Forensic Princess

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A 21st century forensic doctor somehow traveled back to ancient China and became a princess. What’s better is her first treatment was rather intimate

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Choi Luna
I really hate when ppl with high status think they can treat innocent ppl with low status like a trash. When they were interrogated, they will bribe the judge, police, and lawyer so they can get away from punishment or make the weak one be punished.

*sigh* Who is the trash here? 😤

P.S : Maybe some ppl be offended when I said it but I don't mean ALL ppl with high status are trash. There are several ppl who have trash personality like the trashes above.
Star Light: yea. I agree.
XiaoMu: well even now.. that is still a problem
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Lykim Villo
this is one of my fave ongoing manga here ❤❤❤ the plot is interesting and also unique. i love her forensic skills ❤ and her son is really incredibly talented 😍 i hope that they'll update daily 🌈🤗
Naïve here, nice to meet u: SAME HERE
Tijung: Yeah and he's the detective Conan of the ancient times
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Wiji BTS!
i love this story the more it updates the more it gets interesting, her father and the soo called wife are soo cruel and cunning..😑 Luuuv how Xiaoli is excited whenever his mommy wants a help or hand him over a task, he's soo cutely obdient, well well the Captain gave that rude criminal madame a few words to clean her ears, does she think she own the world just bcs her husband is prime minister !!😤😤😤
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