My Little Peachy Girl
Romance / Completed

My Little Peachy Girl

Cloud Studio
My Little Peachy Girl
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My Little Peachy Girl Comics Online. An accident designed by her ex-boyfriend changed her life dramatically, with her father in prison, she has to find someone wealthy and powerful for help. She sells herself to a cold and bossy man who falls in love with her at their first night. Once a young rich lady, nowadays a puppet, she tries her best to flee from him, and he spares every effort to torture her out of envy…… as the wheel of fortune started, where will they go……

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iniba mo sa pukinginamo evan ano 1v1 na lng tanginamo wawasakin ko main hero mong si layla gago ka simula pa lng nung nagpakita ka nung tinulak ni jeffery si summer gago paepal prince charming dw ampota gago ka ba tanginamo na dedepressed ako sa story di ko n nga binabasa ahh bat ganto mag eend na tapos may amnesia pa basta di ko maiexplain kaines no pink kasi hair nia tanginamk desperado kang gago ka dahil sayo imbis na tatapusin ko pa ung story ng bossy presiden shh hindi na idedelete ko na po babalik na lng ako sa mga exotic players ng ml gago idedelete ko na tohh akala ko kasi iba mangyaayari di ganto namatay pa ung babby ibang iba ka na summer
Angel Ann Baban: HAHAHA pero iniintay ko noon yung crazy update nyan
Bhaskar Kandpal: Hello guys, sorry to disturb you, can you please check out my novels if you are free

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I hope that you wouldn’t mind checking it out and try to give some feedbacks about my story.

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Thank you for reading my comment.
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☆*:;;:*EJ ïs Minё★*:;;:*☆
Radial arm saw,Chop Saw, Angle Grinder, Table Saw, Lathe, Nailers, Chainsaws, Snow Thrower, knife, drown, skin-burning, bat, carbon monoxide, button batteries, iron pills, hydrocarbons, pesticides, topical anesthetics, Ricin, VX, Batrachotoxin, Maitotoxin, Botulinum toxin, Manchineel tree, gold salt, Botulinum toxin, Anthrax, poison...

Don’t mind me, just naming a 𝐟𝐞𝐰 things to kill the maid~✧✧
彼らの場所に愚かな雌犬を置くシ: Yes, those hurt a lot. It’s perfect. Or we could just pierce him with a pipe, works either way👋
ᕲᖇᗩᓰᘜᗩ: Yeah nice how about pen or sharpened pencil Peirce it to her neck or somewhere
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I am kinda disgusted. why does the FL think having a one night stand can make that man marry her after that. I really hate her way in earning money, can't she find normal jobs like being a waitress or a janitor why does she have to use her body to earn money, can't you find another way? I know FL you're earning money for your father but please think of another way in earning money.... anyway I'm only here for points I won't say anything anymore...
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