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The Heiress VS Young Ruffian

Yoolook Culture
hi everyones 😊
let's celebrate
our festival DIWALi
I want to say HAPPY DIWALI
AAP sabhi ko Diwali Ki subhkamna.(Hindi)
happy Diwali all of u.(English)
roo77: hiiii
Angel 😇: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys
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Anastasia Lynn
Why is there an Army( fan BTS) everywhere???????????????????????? why ???? why???????????????????????why??????
someone Please answer me... why????????
Anastasia Lynn: Coincidentally😂😂😂
Anastasia Lynn: ohh😂😂😂
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Spoiler: Chapter 189

Hemmingson is laughing like a crazy person and says ive underestimated you to Ye. He waves his hand for the guards to come to surround Ye and Lacy and says that he can use his power of being the next British ruler to send them to hell. Lacy thinks, thats right money means nothing to him and the most terrifying thing is the power he posses while questioning what should she do.

Lacys brother and dad enter and bring their own guards against hemmingsons. Hemmingson says are you rebelling while Lacys brother saying im just taking back what belongs to me.

Lacys dad then says thats right and tells a story how Hemmingsons dad the king was married abroad before taking the throne. While he was married he had a kid which is Lacys brother. Lacys dad was trusted with the mission to find them when he returned to China. The king called one day to say not to send him back to Britain because hemmingsons 2 older brothers had died suspiciously and he thinks it was hemmingson but atm he doesnt have enough political power. The king said to tell his son to take back the throne once hes old enough, so Lacys father took care of him. Lacys father announces that Lacys brother is the next ruler of the British Royal family and Hemmingsons was shocked for the second time in a day.
Kurenai Mamiya: by reading the Chinese raw obviously 🤷
ℐ'𝓂 𝒬𝒰ℰℰ𝒩: There’s a bomb!!!!!!!!!

That’s a new spoiler
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Oof, I was wrong. I thought that Lacy is the only one who could save the other 5 families from dying but I think everything is not that easy.
Poseidon is Lacy’s fiancee, he is the prince of United Kingdom. According to episode 158, Lacy’s mother and Lacy's father was moved to UK for some reasons, to get away from Mrs. Chi-Lien. In the day they was on UK, Larry got a help from the king of UK and they agreed to planned that if Larry have a daughter, she will marry the king's oldest son. Poseidon is the youngest son in the family. When Poseidon and Lacy grown up, Larry got a call from the British family, from Poseidon, telling that Lacy's can't marry the oldest son of the king, because they all died, and Poseidon is the only son who still alive.
Larry knew her daughter more than anyone, and he knew Poseidon, Larry was secretly forcing Lacy to run out of home, and he was secretly working together with Lacy’s cousin Virginia, to introduce Royal Garden to her, and wish that she could fell in love from one of the four royal successors in Royal Garden so she could survived the wedding contract with Poseidon.
Larry are currently count on Ye Chi-Lien to protect her daughter.

Again, it’s just my opinion, it might be incorrect.
don't i have a nice profile picture: FINALLY CORRECT GRAMMAR AND SPELLING
Sofia the princess: FLIP THE FREAKIN TABLE ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻ I can't read ur one whole page long comment
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Khushi Begum
Woah I guess wait....who will save her?
1.Ye Li Chen.
3.Eagan Dragon.
Who will save Lacy
Anastasia Lynn: Are you doing well?
Khushi Begum: not fine the exams are close
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Ye walks up and Hemmingson is shocked and says his name. Feng puts his glasses on and says sorry about that while a shocked hemmingson looks at him and hands Ye his earing back. Ye says i have a few debts to settle with you and hemmingson replies how can you compete with me? His secretary runs in and tells him the company has been taken over and hemmingsons face drops. Ye says you're now just a pauper in this country. He then says sorry I'm late to lacy while saying he knows he use to be overbearing but loving someone means respecting and bringing happiness to them while proposing. She replies yes she does. Hemmingsons have a psycho face saying hes underestimated him.
Xx~yuki~xX: Someone is this the end 🤔🤔🤔
Xx~yuki~xX: Is this the end?
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Now I get it, Ye asked Feng to take his place, and played with Lacy, so that when Hemingson traced his whereabouts, he would think that Ye was playing around, and didn't care about this anymore. Ye used his twin brother to draw Hemingson's attention so he could secretly strike back at Hemingson's company. Hemingson will continue to think that the Chi-Lien company has not changed, and is not improving. In the end, Ye would bring down Hemingson's company, I also think that Eagan also got plan, quick plans, Virginia and Ming will make the guards busy, Feng and Eagan go meet Hemingson and talk to him, and Ye will come later, surprising everyone. ( i think👀 )
Laiby: You were right!
luo yao yao ( landuo): come guys follow IG Thenewlittlemashacreationofc to read the heiress vs young ruffian 187 in English version now
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Cry When I Go
I respect everyone's point of views so I'll give mine.
I really don't understand people who ship Lacy and Hemingson. Guys, just use some common sense please, to make it easier just put yourself in Lacy's place: You're in a relationship with a guy and you love each other deeply and everything is going great, you have friends who treasure you and a loving family, but THEN a guy who you don't know for what reason was titled as your 'fiance' when you were young, came back to 'claim' you, but when he saw that you are already leading a happy life 'without him', he started destroying the lives of all your friends and you lover also, he might even destroy your father's company which he painstakingly built from dust, which means he is also targeting your FAMILY, and all that while saying that you are HIS wife and that you belong to HIM and noone should come in between you
Senpai💖💖: WTH.....
I dont like it 😭😭😭
anime square: I mean this an illusion, just for entertainment I wouldnt respect others opinions on lacy and hemingson. Because its fake, but in reality I would respect them. people just ship them cuz he's cute. but in reality now one would be with hemingson
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Maisa Tasnim
next episode...


Lacy is going to marry Henimengson .

Then sky will break down everyone's head.
Virginia will go to find Lacy and Kitano will go to find Ye.

Next episode is heart breaking. So everyone prepare their heat to break for the next episode.

But I hope Ye will find a way to save Lacy as soon as possible. 😣😣😣
Maisa Tasnim: Anyway I still can't understand. I mean how to follow?
luo yao yao ( landuo): hello guys
just want you to know
if you want reading the next chapter of
the heiress vs young ruffian 185
in English you can follow IG
@ Thenewlittlemashacreationofc

to reading them now
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let's play a game:
1. smack the sense into eagan
2.go up to his 'fiancée' and stab her to death
3.go to hemmingson and murder him too he caused all this trouble
the person who finishes all these will win a grand prize
Toga: when u complete everything u will know what the grand prize is
Laila Kyung: I'd choose plan 2 & 3
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Aria Demure
Hey guys~I need your help, Recently I format all my mob data nd now I can't remember a comic I was reading. A girl(FL) who slept with a prince(ML) when she was drugged by her step-sister. Her step-mother was a maid in her house nd seduced her father and becme the mistress nd the real mother nd her father also died and now both the "sister nd mother" irritates her(FL).Well coming back to the story the girl(FL) didn't saw the man's(ML) face & after a while she(FL) was pregnant with TWINS nd didn't know about having Twins nd when she(FL) gave birth, the "Sister and Mother Duo" took one of the child nd ran away to the other country to the prince(ML) nd lied to him that she was the girl he slept with nd gave birth. She became his fiancee. After a few years the (FL) came to that country to study nd work as a physician. They met nd the prince felt a common connection towards her as if they were familier. So he kept her by his side as a physician. Nd as time goes by he felt suspicious of the "Mother/Fiancee" nd started to investigate her nd the step sister also felt that he would know about the truth so she kept trying to kill her(FL) with the help of her mother and the prince's cousin.
Aria Demure: Oh thank you so much guys...Love you~♡♡♡
Sai Era: princes private baby
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Spoiler :

Previously I told that someone (probably ye) slapped hemingson. But it was lacy who slapped her. yeah you guessed it right. 👍👍

She slapped her and said " hemingson I know you play these kind tricks.." Then she tell story of her childhood. how hemingson Framed her friends.

She said "Once you Framed one of my playmates and i didn't recognize. coz I don't know you.

then she said" this time I won't fall for dirty tricks. I will trust ye. he won't do this to me."
Sophia Viteri: Why you call Hemingson a her?
Glennith Masula: When will be the next epsiodes?🤤🤤
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Spoiler :

After this, lacy is shown. lacy is all dressed up like a princess bridal gown then the manager of hemingson says her "mam it's like a dream you're marrying the prince hemingson.

then she becomes sad and clutches the hands.

then hemingson comes in the room and says how's it going?

then his secretary says it's all fine dine highness.

He comes back and says "baby u will know in the future what u decided.

and kisses her on the forehead.
Vaishnavi : settings change language to Chinese everyone 😊👍
I don't care : Booo.....
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I think something is going to happen tonight

and tomorrow after Ye wakes up lacy is gone and they will be a letter for Ye and lacy will say let's end this or let's break up yada yada yada and Ye will go to Hemingson and Lacy going to say go away I love Hemingson yada yada yada and and Ye is going to close his eyes cause of anger the when he open his eyes it's all just a dream
manga,lover: hope not
Jhiel Mera : uhmm...maybe not a dream
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She's actually Eagan's fiancée and they're on a blind date. On this blind date,they're discussing their plans for their wedding.
Remember, Eagan is dating Lacy's cousin?
Well,Lacy and her cousin will come over seeking to confront Eagan about the situation, Lacy immediately recognizes the bish while her cousin in tears strings her along but the bish tells Lacy's cousin if it was not for her pretty face,she would not be deserving of Eagan. This insult comes after she asks Eagan who the bish is. The bish also asks her who she is and she tells her, (I'm his girlfriend), hence,the insult.
After being insulted,Lacy's cousin gets angry and tries to slap the bish but she's stopped by Eagan. Eagan then reveals his relationship with the bish. He then sends of the bish telling her he has some business matters to attend to. The bish leaves saying how overconfident Lacy's cousin is. After she leaves,Eagan asks Lacy's cousin if she doesn't know the rules of the game. She feels offended and questions him back that does he dare mention the game rules while making a statement that while she plays with the men he's still wearing crotchless pants(an idiom). She then asks him if he dares to say he has never loved her.
Sophia Viteri: Yup 👍 ☦️
The Wife of all the Hottest Male Lead 💫: I'm sad with the progress of the story I hope we'll see the light soon
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Arbaaz Iftakhar
this is what im wanting for months dude the both are marrying oh man now i like this manga so much because in the earlier days this wasnt the case but to be honest i want to say that well dont take it too seriously but i only want to say that hemisngson is very smart dude and also dont think that im a girl ofcourse no im a boy and i really like that how the author created hemingson and i like hemingson's personality of his talking and his and his talking just i like it very much bro but i dont like that how he threats lacy that he will kill everyone well ofcourse i dont like it just because you are rich and you have power its not like.that you are gonna kill everyone the five grand families also have power but its not like that you're gonna kill everyone for somebody other's girl well author sir keep up the good work and i like this manga very much
Lucy, you really gave up your true love for ye just because that psychopath hemingson?why you really wanna do that? is that for the best? no, its freaking not. your life will be more miserable if you really forced yourself to love hemingson. if you really wanna do that, you have to take the responsibility in the future,cuz it will hurt so much. why dont you just kill him, if he want to kill all the ppl that you really loved especially ye. PLS lucy THINK again Think What you do. DO YOU REALLY WANNA DO THAT?!?
Anonymous: She’d rather marry Hemingson then see the ones she loves in pain and despair
Sofia the princess: yeah yeah yai ye ye
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Reaction to Lacy : pls Lacy tell Ye that you've broken your promise to him, like you said to Hemingson that you'll marry him ! Pls let Ye know ! It may break his heart !

Reaction to Ye : can't believe Ye could come. To the yatch and have some vacation too,sad he didn't know that lacy's finger is reserved for the worlds most best diamond

Reaction to Virginia : Virginia pls accept Eagan just hear him out. You don't know what he's been through to his family, dropping 4000 points is totally abnormal, your totally hard to get

Reaction to Eagan : Eagan you did the right thing you never let Virginia go easily

Reaction to Ming : poor Ming I'm sad for ya cause your a single Pringle

Reaction to Loki : Dude A FIVE YEAR OLD KID already has a girlfriend ! Even me I'm still single !
Erza😍: me too because I prefer to stay single for now
{nightwolf}: Holy I’m older than u and still single:(
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Spoiler 184+185:

184: Eagon and Lacys cousin make up. Lacy recognises that its not Ye but Feng and Feng says even his parents carnt sometimes differentiate between the two so you must really love Ye. He says he can tell her anything and Ye would feel it because theyre twins. She says to Feng I love ye and hope in the next life they can become Husband and wife. Ye feels like he's heard something at his desk while working.

185: Ye is working hard a his desk and Lacys brother says stop working too hard but Ye says he promised Lacys to recover everything asap. Lacys brother says he used to think he was the only one who could protect her but shes found someone more derseving. They then find out that Lacys going to get married in 1 month and Hai shing meng releases a news conference to announce that. Eagon and Lacys cousin hear it and they both split up to find Lacy and Ye.
Panda: It doesn't let me post it
rawr: @Panda where did you read it?
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BTS Army forever💜💜💜
wow guys i just changed the language into chinese and saw next two episodes ( but i did not understood the language) but i will say u what i saw. like before how hemingson sended ye that photo later he will send lacy a photo i will be like he is sleeping with other women in the same room (millenium hotel room no.1203) (i don't remember it's name correctly sorry) later ye will wake up and see that he is with other women and ask her what by catching her throat then the exact time lacy will enter and will ye and will be sad hemingson will enter and say something later ye will try to say the truth to lacy but she won't listen and then ye will catch his collor( hemingson ) and lacy will say leave his collor and ye will do as she said then hemingson will catch lacy waist and say let's leave or something then at that time "lacy will slap hemingson"🥳🥳🥳 then he will say something i did not unerstood🤷‍♀

sorry guys if there are spelling mistakes and guys the story is amazing and sorry i did not told you the exact lines because it was chinese and i don't know chinese😭
but whatever the story is amazing don't miss it author pls update daily we beg u 😊😊😍
Olivia : I'm sorry but didn't they say that they were training in combat and self awareness and did I just think that?
Gica Reyes: Hitting people on the head is very dangerous. People can actually die from it. Just saying.
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