Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter
Romance / Modern / Completed

Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter

Yoolook Culture
Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter
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Hailey Warren
so I just wanna say you are a GOD!!!!!! THIS STORY WAS SO AMAZING 💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍 I don't know how many all nighters I pulled just to finish this season you had me hooked from the very beginning!!!!!! I am so dedicated to read season two I'm a fan and will stay a fan ❤😊❤ yasssss!!!!
xnnly: Is season 2 out yet?
hungnim: you rock my world i really love the story line
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I loved it.... i am so addictive to it that i read the whole story in one day.. 😜😍amazing storyline...😍
and the writer is very creative with innovative ideas with lots of twists n turns.. and i love the sweet n lusty romance😍😍😜😜overall #beyond expectations 🤗
ᴍᴏᴏɴɪɢʜᴛ ᴄʜᴀɴ
this is a love triangle
Ambher Lapuz: frick
E X O LOVE: its love circle
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Bruh I am at school hopefully no one sees what I am reading 😂🌝
~Celya~: I often avoid to read at school cause it would be embarrassing but when I do that it’s really more exciting 😅😂
ItsJust_Me💋: Same here😂, and I think my teacher is suspecting me now....
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Manga Lover
That's my girl. Straight to the point...
the baby so cute when he caught a rose
What a nice way to end a series really makes people satisfied to see all the main cast live happily ever after but it makes me sad since this series ended but im looking forward on what the season 2 will bring to us and I hope the author makes it the same or even better than this series and if the author is reading comments here I wish you luck to your next series and good health so you can continue doing this because you bring many emotion out of us while reading this series of yours thats all and THANK YOU AND GOOD BYE FOR THIS WONDERFUL STORY
meh shipper 101: there was already a season 2
😍😍ai: theres a season 2 already
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🌸Jenny 🌺😋
*"I do like you so yes"
*"will you marry ?"
*"yes I will. kids this is your father !
Sheila Mae Son-oc: XDlolXD
🌸Jenny 🌺😋: thanks bro that's the perfect sentence to make me feel grateful
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hey creator why didn't you draw their kissing scence as if we haven't seen them kissing.
on a note we haven't seen them kissing for a while.
so in the future plss draw such scenes
@baby.reyes_💛💙💜: okay cool❤
Palak: nothing
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jaydn garcia
Logically speaking she broke up with her first boyfrien whom she claimed to really love without explaining to him how she got pregnant (It was an accident, something that shouldve never happened. He even treats her as a prostitute leaving her money) then after 7 years meets the kids dad by accident and then falls in love with him??? Even though he has a fiancee??? And he flirts with her and even gets married to someone else even though he claims to love her??? The fiancée has every right to be mad but the way she handle things was bad. But all of them are just toxic charcters who hurt each other. Han cheats on his fiancee, treats the person he loves like shit by marrying his fiancee and manning is dumb af for falling in love with a taken man and who ties up a pregnant woman??? Even if she did hurt your kid that doesnt make you any better, escaping from prison, stealing someones fiancee, choosing a flort over someone who was loyal to you??? And then theres kiki wgo did so kuch dumb shit just bc she was jealous she couldve handled things classy and just broadcasted to the world that manning is a flirt who stole her fiancee also theres noan whos a lovestruck idiot. In love with a woman who got pregnant with his friends kids who is also in love with a flirt???? Im sorry logically speaking they all dumb af
doraemon💜Lin Yi💜BTS: 😂😂😂😂😂kj? kj???!!
Alpha Bet: I feel like Kiki had miscarriage because of Han. It seems to me that he was feeding her with some pills or sth else. Manning is just head over heels in love with Han. And Han actually married her by GANG RULES instead of government. Logically speaking this story is stupid, and I am stupid as well. Because even I spent points and get angry I STILL READ IT.
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And this the chapter where I decided to stop reading this 😊
It's such a mess.. the story plot is getting worseeeeee..
I like Chinese Manhwa cuz their story often times relate to real world and how the world works..
However I can't accept that this woman is just so stupid to the bone..
Your daughter being sent to a house with a private hospital with an American doctor specially sent to China to cure your kid's immune system? and you never think she has a serious illness? seriously?
Your bf marries another woman because of status and wealth and people calls u the real wife because marriage is just a piece of paper? but then u refuse a man that is willing to give up his world just to keep u happy.. what a great masochist..
Am not really here to see who wins her hearth..
If this woman really exists in real life she must have a mental issue..

Am so stressed reading this.. what a waste of time..
이화영: enjoy 😊
Nailah Basit: well your the one who is dumb because you stop reading such a great comic. i hope you will continue reading till the end because its sooo good
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Aliza Khanam
it's just just just awesome🥳 I just can't stop myself reading till the end.. you are an amazing author.. love you.. your writing style is as best. make each one of us happy by the happy and sweet ending.. you used a lot of characters and bring them together with a happy ending..😍😍😍 love you and your style.. hope the next part will be as good as this one
Ea Vie
oh, you sicko perverted man. There is nothjng sexier than enthusiastic consent. Stop raping girls. you can't call yourself her saviour. She jumped outnof the frying pan into the fire!

also, you made a very bad first impression on your son.

I can't read this anymore. Girl, kick him hard and get out of there. Nothing good about a man who doesn't respect you or common decency!
BigBrainJuice: After reading many comics you get used to unconsentional sexual acts being normal, which is absolutely not ok! I support what you've said 100%
yeahimDiana dont tell ya: your right i prefer to kick him in thr fire ^w^
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Purple Blue
Manman is too much.
She can't let ML go because she loves him but she forced Noan to get back with jo although the one he loves is her and forced blue haired guy to be with Pepe while he is still mourning kiki 's death.
She should mind her own business.
Purple Blue
FL is very unfair towards Noan .
She left him although she loved him dearly because he misunderstood her to have affairs.
ML misunderstood and treated her badly many times yet she still wanted him.
She is such a hypocrite.
Zafran Enrique
i feel sad for her....nuoan love her very much.... it's just that she can't bear the reality that she had pregnant other man child.....aaahhhh... I don't know how to describe the feeling....😭😭😭
Sherlene Grace Salonga: stupid hotel stuff
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mew_mew~ yoongi
man when you know you have feelings towards mannan and can't let go of her then why willing to get married with a woman you don't have any affection's just not fair
Okay, I'm happy that he finally found out the truth but THANK GOODNESS the best friend decided to come clean instead of plotting and sneaking behind the FL's back
Purple Blue
FL has more reasons to leave ML.
He separated the children from her and married Kiki.
If I were FL, I would have left him ages ago.
Love and emotion will kill u.
doraemon💜Lin Yi💜BTS: because she is too fragile when it comes to han
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我不是中國人 -Gråçé🌸
Why is she staring at the blue haired man?

Is she has a plan to get pregnant with him and acting in front of Han that, the baby in the belly in that woman is His child...😤😤😤🤬🤬😡😡

I'm just guessing... Don't take it serious...😒😒
✨ ርልnD¥ $üෆෆ€r ✨: " dont mess with me 😊" is the chat story I have written by squeezing my brains and updating it at my busy exam schedule 😫 please give me your support by reading , liking and sharing and subscribing if you people wish to say anything you can drop it in the comment section 😁 thank you for you all have given till now ಥ‿ಥ
cat🍃: i guess it too, bro
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«« Rz_Jk😘 ARMY🙋»»
oh ayan na si Noan yung hinihintay nyo,mention ko lng ung
kanina na nag sabi " nasan na si noan alm nya namang nasa panganib si manman bakit wla syang ginawa?"
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