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The Devil's Hardcore Love

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Efti _B
Okay...Let's start!I came here after i read the description and even though i thought it was a bit cliche,I didn't create an opinion based to that and hate it.But i do now!What's wrong with you people?The first thing I saw was the ML rapping FL. Because that happened and the author didn't revealed that scene for the sake of making more convincing the development of love between them afterwards.If you think that it is haters comment then go for it believe I don't care.There are women out there that are being rapped by some "ML".It isn't only the psychological factor but they actually feeling the pain though this certain act.Being a virgin or not IT HURTS.It's humiliating for the women to praise that act and support it.If this happens to you or someone close to you how are you gonna fight it knowing that you placed a small stone into growth of indifference towards it to the society.You 'll said is just a story get over it and I 'll say something that it's written and accepted that's forming a public opinion either you have noticed or not.I'm sorry but I'm tired of seeing this and not saying anything.I can't just move on... in an another story anymore.I've had enough!If I remain silent this will never stop!This app is filled with these stories,I can't ignore them ANYMORE.I am disappointed for the chances I gave...And for the end,I wish no one to be in this place.
Jen Yi: Yeah! I’ve seen the manga, read the novel, and watch the drama(although it did not meet the expectations, but it was okay), I seriously cried when he tried to commit suicide. Those authors should take note.
ramy: their are some good manga like Nation husband and Mr. CEO spoil me too much
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Suki Yang
There is practically much wrong with this comic that I absolutely despise. I'm on the FL's side, I don't hate her her being weak, instead I sympathize for her and hope for the better. Moreoverly, the FL shouldn't DESERVE the harsh treatment she received at the beginning. She lost her virginity to a bastard😡😡and now I really want to throw my phone at the wall and scream in agony. And I still think there should be NO love in this so-called romance, especially since they are practically ABUSING her! I stopped at Episode 20 bcz I didn't want to waste my points on more ventilating anger so I don't know exactly what happened after that.
I think her mother is deserving of scorn and contempt, who let's their child pay a debt that THEY owe?! It's beyond comprehension and I am beyond angry of that concept. That mother alone is the reason she LOST HER VIRGINITY AND GOT HER HUMAN RIGHTS STRIPPED AWAY BY A BASTARD, JUST NO😡😡😡😡
I still want to know what happened but I don't want to lose more of my body cells being angry at these inhumane pieces of rotten shit!
Three stars for the spectacular artwork and kudos to hardwork of author and translator! 2 stars off for the storyline but if someone PLEASE give me a spoiler if it turns good for the FL, then maybe I will read😌😌😇😇
I don't ship these two people together, clearly a toxic relationship, and it can be better if he stops abusing her. They might have a chance together if the toxicness starts to end....
kanna_kamui-san: Wow I Didn’t even read a chapter and I am not going to read this story anymore because I read the comments and Ikr like it makes me mad too
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Everybody is complaining about how weak the FL is but it is indeed reality in many different places around the world.People just label them as pretty girls and take advantage of them.We all haven't seen the real world and we are lucky that we are at the comfort of our home protected by our parents.Many of the scenes that the author has created in this manga isn't just entirely their imagination but they know that this happens in many parts of the world and the torturer isn't even good looking or young they are probably old and hideous and have mental's not only the girls that are victims of abuse,there are also boys that are abused.I know manga and novels and movies are supposed to be an escape from reality but what would you all be like if you were in the girl'd place??Would you be able to handle it and be fierce...besides this whole thing going on with the girl is called character development.
Kalem Aguirre: There are just a lot more stupid and precilidged people that's why most comments are so biased and ignorant.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Nobody’s fascinated with the abuse everyone’s fascinated with how the FL managed to come this far in the chapters and still ended up having feelings for him. Nobody’s really shipping her with this psycho
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Yuki 🦊🐼
Well,yea same typical plot like ml tortures fl n so on and in this he do so cuz of her mother's debt r something but it won't be revealed, perhaps not until several chapters later ig🙄 n this comic contains some sensitive content which may be hard for some ppl to digest, anyhow for feminists it's not their cup of tea....😐

However folks jus be patient as we all do with the other comics especially Chinese, u know, drama cliche 😅😑and have some endurance concerning colored haired stereotypical biches😪🤒. And the ml is kinda possessive to some extreme tht actually puts his feelings towards our ml in question ❓❓.... But it ends well with everything's settled 😔😊.... . PS:doesn't contain SPOILERS(IDK) but nly honest REVIEWS 😶🥺
Ayakashi: her mind snapped from the abuse from everyone in the home and so her body pretty much tired out
Ayakashi: Yuki is right. in the actual world there are many people who use money above the law to do many things. Because we live in the United States thats mainly the reason why we don't hear these kinds of stories because our news and media is filtered to what should be told and what is not. I mean avid gamblers in Asia who are of low income families will sometimes gamble away all their money and even put their families on the line. some men/women even sell their young daughters to crime Lord's just so they can pay off their debt. it's a horrible thing but this is the truth. this manga is just one aspect of how debt is repaid and yes it cliche and not great of a plot but it's still a normal manga that is widely shown in Asia
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I don't care how nice hes being to her right now, he should of been nice to her at the beginning and explained to her why he brought her there. But instead hes being a dick about it, I know that the author is trying to get us to like the Male lead but we all hate him, but of course the female lead is going to fall for this bullshit. I really hope there's going to be a new Male lead because if there's not I'm going to stop reading this story, it tiring reading the same shit of the FL being abused by the ML like who's going to change the story and make the FL end up with a better ML.
SALTY ONION: I don't undestand why y'all are fascinated with the Stockholm Syndrome !? For God's sake... The ML is rapping the FL every night. So he's a rapist and y'all are down with the FL falling for her abuser... Way to go!!
Luv_Kook: Shut up the creator is working hard!!! And the pictures are awesome
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Ruka chan
I really hate this kind of stories.. at least give a reason to treat her like that.. what did she do to treated like that... it is kidnapping... if that guy love this girl he should cherish her.. what the hell is this???????? And why is that old woman saying that she needs to change her attitude??? They are ones who needs to change their attitudes... 😡 these kind of stories piss me off.. 😡 only here for the points.. 😑😑😑
jina: . .
Akira Mazrui dela Verde: Your right i hate it
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Marian Combine
Riddhi Singh: I'm sorry to say this but a story does prove writers point of view and if not the writer points of view it at least shows the environment he is working in, see the problem is not that FL is tortured through ML hand, the point is -does this kind of story add any value. In these stories women suffer so much from male hand and in end what happens is ML suffer a little and then FL forgives him easily and they ended up together which is not at all normal and it proves what kind of mentality these writers have where male is allowed to do so many horrible things to women but women are promoted to be kind hearted even to such bastards.This is very-2 bad.
Sybil Black: sooooo your preference of genre is ML raping the FL?
Lol get your head outta the gutter it's too far in
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Kirsty Ann Russell
I lived this for 3 years I’m just hear to gain points but I have read this before brings back some bad memories you start getting addicted to the abuse and it makes you disgusted in your self the hardest part is when they get bored of you separatation after you become reliant on something like that is hard pulling yourself out of it makes you stronger but your never fully stable for years it’s been 7 years and I still struggle with confidence sexuality and trust I’m lucky enough to find a supportive man who is patient and kind and loves me unconditionally otherwise I probably would have given up on life
HiLove! : thank you for sharing your suffering dear. I cannot imagine how brave and strong you are. you inspired me to work hard and be happy. wish you all the best 😍
ƘασriXFairyTail: You are very strong. I hope your life now gets even better😊
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Kirti Verma
Is that boy is mad what her mom done In past why she paid for that with her body and is our girl is mad when she ran away from his house why not she take hi bro and mom somewhere else and live there life and take the help of his crush that yellow hair boy sry I don't know the name if he accept her then everything will be fine and if not then she can move on in her life why she complicate her life so much pls author don't tell me. You want to Ship her with that psycho plsss and if she choose him then I will stop reading this manga what the hell is this u fall for a man how took your verginity and tortured u so much.
xoxo_comic: the yellow her like her to so
but i don't think the author really make it that simple
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Kenneth Arceo
every charter here are so stupid , retarded character no helping its already chapter 18 but my feeling about readinv this manga is hatefull they are all coward all of them COWARD! i waste my time reading this until ch18 but no good result the stupid boss guybanger i want to cripple him so much and i hate the girl act i know its all for her family but not like that kind of act, 1 to chapt 18 i feel so angry n hatefull i dont want to continue. . ! the 2nd brother is good but still coward!!!!!!!. . . . so hatefull!! plss if anyone read this spoil me something about this so ill can continue reading but if i didnt appreciate the spoil parts not support this manga ill wait for spoil reply!!!
Sumire LW: yeah specially main lady so stupid 🙄
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Sakura Miyuki
Ok....I do not like the male Lead... I mean she just want to go back to her family....Yes, just let her be free annoying. Your brother on the other hand is so kind and generous. Purple Hair girl, you are such a slut(who wants to be with her brother. How nasty) The older brother is so bossy and hateful(I dislike him even more.). Whatsoever, they are the main ship(which I don’t even like)
Sakura Miyuki: Lol I don’t like the male lead xD
Raine: I dont even like the mc hahaha
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where the ml is coming from whatever his reasons might be, even if he hate her , he tortured her , and did what not , any of that is more than enough for someone to have trauma of lifetime or just suicide and what not, even if now he is realizing he did wrong and whatever character development ml might have, it is totally unreasonable and and beyond human nature FOR THE FL TO LOVE ML , SHE CAN'T, PLEASE DON'T, how can the author make such a plot please think of the readers .. is is absolutely abnormal for her to love him, don't make let us see such a disgusting act
blobybloxxx: Seems like every female lead has a sadist, passive nature or has Stockholm syndrome
blobybloxxx: I also don't like the fact that just one chapter ago she tried to commit suicide then all of a sudden she falls in love with him.
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Mei Fang
Living in the real life, if there is such kind of family, I have to say this family is psycho. Bad influence. Violance, humiliation others human it should not be allowed. They are rich but have very poor, rude, ridicous personality. I don't get it, so many stories those could be written, told why always repeating same plot. Why don't write about to have lovely, caring, responsible commonity who know how to save the world from destructive? How to make waste thing become valuable. How to create n find innovation idea to rebuild n replant forest? How to save animals?
Lama Rizekalla: I'm confused on what you mean I am just agreeing with your opinion
Mei Fang: This is my opinion or if u r enough open minded, could take this as a positive advise. If not, don't waste our time.
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I ship her with 2nd brother... He is so nice to her
What?!: U welcome
Ayuzawa(Ghosty) : Hahaha so true ~
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This actually makes me sick.. Like, what the hell is going on? How can you just take action on someone abruptly without any reason and what the hell is wrong with the Girl just following any fish into the water just for no good reason. If I were her, I'd just set this place on fire and let them see how much of a psycho I can also be but she's just here looking all weak and receiving punishment for no reason.. Unbelievable!!!
Max Urich: but if you burn the home and kill them you be wanted all over the unless you go to u.s boi we do that all day every day boiiiii
ThvgAng3l: Yeah Right!!! 😏😏😏
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It’s so disgusting that there’s actually an ML that’s this much of a horrible and abusive SADISTIC bastard that he would end up driving the FL into wanting to commit suicide over something that she didn’t have anything to do with. She had no idea what her mother even had done until this man abruptly came into her life and tortured her endlessly.
Isabella666: I 100% agree
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This is so crazy and more weird to digest.. Just how can you take someone hostage for no good reason and the hostage herself is just there acting like crayfish... Is the guy mentally ill? Does he have mental disorder or what? If so, then just go to the hospital for help n quit being an animal. And seriously, I've never seen a girl so stupid enough to stay calm talking shit with a psycho when you're supposed to become a psycho yourself.. Cos I'd totally turn to one if such weird thing occurred outta nowhere.... Please, are girls always like this? Cos i'm also a girl but I don't recall being so stupid and clueless.
Well deserved he can grab that ice cream cone and shove it up his butthole for all I care 😑 I don’t care what your grudge is don’t lay your hands on the little brother he didn’t do anything wrong! I hate this ML so much I hope if the author continues this manhua that he would suffer BIG TIME before even earning any affection from the FL or just make a plot twist and change to another ML.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Perfect perfect I’ll hand out free weapons and ice cream cones for anyone that wants to join in on my piñata party
I need a life.: Count me in.
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Ming yue
i guess iknow this comic..i was read on website..imo this comic too vulgar n so humiliate woman..
mangatoon..why u dont get license to buy comic wiv title Hasty Marriage Contract with The Heir.. that comic very famous...
🇮🇳Nightmare 🇮🇳😊😊: what comic should i start with we comic
Ify Emeh: hasty marriage contract with the heir just hits differently
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Silverine Mawroh
can u just stop it like dude ur an asshole atleast u could hve sent a doctor n now ur acting like u care about her so fake!!! idk why people when they take revenge they take on the family members n not the one who is responsible for it...if i did wrong id accept my punishment willingly i dnt want someone else to take the blame
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