Mind-Reading Princess
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Mind-Reading Princess

Mind-Reading Princess
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Mind-Reading Princess Comics Online. Used, betrayed, and tortured by her husband and sister, she died in despair, wondering why she couldn't have seen though them earlier?
Maybe God heard her question and turned back the clock. She woke up on the morning of her wedding and found herself able to read people's mind.
However, there's this Prince who's immune to her ability. What is he thinking? Will he undermine her revenging plan?
No worries, she's got the rest of her life as his wife to figure this man out...

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Girl Power
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Dear lovely adds...
Your truly amazing! You help us when we only rely on our points and coins, you were always there for us. But overtime, we've become greedy of your power, and started complaining about the time we take to watch you, whether it's thirty seconds to a minute, we blame you for this, dispite the amount of time we get in a lifetime. You get angry with us for being this way, and not counting our blessings, for only seeing the flaws, and being an a$$h°le to you. Dispite this all, you still help us, and appear to help us make time for our hobbies, or free time. But, because of our recklessness of not seeing the light of your power, you cast a deeply irritating and angering part of yourself, which is when you don't allow us to view yourself for a loved and craved reward. With this you can see people beg for you to work, and sometimes you will allow this. Though I have one meaning in this letter to your humbleness...

please work?
Athanasia's Lucas (눈‸눈)❤: OMG this comment. Thanks for presenting such a masterpiece 😂😂😂
Lorr Angel Almanzor: truuuuueee!!
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Penny Ross
Are all the older men in this story this FREAKING STUPID?? 🤦🏻‍♀️ FL’s dad gets his concubine back because she is soooooo innocent poor little snowflake that wouldn’t harm a flea and totally poisoned the main wife by accident because her life is soooooo difficult 🤦🏻‍♀️ and the emperor loooooooves his concubine that is sooooo innocent little snowflake and was stealing money from her own “son” but she didn’t do it on purpose because she is so innocent and wouldn’t harm a flea 🤦🏻‍♀️ Seriously, if you can’t control those evil women, there’s no way in heck you can be good leaders!!! Go home grandpas, you are too old and stupid
Serid: (•_•)
<) )╯Look here
/ \

( (> Look this way
/ \

<) )> Look at me
/ \

<) )\
√ \_ Because I'm backkkk
Ameru: Hello, Sorry to distrub you. could you please check out my chat story called "The great demon queen" if you have a time. and please like and comment too. Any support is really appreciated. Thanks :)
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K. G
i'm sorry, but i unsubscribe. i really like the idea of this story, about the reborn princess. and i know it's hard to make story like this. but to be so stupid all the time both the fl and ml, is making me crazy. if you really think that all these are about making the fl and ml trust each other or making the relationship stronger, or this is the way they try to know each other, well this takes too long and well this will turn downhill for sure. the fl is sooo passive, she always thinks that the ml will understand everything she does even tho it doesnt look good almost all the time. and the ml that are not really trying to trust the fl that btw his wife. and what do you think it becomes like that? because they dont communicate fgs! so i am really sorry, this is just not for me
Karishma Steinfed: fellow reader here! I didn't wanna present spoiler here but let me tell u I was the same like u while reading this manga and I also felt the same way as u but u know what gradually or should I say at one point at the story the ml just starts to have a more clear understanding of behaviour n moods... it's as if he had a sudden enlightenment.. it's kinda bizarre but u will see they will start showing love for each other slowly n I've read till 105, the latest update, so I know it becomes very lovely btw 'em n more or less starts to pay off for the impasive romance in the start of the manga' plot! hope u have a good read ! bye...
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