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Ex-wife of A Billionaire

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During the two-year marriage life, Jian Mo has warmed up the bed for Gu Beichen as his legal wife, and managed to deal with his gossips. Having been used to this way of life, she receives words: Jian Mo, let’s get divorced.

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Yuko roberts
You all agree with me that this is not love anymore but sickness right? This boy has gone mad
Starvenus: This is what happened when love turn to deadly obsession. Kinda like those stalkers who obsessed and killed celebrities.
Nazmun Nisha: absolutely...doesn't he have brain? or he left it somewhere myb...moreover he is a lawyer? lol 😂😂😂😂
total 2 replies
Dear author, can you please make the episode release in daily basis as previously 🙏 its better than current release which unscheduled
Yikes: Yeah, they caught up. How do you want them to update when the raw comics aren’t done?
Sandra Chang: They can't, beacuse they are up with the episodes on chinese version
total 2 replies
23 March
seharusnya tamat dari episode2 lalu saat Beichen tau Milk ball anaknya..lalu menikah kembali. jadi kesannya ga seperti sekarang yg dipanjang panjangin ga jelas
rasheila: haha iya jd berbelit belit
Zen's Benevolent: @LA judul novel y apa ?
total 8 replies
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