The Devil's Hardcore Love
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The Devil's Hardcore Love

Yoolook Culture
The Devil's Hardcore Love
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The Devil's Hardcore Love Comics Online. Tricked into the wealthy and powerful Song family, Tang zhuya is imprisoned and forced to become Master Song's maid. She is bullied and tortured mercilessly because of "some debt" her mother owed to the family. In order to find her mother and little brother back, Tang Zhuya determines to pay the debt off, and bravely faces up to the hardships and humiliations, and then something just happens...

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International Playboy
ok so everyones mad that this is the end and saying that the author doesnt know how to write a story or whatever and i will admit that im kinda sad with the ending but definately not mad and also i do understand that this is just everyones personal opinion but i just wanted to share that i think this took a more realistic turn then just the usual fall inlove and then get married plot. This story shows us that the real world isnt all "rainbows and sprinkles" and that sometimes some questions will always remain unanswered. This also shows us that some people will never change no matter what circumstance they are under and that not everyone will have there happy ending. You can face many hardships and always do the right thing but that still doesnt mean u will get anything in return. You may even be the most innocent person in the world that has never done anything wrong but even so that doesnt mean that your life will be perfect well in fact your life might even be more worse than most people. This showed us that there are millions of innocent people in the world and have to face things like this and that will never change. Thats is and thank you for taking your time to read my opinion on this story.
Cherry ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙❀~: I agree with you... but this story doesn't even have AN ENDING. we just wanted a proper ending, be it happy or sad that's up to the author...
but this manga just stopped period.
kaushik s: bad ending don't handstand store
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LMAO her little brother is in a different universe. In her world it's been like a day. also GIRL DONT GO THERE AND START A FIGHT IF U CANT END IT annoying 🙄 TBH I hate both of them there equally and dumb and annoying. But I can see where there both coming from, and she knows how he is, he has anger issues like Aubrey and he wants her? idk but he definitely is starting to have feelings for her. and also ik imma sound crazy but she should show his a little more respect, like he could of killed her a long time ago and he didnt have to let her go back to school and he saves her from his sister. Its whatever their both messed up I the head some way. oo and btw she has that lenny face sometimes.
Cherry ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙❀~: I agree to most of this but... judging by what the ML has done to her throughout this manga, I WOULD RATHER KILL MYSELF THAN BE KIND TO A PERSON LIKE HIM
Neriza Familar Campugan: yeah you're right they have some similarities but aubery is just traumatized by his bad experience in his past thats why he became like what he is in the present and futunately he change little by little coz of nina,.
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I forgot how hated this and accidental started to read it again. I must say this one more time before I go. The ML and the FL should NOT be together. I don't care about his character development.There is no coming back from the Sh%% he has done. What about the fl how can you make her character with no f$$$$$$ common sense. She can call the cops or tell someone about what is going on. She at this point should have some type of fighting spirit or try to escape. What is going to be really sh%%%%% is the fact after everything she is going to end up with this crazy person. If there are any young readers just know this is not sexy , this is not cool. He broke this girl down in all the horrible ways and as readers we are supposes to say oh he is falling in love with her now and he is treating her better. F%%: that! He treated this girl like an animal and we as readers is suppose to cheer for them as a loving couple. Okk I am done and this story is pushing 70 and the storyline has no improvement .
Cherry ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙❀~: I know right!! it just stopped in the middle and it's sooooo dissatisfying..
kitty cat: This manga didn't even end like bruh
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