Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter
Romance / Modern / Completed

Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter

Yoolook Culture
Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter
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Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter Comics Online. In the hotel, Manman planned to surprise her boyfriend by showing up for the fifth anniversary, but it turned out to be a nightmare in her life. A stranger happened to step into her room and her life. Several years later, as a mother of two kids, she attended an interview and found the boss resembled her son. This can’t be an illusion!

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Jamie S
❤I love Pepe!❤
I want a spin off set 3+ yrs in the future after she's 18 w/ her being a kick ass mob boss. She meets a sweet foreign widower who owns a pastry shop & has an adorable little boy. The father & son get dragged into mob danger & she takes then into hiding. They have a romantic night. She loves him too much to endanger them. So she makes sure they're safe &leaves. The twist they weren't endanger because of her but because of his past. He was in the mob & got his wife killed. To honor her he vows to keep their son safe no matter what it cost him. They go deeper into hiding. 6 years later. She in Australia looking cool & elegant surrounded by bodyguards & peeking between them is the cutest little red headed girl who gets away & goes into a pastry shop. She bumps into waiter in his teens & he drop his tray. He start to yell at the little girl but stops there is something about her that makes him protective. His dad come out &sees a miniature version of his lost love. The guard come after the girl. Father & son kick ass thinking they'd been found. They flee w/ the little girl to keep her safe. In their safe house there is a knock on the door. Pepe's there furious & ready to slaughter whoever stands between her & her child. She find the man she loves holding their daughter. They reunite. She leaves the mob w/ Uncle Han's blessing & they live happily ever after.
Reetu Moharana: lovelly story .cute kid boy act is so actrativ.2 couple have lovelly chemistry.i really like it 😍😍😍😍
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我不是中國人 -Gråçé🌸
Why is she staring at the blue haired man?

Is she has a plan to get pregnant with him and acting in front of Han that, the baby in the belly in that woman is His child...😤😤😤🤬🤬😡😡

I'm just guessing... Don't take it serious...😒😒
Zen Estor: I guess it too, bro
Zen Estor: I guess it too, bro
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Meroz Reyes
pregnant but still sexy doesn't even have baby bump.. also didn't know if she already have premature delivery..but base on what i understand while reading this they didn't used the cord of their baby they used relative cord han's father found.. but why she's not like pregnant if she didn't have premature delivery and if she had it already where's the baby and how can she move like that 🤷
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