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Toka Saphira
For those of you wondering...

• Heart beats at 21 days
• Foundation laid for brain and spinal cord

• Brain and spinal cord begin to form
• Length is less than 1 inch

• Lungs are beginning to form
• Eyes and nostrils are visible
• Taste buds and teeth are beginning to develop

• Fingers have grown and separated, toes are now visible
• Facial features—eyes, nose, lips, and tongue—continue to develop
• Each minute the brain develops as many as 250,000 new neurons
• Unborn child is now called a fetus, rather than an embryo
Dright Knight: "2 WEEKS
◾heart beats at 21 days"...
Wait... whut? Mind blown.... Magic? 21days=3weeks.... After all magic do exsist...
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I know some of you think she's being stupid, but would you want your children to be raised in the same family as a dangerous and unstable woman who hates all three of you and is a constant threat? A woman who, further, as the LEGAL wife would treat you as a mistress/slut/homewrecker and ruthlessly do anything possible to grind your childrens faces in their lower status (illegitimate, but she'd use the worse word) AND yours? A woman who will obsessively promote the interests of her OWN child and be a constant, extreme danger to yours? Come on! She isn't just leaving because she's hurt. She's trying to keep her kids from being abused or killed. Or abused and then killed.
zhearaxLi: just what I was thinking u took the words out of my mind
Melesungu (Meh-leh Soong-oo): You right, you right...
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Melesungu (Meh-leh Soong-oo)
Man man I don't mean to be mean or rude...but r u dumb? Your son obviously don't wanna leave his daddy and I'm pretty sure Miko wouldn't want to as well. You may have your own life but no matter who u choose that ain't Han, yo children will always want and choose Han...they obviously won't treat any dude like their daddy. Han loves you and he may be selfish but he accepted the kids whether he knew that they were his or not...he took care of u and yo children...while Noan on da other hand wanted u to abort yo children...even when he knew it wasn't his...he actually had da nerve to tell u to abort the 2 and make a new one with him...so make da wise choice Man man...
Julia Deane
Wait, wait, wait, they made up just like that. He’s still married. You’re still moved out.
Just him realizing that your dad is enough to go back to him even though he got married to someone else.
Am I getting this right? That’s just what.
I feel like there should be some resistance on her side still not just “oh I get it, get married to someone you love not keep a mistress”
“Yay you understand”
Kiss kiss kiss
Like shouldn’t there be more talking and stuff since he did something on a pretty large scale and it will take time. If anything it’s more of trust needs to be rebuilt not just going straight to kissing.
Atisha Mitchell: what a professional dream seller. o feel this manga is based on a real event. as a woman i could say there r women who is pretty flipping stupid
JV: Omg your profile pic/gif freaked me out
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Roze Black
Han your so stupid. Use to know when Kiki was up to something or anyone was playing tricks but you just blindly excepted that Manman the woman that's been by your side and has never once betrayed you (expect leaving but again your dumbass fault) would actually betray you by having sex with another man let alone the man she out right said time and time again she doesn't want and no longer has feelings for? Come on man be the smart man you usually are. Also Manman stop letting yourself get stuck in this situations you got lead right into this one as much as Han did. The kids will be very upset when they find out thier father actually believed thier mother would betray him like this and is punishing in such a way. Also Writer I love your story but you can only have a villin do so much before it gets pathetic that the heros actually fall for the stuff time and time again. Someone else commented and I agree it's going in circles.
gunerz7: use this please
H U 5 X R Y
k2love__: V6W3EA
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Infinite warrior empress
Shaylan Anesko: I'm totally like you😂your not alone
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a quote i got from love like cherry blossom,
(but the words werent exactly the same... but it's like this...)

"do you really love him or it just a habit of yours to love him as you already hold the 'feeling' of loving him for years?"

it means .. sometimes we love someone for so long until it only a part of our habits to love and like that person.
Rachael Selest
I'm starting to feel they're adding too much to this and not resolving any previous issues we have her getting pregnant before being with Noah breaking off the engagement not going anywhere for 7 years now she's finally met the dad of her children she won't tell him but her daughter has a congenital disease and then now there's gangsters involved and there's another guy who wants her to get the family inheritance oh don't forget her friend marrying her ex
Evie Elizer
Yes wat Kiki did was horrible but don't you see every time something happens to manning and Han that he never believes her..... Goes to show how weak their relationship really is.

I just want manning to leave with her kids far away and if he's ready to be with them then he will look for them otherwise GET LOST
Nur Hamizah
I don't ship them together.
He should try to resist not to follow her command to stab her. whatever happens he should never willingly let himself to stab Pepe even she forced him.
what the hell wrong with him, if he realize that pepe not dodge, he should stab himself. what the fool of him. Unhealthy relationship not stay long.
Melesungu (Meh-leh Soong-oo)
Han you don't need to marry Kiki, especially since you have no feelings, like literally no feelings for her. She is not preggo with your baby. But you do have two wonderful smart children and a beautiful loving woman by your side who actually love you and wouldn't do anything stupid to hurt you. Marry who you love, not someone that you don't have in your heart...be wise Han. Manning and your two beautiful children is your family. So, do what's right in your heart.
Author please explain what happened to Manning's baby. Readers keep making assumptions about incubation and stuff (quote the episode if I'm wrong) but that was never explained neither were is Manning's belly. Stop being wishy washy about the subject Author.
Seriously... she looks familiar to him because he slept with her 7 years ago and she believes that he looks a lot like Chaim when she first saw him. Chaim is 7 years old * which he must know from his profile when he applied for the job, I suppose * and he is the EXACT copy of him... eve his fiancé said that. How can they both be so dense for such intelligent ppl? 😅😅
TaeLovesKook: Hmm I was pretty sure he was 7 yr old 🤔
MacKenna Regoord: he is 6, not 7
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how could he treat Kiki like that. it's not her fault if her dad was using her, we cannot choose our parents. and another thing is, assuming it's his baby how could he offer the money for her, the mother, to give up her child so he could raise it with some other woman? if we forget the fact Kiki is an antagonist and has bad character here, Han is still really a bastard
nope: @zhearaxLi that's right. we know it because we know circumstances. but from Han's pov it is the fact that Han didn't deny the possibility that it's his child. which means he still slept with her. if he didn't, then why would he think that child is his regardless of what she told him. and another thing is he is planning to offer money to separate the child from it's birth mother
zhearaxLi: OK just one thing it's not his baby it's the guy with blue hair and scar baby OK
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Is it just me who thinks their "love story" doesn't make sense?
Rokrok Farraaj: yeah if felt their love story came out of nowhere
zahrah1121: Finally !!!! someone mention thisss. I thought only me who doesn’t get it
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Yeah she was pregnant but to get Han's attention she had to hurt herself , but the baby didn't die some how the lady doctor/friend of Manning's mom put the unborn fetus(baby) in an incubator to develop the baby instead of it being in manning's womb
Hannah Loyl
I've got so many things to do today but here am I reading this then feeling so fustrated and pissed off and end up laying in bed doing nothing because too mad to do anything and read this again and yeah left my works behind and repeat... *sigh 😧😧😧
Dright Knight: Eh? Drama level here is quit low... for now.
There are much higher leveled drama... Hm... better not read other drama or there will be not good for you... Wen reading high lvl drama you just turn of it and felling confused/depresed for it... And you fell the same on low lvl drama...
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OK. Don't blame Noan, folks. He is doing what most guys in his position would do--fighting for the woman he loves. Yes, I wish he could find someone else and just become a very good friend, because this kind of thing is only hurting Manman. But he sincerely worries about her future, knows Kiki is extremely dangerous and is certain that Han will drop the ball and Manman will be injured or killed. After all, there have been a number of close calls that he--or someone he hired--was there for and Han was absent.
zhearaxLi: at least he fights for her
Minan Suwal: noan is saying this only to make han angry
so that he left her
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Kiki wasn't much of a woman, so once she was no longer there to influence him her lover rediscovered how nice women who weren't lying scheming homicidal hyenas were. So expect his mourning period to be really brief.
If you guys are building a Fong/Pepe ship, include a psychiatrist for Fong and a relationship counselor for the couple on the crew. Because he was in that disfunctional Kiki relationship too long for anybody's mental health.
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