Martial Master
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Martial Master

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Martial Master
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Martial Master Comics Online. The legendary martial master Simon was betrayed by friends and persecuted to death. Three hundred years later, he reborn in an illegitimate child of the royal family who was deceived. With his past powers, Simon again creates his legend in this land. Surely, it must be a revenge and reconquer road filled with blood!

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Evil but cute
mc can u please have a little mercy I just think its quite hurt I know! the humiliation you suffered with pain I can feel you but being too merciless is like a endless road its hard to forgive because of what they did to you but being so cruel and too cold blooded is like a demon I'm not saying UR a demon I know how much pain you suffered and how people break your trust I know if just you don't mind coz after all the pain you suffered I understand every people makes mistake but not all are likely always forgiven remember revenge,hatred,cruelty is like a endless road no matter what you do even if you do everything just to come to the end you'll realize that this road is endless like all of your anger hatred eagerness to take revenge are all accumulated just the same as the road ur crossing is like the hatred you feel once the hatred's are gone you'll see the road will has it's end thats all thanks for reading my nonsence hahaha (sorry for my bad English) 😂😊😄
time less: in this manhwa, the world has the jungle rule. the strongest will survive and will oppress the others.

he was oppressed to the point that the former simon was killed. Simon's body got lucky that our mc died too and his soul was able to transfet to this boy's body.

he is jus being "evil" to the ones that pretty much killed the boy. the mc is just avening for Simon's soul.

when he was arguing with the alchemist, he didn't kill him but was being foxy. he was very cunning and knew that using words and having soem demonstration of his skills was only needed instead of force.

in retrospect you can see how Simon's cousin use brutal force. there is not police there nor people who will save them from the gobernment cuz that is how those martial artists were raised.

Plus, he was nice to his friends and wife but did he get? his death. do we see him being caution with Simon's friend? nope our mc can see that his experience can't be used to judge others but just to be caution. he was at first but as things went he rrally notice Simon's feiends were good.
Hollow: If you had actually hurt me I would be the smart guy and call the police on your ass instead of fighting back and also being guilty in the end. In the end, you will be the guy that needs to bent over in the prison showers and get some dick in his ass, and not me.
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I just found another source to read this manhua where it has already have 300+ chapters. basically the progress of the story was very very very very slow to the bone.

after he finished this tournament, he wanna buy a weapon but torubles comes and it took him 50+ chapters.

then he want to buy medicine and another troubles comes again, and he will become a pharmacist and join a pharmacist test to only buy and doing a business with herbs and medicine. yet took another 50+ chapters

and I swear when it almost chapter 300 then he will join another tournament again and my reaction was like 'what'?

300+ chapters and idle around for something that can be done in less than 100 or 150 chapters. what make me surprise even more I still enjoying it and waiting for more updates.
halle hamo: pleassse qsvllf
Anonymous: Link?
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Shubham Singh
it's a trash and master William or whatever is just showing off ...!
Simon will kick his ass real hard that he may die ...I hope this will happen...!
because that shop is nothing but trash from the start every item is fake or like gold coated sword...!
due think it's easy to scandal people....just die already and move to the main story pls
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