Captain's Tender Love
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Captain's Tender Love

Captain's Tender Love
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Captain's Tender Love Comics Online. He's the cold and domineering captain looking down upon everyone;
She is the mysterious and strong-minded girl, sometimes a little clumsy.
But everything changes when the captain meet the heroine...

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Feather Of An Angle
I like the story a lot......but.......The Art Style Is Changing.......and.........I DONT LIKE IT !!!!.....The Art Style Was Great Before And Now The Artist Did not.......even........LEFT THE SHADOWS TO LOOK WIERD IN THE ART STYLE.....look offense but author please I beg you to make the art style like before because that is was THE art style that caught people's eyes and not this style.......some people may leave because of this so please make the style better.....!
Serid: you are an angel!!
Feather Of An Angle: Awwwwwwwww ,of course!!!!!! You are so sweet !!!!I am going right now !!!!
total 3 replies
Siya Jain
I guess blondie should colour her hair would suit her better...and I love that white haired assistant...he's super funny🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Serid: would you please check out my novel..
1. Money is not an issue
2. The Legacy of Monster and
3. Jokes all on.
thank you for reading my comment as well
Shelsie Emile: I think she did something to the parachute
total 4 replies
hmmm so that's why she can do those experiments. she has her mother's knowledge, which are implanted in her brain.
wow interesting.....
👑♣Athena♠🍁: no problem
Serid: thanks 🤩😍
total 5 replies
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