WHAT? The Crown Prince is Pregnant!
Romance / Historical

WHAT? The Crown Prince is Pregnant!

iQiyi Comics
WHAT? The Crown Prince is Pregnant!
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WHAT? The Crown Prince is Pregnant! Comics Online. The crown was invited to attend the Prince Regent's birthday banquet, but it was the last place he wanted to be in this world because he had arranged an assassin to take the Prince Regent's life. But the Prince Regent was way too cunning. No doubt, the assassination plan was failed.
There's only one way to achieve his goal - the crown prince decided to do the job himself!
Disguised as an assassin, the crown prince sneaked into the Prince Regent's chamber, only to find out...

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The ML is really annoying at this point. He didn’t even feel bad for forcing her to sleep with him before doesn’t matter if he’s under the drug influence or not he could at least try to stop it or get away from her at that time but he didn’t and instead continued to force himself on her and now he’s constantly touching & teasing the MC whether she’s dress as herself (female) or disguise as a male crown prince. If he at least treated her with some respect and felt bad for forcing himself on her afterwards and such then it wouldn’t be so bad but the way he’s behaving now is just really annoying and even though the MC kept claiming she wants to kill him and such she’s really not putting up an effort to push him away and instead just let him continue to have his way with her and she would end up blushing when he’s touching her or whatever. I would like it better if she had put up some effort to fight him off and push him away cause if she did then he would at least stop at some point or something. It’s still only the beginning so it would be way too fast if she already start to fall for him or their relationship to develop.
Raymistry: Ooo 😯😯
ρԋαɳƚσɱ ραιɳ: The fact that FL isn't smart and just does things without thinking....
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In my opinion I think the story is a little confusing at first but it actually got me interested. I seriously want to know why FL is so eager to kill ML in the first place like what is her reasons behind that. I will continue to read this story since sometime a weird start might leave a good impression at the end. I hope the story will start explaining those problems one by one. I feel like the Prince Regent is just playing around with her but I have to admit his playing sometime goes a bit too far. FL can be very dumb sometime like she just does stuffs without thinking. I think ML has already suspects she is the woman that he slept with during that night..that’s why he is trying to find her. Idk what are his intentions towards her but all I know FL will get pregnant soon....lol
Nana Jvd: hello dear😊could you please contact me about your novel😉 I’m a translator, if your novel is a good one i would like to translate it to my language😜 please contact me here or try my gmail👉 nanajvd@gmail.com
Raymistry: I have iqiyi app lemme check website
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Júlia Valença Schoen
Stop romanticising sexual assault! OmG why is this so common in these comics!?! This isn't only strange but also very irresponsible. There's tons of underage kids reading these and you are teaching them that going into a relationship with someone that has assaulted you is totally fine. Even if he was "drugged" that doesn't excuse his or any others actions. After all, he was still conscious enough to use force. For the children and teens reading this: THIS ISN'T ROMANTIC, ITS THE START OF AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP. In the real world, this girl would forever suffer mental trauma because of this. Please stop using assault as a driving force for romance.
Samia Sarah: agree 10.00.000%
Stella: Tatally agreed!!!!!
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