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Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter

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naive Mr. lu
this story is a messed up!!! the plot, the storyline line. all of it is a eF-ing messed up! I don't get why people still like reading this. at first 1to50 chapters they are really soooo good. but next chapters are so messed, that I can't really understand what is happening anymore???! it's like going in circles here! the male lead is so bad. I don't even know if he is really is the male lead anymore!. he is narcissistic!! a sociopath! a bipolar! selfish jerk male lead I have ever seen. I never been this disappointed in my life by reading this. he loves her, but don't loves her if she does something wrong. he wants to messed with her but he doesn't want to let her go!!! he doesn't want her to leave but he wants to marry the other woman. if he really loves the female protagonist. he is willing to do everything and figure out just to make sure that the arrange wedding would not be happened! but it didn't! he'd still marry her. what the heck!? he's hot and cold! and the female lead keeps on having ties with the ex. oh come on!! I know that she really loves the male lead. but why is she okay by seeing the ex. she should pushed him away. not hugging him. or like, avoid him so that the male lead would not think bad about her. and come on!! how come they even became neighbors. this is so complicated!? this is so wrong! and complicated! I was really looking forward with this. I'm still reading it. but every chapters is still disappointing. hmp!
Lilyabelle: Read the whole story first before commenting youuuuu!!!
Kajal Yadav: it's a saying that all good boys go to heaven but a bad boy can bring heaven to you......
that's why I love the bad boy male lead
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Princess Hinata
Well, I have something to say..

The FL is really stupid.. Why am I saying this?? Because she does not have her own dignity at all. Her husband suspects her.. He was so cruel to her that he ordered her to abort the child.. Yet she has forgiven him all the things so easily??? I don't understand why all the FL have to be so stupid in the most of the manhuas?? Why are they designed without self-respect and dignity???

Then I will talk about ML... He loves her so much that he hides every thing from her.. Does it actually make any sense?? How can he hide their daughter's serious illnes from her?? Is not she a mother?? Does not she have the right to know??? Protecting the person does not mean you have to hide the serious things from your partner.. It is not loyality. You should have trust, loyality on your partner.. And the most surprising fact that FL does not object anything about this hiding..

Yes, it is true that the ending is beautifully decorated..
Ishecka Mendez: =z€
Ishecka Mendez: t3

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the baby so cute when he caught a rose
What a nice way to end a series really makes people satisfied to see all the main cast live happily ever after but it makes me sad since this series ended but im looking forward on what the season 2 will bring to us and I hope the author makes it the same or even better than this series and if the author is reading comments here I wish you luck to your next series and good health so you can continue doing this because you bring many emotion out of us while reading this series of yours thats all and THANK YOU AND GOOD BYE FOR THIS WONDERFUL STORY
Hani Atiqah: they look so good together
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there are so many things left behind, what about jo hsi? what happened to her? why isn't she invited in their wedding? have they made up yet? what are the secrets of the tomb? why was there a coffin in the tomb? where's pepe? what happened after between fong yu and pepe? didn't fong yu only love and is faithful to kiki? then why do i feel like he has started to fall in love with pepe? what was the old kiki like? where's the new little girl? she's supposed to show up on an important day. why did han's father treated him badly? where did manman's father came from, from all those years? sskjsjsksksk i can't stop wondering with these questions, the author went too fast and didn't get to explain what had happened.. i can't believe the story's over already wth
Lilyabelle: Well the secrets of the tomb are those relics and the dragon’s bone thingy it has been explained when Han and Manman’s father talked...
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Kakasexy Hatake
I'm really confused. Manning doesn't know where her kids are. She can't visit them whenever she wants to though she raised them alone for 6 years. She doesn't know her kid was really ill. How can she fall asleep without knowing where her kids are.
She is being 'kept' by a man who keeps changing the woman he wants to marry. She is being kept like a prisoner in that huge villa. She is under surveillance when she goes out.
And the most important thing is she has no clue what she's doing to her life. Is this supposed to be the 'strong' female? What a joke! She's nothing. If not for the fact that she's the mother of Han's kids, she is not worth someone like Han. I know Han is arrogant and domineering but Manning doesn't deserve someone amazing like him.
DavaoXC Events: no han is the jerk one
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Almost every comic starts off with the MC having a one night stand with a rich guy. MC runs away and a few months later, finds out she's pregnant (usually twins). She raises her children, and after a couple of years, meets the father of her children. MC doesn't figure it out yet, but her smart children become suspicious of how similar they look like to that rich guy (the son is usually clever while the daughter is outgoing). This is where the villain comes along and creates some events that essentially bring the guy and MC closer to one another. Honestly not mad, I love this cliche!
psychedelics: 98% of comics follow this storyline
PrincessBitxh: Like the “Prince secret baby”...
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Seriously… he's a sociopath and just said some truly despicable things and she's like "Everything is Fine. Everything is Normal." Woman. You're, what‽ Engaged to a sociopath and were engaged to one before‽ How do you have *THIS* poor of judgement in men‽ Either way—is *this* the kind of person whom you want raising your children? Someone who can cast off another person without a second thought—who was getting married CLEARLY without love, and a group of people who are just THIS nuts‽ Plus—HE TOOK YOUR DAUGHTER FOR HIGH RISK SURGERY, WHERE SHE COULD HAVE DIED—GOT YOUR KIDS TO LIE TO YOU, AND DID *ALL* OF THIS WITHOUT SO MUCH AS TELLING YOU‽

If this character was an actual person, I'd legit be worried for the welfare and health if their children. Like—do you *SERIOUSLY* want an untreated sociopath raising your kids‽ For that matter—[headdesk] you know what… forget it! Fiction, but please don't assume this behavior is "cute" or "healthy" or "romantic" in real life. In real life, for pulling a stunt like this—he could lose full custody. She'd have EVERY right to cut his dumb ass off. Yeah? She wants them to have a father? Cool! But, does that mean you *really* want this one untreated? O.o
krystal clear: Add the fact that he took her v away without her consent in the beginning
Mariamonica Labordo: pñññññññññññññloopñ
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hey guys check out my novel, synchronized unstably. pls give me your honest opinion I hope u like it.🥰

Amnesty Lee's life isn't particularity boring, you can say its synchronized on the eat, sleep, anime, school stuff, hang out occasionally repeat level. This Level changes time to time due to her school transfers (dad's job), this time it's different. She transfers in an elite school, which her dad barely affords and hence he wants results accordingly. There she meets the ever popular Reeve Ray, the thing about Amnesty is that she absolutely detests playboys, but Reeve isn't your average playboy. They both are pain in each others asses. They both shifted the synchronization in each others lifes.
sips tae
this is the ending 😭 i just checked the raw version and the author note mentioning that this is the last episode is there :( however don’t fret !! season two is coming right up, season two would no longer be about man man and nankung but i’m sure it would be a great story too !! and if i’m NOT wrong it should be coming up next week !! i’m gonna miss this comic so much, it made me cry too many time :( i’ll miss y’all fellow readers see y’all soon <3 i’m glad this got a happy ending !
Golde Tabid Guay: kanus a ang season 2
love story: What is the title of season 2 please
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dear author
Thank you for making this wonderful comic I know this is a verry late comment that because I was busy of school works and the 1st comic I could ever thought of is this comic and what I leard from this story is no matter how tough life can be Manning and Han still fight for their way there may be ups and down in life yet they do their best to protect their love ones and continue to live on no matter how far the journey will lead them to their l♥ve is too strong that no can can break their barrier, so I am really thankful to be one a thousand readers that read this wonderful comic

-sincerely by reader♥
Aesop Carls: name just you want a lovely name
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🐥 I am an Otaku 🐥

Season 2 of this manga is going to be about Miko and her childhood sweetheart! (Its a brown haired boy) Season 2 is going to show that Miko has grown up. There are about 5 episodes (I think) in season 2 and it's released on the Chinese version of this app (sad part is that I don't even know what they're are saying in the Chinese version :'( but I look at the pictures lol).

Anyways I hope that you all enjoyed the spoiler and comment if you want spoilers for other mangas on this app!
🐥 I am an Otaku 🐥: the 2nd season is going to be about miko and her childhood lover
🐥 I am an Otaku 🐥: I don't know what it says bcuz it's in Chinese. Check the chinese version of this app.
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ZaneandRachel Yancey
Um... Han those two things are supposed to go together marriage and love. How do you expect your children to feel love from you if you don’t honor their mother by marriage. You basically want to make them illegitimate kids and their mom a mistress meanwhile Kiki and her child get to be legal wife and look down on them. Come on! Get your brain out of your ass! Manman stop thinking with your heart and think with your brain. Do you want your kids living that way? 🙄
Toka Saphira : thats true only until the parents actually get married, then they become legitimize, at least in most cultures. Though most people now agree that your biological child is legitimate regardless of martial status.
Maryl: Well, they are illegitimate kids because they were conceived out of wedlock.
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Yawina Rada
sa kani nga epiaode ha.. kaluod ba aning lakiha ot, mupatol ug kaugalingong secretary. Sareh, di kaayo q mahilig ug office romance (kuno) nga wa pa gale nag semana kay ga igat2x na ang among laki sa assistant hahaha! okay ra sa aq ang boss-employee romance kung nadugay najud ug kuyog kanang naa na juy bond bitaw.

pero kini? sexual harassment ra kaayo ang show
~*M£ady05*~: kabisaya ba kaayo oiy HAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂
Yawina Rada: mana nqg basa sa bringing.. medyo wa pa koy interes sa pharaoh shushu..
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For me? Manman is the stupidest leading lady in manga that I've ever known. Why don't you just tell Han about Noan? And if you don't feelings like you claim to for Noan, why not face him? If you don't want him, he doesn't the choice but to let you go. It's not like, if you see him you two will be together again. Duh! And stop apologizing and wooing that Jojo girl. If she really is your "best friend" she won't be stabbing and cursing you on your back. Damn. I like the story and all but the cast are all dumb.
Mazikeen: Why don't you keep it yourself? @Yukina if you don't want to read an unbiased opinion, don't read it okay?
Max Tremblay: I agree, she is trying so hard to keep everything as a secret but all she will do is ruining her chance of a hapiness life! Why didn't she told Ye that it was Momo who made the call? Stupid woman
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chris elie
*"I do like you so yes"
*"will you marry ?"
*"yes I will. kids this is your father !
Sheila Mae Son-oc: XDlolXD
chris elie: thanks bro that's the perfect sentence to make me feel grateful
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Student ID
Seriously, manning really gets on my nerves.. Like hello? how stupid can you be? If she continues keeping secret and act weak, you will lose your precious child's father. she really need to learn how to communicate, all she did only bring misunderstanding. it is really annoying. just open you f***ing mouth and speak! tell the truth, without hiding any details anymore. damnit, when this gonna end if she keeps continue like this.. no wonder this manhua have more than 200 episodes.. all because of manning's stupidness
Z3R0: Yeah..
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The storyline is damn confusing. The female lead is so stupid and the worst mother of all time. Never know the whereabouts of her children. She's a mother of twins but she's more worried about her lovelife. Like wtf?! The male lead sucks! I mean, you marry another woman and you still wanna keep her?! Having sec with both of them and the female lead is fine with that. That is one messed up story!!!! I'm still reading this and very disappointed. Everyone is lying to one another and then caught up in a very troublesome situation. And all I can say about the female lead is that, SHE'S A SECRETIVE IDIOTIC DAMN BISH! I MEAN, SHE'S REALLY SOOOOOOOO STUPID!!!!!!
naive Mr. lu: hahahahaha. I find it comment hilarios. it made my day! hahahahaha. I couldn't agree more.
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Shane Cyra Laguartilla Palec
For those who are asking if why Pepe likes Fong. as far as i have remembered, pepe and fong was once acquaintances before Fong meet that purple wrench girl. I forgot what chapter it is but, Pepe said that she doesn't really get along well with Fong since then. So it just state that they have meet in the past before they're united again but not in a good meeting coz' Fong Likes that wrench. So, i think pepe hide her feelings for him since then. 😓😓
Michelle Margallo Miguel: oh that's why when they 1st met there familiar w/ each other
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I hate that best friend! It’s an unspoken rule that you never get together with your best friend’s ex-boyfriend💩
I will eat your cake UwU: Yah Its in the Girl code.A unspoken rule but a powerful tool
Heven Hortelano: it's GOLDEN 😂
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Yawina Rada
Sa tinood lang ha, di ko matingala ngano ma mangtas si Noa. Kung aq pud guru sa iyang posisyon... malisoan guru sab q oy. Aqng gi atiman ug gi respeto nga uyab ug wa jud nako hilabti kay nakig sex ug lain. Ang nakaparat kay nabal-an pajud nq kay tungod naburos siya. Kung qwa niburot kay di jud q makabalo.

Murag mga Tulfo chuchu ba nga saputon pd q ngano pasakitan sab ang mga laki sa mga bayi... tinuyu-an man o dili.
HA! Hakdog🇵🇭: Dw manumug timo ra bay
Gail Love Music: dzah day😂
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