The Devil's Hardcore Love
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The Devil's Hardcore Love

Yoolook Culture
The Devil's Hardcore Love
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The Devil's Hardcore Love Comics Online. Tricked into the wealthy and powerful Song family, Tang zhuya is imprisoned and forced to become Master Song's maid. She is bullied and tortured mercilessly because of "some debt" her mother owed to the family. In order to find her mother and little brother back, Tang Zhuya determines to pay the debt off, and bravely faces up to the hardships and humiliations, and then something just happens...

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It seems like Chinese people like those „rich CEO (always one of the big fish) with huge Temper, sexual Harassing Girl he just met but then got interested in her because she rejects him not like other woman. Most of the time FL slept with him Because she was drunk or wanted his money and now she’s his woman, even if she didn’t agreed but she falls for him in the end anyway and they get married, maybe children, End“ story lines. Half this app is full with such story’s 😂 oh yeah sometimes the ML is not just an CEO it can also be a celebrity or a vampire too. But the rest is always the same.
J: Yeah. It’s like a teacher asked the class to write an essay and the topic was: Conflicted Love Between A Filthy Rich CEO and An Average Woman.
The following themes:
1. Baby
2. Drunken sex
3. Wrong place and time.
4. Oops, it is her first time
And bam, MangaToon was born
Random Regular Reader: Don't worry, I'm Chinese and I can tell you that Chinese rich people or whatnot are normal people, young masters and shit. Cuz I have this classmate who's a "young master" and he's very very normal 😂😂
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I forgot how hated this and accidental started to read it again. I must say this one more time before I go. The ML and the FL should NOT be together. I don't care about his character development.There is no coming back from the Sh%% he has done. What about the fl how can you make her character with no f$$$$$$ common sense. She can call the cops or tell someone about what is going on. She at this point should have some type of fighting spirit or try to escape. What is going to be really sh%%%%% is the fact after everything she is going to end up with this crazy person. If there are any young readers just know this is not sexy , this is not cool. He broke this girl down in all the horrible ways and as readers we are supposes to say oh he is falling in love with her now and he is treating her better. F%%: that! He treated this girl like an animal and we as readers is suppose to cheer for them as a loving couple. Okk I am done and this story is pushing 70 and the storyline has no improvement .
marsela giovani: where u read full eps?
LittleTreasurexJason: Way to go. You just gave her abuser a pass. So what are you so mad about?
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Suki Yang
There is practically much wrong with this comic that I absolutely despise. I'm on the FL's side, I don't hate her her being weak, instead I sympathize for her and hope for the better. Moreoverly, the FL shouldn't DESERVE the harsh treatment she received at the beginning. She lost her virginity to a bastard😡😡and now I really want to throw my phone at the wall and scream in agony. And I still think there should be NO love in this so-called romance, especially since they are practically ABUSING her! I stopped at Episode 20 bcz I didn't want to waste my points on more ventilating anger so I don't know exactly what happened after that.
I think her mother is deserving of scorn and contempt, who let's their child pay a debt that THEY owe?! It's beyond comprehension and I am beyond angry of that concept. That mother alone is the reason she LOST HER VIRGINITY AND GOT HER HUMAN RIGHTS STRIPPED AWAY BY A BASTARD, JUST NO😡😡😡😡
I still want to know what happened but I don't want to lose more of my body cells being angry at these inhumane pieces of rotten shit!
Three stars for the spectacular artwork and kudos to hardwork of author and translator! 2 stars off for the storyline but if someone PLEASE give me a spoiler if it turns good for the FL, then maybe I will read😌😌😇😇
I don't ship these two people together, clearly a toxic relationship, and it can be better if he stops abusing her. They might have a chance together if the toxicness starts to end....
~Celya~: Spare your phone , he doesn’t deserve that 🥺
¡ g∅ttå 😍 ñë 🥳: I wrote a novel " don't mess with me 😊" but it accidentally got approved 😱😱😱 so can u plss help me in reading it if u have free time n subscribe it n commebt on it n like it ....well u can read it b4 sleep too 🤣 it may give you u good sleep ( jk😱) .....well it's just a chat story so don't worry about biggy paragraph 😂😂😂😂
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