My Little Peachy Girl

Cloud Studio
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An accident designed by her ex-boyfriend changed her life dramatically, with her father in prison, she has to find someone wealthy and powerful for help. She sells herself to a cold and bossy man who falls in love with her at their first night. Once a young rich lady, nowadays a puppet, she tries her best to flee from him, and he spares every effort to torture her out of envy…… as the wheel of fortune started, where will they go……

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Princess Hinata
Well, Kingslay and summer are not stupid person. But I have something to say about summer.
Summer is really upset. She is not greedy..She is not money lover. I agree she should not seduce kingslay for saving her father and she should know to earn her own livelihood. But I can't blame summer about hotel incident. It is very normal for her to misunderstand kingslay in this nasty situation. When she was ready to hear his explantion, kingslay did not give her any explanation and acted like guilt person and agreed to break up with her (ch 197). When he wants to tell about rose, summer did not listen because she was angry for his forcing (ch 222). He beat up evan and imprisoned summer like a crazy person which does not make any sense.
Summer learnt how to have self esteem as the time goes on that's why she does not want to middle in kingslay and rose's matter. It is kingslay who does not clear any misunderstandings.
Kingslay loves summer but he gives importance his pride more than loving. Is pride so important than love?? I don't understand why people in this modern world give so much importance to ego and pride than love.. Well, love is a subject of pure feeling, It is not a business of pride. I think kingslay should avoid being pride and learn to act like a gentle person. That's my opinion...
BaconTweedle: I fully agreed!!!
Tainishi: Exactly..... Indeed he should give a proper explanation to her.... After that may be she can understand... 😅😅😅
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I don’t understand why everyone’s so mad at Kingsley honestly. He’s tried his best to maintain the relationship and put the most effort into it meanwhile she just runs away like a crybaby and refuses to even listen to his explanation. They both have their wrongs but honestly he’s way better than the FL by a MILE. She’s done absolutely nothing but piggyback off of him and when they broke up the first thing that she was thinking about was another person to leech off of for support 😐 I don’t get why everyone’s saying Kingsley is the worst when Summer is literally the worst FL I’ve ever seen in romance manhuas up to this day. Let’s not forget this girl is 20+ but doesn’t even have a job and has been NOTHING but a freeloader in this story.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Yeah some kids cannot stand it when they faves get criticized, I just let to tell it like it is haha
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: PS not everybody has to like every single MCs and side characters in the manhua. It’s an innocent comic people are free to state their opinions as long as it’s not disrespectful towards the author. I’m cool with it
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Honestly she’s starting to irritate the HELL out of me in this story! I get that Kingsley has made SOME dumb decisions but compared to Summer, her being STUPID and USELESS as hell really outweighs all the times Kingsley supported her and kept her safe from trouble! She’s done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to keep this relationship afloat meanwhile he’s the ONLY ONE busting his ass off putting in an effort to keep their relationship stable. She doesn’t want to hear ANY of his explanations whenever there’s a misunderstanding including this one, and it’s SO frustrating to see how he’s letting her cut him off and not let him finish explaining!! There’s NO EFFORT from HER SIDE at all!! Like i get it Kingsley is not the smartest ML either, but I genuinely feel SO BAD for him!!
Like HELLO!? Hey dumbass, when he’s talking LET HIM FINISH FIRST! It’s not like you did ANYTHING for him in return so let him TALK FFS! Even criminals can get jobs and support themselves, there’s absolutely NO EXCUSE for how stupid and useless she is! The first thing she thinks about whenever she’s helpless is ANOTHER PERSON to leech off off ALL the time!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
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