Martial Master
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Martial Master

TaXue Comic
Martial Master
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Martial Master Comics Online. The legendary martial master Simon was betrayed by friends and persecuted to death. Three hundred years later, he reborn in an illegitimate child of the royal family who was deceived. With his past powers, Simon again creates his legend in this land. Surely, it must be a revenge and reconquer road filled with blood!

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Craciun Calin
I kind got tired of this, same thing happend before whit the weapons, and the awakening, now its alchemy, what will be next charm master, each part of the exam is the same, in the first part "he is trash he finished too soon" writes the best answers and new methods, second part again "he is trash"..... ends up teaching them, the "Masters " a new technique, then comes part 3 and again the same thing, don't think part 4 will be different.... i actually forgot what the plot of this manga is and I wonder when the storry will move on. Sorry for rant, still like the manga though
Abraham Juárez Luis: well it keeps the same until 370 chapter
KeazL: I'm agree with you but it's just a part of the manga, the beginning is original but there are moments that are not, with as much episodes (crazy update/episode every 3 days) it's fast so it's normal that sometimes the episodes are not original but that does not mean that the rest will be the same as the other manga ...
And I don't speak English very well, sorry ^^
total 3 replies
Ah so if he fails the 3rd stage he no longer a genius? Are you dumb? He could be a consultant on anything related to refining and the use of pills and herbs 🌿 since even though his body is lacking but he got the brains.. I can't believe they are wasting away talent like this no wonder on earth we have many branches to 1 job like computer 🖥 having back end and front end programmers, designers and so forth. Who ever introduced this concept is a genius among genius
DEMONIC SINNER : ya your right
Dark_Shadow : Haha 😂 I suppose.. Hey but even hard working is nothing without over flowing inspiration
total 3 replies
does anyone remember that these last 20 chapters was supposed to be quick. but has been stretched out with every character in this manhua who has any position of power. being stuck up and arrogant. like guys Simon literally just wanted to meet that rank 2 alchemist guy from before and it's taken all of this. its literally ridiculous. it's like simon cant even go to a convenience store without the arrogant shopkeeper getting in his way.
Marc Lienel: update more plz,, so late,,
A.U.B.: read yhzz.. it's exactly opposite.. it's like 100 chapters of this series = 1 chapter of yhzz
total 2 replies
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