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Ex-wife of A Billionaire

(This spoiler is for those who can't wait for the update. So, if you don't want to read a spoiler just skip my comment.) This is not an accurate translation, it's all based on my own understanding. ✨

In the next chapter, Beichen will arrive at the hospital. Dr. Yunzhe will tell Beichen that Mo is PREGNANT (SHE'S PREGNANT!!!) but the baby may not make it through given her condition. So, Beichen tells him to prioritize/save the baby.

Since Beichen was able to defeat Uncle Muohai, he will once again plot something evil using Jian Mo. Jian Heng will agree to this and tell Uncle Muohai that he doesn't care about his sister, he only cares about the Emperor Group. But Heng's face seems like he's worried about his sister while saying that.

Few moments later, Dr. Yunzhe discovered something Good in Jian Mo's blood that could change her current situation but he has to do further more blood analysis/tests.


I actually think the baby will save Mo. Hoping her pregnancy goes well 😭♥️♥️
Victoria Parson: What episode is when she found out her pregnancy
¥aN ¥aN❤️🧡💛💚💙💜: Thank you!.. Hahaha
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That a good question actually why shaoquin so "worry"about beichen, he is not a gay, just he is the king of darkness, killer and murder that is all, he lives in darkness and it is his choice indeed, beichen was as shi before he had met momo and because of her he lives in the other very bright world, shi doesn't want it that is why he does all this, that is why later he will love momo and rise her son very gently. I was afraid 😱 that becsuse of star parents (momo and beichen) he will treat a child badly but he loves this child as his own and becsuse of this psrent's love he will changed into another person, I hope that we can see it, I want it very much
Helena: It is still ongoing and has more than 2700 chapters but the novel version is rather different from what we see
Sukanya Kashyap: how many chapters is it so far in the novel and how many chapters from the novel has this manhua covered?
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(this spoiler is for those who are impatient like me hahaha! if you don't want to be spoiled just skip my comment 😅) ALSO, it's not that accurate it's based on my understanding only.

So I went to the other language and saw the next chapter (I am so impatient lol)

The next chapter shows the chubby guy voting for Beichen. So, Beichen is still the CEO. If you can remember, someone visited Beichen before the meeting/voting started. It was actually Zixiao who talked with Beichen. Im not sure about this but they were discussing about the secret shareholder and the one who has the fourth pill. Beichen already has an idea of who it may be. He thought of the white-haired guy (I think his name was Shaoqin?) They also talked about the death of Jian's father since Beichen was involved with it. After that, Beichen will get a call telling him that Jian Mo fainted again. end~~~~
It's a bit vague but that's just what I understood with the Chinese Version. 😅 ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
Poonam Singh: Does anyone knows how many more chapters are left in this manga?
Yce Yce: Thank you for sharing this. I’ve already seen it in chinese version the latest chapter. Thank you very much...... 😊😊😊😊
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jyoti bagri
But After all kinds of investigations it were clear...that peoples have used his feelings for mo.chen sneered,"Oh,hey, if this is your love..Moe can't afford it!"The hand, gradually tightened,the picture in Chu's hand has changed shape."If u want to get it,u can't do anything..."Chu said indifferently,"Bei Chen, after all,she have to come back to me!"  "Oh?"chen sneered,"That...why don't we Try?" Now he has No way.What is the retreat now?when the first pill was fed to mo,he already knew it was a trap...However, what about the trap?He just needs mo to return to his side! "If u want to try with the body of Mo,"Chu said with a sneer, "BeiChen,the way u love her is just that!"chen eyes stunned...His Hands,pick up instantly.The sound of the dislocation of bones came through,& there was a raging anger." This water,u cant let Mo drink..."Chu said,"But,if something happen to mo's body, what are u responsible for?" chen's face is bloodthirsty."Li Yunze has no way, isn't it?"Chu sneered.The voice of 'bones' cameagain..chen’s fist was already on the face of Chu.The punch wasnt light,the reaction of Chu didnt completely escape.he was beaten to the desk."zixiao--" chen is just like crazy, biting his teeth& staring with the scarlet eyes,watching this nephew who is like a brother.The heart of mo suddenly shocked,she didnt hear the conversation inside, but,the movement of the punch was too big,as if it had fallen on her heart."Did they fight?"Mo looked nervously at XiaoJing.(continue below)
Anonymous Customs : COIRRE
suha.👉D.O.P.L.Z.A. 👈: Where u read it? Give me link please 🙏
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jyoti bagri
Zixiao picked up the red wine glass& sipped it."You are so sure..." "Tomorrow, Beichen will definitely lose?"Shen said."The ending has been not it?" "I know the beichen, whether past or now... "ZiXiao raised an eyebrow,"he can always turn the situation in his favour" "that What you mean is that no matter what you do, in the end...Mo will only be his!" Shen sneer.he suddenly wrinkled his eyebrows."Hey,u said, we cooperate..."Shen's voice was cold"When we walked on this road, no matter whether it was a success or failure,there was no way to retreat."  "Really..." He slowly said."I want Gu Beichen, no matter what kind of him..." Shen’s hand clenched and loosened."Even if he has nothing!"zixiao sneered,"even if There is nothing left.He... can it be possible to put his sight on you?"Shen’s face suddenly showed anger & then calmed down.“I am very curious... What method do you have to let Beichen give up jianmo?" Zixiao eyes had a dark color.However, while coveting the wine glass, it masked everything."This is my business, you don't have to worry about it..." he said.Shen look at zixiao, knowing that he was not aimless.In the family,I am afraid that in addition to Gu grandma,no one knows more about Gu Beichen than zixiao... Because from small age, zixiao looked up , admiring beichen.The ages are similar, so that they do not have the difference of generations,but it also causes the tragedy of Loviing the same woman now.(continue below)
jyoti bagri
There was a doubts outside, &Chu’s office was dignified."Hey,many times,I would rather be simple.." chen's voice revealed the disappointment."Hit a fight,that is the way men solve problems."his gaze look at Chu.. "However, the last thing I want to believe is that u will hurt her..."chen’s voice has a wrath of anger,as if it could break out at any time."I won't hurt her!"Chu said coldly. "Is it?"chen snorted.Chu slightly smashed the eyebrows. chen took out a neatly folded envelope & lifted it to his eyes...Chu looked & his eyebrows tightened even harder.chen threw the envelope on the table indifferently. "Hey,u let me down too much!"  "What do u mean?"Chu twisted his eyebrows.he open the envelope...& almost his every contact with the mo&even with jianheng,is in photos!There are road-controlled shooting, monitoring screens pictures.chen looked at the slight changes in Chu's face like this.All the photos here, even from many angles.. he used all the relationships and the dragons to find it. zixiao is now clear. So From beginning to end,the mysterious person may be a game...a game that makes you have no way to turn back! Chu looked at photos one by one, and even.. When he gave mo the first pill photos is here.Chu looked at beichen."I didn't want to believe that all of this has your participation from beginning to end..." Beichen's voice is cold and ruthless. "However,u gave me such a wonderful situation." he suspected that zixiao has only a step in it.(continue below)
Amly Gibson : how did u get so much time...🤔🤔🤔
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jyoti bagri
The sound of door Open suddenly came, mo & zixiao Looking at the sound,saw chen standing at the door.The door that was pushed open was hit by a wall & bounced back..."Achen?" Mo looked at chen with amazement.Beichen & zixiao looked at each other, but in an instant,the electric light & the flint were smothered between them.The atmosphere was instantly stiff,Looking at chen& Zixiao,she was some awkward... All the sights outside are in the chu's office,but chen’s back blocked Thier line of sight.chen walked in coldly..."Achen,what's wrong?"Mo asked, frowning."How come u?"chen stepped forward,indifferently took the cup in the hands of mo... "Moe, go out first..."chen's voice is soft,but it is not tolerant."Achen?" Mo's eyebrows wrinkled deeper.but nodded & went out...XiaoJing shut the door,Mo looked back inside at 2 people...The closed door blocks the inside & outside line of sight &sound,because it is a law firm,&often involves privacy,the walls has maximum sound insulation.Everone is wondering of what is going inside.XiaoJing & Mo standing not far from the Chu office.As long as it is not too loud,it is impossible to hear the conversation inside."XiaoJing, what's the matter?"asked mo,she's worried cause the closed door."I don't know..." XiaoJing looked innocent.Mo turned her eyes.She didn't believe it at all."They both won't fight?". XiaoJing scratched his head."Little lady, everyone is Adult."Mo listened,but the face still has concerns...(continue below)
jyoti bagri
XiaoJing’s face was awkward.“No?” His innocent performance of acting.“Little lady, what did u hear?”Mo looked at XiaoJing’s seriousness. Confused,she couldn't help but start to doubt her ears.chen looked at Chu"Do u know what medicine Jianheng gave to Moe?"Chu rubbed the lower corner of his mouth with his hand...He got up & looked gloomy."What did he gave to Momo,it was because of u..." Chu bite his teeth.“ Beichen,because u & Momo are together, brought her so many disaster." chen's heart suddenly seems to be stung by a needle,as if it is to defeat his strong wall...all The counterattack became powerless at this moment.As he said, the root of all the pain of Mo's is from him.If it was not the battle between him & his uncle,Yuanda& Jian zhanfeng wouldnt be involved.If it weren't for his mother, there would be no death of mo's father & su mo was not be unconscious..leading to death after two years later.If it weren't for him, Mo wouldn't be poisoned...The root of everything is him!Breathing has become so fast,as if to cover up such facts,chen’s instant punch has once again turned to Chu.Chu had prepared for this time, his partial body escaped. Then..timely,he counterattack. "BeiChen,is it irritating?"Chu’s voice was cold."u know better than anyone else... If it weren't for u,Mo wouldnt suffer from it,this hardship of life,All this is because of you..."Beichen's face is getting darker,is already covered with haze.
jyoti bagri
Beichen pushed the door of Yunze's office, Long Hao nodded & he asked,"moe seems to be good suddenly?"  "She was given medicine..." Yunze sighed,took a mobile phone to open a report & handed it to Beichen.he took& looked at it... "International Criminal Police wanted the drug madman Charles, who was arrested at 2:37 pm local time in New York yesterday..." Beichen eyes looked at the report Until one place."Charles confessed, recently developed a new drug that can amplify the body of potassium in patients at the same time,create the illusion of anemia...This drug can cause intermittent brain while the patient confusion appears insufficient blood supply to the brain resulting in coma." BeiChen’s eyebrows have already tightened, & the atmosphere in the office has become dignified."Under the investigation of Interpol,Charles produced 10 capsules, seized 9 capsules... one outflow,& the remaining 9 were destroyed.Interpol is tracking down the drug that has flowed out." "After the night In the investigation, Charles finally explained that the drug was bought by a mysterious person,&the other party just transferred money to him...The two sides did not meet directly..."Beichen slowly lowered his hand, & the eyes looked coldly at Yunze, as if asking What...Yunze sighed,"I gave a test to Jianmo after my surgery. The potassium that has not gone down in her body has quickly dropped to a safe value..." 
hypnotage gt
so author can you please stop this its getting boring its either you go on this 3 path.1first way make beichen know whos the pyschos end make that uncle goto prison and that ugly shit face blue hair boi ex die on a fall while his hiking and get stabbed by tons of tree and got eaten by wolfs i think that how he deserves to die then make fmc good again they life happily 2second way fmc goes to a coma and beichen loses his sanity then destroyed thhem all like litrerally hire hitmans to treaten them and burn there house while destroying there financial power making them poorer and half a year later fmc wakes up and her baby on her side beichen resting on her arms the end. 3rd continue the shit cycle where the blue boi becames dummer and dummer then he loses it and make the fmc suffer then hurts the reader and dont give af on the story fk you.
Autumsz: Lmaooooooo
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jyoti bagri
"Wait I will fly over there and see Charles in person."Long Hao opened his mouth, and the cold voice was filled with ice cold. "If Jian Mo has this medicine in the body, he solves it!"Beichen nodded and looked at Li Yunze and Asked"What about monitoring?" His voice is very light, and people can't hear emotions. li Yunze took a U disk from the drawer and gave it to Gu Beichen. "Excluded, there are two people I am not sure, you can see it yourself..."Gu Beichen took it, after putting it in his pocket , two people nodded slightly,he turned out of the office,went to the ward. "Beichen is like a gyro. I am afraid that his body can't handle it." Li Yunze is worried. Long hao looked indifferent. "In that environment, he servived. What is this?" Look at the time, Long Hao was cold indifference ,said " if There is a situation here ,contact me.". "Good..." Li Yunze responded and sent the dragon boss to go out. the plane flying to Lyon, France, climbed with a roar, Long Hao looked through the small window to the two characters of "Luocheng", and his thoughts were slightly free. he was cold-blooded, but he had a little friction with Shi Shaoqin, and that's how he accidentally "knowed" Beichen. He have seen Beichen’s original appearance,no one wants to see him return to the original him... (continue below)
jyoti bagri: search it on go0gle
Ruvelyn Macayayong: where did you find it? exalted wife? in web novel?
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how many time you want me to say divorce I'll say it a million times just you divorce her
jyoti bagri
Yunze can't judge who was he from both.He copied the video monitoring of this time in Udisk.Beichen left the conference room, indifferently.The rest of the people in the conference room did not move, their expressions were dark & dark,dignified. After looking at each other,thier eyes was cold.Under such circumstances,if Gu Beichen still has the ability to turn the table..Then they need to be more attentive. After Beichen left the conference room,he gave a call to Mo."Is it better?"  "Is the meeting over?" The voices of the 2 rang at the same time."It's over, Everything is in my grasp."Beichen said, heard the voice of mo's voice clearly & lightly, he was a little peace of mind.then,Beichen called Yunze."How is the situation of mo?"  "Before noon,she has no energy, & this time gradually recovered..." Yunze said,&looked at the test results. Beichen’s eyes is awkward& said“The meaning’s really man-made!”  “You...” Yunze still didn’t speak,the office door was pushed open,& he saw Long Hao walk in, then yunze said,“Dragon Boss came." chen said"I'll arrive in an hour." Hang up the phone,chen went to the office& temporarily held a secret video conference.It wasnt long,only about 20 min...after finished,while he was out walking,said to Susan,"today's close attention to trends." "Ok!" Susan's response.At underground parking lot, Beichen slightly closed his eyes & squatted. it already reduced a little tiredness when he opened his eyes.(continue below)
jyoti bagri
Beichen slowly leaned back on the seat,From the beginning,he always believed.Regardless of how the zixiao is opposed to him,it is impossible him to do something that hurts the mo.But now, the more you believe, the more hurt! Beichen dialed Xiao Jing.Beichen said “Check all the details of the zixiao when jianMo is also there.” Xiao Jing frowned."The meaning of Chen Shao is..." "Check it first!Beichen said coldly.Xiao Jing responded. When Beichen wanted to hang up the phone,he suddenly asked,"Chen Shao,is the meeting at 9:00 in the evening?"Beichen looked at the time, its only 5 pm now..."hm!"Beichen is indifferent.Beichen responded,he hung up the phone.Beichen returned to the bedroom, mo slept very well.He took off his nightgown & lie down beside mo. He then put her in his arms and closed his eyes and planned to sleep for a while... However, even though he didn't sleep all day and night, there was no sleep at all.With his eyes closed,his head is constantly running.Last night,when he felt that things were beyond the limits of his control,he began to doubt...just, that suspicion was just a suspicion.When the suspicion is further confirmed,that moment...even if it is a cold heart,it will hurt.Putting mo tight in his arms,Beichen slowly opened his eyes, and the sinking of his eyes was cold. (continue below)
jyoti bagri
After drinking water,Mo wants to say something to break the rigidity of the atmosphere at the moment,but don't know what to say.thedoor was opened,Mo secretly sighed.Yunze just finished A surgery.When he came in, he saw Mo in such a stiff situation. He frowned"When did u come over?"  "Just!" After seeing Yunze,zixiao immediately looked at mo."I go to court,u have to rest... I'll see u later." He & Yunze nodded,took the briefcase & left.After Yunze waited for zixiao to leave,his eyes fell on the water cup in front of Mo,his eyes crossed a strange feeling"I'll check again."Mo nodded & went to bed to lie down.After yunze roughly checked "u still need to take a blood test." Yunze took mo's blood into the laboratory. When he saw the result,his pupil instantly enlarged.the potassium in her body wasn't reduced just before his surgery.But now,the concentration of potassium in her blood Has fallen to a safe value!Yunze went to the monitoring room.He couldn't even wait for the staff to check it.He quickly tapped his finger on the keyboard. Last night,Beichen had suspicion.. So For the sake of safety, they installed micro-monitoring in mo’s there were people from mo's company,li xiaoyue & mo Shaochen & Lancome.Finally, it was zixiao. Everything is normal,but there are 4 people who've given mo to eat or drink something. Mu Xiaoran, Lancome,xiaoyue.. &zixiao. Lancome & xiaoyue are impossible.Then, there are only Mu Xiaoran &zixiao left!(continue below)
jyoti bagri
Beichen still had tentative control over JK. However, there were less than ten people in the conference room, but most of them were opposed to him."Chen Shao..." Xiao Jing suddenly handed the phone to chen when the atmosphere was so heavy that people could not breathe.Beichen took over,saw the msg that Xiangnan sent : Third brother,sister in law woke up! .Only a few words,but it is like beichen found his backbone, beichen's eyes across a touch of shallow smile..that kind of laughter,a slight feeling of relief. Everyone’s eyes are on Beichen. Everyone is wondering what he saw at this moment. Beichen covered all the emotions in his eyes,there was no emotion overflowing on the cold face.After sending A msg he handed it to Xiao Jing.Mo was lying in the hospital bed without any spirit,Xiangnan handed the phone to her,she looked at the msg: Wait for me! mo slightly smeared a smile,even if she pulled out such a smile,it seemed to her very difficult."sister in law,u are really the lucky star of my 3rd brother..." Xiangnan took back his phone in his hand & played."u Wake up, 3rd brother will be able to crush those bastard." Mo want to laugh,but some sad. "Dont worry,2nd brother won't let u have something..." Xiangnan said through the worry of mo,"u have to accompany my 3rd brother to go on."Mo knows that This time different from last time fainting,she won't be comatose for so long...Obviously,this time the physical condition has a big problem.(continue below)
XiaoMu: gosh.. did u not get tired typing this?! 😅
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Exo is the Sugar Daddies
So how long are the author going to torture Beichen and Mo? We have reached the phase where we don't know what will happen, our hearts are about to explode from all these waiting and suspense-if it's going to improve from the next chapter or whether it's just a false hope🤧😫 and above all this i can't stop reading.
MQ & ML(LAN CHI): @ghie it's OK.
did you mean can't ? coz you write sorry I guess.
Ghie: iam sorry i can help you dear....😄😄😄
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Ipant Caca
I already read this in Chinese novel. extalted wife. it's already more than 1600 episode n still go on.the baby is boy,his name is star,raised by white hair,
#paige u r d best: well guys it's a good game of who wins mo heart gets her I wish this was in reality boys fighting for a girl but in reality it will never happen 😧😧😧😧 well I m exited to see how Chen will win mo's heart well at that time will mo have her memory? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
england is the cup of tea kind: i wish i knew chinese
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jyoti bagri
mo looked at the phone,slightly frowned, &picked up the phone heavily. “Hey...” “Body,Is it better?" His voice came quietly, & people could not hear the emotions.Mo said,"a lot better..."  "If u have time,come to my law firm." He said.Mo frowned."Is there anything?" Her questioning was cautious.“Remember Yang Ziyu?” zixiao said first squatted and then widened his eyes."Yang Ziyu?" Her voice was involuntarily raised."What happened to him? Is he not in jail?"she was nervous. "Is he out?What happened? Or...He was released from prison?" "There is something complicated, you come over first..." zixiao said. "I will come now..." Mo hung up The phone hurried"Im goin out!" Mo said to the servant head luo hao ."Don't tell Achen." When the voice fell,mo disappeared outside the door...Luo hao frowned, & called Beichen. she thought Although the young lady looks good,no one dares to let her alone.After listening to Luo hao’s report, Beichen called the bodyguard who followed Jianmo“If she go to see Chu, you will report it at the first time.” “Okay!” The bodyguard said.Beichen glimpsed at Xiao Jing who was driving, said"Accelerate." "Yes!"XiaoJing responded,stepped on the pedal,see The table pointer 'brush' is on the other side. Beichen's cold and ruthless face is dignified.
Isn’t this stupid? At the end of the day, it will all up to Mo. I freaking hate that whit haired guy! Did it ever occurred to the ex or to the husband that they are being cheated? What if that white haired guy didn’t keep his word? After all he’s a bad guy. Say for example he gave a fake pill? And do you think that Mo will want to go back to her ex for the pill? What if she refused? She will die and then what? The time that Chen could’ve spend with her lovingly will be thrown away just like that. Then his pain is for nothing! Her pain is for nothing! The most stupid is the ex. She doesn’t want you for years already, why so shameless to force her to accept him? She’s in love with Chen, he can see that, what made him think that she will love him? If I’m Mo, I’ll rather die than being with him, such a worthless man. Can’t he concedes defeat with dignity?
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