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Suvivor of the 100 Days

Bridgeth Serra Salvacion
I have a feeling Betty is gonna get killed also I have a.....

Theory : Since Tina or Dora is the leader what of them might survive Tina could be saved by Minrial or she could survive due to her ways of Thinking And Dora could have a chance to survive on her own or be saved by Lisa while the others might not also Betty is gonna be killed you know why because she killed Raina which means the brown hair girl who liked Raina and who would ally or partner up with Raina will most likely kill her While in The Main Time Siss head will most likely get really Insane due to the facts her dear friends or Her crushes dying or That she has been driven insane of the fact that there are traitors in their group of friends and also like the audience of the one hundred survivor day Tina would have a High Chance Of Being Saved By Minrial then At The End Be Battling Her in the end or could also be that Minrial doesn't want to see others die or friends stabbing or turning their back on each other so she decides to save Tina and fight her in the endgame or won't fight her off might also team up with Tina and destroy The 100 Survivor Day Reality Television Game and Avenge the ones who lost or died but for me Tina has the Will to Avenge Her Friends or Group Of Friends and bring justice and end the killing game and Tina Uses Her Brain the most while her heart too but she doesn't use much of her strength While Minrial Has the strength and Brain as her Weapon so might nor either one of them win or not
Looks like Æ movie that werewolf and vampire but not twilight the other one vampire vs werewolf... A vampire girl feel in love of Æ werewolf boy the girl was punish sa chain 🔗 was chain in a dungeon that the light will reflect and burn her daughter.... The movie is great.. Forgot the title can ask people
Kwadjowashere: You mean Underworld?
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Proud Bisexual
Demi is one of my favourites she is just hilarious and childish but I love it ❤️❤️❤️
Sayyoni Bhalekar
I am really excited on what will happen to Miniral and her backstory
Kate Chamberlaine Daenos
Nooooòoo my ship is about to burn down to ashes
I really can't wait to see Betty die
Rayne Jeneil Consular
wow!! another week for an update!
Chriatina Davis
I can't believe I commented first
Sayyoni Bhalekar
ohhh no why can't she just trust Tina
Ndupu Adaeze
Chriatina Davis
Valir’s Arcane
Minirial I challenge you to kill Betty
Rarity sparkle
BTS fan
avie conan
demi can't die
I love this Manga its funny and a Little bit cute
heh, Atleast someone doesn't think tina is bad c:
Karla Andreina Cedeño Garcia
I just love this;-; ita so good ;^; I just cant wait it's so amazing! T^T
Elsa Hills
I wish that Demi would take the potion
I'm begging u
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