Demon Alpha-My Dark Sweet Heart
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Demon Alpha-My Dark Sweet Heart

Yoolook Culture
Demon Alpha-My Dark Sweet Heart
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Demon Alpha-My Dark Sweet Heart Comics Online. An accident happened seven years ago brought me to a vampire who dragged me down to deep darkness. As a consequence, I had to leave the man I loved with all my heart. When I returned to my home to start all over again, I met a bossy man who brought me endless sufferings, leaving my life at a stake. Then another man with silver hair came out to fight for rescuing my life...

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Dark Rose
Mr Preston literally hired the MC without interviewing her in some format, but just hired her cause he wasn't able to read her mind, and now he's complaining that she's a lousy worker.... Ya well she's obviously incompetent, but you wouldn't know since you hired her for a reason that has nothing to do with whether someone would be good secretary or not, so don't complain. And the MC should stop complaining about her workload, the pay is $50000, anyone who understands common sense would immediately assume the job is extremely demanding. This isn't something you figure out later on in the job but something you prepare yourself for the moment you decided you wanted to work in a very successful company -- regardless of the fact that being a secretary wasn't your intention in the beginning. If the MC didn't know how to do something then she obviously should ask for assistance from her coworkers when the CEO ignored her when she said she didn't know how to do it. Again, TH PAY IS $50000/MONTH; AND YOU GOT HIRED EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE INCOMPETENT so start studying so you don't get fired and you can keep all those advantages you got from having the ability to not have your mind read from others.
Åd∅rãb|€ 🐣🐔: yeahh sis you are right
Dark Rose: Your point is correct, however, I'm saying that she shouldn't be complaining about her workload because the pay is $50000/month. I am not saying that she doesn't have the right to get the help needed in order to succeed at her job, this I mentioned in my comment.
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OMG I’m so in love with this artwork it’s so gorgeous!! I’m having high hopes for this one and I hope the artwork stays this stunning since there’s a lot of comics with inconsistencies with plot and artwork nowadays. I have a feeling this story is gonna be a pretty interesting one to read! It would be AMAZING if they can start this up with a crazy update of at least 20 chapters! I’m so excited for this one IM READY IM READY IM READY! 😬 Love me a good love triangle/harem comic with a bunch of hotties in it!
BTS Army: Omg true
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I don’t like both the guys atm, they both treat her badly
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Offline💔(Angel sect Leader 🌈)
Here it starts again!.Probably Everyone will torture her first .Then Again To win her heart😉😁.3 Male Lead 😆😆.Vampire,Bossy CEO,Demon .Lol 3 creatures .Let's we who win her😙.We are already excited!!.And I'm gonna kill those btiches Already .Who will come in there love 😈😈.Let's kill this Btich Already
Yeah yeah😈😈😂
Ram pa pum pum ..💔🎶🔪🔫
Offline💔(Angel sect Leader 🌈): Yeah Armlink💖
Rose. (Angel sect supreme elder.): I am blink tooo
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