Martial Master
Action / Fantasy

Martial Master

TaXue Comic
Martial Master
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Martial Master Comics Online. The legendary martial master Simon was betrayed by friends and persecuted to death. Three hundred years later, he reborn in an illegitimate child of the royal family who was deceived. With his past powers, Simon again creates his legend in this land. Surely, it must be a revenge and reconquer road filled with blood!

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Hottest Comments
Okay who else thinks the stupid lady is just trying to get herself killed. Like you can escape stop getting in the way but noooo she wants Simon to sacrifice himself to save some woman in the middle of the wood who can escape if she wanted to.
Lol every time I see people acting like bigs shots I say yo my self
“Simon is obviously more powerful than you cause he created a ThUnDeR StOrM!!
Did you create a Thunderstorm no you didn’t!”
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Why is this app so far behind on all the manga martial master is so far ahead it’s at where the master of the person who he’s about to kill going after Simon already
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