My Little Peachy Girl

Cloud Studio
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An accident designed by her ex-boyfriend changed her life dramatically, with her father in prison, she has to find someone wealthy and powerful for help. She sells herself to a cold and bossy man who falls in love with her at their first night. Once a young rich lady, nowadays a puppet, she tries her best to flee from him, and he spares every effort to torture her out of envy…… as the wheel of fortune started, where will they go……

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Of course it’s none other than her boyfriend. She asked why is he here and so he said, he misses her; hence he came to school to see her. Moreover, at noon he has nothing to do and so he can accompany her having classes. In which she replied “You are third master.. how is there nothing for you to do?” So, he said “because you are my most important matter and the rest of other matters are not as important as you”. As they are eating, he realized that she keeps taking a peek at him, in which he truly enjoys this kind of feelings.. yet he maintains his poise and eats his meal calmly.

After eating, he told her that now he believes her when she said the reason why she chose him is solely due to him being handsome. All other girls in the cafeteria are so envious of her because she has such handsome bf. So she said since you are so handsome, it’s only natural for others to appreciate (to look at) and so what is the big deal for her to look at him. Then he said “alright alright.. look all you want and however long you like. Even if you want to look at me being naked too I won’t resist a thing. The fact that you have already seen all of me and slept with me anyway.” Hahaha! End of spoiler..
Elena Gilbert Salvator : we share the same name btw hii
tanaya bobde: 111111
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Yessenia Rivera
I'm sorry this whole thing has been misunderstanding after misunderstanding and she never wants to explain herself even tho she lives him. this is a little aggravating and alot of these situations would never have happened this way the way this all happened was stupid and not well thought out I like the drama just alot of it is she didnt have to go with Kingsley brother to that hotel when he could have just taken her home to her aunts first of that situation something should have happened so that going to her aunts house wouldn't have been an option. but it was never explained why she couldn't which means she should have been able to. situations like that are what piss me offf.she does look like a slut even if she hasn't slept with anyone and if I was them I'd think she was a slut. because there was no reason for her to sleep at that hotel with him if he had gotten her a hotel room why couldn't he leave her there and he could have gone home there was just mor reason for it. situations like that just keep happening t in create an opportunity to show he likes her to but it's just not realistic enough. even for magazines logic. the whole logic and character development is very poor. and so is this translation to English.
imma lil' potatoh: look if you don't like the manga then don't read it. almost all romance mangas' storylines are similar to these so stop complaining as if its a huge problem to you.. jeezz no need to critisize the manga and uts english
Carla Clark: Oh, please did you ever ask yourself why you can't do anything BUT s!utshame? Double standards much? Kaythxbainow.
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No matter how innocent a girl is, a man feels entitled to judge her, to investigate, to objectify, to test, to accuse. Even if he's had a hundred girlfriends, even if he has betrayed her over and over, allowed others to trample, slander and humiliate her and has shown her none of the faith he expects her to give him. He still feels entitled to satisfy his own angry lust even though it was through his own carelessness and willingness to believe the lies of his stepmother, a jealous would be fiance, a hopelessly prejudiced domestic staff and practically every paparazzi and gossip columnist in the known universe that she was driven away and made to feel a level of despair he doesn't even begin to comprehend. He still calls her a slut even though it's plenty clear who the REAL slut is in this equation. We've all tolerated this guy because the female lead loves him, but I don't see any positive way forward in this relationship unless we waylay this jerk in order to administer a few salutary lessons and an attitude adjustment by kicking his ass 99 ways to Sunday and back again. Who's with me?
Anonymous Reader😎😎: Where do i apply?
Anonymous: im with you
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