Me and My 26-year-old Female Tenant
Me and My 26-year-old Female Tenant
Me and My 26-year-old Female Tenant
Action / Romance / Fantasy / Comedy / Urban romance / Adventure / Completed
Author Name: xiamen1819

His name is qin ruo and he is a very dangerous person; with handsome but somewhat nasty gaze, he gives rather complicated impressions to others. Owing a third-story villa with a huge swimming pool, he is literally a rich guy but what he only lacks is a hot female companion! "Can I stay here?" she knocked open his door. He ogled her curved body with his eyes almost popping out and welcomed her in... MangaToon got authorization from xiamen1819 to publish this content, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

Positive Reverse
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Updated to Chapter 303    /    (22115)
 Updated to Chapter 303 
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ohh ghad the art is bad but the boy is so handsome
Otaku Forever: yeah i noticed that at first but when i read it the whole time
the story is amazing
dont judge the art when you cant even do something like that
Ritik Chawla: Hello
total 40 replies
that assassin reminds me of ALAN WALKER.
My Qin Rou: yes yes
Harish Kumar: i am lost in the darkness , let the darkness be faded !! 🤣😂
total 14 replies
The Archduke of Basilan
That officers face when he broke the handcuffs was priceless hahahahaha.
Md Rahmatullah: lol you aren't a write gurl
😭It Really Hurts😭: why do I feel Ayato God in this man.
total 4 replies
Dorothy sood
girl get better shirt for yourself first
Adrenzon PH: she doesn't have money. I think she only own 2 clothes😂
Just Be u: wtf man
soo descriptive
it's perfectly ripping out your large ,milky and soft like a baby's butt about this
total 4 replies
when that kid passed by on his bike
imwhoiwannabe: Hah lol
Muhammad Afzal Faizi: they see me rollin they hatin...
total 12 replies
I love yaoi 🥺💕
lol should we fix the door 😂😂
Kris Ta: so dumbbbbbb and uselesssss
Jeong kai: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee😋
total 4 replies
AÏsha AlHumdul
Sometimes I want to slap these girls living with him... They only know how to use him... They are never happy when he saves them and they are always bullying him....
•Łittľĕ°wølf•: well , if they stop doing this so there will be no fun in this then
naruto: Well said
total 18 replies
Christine Richardt
I somehow get the feeling this leads to a harem....
My Qin Rou: yep I think so
Y/N L/N: Idk even know why sooo, I don't care if is harem or not
total 12 replies
Dark Soul
tattoo is so cool
Waiting for LOEY Exo sarangajaha Exo sarangajaha: Mee too & even I slapped them😌
Feliciia: she looked at her breast bruh if it’s me I will slap him on a face and yeah
total 7 replies
Mee nana
why are all the girls busty
Ariqyafif: cause thats how things works in Ecchi genre
Halifat Adam: I think she is the female lead. is she?
total 15 replies
hey Qin do this for the next 2months:

100 Push-Ups.

100 Sit-Ups.

100 Squats.

10KM Running 

*warning! be prepared for the great possibility of HAIR LOST.😂🤣
Kharanshu Dalvi: no one punch man
The unique material: god damn ㅋㅋㅋㅋ you guys he do 1000 in a day when he was young martial arts is really difficult you know
total 65 replies
hi just a question is it purposely or naturaly that her button came of
Zed: Hahahah I think it's a bait for the ML Haha Haha
total 1 replies
He made jail into a heaven😂😂
eren: hey pretty
God of prisoners: God of prisoners! Hahahahaha that's a good one! Let me make that my nick name! Hahahahha😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
total 4 replies
Hikari Shi_Yami♡
holy shit fate really did it😆
Bigboss Bradley: Yeah, waaaaaat
☮💜Anime addict💜☮: Bruh its gonna be a treat for you tonight
2 fresh meals just arrived still hot🔥🔥♨️
total 5 replies
Him: My brothers are the best, whenever I start a business they will always send gifts over.

Me: I'm jealous, bruh. I want to have a good brother to.
A MOUTHERFUCKIN' QUEEN: can I get a lots of hearts bros and sissies!
Esakki Kumar: I can be😊🤣
total 25 replies
Mubbasilkhan Pathan
girls get crazy when they hear gold
<3 V 😍: Not all the girls are like that 🙄
Vectoria Mera lcr: what to do I live that way ✌️😁
total 39 replies
bride of hades
this damn pervert.. 🤭🤭🤭i don't even feel mad at him ... i just love him
D.manga: i agree! its weird but in a good way
Troy Vmon: bastion
total 8 replies
Carol Elle
who here for points
love comics ❤️: bruh, no one asked if ur here for points , so just keep these kinda thoughts to urself , the author worked hard on this comic and ppl like u just randomly comments who's here for points as if there's no value of the comic like WTH 😐🙂🙃 , if ur here for points then just scroll till ur time and hr free to leave 😐😐✨!!
Namjoon's future ex⁷: Hi! Please check out my chat story "Our Twisted Love". Hopefully you will enjoy it❤️❤️

Thanks for your time and support in advice 💖
total 61 replies
Anime Pony
bah you can't tease someone for being single
Varun Solanki: that hurts
Winner Osita: that's just cold
total 3 replies
Ryu Akatsuki
so she is really broke... its fun to see girl being broke than boy
Squall Leonhart: must be a fairy tail
playboy: that is not nice i may nit be poor but i now how she feels
total 9 replies
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