she attended an interview and found the boss resembled her son. This can’t be an illusion!

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Randa Mey Ramos
this story is a messed up!!! the plot, the storyline line. all of it is a eF-ing messed up! I don't get why people still like reading this. at first 1to50 chapters they are really soooo good. but next chapters are so messed, that I can't really understand what is happening anymore???! it's like going in circles here! the male lead is so bad. I don't even know if he is really is the male lead anymore!. he is narcissistic!! a sociopath! a bipolar! selfish jerk male lead I have ever seen. I never been this disappointed in my life by reading this. he loves her, but don't loves her if she does something wrong. he wants to messed with her but he doesn't want to let her go!!! he doesn't want her to leave but he wants to marry the other woman. if he really loves the female protagonist. he is willing to do everything and figure out just to make sure that the arrange wedding would not be happened! but it didn't! he'd still marry her. what the heck!? he's hot and cold! and the female lead keeps on having ties with the ex. oh come on!! I know that she really loves the male lead. but why is she okay by seeing the ex. she should pushed him away. not hugging him. or like, avoid him so that the male lead would not think bad about her. and come on!! how come they even became neighbors. this is so complicated!? this is so wrong! and complicated! I was really looking forward with this. I'm still reading it. but every chapters is still disappointing. hmp!
Kawhar Scientest: its life....
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Seriously… he's a sociopath and just said some truly despicable things and she's like "Everything is Fine. Everything is Normal." Woman. You're, what‽ Engaged to a sociopath and were engaged to one before‽ How do you have *THIS* poor of judgement in men‽ Either way—is *this* the kind of person whom you want raising your children? Someone who can cast off another person without a second thought—who was getting married CLEARLY without love, and a group of people who are just THIS nuts‽ Plus—HE TOOK YOUR DAUGHTER FOR HIGH RISK SURGERY, WHERE SHE COULD HAVE DIED—GOT YOUR KIDS TO LIE TO YOU, AND DID *ALL* OF THIS WITHOUT SO MUCH AS TELLING YOU‽

If this character was an actual person, I'd legit be worried for the welfare and health if their children. Like—do you *SERIOUSLY* want an untreated sociopath raising your kids‽ For that matter—[headdesk] you know what… forget it! Fiction, but please don't assume this behavior is "cute" or "healthy" or "romantic" in real life. In real life, for pulling a stunt like this—he could lose full custody. She'd have EVERY right to cut his dumb ass off. Yeah? She wants them to have a father? Cool! But, does that mean you *really* want this one untreated? O.o
《☆Hồng ☆Diễm》<băng☆dii>: Truyện rất hay
Wesley Laguerre: joi uvuty
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I find it strange that no one here seems to find his sociopathic/low EQ/narcissistic/controlling behavior problematic in the form of Miko. He lied & took her away for an emergency surgery without telling Manman. What if Miko died‽ Then what‽ Miko would have died without her mother and brother, both of whom would have had to live with the guilt. It doesn't matter that he was attempting to protect Manman. He lied & manipulated her, preventing her from knowing the truth. This was a high risk operation that may not have been successful. Not cool, dude! I hope when Manman finds out, she at minimum beats the crap out of him/leaves for a while, because he needs to understand just HOW serious a wrong he did. Yes—good intentions, but the road to Hell is paved with those stones. It's not justification for not telling her. She wasn't in a life threatening situation where the stress could have killed her. She had the right to know & he there. He just doesn't seem to have the ability or emotional intelligence to comprehend and needs to be properly trained. Heh.
Princess Dragon: your right but han loves manman so much. he don t want manman to be hurt seeing there daughter.
Dragoon91786: If Manning were to realize than Noan or another person was better capable of raising her children and who loved them/her, could Han accept that because he loves her unconditionally, and let her go—wanting what was best for her—and being able to respect her needs—one thing is seeking to prove oneself, but beyond that, if it was clear (as it is here quite apparent) that Han is not a competent parent in terms of teaching his children how to be "well adjusted"—is it "well adjusted" to threaten the lives/families of those trying to care for your supposed loved one, and threaten to have them all executed if they fail to save your child—irrespective of the means available to them? What if they did everything imaginable and the problem was beyond their limits? Is it well adjusted for Han to murder them? Is that a "healthy" lesson for a prospective father to be teaching their children?
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