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The Devil's Hardcore Love

Yoolook Culture
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Tricked into the wealthy and powerful Song family, Tang zhuya is imprisoned and forced to become Master Song's maid. She is bullied and tortured mercilessly because of "some debt" her mother owed to the family. In order to find her mother and little brother back, Tang Zhuya determines to pay the debt off, and bravely faces up to the hardships and humiliations, and then something just happens...

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Efti _B
Okay...Let's start!I came here after i read the description and even though i thought it was a bit cliche,I didn't create an opinion based to that and hate it.But i do now!What's wrong with you people?The first thing I saw was the ML rapping FL. Because that happened and the author didn't revealed that scene for the sake of making more convincing the development of love between them afterwards.If you think that it is haters comment then go for it believe I don't care.There are women out there that are being rapped by some "ML".It isn't only the psychological factor but they actually feeling the pain though this certain act.Being a virgin or not IT HURTS.It's humiliating for the women to praise that act and support it.If this happens to you or someone close to you how are you gonna fight it knowing that you placed a small stone into growth of indifference towards it to the society.You 'll said is just a story get over it and I 'll say something that it's written and accepted that's forming a public opinion either you have noticed or not.I'm sorry but I'm tired of seeing this and not saying anything.I can't just move on... in an another story anymore.I've had enough!If I remain silent this will never stop!This app is filled with these stories,I can't ignore them ANYMORE.I am disappointed for the chances I gave...And for the end,I wish no one to be in this place.
Jen Yi: Yeah! I’ve seen the manga, read the novel, and watch the drama(although it did not meet the expectations, but it was okay), I seriously cried when he tried to commit suicide. Those authors should take note.
ramy: their are some good manga like Nation husband and Mr. CEO spoil me too much
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Suki Yang
There is practically much wrong with this comic that I absolutely despise. I'm on the FL's side, I don't hate her her being weak, instead I sympathize for her and hope for the better. Moreoverly, the FL shouldn't DESERVE the harsh treatment she received at the beginning. She lost her virginity to a bastard😡😡and now I really want to throw my phone at the wall and scream in agony. And I still think there should be NO love in this so-called romance, especially since they are practically ABUSING her! I stopped at Episode 20 bcz I didn't want to waste my points on more ventilating anger so I don't know exactly what happened after that.
I think her mother is deserving of scorn and contempt, who let's their child pay a debt that THEY owe?! It's beyond comprehension and I am beyond angry of that concept. That mother alone is the reason she LOST HER VIRGINITY AND GOT HER HUMAN RIGHTS STRIPPED AWAY BY A BASTARD, JUST NO😡😡😡😡
I still want to know what happened but I don't want to lose more of my body cells being angry at these inhumane pieces of rotten shit!
Three stars for the spectacular artwork and kudos to hardwork of author and translator! 2 stars off for the storyline but if someone PLEASE give me a spoiler if it turns good for the FL, then maybe I will read😌😌😇😇
I don't ship these two people together, clearly a toxic relationship, and it can be better if he stops abusing her. They might have a chance together if the toxicness starts to end....
kanna_kamui-san: Wow I Didn’t even read a chapter and I am not going to read this story anymore because I read the comments and Ikr like it makes me mad too
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Everybody is complaining about how weak the FL is but it is indeed reality in many different places around the world.People just label them as pretty girls and take advantage of them.We all haven't seen the real world and we are lucky that we are at the comfort of our home protected by our parents.Many of the scenes that the author has created in this manga isn't just entirely their imagination but they know that this happens in many parts of the world and the torturer isn't even good looking or young they are probably old and hideous and have mental's not only the girls that are victims of abuse,there are also boys that are abused.I know manga and novels and movies are supposed to be an escape from reality but what would you all be like if you were in the girl'd place??Would you be able to handle it and be fierce...besides this whole thing going on with the girl is called character development.
Kalem Aguirre: There are just a lot more stupid and precilidged people that's why most comments are so biased and ignorant.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Nobody’s fascinated with the abuse everyone’s fascinated with how the FL managed to come this far in the chapters and still ended up having feelings for him. Nobody’s really shipping her with this psycho
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