Ah Dai is a Yes-Man
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Ah Dai is a Yes-Man

China South Angel
Ah Dai is a Yes-Man
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Not marriage materiel
I hate when two people fight and they’re ready to kill each other and someone dies they’re like “bastard, I will never forgive you! I’m going to kill you!!” It’s so annoying cuz they’re being a hypocrite🙄🙄. They were going to do the same so why get angry? They never think about he other people feelings.😡😤
Chin Lu: You said well. And that's what annoys me with all these manhua... It's just the same scene whatever manhua that is...
kingcat: That’s the cycle of revenge that the reason why it’s called cycle
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I kinda hate when people cry after getting the karma of what that did... You want to kill some one so it's obvious that you will be killed too.. When you kill people you don't feel anything but when someone killes someone dear to you you cry..... People like this totally pisses me off... the last part totally ruined my mood..
Jiro Locana: That’s what they’d get for underestimating the power of the mc
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Kyoshiro Hayakaze
nah .. his memory is only stronger than the normal ones.. with enough doing memorization, he can fully memorize it so I dont think that the fruit did it to him.. after all even the chore of finding the ingredients and materials, he already memorized it before eating the fruit
BL Lover
Wu wu wu please let ah dai met again his first master
his master repent on his own wrong doing so please let them meet again I am begging you Author or else i will hate this comics of yours his master is a good man and is willing to repent please make them meet again eventhough it is just one time or more please pleaaasseee ppplllleeeaaaasssseee
Zynerrie Jayne Rendell
i brlieve that this old man is a ah dais beloved master...the old man said he offered 30 yrs of his lifespan so it can be possible that he is ah dais master
Jr Zurbito
noo! ah dai resist the evil within the blade of hades ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
Anil Rathi
ohh noooo the sword is controlling him
ʀᴀᴛᴀ𝟸ɪʟʟ: Nah he is dreaming... 😅
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psssssst!!!!!! this s not right !!!love, love, love!? u r still young... wait for the right time ,OK?? 😂😂😂😂
Angel Kathlin Andaya
it made me cry inever expected that reading a comi/manga makes me cry it is my first time crying by just reading its so sorrowful
its making me cry but hiw can he hear that

so far

its maybe called love for your savior.....
Travis Cobb
It's a good little chapter but it could have possibly been just smidge longer other than that you're doing great :)
is this the manhua of ah dai the god of death in soul land legend of tang's hero?
Does anyone cares about the master saying *he most die* or is ut just me!??!
Ling Mo: maybe he want to victimised him 🤔🤔🤔
it's so scared but I know he's mc so nothing will happened with him
Shin soon-ae: you surreee are not alone ....
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He's not dead dont put a memorial yet...

cant stop laughing

Murnie Mj
this is the first time that i cried for a mnhwa stories
🔥 😺642
ples don't report this comment just went all out
Evil power is gonna turns to God power soon😂😂
kooka_chi: be sure find a better emoji next time👻
lol: i dont have emoji sorry
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Innocent killer
is this love in the air???
OtEp: love is in the air.....need to catch some of it..
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i knew it was that guy such an blahbalhblah
its so sad why tears cant stop crying why so sad
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