Ex-wife of A Billionaire
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Ex-wife of A Billionaire

Ex-wife of A Billionaire
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Ex-wife of A Billionaire Comics Online. During the two-year marriage life, Jian Mo has warmed up the bed for Gu Beichen as his legal wife, and managed to deal with his gossips. Having been used to this way of life, she receives words: Jian Mo, let’s get divorced.

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Queen Hinata
Reaction of Gu Bechen!!!!!!!...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.. Anyway, the kid is not bad either..
I would feel happiness if they knew the existence of yan at this moment..When jian mo was pregnant with her first child, gu bechen was not beside her.. When jian mo was pregnant with 2nd child, gu bechen was not also present beside her.. How painful for him not to enjoy the wild moment being a father!!! After so many sufferings and pains, gu bechen has never complained about anything.. Yet, he let it go with a gentle attitude and try to live..And what can I talk about jian mo??? She is always a smiling girl with so many pains in her heart by keeping as secrets. Yet, she does not hold any grudges.. The more I read, the more I am impressed..I hope they will be surrounded by happy moments in the future..
Jezzel Gelizon: Okay A Q 0p0
Queen Hinata: Thank you...☺☺☺
total 11 replies
Queen Hinata
Gu bechen is really horny and jian mo is really seductive...😉😉😉😉😉😉....
Queen Hinata: Yes.. They are perfect couple..
SHIPPER_FANGIRL: Perfect couple dontcha think?
total 67 replies
Ugh...🤢🤮 Luo is a disgusting psychopath🤬 & should die a thousand deaths! 🪓🪓 That pedo should spend the rest of his life jailed in Siberia, washing undies & brainding hair for Big Bubba in cell block D 🏢! You know what happens when the lights go out! *squeak 🛌 🛌 squeak* That’s still too good for the sick bast@rd!! 🤬

I know readers feels bad for Shaoqin & rightfully so b/c he was a child being tortured & r@ped by gross & pervy pedo Luo, but... there’s always a BUT... that doesn’t give him the right to target Beichen & his family. He should figure out how to get past his own hurt & anguish instead of trying to keep Beichen trapped within the prison of his mind that he himself apparently never escaped! ☹️ It was a horrible thing to happen, but Shaoqin is just as appalling as Luo with his behavior & actions (minus child r@pe) that put innocent people’s lives in jeopardy just b/c he suffered at the hands of a cruel sicko as a boy! 😒😒

Beichen suffered the same things but didn’t let it dictate his life. Rather, he chose not to commit those atrocities that happened to him! 💯 It takes strength 💪🏽 💪🏽 to overcome some challenges & hardships, but it’s about how you come thru & get over it that makes all the difference in the world.☺️ Beichen is a better man & nothing hereafter will make me see Shaoqin in a different light b/c he’s wrong for what he’s doing to Beichen’s family!🙄

Don’t get me wrong! I feel sad for Shaoqin 🥺, but his current behavior is uncalled for & unacceptable! 😒
Nezuko Kamado: we can't read it free😭 we need points huhu tsk tsk
Nezuko Kamado: huhu plss unlock the episodes so we can read it
total 12 replies
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