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Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter

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Cold Fantasy
In my amginetion :manning du left the country and went to China she became a success full CEO she ruled over many businesses she is known as the riches woman in the world even a princess bowd down to her she is perfect she knows kungfu\combat, shooting guns, sports, many women wanna be her and many men want her as a girlfriend, but the so called "Dad" (Han) didn't get married instead he ordered his men to look for her but no one found her bcuz she hid her identity her name is now is Rose she changed her hair color to orange like Pepe she changed her attitude rumers said that she is once a asasin until now she is still the "Han" went to China with the kids olso she had a baby girl her name was Cristal she is 3 yrs old "Han" and Rose (manning) had an engagement she refused "Han" refused as well, "Han" stayed so that the kids could have fun they don't have a home to stay so Rose (manning) they don't have a home to stay so Rose (manning) let them stay in her villa unexpectedly "Han" fell in love and when he saw Cristal she looks like manning with "Han's " attitude but smarter "Han" got suspesus and..... (Got interrupt)

Back in reality

Teacher :you stand up answer this question
Me:um 67.877?
Teacher :correct!
Me:(whisper) good thing I got away with it

I spent my whole time at this comment so pls like and reply!
Katie🖤: great job coz i dont have time to read this whole comment i appreciate your effort
Reina Chang :): that's exactly what I do in class 😂
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Snow Bunny
Mother, why can't you see the good deeds Han has done to your daughter? You just see through his smallest mistake and you make it a lifetime hatred?? You don't even know how much he has fight for your grandchildren, You don't even want to listen to your daughter, the reasons...Thank You God, My Own mother never judge people like this, she always wanted to listen and see what good deeds my lover has done for me...even if she always get angry whenever i got hurt by my lover but in the end she always wanted to know the truth and give my boyfriend a chance to explain. Even if she already has set her heart to one man that she thinks will make me happy, but she still accept my decision, even when i had a quarrel with him, mom never asked me to broke up with him...she listen and learn the true situation and find a solution...! I hope Manman's mother will be like my mother. She has to listen to Han's explanation first, and see for herself what Han had done to her grandchildren...not avoiding him like this...

Anyway, I Love My Mommy!!!!
Oouzora D Kinra: what good deed, whenever her mom around, he always done the worst :v he might done something good, but the time always split completely from her mom, she will never know
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wait what? Chaim will be with him and Miko with her??? Why in the world would it be okay to separate the kids? And please woman, show some backbone. This story has lost me a while ago. If one of my kids were taken away to America for 'no reason' at all, I'd go look for her. I wouldn't easily leave them with a stranger (even knowing that stranger is the biological father.) When you have kids they are priority. Manning needs to take them away from mister overbearing hot-and-cold. I get the whole dominant vibe, but without respect that's abuse. If I was Manning I would punch the crap out of all these guys, take the kids and her mom and move far FAR away. sheesh...
i just remember the scene in kaichou wa maid sama, were usui sucked misaki's back cause she wore a bikini. HAHAHAHA
Amandine Sauvage: we all got the reference. i llike that 🙏
Sashari Shortts: one of my favorite scenes
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layla shen
This story was awesome
It ended up all evil things and solved every thing ( in my memory) . Both families are happy.the 2nd season will be more good. But I am very sad to see it’s lock from 10 episodes.
Well both HAN NANKUNG and MANNING DU end up a happy life .
How was they when they first meet, a scary night for her. So many struggles they have go though. now she’s the wife of han. The arrogant ceo’s wife.
I am really very happy for this happy ending that I can’t tell it any more
Shawly Ahmed
I'm only 15 so I hope my parents won't see what I'm reading 😅😅
Bri G: lol at 13 I was reading "adult" books because the plots were lit my parents never knew
~Celya~: Same here , 15 years old , my mom doesn’t suspect me cause I’m a good student but when she knows I guess she will kill me 😅
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Summer Du
They are very good parents they both are there for her to support her even he was in something. Not like my parents. My parents were not there with me when I had a operation. My dad was in office and my mother was at home with me there was a doctor like forest. They didn’t even come when the operation was finished. My dad went there at night. My mother didn’t even come there to see me. I was feeling very touched to see this.
I hope everyone have parents like them
Manning and Han is a good parents i just wish that my mom and dad are like them, i remember when I have a volleyball game my parents are not there to support me and when I got hit by the car my parents are not even worried to what might happen to me the only person I know who came to check me and stayed with me in the hospital is our lawyer and her kid sometimes I think that im adopted
Aadhya Tiwari: all parents are busy with their work ....
they all worry for their child have fate in yourself .
Aadhya Tiwari: all parents are busy with their work ....
they all worry for their child have fate in yourself .
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Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Poor girl... Another victim of the preditory CEO who can't keep it in his pants for 1 night...
~Celya~: What 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Akiba Tomoe: well said 👍
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P o t a t o
The last crush I have is for a neighborhood uncle... I was 15 that time. I have a crush on him cz he is so nice to me and always give me a ride on his motorcycle if we happen to go to the same direction.. He also always passes by my house with his goats in tow... He always smiled to me all the time... I sit on the porch in time just to see him passing by.. His wife is really nice to me too.. His daughters too...
I knw hw to behave and having a crush is normal, (well ya having a crush on a guy 20 years older than me isn't normal haha) but I haven't find any other boys who make me feel that way... He is always respectful to everyone and the nicest guy ever
Ronisha Ronisha: Hey I'm sorry I don't
ItsJust_Me💋: That’s fine, I also had a crush... it was a Love at First Sight... I met him during our district meet.He is not that handsome but for me he is cute,silly guy... I have been stalking him in his social media accounts and is still into him... he studied in an international school, he is a wealthy person and a funny one, he is 2 yrs older than me, but I think it’s impossible for me to be noticed by him.... he doesn’t know me and I only met him once. That’s why I’m just consider as his Secret admirer..... I even hope to get rid and forget this feelings for him, but I think it’s so damn HARD....
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hey my daughter is dying and I need to get to her ASAP, nevermind imma have a good sex before that.
Bii Ñ Çrîzlr Nøñgthômz: lol😂😂
Bii Ñ Çrîzlr Nøñgthômz: lol😂😂
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Wiljean Delantar Borda
Han: Hello?
Chaim: Who are you?
Han: (Kid?)Who are you?
Chaim: Please give the phone back to Manning Du!
Han: She is jn shower. Can't talk now*beep*

Chaim be like: WTFFFFFFʕಠ_ಠʔ

Army BTS: Ahahahaha! Hilarious!
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Samantha Boedhram
ive read a copy paste book so idk which was written first but so far everything is the same. even the age of the kids and getting twins. boy looks really like his dad..everything is copy paste from the other story. and if this story was here first then it means someone copied your story
Samantha Boedhram: I've read so many mangas i don't know exactly which one it was. but based on these talks i see there are more books quiet similar which i prefer to avoid.
also do you guys know any intressting yet free manga??
Itz LaurenXx: yeah i think it is! :P but they are both twin boys.. there is this series that is kinda like princes private baby and this series aswell :P and it rlly similar to this series it has a boy and a girl who are twins the girl has pink hair boy has dark blue and black hair who us also really smart :P
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plz can any one tell me ghe name of story its like this arrogant ceo the woman brings twins and after 6 years she returns to her uncle that lives in his brothers house (father of the girl) n the uncle had arranged to kill her parents so now he s direction the company ... the father of the twins had an accident i think n he forgot that he gave the women he loves (mother of the twins ) a crrrn braclete n now he is engaged to her cousin .... idk the rest my phone was shut down n every thing is deleted so plz plz if u know the story write it for me
Anonymous: thank u so so much 😍
Sleepy Lana: it's president shy are welcome
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Benae Lee
I don’t see how she’s ok with her 7-8 year old kids going missing for days at a time. Her daughter was sick and dying yet she had no clue, how do you let your daughter just go to America without finding out what she’s doing and where’s she’s staying. She’s a irresponsible dumbass who lets the man she loves kidnap her kids and control her.🤦🏾‍♀️
Jane Dieb Lohr
my god that little boy looks like his father but for the little girl the f where did she get that pink hair and also I thought they were twins but there face is really different damn it im so confused right now huhu
Jane Dieb Lohr: yah thanks
Kristen Barone: u get identical twins and u get twins that dont look alike
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Molly lu
If you guys can’t decide it Ask the bride or groom what type of wedding she or he wants because they are the one who will get married there.
I think they should held a traditional wedding because they are in an island.

🤔 they should held the wedding to both.
Han can afford it so there’s no problem .
Well marrying 2 or 10 times equal to 1
Amandine Sauvage
Ivonny Fen
i already read it but read again for points 😁
yura: same here
wintersnow: same here
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How rude. Her father is more bad then her. His hands were not shivering before doing this. Her father is a terrible person who uses everyone. He didn’t leave his daughter too. That’s why she become like this. Sometimes parents fault made there children’s life miserable 😖

And that jo was with her too. So why so innocent now
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