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I'm pretty and You’re handsome

Zuoan Comic
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On the eve of her wedding day, Lin Xiaoya is ambushed and abducted by a handsome stranger while jogging alone by a dark grove. As an illegitimate daughter, she has been arranged by the Lin family to marry the wealthy heir Li Sicheng, but the handsome stranger somehow reveals to her that Li Sicheng is actually a homosexual. Li Xiaoya boldly breaks off the marriage, but in order to save her childhood mate Lin Jiujiu, Lin xiaoya still decides to obey the order from the handsome stranger...

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Priyasha ._.
Being a homesex is not disgusting or anything bad. But betraying or breaking someone is. You should have already cleared everything from the starting so that other won't misunderstood or live in the dark. And also if it's a marriage for profit at least you should have tell her the truth in the beginning as marriage is not a joke for everyone.

And also I have read many people commenting that they are disgusted by homesexual's or they hate them. So I want to tell them that it's not disgusting or something to be ashamed of. It's just the way they are. They are also humans like us and want the same kind of love we want. I know I'm being noisy but I hope you will try to understand it. We all are human beings and we all want to be treated equally and with love. So don't discriminate it with those foul words. Thank you.
Gabrielle Ratchel: I love BL in manga and in real Life 😀😄
Ann McStay: From what I know, yeah it basically is a subgenre but there's probably more to it that I don't know
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Okay I’m starting to get really disgusted by some of the homophobic comments down below. I don’t care what country you’re from and whether you like homosexuals or not there’s some things that are better left unsaid and this is one of them 😑. Nobody in this world that’s trans or gay wanted to be born the way they are. if you don’t like gays please be considerate and just keep it yourselves! I can understand how it can make some other people uncomfortable but there’s literally no reason to hate a certain group of people just because of their sexuality. I can’t fathom hating someone just because of their sexuality 🙄 is this really 2019?
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I’m not mad I’m just repeating my point that words can hurt people and there are suicidal people out there that can see their comments on here. I don’t care if people like them or not but to go around making those hateful comments like calling them “disgusting” is wrong on SO MANY levels. like there’s literally research evidence that proves homosexuality is not a choice. It’s a psychological influence and the environment in the mothers womb that can affect their brain development which is why a lot of family’s inherit those genes. Although there’s no evidence out there yet that they’re born gay nonetheless it’s not a choice. People don’t just become homosexual, they just are. It’s like being left-handed.
Melo Yumiko: it's just an example need to be mad..of course you not fujoshi I can see that..I know they won't changed overnight but the point is it's not biological choices but our own choice..they don't change overnight but yeah in the end they changed...I'm not condemned you or gays I just pointed out the attitude of some people who straight out lashed about people who are not supported LGBT....for those who are supported just go and carry on but don't get upset when not everyone like that ideas and said their community are still get biased and criticism.. every one got different opinion..I think I just ended here because in reality LGBT community got a lot of freedom these's just normal to get haters when you are not in normal side
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Ayesha Noor
I mean how come mangas always make girls all about boobs you can't even see the girl's face and then they always have to wear a size short dress cause it would definitely flop if the girl is covered..I think it's made by a guy who don't have girlfriend or wife.
Mahi♥️ARMY♥️: lol..

single lifeuuu🤣🤣🤣🤣
poor artist.🤣🤣🤣😅
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