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Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter S2

Yoolook Culture
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The daughter of Manning Du and Han Nankung has grown up into a brave girl. She is leaving the island for love and freedom. What kind of story will this ignorant girl encounter?

MangaToon got authorization from Yoolook Culture to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - baqingeshao,bqes
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Previous on Wife Hunter Season 1:
In the hotel, Manman planned to surprise her boyfriend by showing up for the fifth anniversary, but it turned out to be a nightmare in her life. A stranger happened to step into her room and her life. Several years later, as a mother of two kids, she attended an interview and found the boss resembled her son...
czl: i love s1
Manga crown princess: I love season 1
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On the next episode...(ep11)

FL was in the office and was thinking about her opinion of the office, after that she talks to herself ’she will start cleaning up first before the director come’

Meanwhile, she cleaning the windows and she struggles with it as it was too high and she was trying to reach out by tiptoeing but she accidentally hit the bucket of water beside her and the water spilled all over the floor, she checked her phone (time) and say ’It's okay, as long as I clean it up before 9 am it will be fine’

She was looking out if there's anyone arrive at the office, and at the same time she went to get a dry mop and thinking that it's her first day of work she cannot ruin it. After getting the dry mop she walking back and saw the ML and think ’why is there people here, wait why is it him again, in just a few days meeting him so many times. Wait, he still open director computer.’

She say ’Who are you? Don't anyhow touch the things here!’ The ML stand up and ask ’Who are you either?’


Sorry for the bad explanation, it's difficult to find words to explain it but this is pretty much the whole happening just that I can't make it sound good hahaha...
Krean: what is the name?
Angelina 🌈 (Angel sect leader🌈): Guys you can read it on Chinese version!.
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wtf......😂😂😂😂😂😩😩😩😫😫.why how..... what.... I can relate to this story so much...I have read so many stories her but for the first time I can relate to story 😅😅😅. I ment a boy like this when I was a kid I was admitted in the hospital there happened to be a boy beside my bed we talked and became friends.... he was soon going to get discharged before he left he gave me a flower imagine I still have that flowers skeleton 😂😂😂...... obviously I a kid so I don't remember his name or anything only his kid face.... and😫😫😫 reality sucks so I know we are not going to meet each other again...... but I just wonder sometimes where he is how is he how dose he look😞😞😞 I don't know how this story is so much relating to my incident.......😅😅😅😅and I even committed it
Loe: If it’s meant to be, will always finds its way. Hope you’ll meet one day. Such a cute story.
Khushi ratnawat: i think author was that boy
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