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Ex-wife of A Billionaire

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During the two-year marriage life, Jian Mo has warmed up the bed for Gu Beichen as his legal wife, and managed to deal with his gossips. Having been used to this way of life, she receives words: Jian Mo, let’s get divorced.

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i read untill chapter 334
she love him so much now and he love her to
and his son so funy and like him even hair color and eyes color
"unknow daddy"that funy
someday she dance because she sad
i remember me i do that dance to forget my husband and complet the our bet
the losser well see the other.but i was the loser and see him.any way there one man i see him
the white hair guy???
why i feel he bad guy??any spoiler well be good !!
and her mother in law
she look like she don't love her because the past.
the one think scar me now that man.
hope": i well but if you mean some comment come to me i try but i could enter
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i hope she can forgive her mother in law
at least for chen😔
that hard for both
mo and chen and his mother
Gajevy: am I the only non social person if so I need to ask help because I am seriously taking social classes at school thanks to my mom😡
Gajevy: I be like whatever I'm moving to the woods fyi that was totally random😁
total 700 replies
#paige u r d best
guys even d height difference is perfect !! !!!!!!
man they r d best couple and no one can damn separate them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u cant deny it so dont even tryyyy !!!!!!!!!!!😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Ari3s: honestly I am shocked it's still going. but the author know's what they are doing and it's very successful so I don't think it's gonna end anytime soon. even though it just seem's to be getting drawn out for some reason. I've never seen or read a 400+ one before nor seen one they normally go from like hundred something to two hundred the one's I've seen or read but they are also still being continued so they could also lead their way to 400 or even 400+.
Tuveed 1: It should end now
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