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I was planning to write about this comic from a very long time. when I started reading this comic it was at almost 400+ episodes. I have read so many comics which was already completed and had exceeded 200+ episodes. But what actually happens is that I usually quit in the middle because of the lack of consistency in the story. Most of them are dragged so much that it becomes dumper and dumper from episode to episode. When I started reading this comic I have already thought that it won't exceed 200 but I read all the 400+ episodes in a day. The story was so beautiful that at some points I smiled with them. This is the first comic that made me cry.

How can I not mention the Chen-Mo couple 😍. They are not the perfect couple we actually see on stories but they make their imperfections into perfection through their Love. Their Love is not a fantasy it's more realistic. Usually the FL and ML have a one night stand and they both fall for each other instantly which is EXAGGERATION it's impossible in real life. Chen and Mo's relationship has gradually developed. Now their Love is so overpowering. As a reader I can really Feel their love for each other..I REALLY APPRECIATE THE AUTHOR KISSU. The Art is so consistent just like the story. I am totally in love with this Comic. I LOVE IT💋💜
TofuChan: "this is the first comic that made me cry".... have you read "Collide"?
Sunny: Both of them Had difficulties in communicating with each other. And they couldn't express their true feelings to each other. But this is the situation before the reunion. NOW they overcome this through their Love. I AGREE WITH YOU "THEY ARE THE ULTIMATE PERFECT COUPLE AND POWER COUPLE". I mentioned their imperfection just to point out how much their relationship have Grown.
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iam blessing both of you.... gu beichen and jian mo... they are amazing couple... congratulation.. eventhought they already married from the beginning.. but beichen always tried give the best things to jian mo, he always feel has owe to her and his son.... he want make her happy for a whole life.. beichen always regret cause let her went to london, gave birth his son alone (regradles, there jun li beside her), he always thinking about it, several times he said to jian mo for forgivingness, and the most importent is that jian mo never blame him, and give calm answer to him, she doesn't want make him feeling down.. cause her also love him so much... happy wedding for both of you..💓💓💓
they are the best couple for me....
1. Gu beichen and jian mo
2. chandler chin and susan shen
3. jinny lu and anna joo
they always loyal and keep their love only to one lover and women in their life, that is their wife.. and the last but not least, they never sleep with other women except their wife...!!!
Itz LaurenXx: my favourite ships
Mo x Chen
Sese x Ivy
some others but i forgot their names its hard to remember though
Anil Chhetri: moded
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#paige u r d best
guys even d height difference is perfect !! !!!!!!
man they r d best couple and no one can damn separate them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u cant deny it so dont even tryyyy !!!!!!!!!!!😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Itz LaurenXx: why? Why do you hate this manga?
m: なりをゆまきねよふひららけへ
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Come on Shaoqin... Dude, you’re too focused on hatred and you’re ignoring the only person who really loves you! He is so consumed with his resentment towards Beichen and he’s more miserable than he actually thinks he is. How do you find “real” happiness in someone else’s pain; you’ll never truly be happy because their life will never be fully in your control... no matter how much evil you throw their way! He really needs to stop, seriously! 😒

THERE’S A LESSON HERE... “Stop wasting your energy on people who don’t love or care about you, and start living your life for those who do! Life is too short to let resentment destroy what only love can heal...!” 💯

I see people saying, well Shaoqin was tortured the same as Beichen,” but you have to decide if your painful past will control you the rest of your life or if you will pull yourself up from the abyss and begin to LIVE your life! 💯 There is absolutely no excuse for his animosity towards Beichen, except that they each made a choice about how to live the remainder of their lives and Shaoqin chose the wrong path. He can dwell in darkness (whatever blows his skirt up), but he cannot and should not erroneously believe that he will be happier if Beichen is unhappy, too! That’s just crazy!! 🤬 Rolling my eyes... 👀

And why the heck doesn’t Shaoqin have a girlfriend? Instead of stalking Beichen, put some of that energy into getting laid 🛌 or something. Maybe he’ll feel better about life after splitting the pearl... 🤷🏽‍♀️💯😂
BDean2: I don’t know? 🤷🏽‍♀️ It wasn’t Mo nor BeiChen, so why isn’t he going after the sicko that tortured him? 🤦🏽‍♀️
keen bani: can u tell why shaoqin wants to hurt mo. why is he against beichen. who tortured shaoqin.
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How stupid, foolish, pathetic, and disgusting does a woman have to be to be known for r*ping men after drugging them? Was this supposed to make her look badass or powerful? 🙄

From how unattractive she was when she licked her lips I can see why she had to stoop so low and resort to doing that kind of disgusting thing to men 🤢🤮🤮🤮

Go away r*pist woman Beichen won’t be stupid enough to fall for your underhanded tricks!
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I was saying it’s not okay to drug someone and r*pe them regardless of gender. This blondie is trying to do that with beichen.
jyoti bagri: then that's good
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“She really loves to flirt with drug.”

Or she’s just a serial r*pist that resorts to doing something as disgusting as drugging men into sleeping with her? Honestly if this was a male side character.. 😟😟😟😟 wow..

🙄 Was this actually supposed to make her look badass or powerful? Because it doesn’t. It’s actually pathetic that she’s supposedly famous and notorious for drugging men and assaulting them, but that’s just my opinion! I can see why though, she’s ugly and nowhere near Jian Mo’s level. YUCK!
I love Meat👌❤: agreed 101%
Animegirl005: I love your name. 😆
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That’s one gorgeous cage though not gonna lie! I really hope Beichen will find a way to get rid of this crazy jerk and finally be happy together after constantly having to deal with these ship wreckers again and again!

I love the tragedy and the emotional rollercoaster that this story has it’s such a unique work of art and I love the artwork. Jian Mo has such beautiful brown hair and purple eyes and ofc not to mention Beichen is definitely one of the most hottest MCs out there! They’re such a charming couple! 😍
Princess Hinata
This is really nice chapter. The couple is my favourite. Comparing to other ML, Gu Bechen is really gentle.. Although I did not like him at the beginning, but I am really impressed with his changining character.. Although he is little bit silly, but he is a gentle and caring husband.. Now, I really like gu bechen (changing version 😉😉).. Jian mo is one kind of person who can keep secrets about her sufferings in her heart but she is always happy in front of other people.. She is really extrovert but matured.. They both deserve to each other.. I like this couple...
Princess Hinata: It is not like that. I am just expressing my own thoughts and opinions..
L.A. Moser: Can you personal message people on here?
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Omg FINALLY Zixiao let her go!! Thank god I was thinking he was getting a bit TOO obsessive with Jian Mo! I’m so happy for their ceremony it was beautiful and I love how some enemies turned to allies or friends after all that constant fighting!

Now they just need to get rid of that crazy psycho Shaoqin guy!! I hate shipwreckers the most!! 😡😡😡😡 I hope Beichen finds a way for them to finally be happy together without this nutcase getting in the way all the time!!! Shipwreckers shall be destroyed!!!
miszA97 Az: I want that white haired man died....
everybody wish them happy in marriage even Zixiao...
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Mo's gentleness and lovable personality will heal all the aches and sufferings of the people in Mogong. Mogong was a very scary place but now that Jian Mo is there it seems that the place had got brighten and lively. Her kindness will beat all the aches that Shaoqin had experienced and maybe she would even be a mother figure for J. She's a beauty with a heart ❤
razzrozz: Thanks 😊
jyoti bagri: but even so you interpreted all the things right
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i ever said, if this story is wonderfull, everybody in here has elegant etitude... look how beichen tried to settled his problem, he doesn't use harsh way... he tried to negotiation with shaoqin.. in this story is almost not show harsh.... they more use their brain rather than their power....
so i want say the best husband is beichen, the best wife is jian mo..
the best third person is shen chu
the best enemy is shaoqin...
this manga showed The power of love, the greats of love..... beichen and jian mo could feel their exsist eventhough they sparated...
hope": believe me even in reall life
a man like chen he exists
maybe he have another ways to show his love and kindness
and men are different
about each others like women
🌿Ghie🌻: i just know if husband like beichen, only in the story... in real life, its like fairytale... so i just want to make my mind awake... and accept the reality.. if beichen just for jian mo, i mean its just story...😂😂😂
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oh my!!! author please give us a happy ending not the opposite one please😅😅 because, it's kinda too much for us readers to accept it if the opposite once may happen😞 since this one is a fictional story can you please make things thrilling yet will have a happy ending especially for everything thay they've encountered thru thick and thin isn't it it's only right for them to deserve a happy ending😊😊 anyway, author thank you for making and shring us this wonderful, fascinating, very thrilling story of yours❤❤❤
two thumbs up for you😊
keep up the good work author/s😊
from beginning up to this now (cos some comics are just good at the start but later on got boring) , this comic never fails to amaze and entertain me. this is one of the comics that will not get you bored in every chapter. Plus the drawing are consistent from start to this chapter. Thats why this is my top comic. Thanks to the author of this one. You did a very great job. 👍🏻😄
Ayenne Enabore: is it free to read there?
Cathy Espiritu Llanzana: You can read it in babel novel, its in there its already in its 2,400 episode.... The title is "the expensive ex-wife"
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my answer is of course is D idk . actually i hope this comic will appear on tv , i want this comic to be a reality , maybe korean drama just like the new drama extra odinary you . yes . the best actor . such as lee jae wook . haahaha . the best actress , match like mo personality . actually i always dream this comic appear to televisyion , and the main character , i just forget the artist name , but actually he is the main actor for the chess trap . i think so wow .... kim tihunny oh eahh
alexx : anyone tell me what is the mean og IDK????? help me🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Mei Xi: I could die if this become a drama 😍😍😍 imagine iu being the la 😍😍😍
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I hate it when mo pretends that she's okay but deep inside she's dying and depressed.....and I can feel the pain of mo......But Mr. gu doesn't know that mo was in love in to him ......I HATED WHEN THE WORLD FULL OF MISUNDERSTANDING AND CRUELTY.... THEY DONT EVEN KNOW....IF THEY GOSSIPS FOR ONE PERSON AND THEY DONT KNOW HOW IT HURTS TO MO!!!!!IN THE OUTSIDE MO IS ALWAYS SMILING BUT IN THE INSIDE SHE'S DYING.....!!!!!!!
aww my heart when Chen grabbed her just as she was leaving just to embrace & kiss her. 😭 gosh they've come so far in their relationship, why won't this goodlooking douche just leave them alone. I'm so tempted to MTL the novel just to find out what happens next. 🤔

hahaha... chibi Mo just nonchalantly eating is the cutest thing. 😆
I feel like he has some sort of traumatic experience that made him the way he is today. Still no excuse for him hurting Jian mo and Beichen... I can kinda sympathize with him a LITTLE BIT tho..

Hopefully he’s one of those antagonists that start from being bad and later becoming a good person.
Sneha Dey: yes u guess the right thing
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Hey kid IDGAF if you’re a hacker and I DONT CARE that Shaoqin likes her and probably neither does Jian Mo because she belongs to Gu Beichen! 🤬 just because that psycho loves her doesn’t give him the right to keep her captive by force! You better help her with getting out of that place with your hacking skills otherwise I don’t like you hmph! 😤
Gu beichen, Shi Shaoqin, Su Junli, Chu Zixiao, and Shi Juexi....
How lucky you are jian mo... they are racing to get your love.... but your love only for one man, Gu beichen.... always loyal to her husband... the best wife...💕💞💕💞
jyoti bagri: With junli and zi xiao her life problems will be like normal between normal couples. its not like what she is facing with beichen is something she will face with other mens too. its because she is with beichen that her life have this kind of big problems . her life problems will be not that dangerous with zi xiao and junli and they will be able to protect her very well.
jyoti bagri: but if with zi xiao and su Junli her life problems wouldn't be like With beichen. so power doesn't matter. the problem she had in her life right now like being kidnapped, so many enemies. These problem will not be in her life if she is not With beichen or atleast with zi xiao and junli. so there's no need for power like beichen and shi shaoqin. I'm not saying there will not be any problem in her life if she is with zi xiao or junli but her life problems will not be that big and dangerous like that with her life With beichen.
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Sellyj XxX
His not a bad guy, he just need someone who will give light to his darkness like Beichen who luckily has Jian and Milkball in his life. He suffered emotionally being beaten at an early age is no joke.
I wish Beichen and him be friends and kill that stupid bully who both tortured them at a young age
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