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Captain's Tender Love

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Update on Tue
He's the cold and domineering captain looking down upon everyone;
She is the mysterious and strong-minded girl, sometimes a little clumsy.
But everything changes when the captain meet the heroine...

MangaToon got authorization from Baigongyuanzhan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - jizhangdarenqingdainai,jzdrqda, captain gentle
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hey why do u spoil readers mood and interest by taking soooooo long just to update 1 episode ???
why dnt u update on daily basis??

i can't understand why after certain time each and every comic runs like a snail ? 🤔🤔

Daddy_Licious: I don’t know too? 😂
❣life's hard to live: wait, why am i been dragged in here??could someone please tell me???
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Arianna Ruiz
*everyone talks about BTS*
Me: what's BTS?
MEHERUNESSA KIM TAEHYUNG: yes they are on holiday now.. because they perform too much that's why they don't have much free time...if you want to hear the name chant you can watch MIC DROP song...if you don't like it it's ok it's your personality
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Ikki Kurugane
Till friday, i was in a relationship for almost 3years, our anniversary is at nov.. But suddenly that day she said something that blow off my mind..that was :"Im losing feelings for you, i can't be in a relationship at this moment at least not now" After hearing it.. I lost guys.. She was my first /true love.. And yet..yet she left me out of nowhere, i dont even know what to do.. Not even now.. But in my heart i still have a feeling that one day.... One day she will be back for me. What should i do? It hurts
Editha Josue Pangilinan: |lYou know what i think shes not in with you.becoz if she is true to you she will stay.if she is your true love why dont you not fight back for her. if not effective msybe you have think or annylize why she left or maybe your not meant to each other. you know praying is the best answer for looking a partner pray to God that He will give you the best woman that you will love and like most. hope this will ease a simple burden in your heart ask God woman for your love. i wish that for you.
choco_chipss___: there's no such thing called true love and all my friend... these days people only play mind games... Only few people can get a hold on to their love... And the chapter which is meant to be closed must be closed.... you can't lock up a person for your whole life just bcz you love them... let them go... I can feel that you love her a lot but question yourself that did she loved you as much as you loved her?
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