Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter
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Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter

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Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter
I really can't stand this stupid story anymore!and look at Kiki !coming out in such a lingerie when there are so many strangers🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️and Han son of b*tch !wut is the meaning of his words:is it important to marry a woman or to love woman?!!he is clearly manipulating with her!he gave her a promise that they'll be one family altogether and live a happy life,but what now?he becomes more and more arrogant and treats Manman badly!!moreover he's getting married and just wants for Manman to become his mistress and live such a humiliative life with damn HIS KIDS till the end?? Manman also annoys me🤦🏻‍♀️how did she end up putting herself in such position?!I understand love and so on ,but this is too much!what we women need is happiness, legal marriage, so that we could be confident in our happiness!we need attention!
just imagine poor Manman will be dying to see her beloved man ,while knowing that he has a wife and of course, even if he doesn't want he'll be spending more time with his wife!everyone will look down on Manman!You should break up with that jerk and live a happy life with a person that treasures you !I like FLeads that are proud and know what they want and they even sacrifice their own happiness for it!that's why stories with that kind of FL become interesting and intriguing!yeah,sometimes they annoy,but they are WAY better than such a stupid stories!
author, I am really disappointed ((
Taylor _lover: acctually there are parts that are tricky but if you read it containuos u will defenetely understand it.
mabaho si sheena: your right she should break up that bitch
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Jamie S
❤I love Pepe!❤
I want a spin off set 3+ yrs in the future after she's 18 w/ her being a kick ass mob boss. She meets a sweet foreign widower who owns a pastry shop & has an adorable little boy. The father & son get dragged into mob danger & she takes then into hiding. They have a romantic night. She loves him too much to endanger them. So she makes sure they're safe &leaves. The twist they weren't endanger because of her but because of his past. He was in the mob & got his wife killed. To honor her he vows to keep their son safe no matter what it cost him. They go deeper into hiding. 6 years later. She in Australia looking cool & elegant surrounded by bodyguards & peeking between them is the cutest little red headed girl who gets away & goes into a pastry shop. She bumps into waiter in his teens & he drop his tray. He start to yell at the little girl but stops there is something about her that makes him protective. His dad come out &sees a miniature version of his lost love. The guard come after the girl. Father & son kick ass thinking they'd been found. They flee w/ the little girl to keep her safe. In their safe house there is a knock on the door. Pepe's there furious & ready to slaughter whoever stands between her & her child. She find the man she loves holding their daughter. They reunite. She leaves the mob w/ Uncle Han's blessing & they live happily ever after.
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Nobody but a "Monster"
In my amginetion :manning du left the country and went to China she became a success full CEO she ruled over many businesses she is known as the riches woman in the world even a princess bowd down to her she is perfect she knows kungfu\combat, shooting guns, sports, many women wanna be her and many men want her as a girlfriend, but the so called "Dad" (Han) didn't get married instead he ordered his men to look for her but no one found her bcuz she hid her identity her name is now is Rose she changed her hair color to orange like Pepe she changed her attitude rumers said that she is once a asasin until now she is still the "Han" went to China with the kids olso she had a baby girl her name was Cristal she is 3 yrs old "Han" and Rose (manning) had an engagement she refused "Han" refused as well, "Han" stayed so that the kids could have fun they don't have a home to stay so Rose (manning) they don't have a home to stay so Rose (manning) let them stay in her villa unexpectedly "Han" fell in love and when he saw Cristal she looks like manning with "Han's " attitude but smarter "Han" got suspesus and..... (Got interrupt)

Back in reality

Teacher :you stand up answer this question
Me:um 67.877?
Teacher :correct!
Me:(whisper) good thing I got away with it

I spent my whole time at this comment so pls like and reply!
m: ならをふすはるむひつてなきもむんく
Katie🖤: great job coz i dont have time to read this whole comment i appreciate your effort
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Snow Bunny
Mother, why can't you see the good deeds Han has done to your daughter? You just see through his smallest mistake and you make it a lifetime hatred?? You don't even know how much he has fight for your grandchildren, You don't even want to listen to your daughter, the reasons...Thank You God, My Own mother never judge people like this, she always wanted to listen and see what good deeds my lover has done for me...even if she always get angry whenever i got hurt by my lover but in the end she always wanted to know the truth and give my boyfriend a chance to explain. Even if she already has set her heart to one man that she thinks will make me happy, but she still accept my decision, even when i had a quarrel with him, mom never asked me to broke up with him...she listen and learn the true situation and find a solution...! I hope Manman's mother will be like my mother. She has to listen to Han's explanation first, and see for herself what Han had done to her grandchildren...not avoiding him like this...

Anyway, I Love My Mommy!!!!
Inhale Cece: I feel that she loves Noan deep inside but also love han but he had kids with Han so that’s much love
Oouzora D Kinra: what good deed, whenever her mom around, he always done the worst :v he might done something good, but the time always split completely from her mom, she will never know
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Jessie Morine
okay, i understand why you take this shit seriously Han, cause you have issues, and she did do those stuff about the map which i believe she should have thought through but i guess being desperate to find you has gotten the best of her, i would probably do tje same if it means having you back safe and alive but man, having kiki back to live with you and manman under the same roof?!? to torture her?? you have serious problem. If you cant handle it let her go. Why go through such ordeal..? Look, she loves you to the moon and back the least you can do let her explain and listen, if you still doubt her, i'm pretty sure you can get to the bottom of it with all your money and scheming shit. Plus i do believe tjat secrets are meant to be revealed sooner or later. This guy! your a pure sadist!
I don't get the thing... is he too dumb to get the fact that all she wants is unconditional and pure love without any complicated dramas. A life that every girl deserves. A husband that cares for her and looks away from other women... But men will be men and will always remain the same won't they? Fighting over the same girl like toddlers and doing nothing but hanging out with sluts. That's all they can do right.
Han unfortunately you can't even stop the girl that you claim to be your girl. Huh!
Nandini Dixit
It’s a bit confusing
And they keep having fight on the same topic and the girl with the light purple hair whatever her name is she keeps coming back then going and then coming back
And there is a lot of karma in this comic
Tho it gud!!!
These characters are to messy for me like come on now y’all need to calm down and get y’all self together and take a break from this romance shit like wtf😂 like damn what hell is going on with all these plot twists. For an example y’all telling me that Kiki has another mans baby and cheated on Han?!?! Then Noan broke up with Jojo for manning and manning don’t love him like that and she still got feelings for Han and Han and manning are so damn complicated....damn they need to get it together because I’m confused😂🤦🏾‍♀️
Jenny Grace Almine: That's okay, maybe you're just excited for more twists🤣
Just like me😊
Princess_brie12: I know but It’s just to much tea to handle😭
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If only you could see.

Chaim: If I had a father, he would've protected me and Mommy today so we won't be bullied!
Me: Your dad was standing right there, are you sure about that? Oh yeah and screw your dad! Learn to fight so your mommy and Miko can be protected!
Manning: Chaaaiiimmmm call the police!
Han: Dafug
Me: Shut. Your. Trap. Or. I. Will. Tie. You. To. A. Hundred. Snakes.
Police: FBI open up!!!
Me: *nails door shut*
Amina Farha: *then acts like Mr.bean and puts all the furniture, even the plastic cup behind the door*
people shocked !
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Mickaela Bagsoling
Omg!!!! The story was so much more beautiful funny and hilarious thanks to create this story I will never forget this story I promise this is part of my life thank you for all you've than author thank you so much 😍 😘 😘
wait what? Chaim will be with him and Miko with her??? Why in the world would it be okay to separate the kids? And please woman, show some backbone. This story has lost me a while ago. If one of my kids were taken away to America for 'no reason' at all, I'd go look for her. I wouldn't easily leave them with a stranger (even knowing that stranger is the biological father.) When you have kids they are priority. Manning needs to take them away from mister overbearing hot-and-cold. I get the whole dominant vibe, but without respect that's abuse. If I was Manning I would punch the crap out of all these guys, take the kids and her mom and move far FAR away. sheesh...
Glad she isn’t going to abort her child. I think that this is a really good decision even though she doesn’t know who the father is yet
Vincent Montejo
putang ina mga cyysstt buyset kasi tong babaeng to hindi niya pa sinabi kay potang inaaaa😡😡😡nagigigil ako nyetaaaaa tong si ano potaaaa gigil akooo😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
lonnie ayaz
Did anyone realize that when CiCi said I don't wanna leave, she said I don't wanna leave Ma. Su and then when she said it again she said I don't wanna leave Mrs. Du.....
I'm just soooooo stupefied that authors make the main girls always dumb or just insensible???? I mean everyone knows DNA testing?? you could just swipe his saliva from his cup or pull a strand of his hair sneakily and submit it to a centre???? I dunno manga/manhwa/manhua logic man🤦🏻‍♀️😂
also mother's like manman who try to reunite their sons to the girl they like become villian in other novels & comics..
r u serious???🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️knowing that she loves Han ,even admitting that they'll be pestering each other all their life ,bcz she's pregnant with his 3 child and he clearly loves her ,suddenly she decided to get together with Noan???so annoying,just kill me already!
Ashley Bloom
ito ba yung comics na may line na parang ayaw ng babaeng mahawa ng sakit niya na nagsisimula sa letter A hahah
Jessie Morine
The Story was so amaziiiiiiiiiiinngg!!! 😍😍😍

The ending was very fitting for them looks like tjings will be smooth from here on out.

Author -Sama! I hope you'll find someone suitable for Bingrou if it's Dr. forest then I hope you include their story somewhere in your next story. Also, I was hoping Noan had a respective love interest if not Jo Hsi. I really feel like Noan deserves his own happy ending too. 🤗

I cant wait for:
* Pepe and Fongs story 💙
* Chaim and Cici 💜
* Miko and (mystery guy)
* Baby and (mystery guy)

Kyaaahhh!!! So looking forward to it!

Good job!
Kin Tabasa
stupid girl! if you told him earlier that his the father of your children are you expecting for a magic? dumb girl.
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