Forensic Princess
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Forensic Princess

Forensic Princess
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Forensic Princess Comics Online. A 21st century forensic doctor somehow traveled back to ancient China and became a princess. What’s better is her first treatment was rather intimate

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Bushra Amena 🇧🇩
now all of favourite comics are locked
😭😭😭 i don't have much coin... i was wishing that this comic will never be locked & i can read it again 😭😭
emrana erina: welcome😁😁😁😁....happy to help u
Bushra Amena 🇧🇩: thanks a lot 😍
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okay, so this far I like this manhua.💗💗💗 It is hilarious and interesting. The FL is not weak, instead she is outstanding clever in forensic, collecting data and making conclusion like Sherlock Holmes. Actually she is a girl from modern world. Her soul dropped into Wei Liu, an old era girl (they have the same name). in the old era, Wei was pregnant of the Prince Ling's when she was saving him.For she is a modern girl (damn!she is amazing;, a coroner, an expert martial art as well with her operation knife), so she educated her genius child with many knowledge and skills. (you will adore the child, Xiaoli, crazily. LOL) For their own safety, they covered as Daddy and son, but the smart Prince Ling later knows it and will protect them. There are some cases and also another prince who wanted to marry her, some assassinations, and many conflicts that make this story is outstanding and make you fall in love with. For those who like a little mystery, investigating, hillarious, and love drama story, I recommend this.
Bless the author and translators. Many handsome and beautiful characters either as protagonist or antagonist.Thank you mangatoon. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Jomedz Ni: love the story,,a lot of twist
Archiver: you were doing so well till you asked for crazy updates. look I get it, you're into this manhua and you really want to read more, but you need to realize that the translators do this at their leisure. we have no power to decide when they update. just be a grateful consumer and wait like a normal person
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Forever Vomics
*In my imagination at the time when Wei Liu told them the result*

Mrs. Liu: You are wrong Mr. Liu
Wei Liu: Oh, How? in what way?
Mrs. Liu: Because I was the one who kidnapped Feng!
Wei Liu: Why?!?!?!
Mrs. Liu: Because I wanted to verify if you're really Wei Liu!
Mr. Liu(Husband of Mrs. Liu) and Wei Liu's half brother (sorry I forgot): WEI LIU!?!?!?!?!
Mr. Liu: Is that really you Wei Liu?
Wei Liu: NO! Who is Wei Liu? 😥😥😥
Mrs. Liu: Don't lie! I know its you!
Wei Liu: How???
Mrs. Liu: When you were here I saw your good at Investigation and at Medication when you were playing with your half brother!!!
Xiaoli: Dad?
*Ending of Imagination*
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