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Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter

Yoolook Culture
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In the hotel, Manman planned to surprise her boyfriend by showing up for the fifth anniversary, but it turned out to be a nightmare in her life. A stranger happened to step into her room and her life. Several years later, as a mother of two kids, she attended an interview and found the boss resembled her son. This can’t be an illusion!

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naive Mr. lu
this story is a messed up!!! the plot, the storyline line. all of it is a eF-ing messed up! I don't get why people still like reading this. at first 1to50 chapters they are really soooo good. but next chapters are so messed, that I can't really understand what is happening anymore???! it's like going in circles here! the male lead is so bad. I don't even know if he is really is the male lead anymore!. he is narcissistic!! a sociopath! a bipolar! selfish jerk male lead I have ever seen. I never been this disappointed in my life by reading this. he loves her, but don't loves her if she does something wrong. he wants to messed with her but he doesn't want to let her go!!! he doesn't want her to leave but he wants to marry the other woman. if he really loves the female protagonist. he is willing to do everything and figure out just to make sure that the arrange wedding would not be happened! but it didn't! he'd still marry her. what the heck!? he's hot and cold! and the female lead keeps on having ties with the ex. oh come on!! I know that she really loves the male lead. but why is she okay by seeing the ex. she should pushed him away. not hugging him. or like, avoid him so that the male lead would not think bad about her. and come on!! how come they even became neighbors. this is so complicated!? this is so wrong! and complicated! I was really looking forward with this. I'm still reading it. but every chapters is still disappointing. hmp!
Lilyabelle: Read the whole story first before commenting youuuuu!!!
Kajal Yadav: it's a saying that all good boys go to heaven but a bad boy can bring heaven to you......
that's why I love the bad boy male lead
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Princess Hinata
Well, I have something to say..

The FL is really stupid.. Why am I saying this?? Because she does not have her own dignity at all. Her husband suspects her.. He was so cruel to her that he ordered her to abort the child.. Yet she has forgiven him all the things so easily??? I don't understand why all the FL have to be so stupid in the most of the manhuas?? Why are they designed without self-respect and dignity???

Then I will talk about ML... He loves her so much that he hides every thing from her.. Does it actually make any sense?? How can he hide their daughter's serious illnes from her?? Is not she a mother?? Does not she have the right to know??? Protecting the person does not mean you have to hide the serious things from your partner.. It is not loyality. You should have trust, loyality on your partner.. And the most surprising fact that FL does not object anything about this hiding..

Yes, it is true that the ending is beautifully decorated..
Ishecka Mendez: =z€
Ishecka Mendez: t3

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the baby so cute when he caught a rose
What a nice way to end a series really makes people satisfied to see all the main cast live happily ever after but it makes me sad since this series ended but im looking forward on what the season 2 will bring to us and I hope the author makes it the same or even better than this series and if the author is reading comments here I wish you luck to your next series and good health so you can continue doing this because you bring many emotion out of us while reading this series of yours thats all and THANK YOU AND GOOD BYE FOR THIS WONDERFUL STORY
Hani Atiqah: they look so good together
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