Demon Alpha-My Dark Sweet Heart
Romance / CEO

Demon Alpha-My Dark Sweet Heart

Yoolook Culture
Demon Alpha-My Dark Sweet Heart
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Demon Alpha-My Dark Sweet Heart Comics Online. He who is bossy and merciless
He who is enigmatic
He who whispers in my ear:
"Your blood....what a tempting smell"

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Hottest Comments
Centiex Draiken
Hol' up... so the entire time
-the car tht hit jst hit and run?
-Grew her hair and she doesn't mention it?
-those were the same girls tht talked shat about her and what? Theyre bestfriends now?
-is Miss Van's bf an employee too? If im not mistaken tht was his bf rite?
-so shes not completely scared by the fact she could have been possibly kidnapped?
-what happened back there at the crash scene like where was stephan? Where did she go tht ended up getting hit by a car?
-are drivers completely ignorant of the laws? Why is it every time I read comics like these, the cars are always running into them like they blatantly ignore tht there is someone on the road?
-if she's gonna decline something y does she act like she wants more???
I have soooo many confusiana going on but I love the art, plot, and overall characters but seriously.... what's going on???
Kpop's life✌️🥰
Wait does he thinks she’s the reincarnation of stone?
Cus when she said “ I’ve feel you’re distant even thought we’re together now. Are you into someone else?”. He respond by saying he has only loved stone for year as if he was referring to her even if she’s really not, (he’s feeling that is the FL ). If that ain’t the reason the. Why won’t he refuse to have her as his fiancée?. Btw I’m just guessing and trying to make sense out of some ideas I have.
Charles is such a dumbass. What does he even see in this girl? She lied to him, she manipulated him, and she hurt the very one person he loved in the first place. And then she plays the victim whenever sh!t hits the fan and backfires on her.
She was a monster before even turning into one 🙄 Charles needs to throw this b£tch away and find himself a better girlfriend, seriously.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: She’s pretty but her personality is awful, but yeah, I do understand your point! It all makes sense
Lis Turner: Ya your right she’s a bad persons she left her friend to die to die but I don’t think Charles knows that or he probably would have dumped her
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