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Master of Legendary Realms

TaXue Comic
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The previous master of the Suprem Sect passed on his power to Ives before he ascended and became immortal. In order to rectify the Sect and rise up the top one as they were, Ives secretly changed his identify to be the son of the House Windsor, a powerful royal family of Shang dynasty…

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Guys, honestly, there’s no need to say that you are here for points. Isn’t that putting down the author? You guys should be more sensitive to others feelings. Work like this takes a while to create, it takes a lot of effort, and what you are doing is discouraging the author. I understand, not everyone will enjoy this story, but there really isn’t a need to be rude about it. Commenting that you are only here point is basically saying that this story is not worth it and your not actually reading it. Look if you are here for points, GREAT! But why do you feel the need to say it. If an author decides to look at his comments he’s going to see that all your here for is point, and that your not actually reading the story. That’s very depressing. So be sensible comments like “whose here for points” or “just here for points” are what stops many from pursuing their passions.
Please be sensible and consider the feelings of the author, do us all a favor and leave out comments like those.
grim joke: 000000000000000
Miski Gure: Most the time when I do read for the points I end up reading the whole story cause it was good
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I can’t deal with this, I completely agree with the point Iversible made. All of you guys completely disgust me, honestly. What’s with all the points comment, it’s absolutely disgusting. Why write about that? Are you guys just desperate for recognition, is that what this is? Stop being so selfish give the credit to the author, no one cares that you are here points. That’s it. Comments like you are irrelevant. And those who write about only being here for points, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.
FBI (for protecting ships): I get what you mean but some people have the need to write about gaining points but why not just enjoy reading the manga and write something nice like "the story is interesting and I like it!" that
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Akashi Seijuro

ives will fight him.. he asked if he can use whatever kind of method, so he fight him using poison to weaken him.. the red haired guy lost, his father got mad... 2 elders trying to stop him but not enough.. so the patriarch uses the sword (forgot the name) lol, seeing he couldn't beat the patriarch.. he retreated.. but when he retreated, ives subordinates(white haired guy) ambushing him.. that father and son couldn't do anything to him, the father is dead, and the son is running away
sorry for my bad grammar
Roy Ong: Is there a novel for this series?
Fais: What's the name of the novel?
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