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Seriously… he's a sociopath and just said some truly despicable things and she's like "Everything is Fine. Everything is Normal." Woman. You're, what‽ Engaged to a sociopath and were engaged to one before‽ How do you have *THIS* poor of judgement in men‽ Either way—is *this* the kind of person whom you want raising your children? Someone who can cast off another person without a second thought—who was getting married CLEARLY without love, and a group of people who are just THIS nuts‽ Plus—HE TOOK YOUR DAUGHTER FOR HIGH RISK SURGERY, WHERE SHE COULD HAVE DIED—GOT YOUR KIDS TO LIE TO YOU, AND DID *ALL* OF THIS WITHOUT SO MUCH AS TELLING YOU‽

If this character was an actual person, I'd legit be worried for the welfare and health if their children. Like—do you *SERIOUSLY* want an untreated sociopath raising your kids‽ For that matter—[headdesk] you know what… forget it! Fiction, but please don't assume this behavior is "cute" or "healthy" or "romantic" in real life. In real life, for pulling a stunt like this—he could lose full custody. She'd have EVERY right to cut his dumb ass off. Yeah? She wants them to have a father? Cool! But, does that mean you *really* want this one untreated? O.o
Angel Mariet Viso: i really like the idea of the story,its very interesting the i read,
Karla Suarez: I’m really starting to like this but then boom something goes wrong
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I find it strange that no one here seems to find his sociopathic/low EQ/narcissistic/controlling behavior problematic in the form of Miko. He lied & took her away for an emergency surgery without telling Manman. What if Miko died‽ Then what‽ Miko would have died without her mother and brother, both of whom would have had to live with the guilt. It doesn't matter that he was attempting to protect Manman. He lied & manipulated her, preventing her from knowing the truth. This was a high risk operation that may not have been successful. Not cool, dude! I hope when Manman finds out, she at minimum beats the crap out of him/leaves for a while, because he needs to understand just HOW serious a wrong he did. Yes—good intentions, but the road to Hell is paved with those stones. It's not justification for not telling her. She wasn't in a life threatening situation where the stress could have killed her. She had the right to know & he there. He just doesn't seem to have the ability or emotional intelligence to comprehend and needs to be properly trained. Heh.
Dragoon91786: If Manning were to realize than Noan or another person was better capable of raising her children and who loved them/her, could Han accept that because he loves her unconditionally, and let her go—wanting what was best for her—and being able to respect her needs—one thing is seeking to prove oneself, but beyond that, if it was clear (as it is here quite apparent) that Han is not a competent parent in terms of teaching his children how to be "well adjusted"—is it "well adjusted" to threaten the lives/families of those trying to care for your supposed loved one, and threaten to have them all executed if they fail to save your child—irrespective of the means available to them? What if they did everything imaginable and the problem was beyond their limits? Is it well adjusted for Han to murder them? Is that a "healthy" lesson for a prospective father to be teaching their children?
Dragoon91786: How sad would she be if her daughter died and she wasn't told? Is this "love", or "obsession", "manipulation", and "control"? Psychology and traditional society amongst diverse cultures would say that the latter is the case.

Is a 5-year old without the life experiences of knowing the pain & loss of a loved one the best person to know what the pain would be like if something happened to her?

I do appreciate not wanting to "burden" others with pain, however, this is a parents' responsibility and right, and even if Miko wanted it—not telling her Mom is akin to a 5-year old asking to only get to eat junk food. Should a parent let the child eat Junk Food 24/7? What I read here is a man who has never held a meaningful relationship with another person, who suffers from trauma/C-PTSD and (partly) trauma imposed sociopathy, and who views other people including the woman he claims to love as objects of his affection.

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we are all here for the points arent we? sigh.... this dude....
Ginye binye : I’m here for the points yo, why they gotta do this to me
Ghor Fe: I becomed hate this word so much 👇👇
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And im still here wondering where’s the 3rd child... was the baby really born already? The prematurely born was for the blood cord for miko but its somehow like the baby is nowhere to be found. More like the baby is not exist anymore. I know that han mistook that the baby has gone but ofc not for manman. Why she keep talking about miko but not questioning about the baby? If the baby indeed in the tube, when will she take the baby? They move to the island, even han build hospital for miko, are there any other reason for not taking the baby to the island? If the baby really was born and alive...
But if only, the baby gone and han know that manman was bearing his 3rd child, i cant even imagine how hurt and furious he will be
Divine: Im waiting for the 3rd child also 😂 I think she forget it already 😂
Lea Sapuco: Yep, I've been waiting for the third baby to be mentioned. Even manman didn't remember her child.
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We came here to get the points but good Lord, we became hooked on the story and used up the points we came here to earn 😂😂😭😭
Ginye binye : I came here for the story and got hooked for points 😭
Iris ocean: Wait so im not the only one thats a relief
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that's totally a sexual harassment tf
Luv_jungkook💜💜: how are you fellas??😜💜💜
Raymarie Whyte: I PURPLE YOU💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
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Alexis Brandon
I'm more scared of the kids then the pervert president 😂
emmanuel okonkwo: No Kirin 😅😅😋
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Nalu forever
Who else just came here for the points cause I did 😂
Bartier Cardi: Yea cuz i dont like this. “Another woman sent to please me?” He stick his thing in EVERY single WOMAN sent to pls him???. He probs got something from one of those women cuz he a man-hoe
MANGA-BEST-LOVER: me I didn't even read it's name lik but I think it's interesting
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Why is this womam not even worried about her daughter "his daughter" not our daughter, "he's my husband and my better half" ok but what about YOUR DAUGHTER? She use to be a good mother in the beginning, now she's just an useless woman too dependable of her man's d*ck even the children are more independent than her. I'm really starting to hate this story.
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: I don't know if you can't put the words together and actually understand but when did I said I'm right? I said I'm in my right to judge the character whoever I see it and like I told you before I'll tell you again clearly I have my opinion and you have yours and that won't change and so far as I can remember I never asked anyone to agree with my opinion but I'm not the only one who feels that way. So let agree to disagree and move on.
sips tae: and hey i love true beauty too ( continue popping off ig)
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Rhinna Gomez
Han is a pister.. don't even listen first before action. What a jerk,! I don't know if he really love manning or just thinking of the wealth that would lost if manning really give it.. What more important money or love? Betrayal? Yes, but come to think of it why does the man whom manning give the map goes in a wrong way? can't he figure it out? Do that matter first before a harsh decision to marry that slut whom carrying a child. But really not his own child..

Jajajaja Im just cared away by what I read but the truth I really love it I just don't like the attitude of the man.. Why does man always such a hard person? Uneasy to be with. Don't even have time to listen. Yeah! Listen only his self..
For a successful, ostensibly intelligent guy he has been amazingly dense. Trusting Kiki, a female who has probably been lying and scheming her whole life, ever since she was big enough to steal another baby's pacifier. Not trusting Manning, a woman who ALWAYS puts her children's safety first. I mean it's like if Satan's daughter were telling him he's the father of her Hellspawn and an Angel whose kids looked and acted EXACTLY like him were telling him he was their father and even though a choir of angels appeared to sing the whole story and God wrote it on the sky in flaming letters and doves dropped DNA reports into his lap, he chose to believe Satan's daughter.
Ye Zhong Jue
Are they just gonna drag each and every story with locks?? For Ex. Underworld BF, Pure Girl, Ex-Wife of Billionaire, Prince's Private Baby(in future coz its 220+ chapters with ongoing), etc..
The only good thing is that Hunk No. 1 is unlocked with 300+ chapters for now and My Sweet Wife(with lock) but a mixed one(like romance, comedy, action, suspense and family)
Lina Shideda
Ok I might get hate! But I read this and it was lovely, even the sexual parts. But reading it now, it feels forced between them. Just leave Han, even if he’s the father! Why have a toxic relationship like this! I’m sorry but I started to read this and I loved han, he was mysterious, but I dislike him even more, the only people I like now Is the son, Noan and jojo.. sometimes I do like Han and manman but I just wished it wasn’t this forced.. people say their head and hearts aching.. girl.. MY STOMACH IS ACHING
Nik Haqim
He announced that he is dead
Victoria Selektor: I know that this is serious and all but I can’t help laughing. I’m dying here. 😂
MeoW: lol 😂
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bunny of manga
Manning, tell Han that you can marry Noan when he likes it or not, why? Han can marry Kiki, why are you not allowed to marry Noan, it's just so unfair that he can marry Kiki but Manning can't marry Noan! Besides, she loved Noan too, the problem is Noan is not the father of Miko and the other kid, but who cares! Oh and by the way! I still ship Han and Manning.
bunny of manga: Please don't judge me or telling me bad things like the others. Thank You😊
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For everyone asking about the baby its in the incubator back in China with her moms friend whos a doctor. She gave birth and used the cord blood to save Miko in the U.S. after that they went to the island. I presume the baby's in the incubator and recuperating since its atleast 2 months premature.
Kelly Mae: Which is fine and dandy, but why move to an island so far away from a struggling child? Hell why move away from your other child who has cancer?

Since Miko is in some form of remission, you are left to assume there was a time skip here. At this point she’s already abandoned her child, or it died and the author didn’t care enough to actually address it.

I keep reading this JUST to figure out what happened to the bloody child.
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~Dark Fairy~
Noan is the better man!!! He was willing to stay with even if she cheated and raise some other mans baby!!! Han can’t even muster up so trust for her or willingness to listen to her side of what happened! He just punished her and takes away her kids and only acts nice when he sees another man trying to be nice to her. Noan is the best choice!!! I was team Han until all this drama unfolded and no I am done with his mistrusting and backstabbing ways. He wants to marry Kiki fine go for it they deserve each other !!!
Pastel: I don’t think Noan is better he isn’t the father of the children! So I disagree Han is protecting her and noan left her! Noan is calling the engagement off so he can be with her (I forgot her name) that’s what I call selfish
خَدِيجَة مَاْكُول: what part of that asshole is the better man. He took all her property n threw her out hoping she would ketch her ass n come back to beg him. He's a vindictive bastard who deserves a kick in the balls.😡
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If the baby has gone, I will be majorly pissed at her behaviour. I'd be in pieces over it. She's just gone around as if nothing has happened. Wearing a bikini when there is no scar? Not to mention the weeks of healing after a C-section. The story doesn't add up and the author is confusing us all.
BTS&Blackink💗💝💞💕: We don't know where the baby is.Goddamn u authors😠😠😠
Serina Chriezyl: i know right! it is so confusing🤦‍♀️
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Let me tell you something if someone talks to my kids like that in the future I don’t give a f*ck if you old or young I’ll put you down. And I don’t even care if I have to fight you no one talks to my kids like that
Lazy Potato: ooooh if it were me I would make them suffer and let them dis a slow yet painful death...a little too far? ehhmmm, aha! I'm just gonna embarass them 😅
Naruto_lover : Facts
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Okay—the doc just violated medical ethics and more laws than I care to count. Her daughter is getting worse from a DISEASE, and instead of being with her, they have her thinking that she's been shot! If this was a psychological thriller, it would be one thing, but these comics are written as romances [headdesk]. Actually, the worst part are the readers normalizing the behavior. Bleh.
Dragoon91786: It's FICTION. Stories hold meaning in the minds of readers. Each has the power to shape the minds and lives of its viewers in its own way. Think of my critique as frustration with the genre because it doesn't label itself as such. If it did, what reason would I have to complain? In reality, my problems aren't even the story itself, but genre normalization. Kids thinking "this is normal." This doesn't label itself as #slash, #lemon, #abuse, #DarkRomance, #DubiousConsent, etc., from a genre standpoint. Remember, not everyone sees behavior as wrong.

As for consent, the Dad has no lawful custody of said kid, the doc knows it, and assists in preventing the lawful guardian (the Mom) from knowing about her daughter. This story has some of women's GREATEST nightmares come to life & in-story normalized.
Chris Słońce: hes violating his ethics but not the law .. hes a private doctor hire by han he gave him a straight order to now let manman know about miko condition
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