Ex-wife of A Billionaire
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Ex-wife of A Billionaire

Ex-wife of A Billionaire
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It would be great if your brother steals a married woman and stays with her? 🙄 GTFOH!!’ No sense of morals or shame. I don’t care if he’s the nicer one that’s a selfish way of thinking seeing how she’s already taken and that she’s clearly in love with Beichen and only wants to be with him!
Angela Yi: And why do I have this gut feeling that @shoko and @jyoti Bagri is the same person 👁👄👁 bullies defending other bullies, interesting. And then another bully comes. Man the OP really can’t catch a break 🤭
Angela Yi: Lmao I saw you calling the OP names and being rude on another post I’ve read do you really have that much time on your hands? Logic and morals can be applied when reading a comic, obviously something you lack of. You’re such a sad little bitch, you should do everyone here a favor and stop showing them how low your IQ level is
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Ugh...🤢🤮 Luo is a disgusting psychopath🤬 & should die a thousand deaths! 🪓🪓 That pedo should spend the rest of his life jailed in Siberia, washing undies & brainding hair for Big Bubba in cell block D 🏢! You know what happens when the lights go out! *squeak 🛌 🛌 squeak* That’s still too good for the sick bast@rd!! 🤬

I know readers feels bad for Shaoqin & rightfully so b/c he was a child being tortured & r@ped by gross & pervy pedo Luo, but... there’s always a BUT... that doesn’t give him the right to target Beichen & his family. He should figure out how to get past his own hurt & anguish instead of trying to keep Beichen trapped within the prison of his mind that he himself apparently never escaped! ☹️ It was a horrible thing to happen, but Shaoqin is just as appalling as Luo with his behavior & actions (minus child r@pe) that put innocent people’s lives in jeopardy just b/c he suffered at the hands of a cruel sicko as a boy! 😒😒

Beichen suffered the same things but didn’t let it dictate his life. Rather, he chose not to commit those atrocities that happened to him! 💯 It takes strength 💪🏽 💪🏽 to overcome some challenges & hardships, but it’s about how you come thru & get over it that makes all the difference in the world.☺️ Beichen is a better man & nothing hereafter will make me see Shaoqin in a different light b/c he’s wrong for what he’s doing to Beichen’s family!🙄

Don’t get me wrong! I feel sad for Shaoqin 🥺, but his current behavior is uncalled for & unacceptable! 😒
Regine Mapalad: got u buddy
Claribelle Jheanne Habi: yeah i agree
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iam blessing both of you.... gu beichen and jian mo... they are amazing couple... congratulation.. eventhought they already married from the beginning.. but beichen always tried give the best things to jian mo, he always feel has owe to her and his son.... he want make her happy for a whole life.. beichen always regret cause let her went to london, gave birth his son alone (regradles, there jun li beside her), he always thinking about it, several times he said to jian mo for forgivingness, and the most importent is that jian mo never blame him, and give calm answer to him, she doesn't want make him feeling down.. cause her also love him so much... happy wedding for both of you..💓💓💓
they are the best couple for me....
1. Gu beichen and jian mo
2. chandler chin and susan shen
3. jinny lu and anna joo
they always loyal and keep their love only to one lover and women in their life, that is their wife.. and the last but not least, they never sleep with other women except their wife...!!!
🌿Ghie🌻: ahah, eventhought i very admire beichen and he is the most my favorite, but i dont want him. cz he only to be with jian mo. i dont want bother them. let them happy ever after with their family...😁😁
Gold: The different is no beichen want to be with u
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Jian Mo
I used to read warm wedding in some other website and the the writer posted a special episode featuring all her main characters. the episode starts with Chen hosting an auction for selling Mo's designed necklace. Aubrey bids a higher price to get it for Nina whereas Nina scolds him saying that Mr. Gu Beichen is doing this for his wife. After this Ron fan bids higher price than Aubrey, to get the necklace for Charlotte, but Charlotte also scolds him. Then Tingyue (ML of Spicy wife ) bids higher price than the others and like all the MLs start to fight each other. On the other hand Qing Zhou (the epic revenge FL) wonders why Pei Si is so silent and not fighting anyone. Actually Pei Si is planning something in his mind and he calls all his army and loots away the the diamond necklace. Qing Zhou apologizes all the other FLs for her man's behaviour and all the MLs continue fighting each other
smart ass: Yes manga sy
Jian Mo: you have to search by "into the bones of warm wedding chapter 85.5" the episodes name is "President's auction"
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Xiao Hai
Crazy update please!

The situation sucks. But I kind of understand and can't understand at the same time of Shi reasoning. I mean it is right on his perspective but also not right on the parents side. The baby had 10% chance to be alive.
Yes, Jian Mo would be devastated if the baby on the off chance died but if he told her right now, she is also grieving anyway.

I just hope the baby will be healthy and perhaps the baby will be the guiding star Shi needs like Mo is to BeiChen. I think despite being an awful twisted mad man (who is really mad tbh), he can be a good guardian. He clearly dotes on his brother despite making his brother frustrated. So I really want him to dotes on the baby too. This oasis of his is time limited anyway. 😅 He needs to give the child back as soon as they are healthy.

Eat Me 🎂🍰🎂🍰: i don't want him to dote on baby....bechen is enough....not a psychopath who tried to kill her ..😠
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I was planning to write about this comic from a very long time. when I started reading this comic it was at almost 400+ episodes. I have read so many comics which was already completed and had exceeded 200+ episodes. But what actually happens is that I usually quit in the middle because of the lack of consistency in the story. Most of them are dragged so much that it becomes dumper and dumper from episode to episode. When I started reading this comic I have already thought that it won't exceed 200 but I read all the 400+ episodes in a day. The story was so beautiful that at some points I smiled with them. This is the first comic that made me cry.

How can I not mention the Chen-Mo couple 😍. They are not the perfect couple we actually see on stories but they make their imperfections into perfection through their Love. Their Love is not a fantasy it's more realistic. Usually the FL and ML have a one night stand and they both fall for each other instantly which is EXAGGERATION it's impossible in real life. Chen and Mo's relationship has gradually developed. Now their Love is so overpowering. As a reader I can really Feel their love for each other..I REALLY APPRECIATE THE AUTHOR KISSU. The Art is so consistent just like the story. I am totally in love with this Comic. I LOVE IT💋💜
Xailine Segovia Facultad: yeah 😍😍
Sunny: No, I didn't
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Cherry Blossoms
mghhawd honestly that white haired guy can you just stop you're getting on my nerves event though u didn't mean that YOU SHOULD REALLY BACK OFF

First, you barged in their life to destroy Chen not letting go of the past
Second, you put their lives in danger many times
Third, you fall in love with Mo not even thinking she wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for you
Fourth, you expect her to be your fvcking star when she is with Chen already
And lastly, what you're doing right now os scaring her and you chasing her causing her to be hurt

(people shipping white hair and Mo don't go commenting on my comment section I don't have the time to argye with you I just want to vent my anger for him so pls NO)
Cherry Blossoms: RIGHT
Anime _lover😁😁😁😎😎😎😍😍😍: dont yah worry,im with you😊😊...ur right...his past doesnt justify what he is doing right now,hes becoming evil..and im also mad right now,i hate him trying to covet someone else wife😤😤😤😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😠😠😡
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The baby will live but its premature.Mo and Beichen thought the baby is gone but its not.Beichen will have a fight with Shaoqin and Mo will meet Beichen but she will cry because she thought she lost her baby.Shaoqin will take the baby with him but he will not tell Mo and Beichen.
_kxllv_: wait so...what happened to their oldest son, the one where Mo raised overseas? bc I skipped to the end (490's) and idk what's good on. I need some spoilers please. (I'm at 328 rn)
Netflix PH: the child of Mo and Bechen wikk be the leader of XK??? That's the position being offered to Beichen.
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I love ron fan
hey..author ..i want to say something to u...i m here since last year...when i download the mengatoon app ..this menga was the one my first five comics...and so is today...i m reading this menga when u uploaded ur 100th or less episodes. ..
its always being my fav...but i wanna say that u lock ur all episode from 50 ...nd there r 450+episodes. ..or approximately 480-485episode. ..i think u have to free ur atleast 100episodes for the free reading. ..ur story is really very good ...that its our recomendendetion...u have to think about ur readers too...i appreciate ur work...so u also have to show mercy to us ..plz free some episodes. .becoz we r only depands on points here....everyone here is not so rich that have its own bank balance. ..we r poor guys ...😅😅😅😅😅😅plz...if u dont mind
Hi: 1111111111111
I love ron fan: yeah ..that's what i want to say.
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The Real Jian Mo 😂😂😂
I am feeling sad with the events now . but don't blame it all on shaoqin . you can bash psyco's using their illness as an excuse but let's try to put ourselves into their shoes. this thing they have (including Aubrey) is not normal , therefore it's not easily under their control. even the wisest man can't control this. a trauma is not only causing people to be unstable mentally but also emotionally. AND BESIDES (TO CUT IT) WE ALL KNOW HE DIDN'T PUSH HER so let's not be too one sided. I Still hate what's happening now though... oooh my dear baby Yan 😭😭😭 Hold On!!!
i see, it wasn't like shi shaoqen want to hide the baby existence but he just don't want to give mo hope when the baby only have 10% change to live.
maybe when the baby was in a good condition, then he will tell mo and chen about their son. hope he didn't love the baby so much so that he didn't want to let go when the baby was in good health later.
Angel of darkness : Oh come on why every one is thinking that child is only get better when he is grow up..he can get better when he is small like..
normally premature baby will get better after they spending 9 months or 1 year..
I hope this child case is also similar..🤔
I really don't want now any separation..
I am done with separation..plzz enough
Not this time any more..🥺🥺
jyoti bagri: yes you got everything right.
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This is terrible, I feel kind of bad n sad for him, I don't know if it is me alone but I can't help myself. Even though I feel bad for him I don't think mo should be involved bc she is 6 months pregnant n shouldn't put the baby in danger but then again she n his brother r the only two person who can calm him down, mo u shouldn't be there but your too kind hearted to leave someone to die that is a blessing n also a curse for u mo, Dude u better not hurt her right now I'm feeling sympathy for you, don't make me change my mind.
I'll only warn u once
shweta bhagat: where u can read?
Laisa💖💋😍💋💖🤘: what happen???
He did something to her? or something happen to the ml?
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even she's falling down, she still beautifull.. no wonder if a lot of man chasing her, eventhough she's already married....
look how effort of shaoqin, its not full his fault, even more he not fault at all...
unconcisiouly he said if he love her...
Who's in here starting to like shaoqin???
hope": jian mo is beautiful
they make agreat work
all group
artistis and all who do that comic
hope": i well try read soon😀
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Amparito Orozco
I didn’t want to read this episode because I knew it would break me, and there we have it... it broke me. I know that he didn’t want to hurt Mo and that everything was planned by that maid but at the same time he was also responsible for her safety. I hope everything works out in the end and the baby and her are safe.
Finally he thought and made someone call Beichen. Buuuut he’s gonna want to kill the guy for sure. (Forgive me I forgot the white haired guys name). They should have never been separated.
Khue Pham
Shi Shaoqin is a psychopath and if I were Mo or Chen I would definitely never forgive him. But we all know that Mo is super kind so she’s highly likely going to forgive him someday anyways. It’s just how can he be so pathetically selfish and easily used by that old madman?? I get that he went through incredibly tough things as a child but that is no excuse for torturing others. All in all, I just had to pour all of that frustration out.
jyoti bagri: the same case with Aubrey.
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I bet jian mo can't think properly after this. Losing a child is much hurtful than any other painful things. I just hope she can stay strong as well for her husband and other son. i also predict that shaoqin will properly take care of their baby and it will help him to live in light and not in darkness anymore. This storyline is one of the amazing stories i ever read. I just hope it won't end rushly like the other good stories but rush ending.
I once said that my future hasband must read hunk n1. But now, he must read this but starting from when Gu stopped seeing other girls xD and I will delete the part where that b**ch stayed on his lap recently .. I hated that part, I was angry with Gu when he let her stay.
Swan: xD chu didnt let go his woman and let her have their baby on her own. Im not standing for Chu, I like Gu more just Chu is a good Old man like you said.
🌿Ghie🌻: you can count, how much bo huan and jian mo got bullying, and compare it, who's better beichen or chu for protect his women (i want mention wife, but almost forgot if bo huan till now not yet become chu's wife😆😆😆😆), its not talk about how strong she is but how can her man protect her
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Actually shaoqin just want hold her!!! but toooo late.... the best arrange by luo songxian, he deliberately remembering shaoqin about a full moon night, that's the most like time of luo songxian. ever more he torture shaoqin in full moon night. so shaoqin look like horrible because that day, and unfortunally beichen also choose that day to meet luo songxian, and even jian mo meet him in at the night.. so thats way shaoqin said like that, "why are you guys forcing me!!". actually he's nice person, but he not fortune like beichen...
I think that maid had a part to play
OMG mo pls be alright i really hope nothing happened to the baby. Beichen is going to lose it if anything happen to the baby. I really that it don't come to that pls be alright.
Even meat ball can see that something is not right, something I wish he wasn't so smart he can pick up when things aren't right with his parents n can tell when their lying. Please I hope nothing happens to them please be alright all of u
I take back my part when I said he had no sense of morals or shame. I also regret calling him selfish seeing how he snapped out of it at the last panel and said “what was I thinking?” I was speed reading this chapter so I wrote this while in a hurry at work 😭 I had to reread to see what people were talking about when they called me out.

Honestly, though I hope he would try to convince Shaoqin to let her go. This story just gets SO depressing time after time, so I always feel emotionally drained reading this comic nowadays. It really sucks to see Jian mo and Beichen being miserable from being torn apart from each other time after time. I just really wanna see them reunited as a family again, I miss their cute little son too 😭 just when are they gonna get out of this situation
TofuChan: yes! it does get repetitively agonizing at times....
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