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Ex-wife of A Billionaire

Yuko roberts
You all agree with me that this is not love anymore but sickness right? This boy has gone mad
Starvenus: This is what happened when love turn to deadly obsession. Kinda like those stalkers who obsessed and killed celebrities.
Nazmun Nisha: absolutely...doesn't he have brain? or he left it somewhere myb...moreover he is a lawyer? lol 😂😂😂😂
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Dear author, can you please make the episode release in daily basis as previously 🙏 its better than current release which unscheduled
Yikes: Yeah, they caught up. How do you want them to update when the raw comics aren’t done?
Sandra Chang: They can't, beacuse they are up with the episodes on chinese version
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23 March
seharusnya tamat dari episode2 lalu saat Beichen tau Milk ball anaknya..lalu menikah kembali. jadi kesannya ga seperti sekarang yg dipanjang panjangin ga jelas
rasheila: haha iya jd berbelit belit
Zen's Benevolent: @LA judul novel y apa ?
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that's just temporary antidote n not good for her memory, but now that's only things can save her, before the best solution is found...
poor beichen n jian mo....😑😑
Mizuno Pyae: I hope happy ending for Mo & Chen 😔
Hanimah Hadri: Jian Mo will loose her memory n kidnap while she pregnant. Her child will be taken away but very much later she has another child. The child taken away had the poision inside the body n was nursed back.
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don't drink it Mo....😱 Gu Beichen hurry save her...
neko sunshine
why the update is getting slower nowadays :(
neko sunshine: oooo I seee
Animegirl005: I believe they caught up to where the author is now so they translate it when the author releases latest chapter. or at least that's what I have heard not 100% sure.
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Poor the driver haha😂
Nur Farha
no don't drink that!!!
Yunn Lee
this comic is the most i love to read. the male and the female role are the handsome and the beautiful one.
daily update back plzzźzzzzz
OMG WHY ARE U SO STUPID? If you love her, u kill her slowly. There will be no jian mo left for you to love also.
Harley Quinn: He’s not just stupid, he’s insane.
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5 days?😭😭😭
Its sad that they have so many obstacles i just hope our mo wont be seriously ill by that pill you dont know what it can do the aftermath is still a mystery
aisha bullo
I want a man like him...
pina baez
I do miss their sexy nights tho
Anaaza: Mee tooo
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Zhaay 06
its really painfull if moira lost her memory and forget about goefreyy😢💔
if i am being told that i was poisoned, the next time i should be more wary and careful. i wont take easily from other people. i would get it check. but this girl is such an idiot. she trusted people so easily!
Hajra Basit
what 5 days . . . . .😢😢😵😵
Rania Farah
pill again..
5 days again...
erza scarlet
what the heck why do u have to drink all things give by others 😞😞😞😞😞😞
Icha Dhea
mo pls don't be stupid, zixio is bastard ex bf u has that make you drug and sick . bichean i am at ur side .. good luck my hero
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