My Little Peachy Girl

Cloud Studio
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An accident designed by her ex-boyfriend changed her life dramatically, with her father in prison, she has to find someone wealthy and powerful for help. She sells herself to a cold and bossy man who falls in love with her at their first night. Once a young rich lady, nowadays a puppet, she tries her best to flee from him, and he spares every effort to torture her out of envy…… as the wheel of fortune started, where will they go……

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who else misses Kingsley (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)
Ruo Xander's: I miss their romance together..
Anonymous: i miss him ....
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Simply Simmer Niyra
Spolier alert: she calls her aunt her aunt comes back to the hotel and someone knocks on the door one of the people who work their tell her she needs to get out or extend her stay so her aunt tells he she can just come to England with her as they pack and are about to board the plane she gets a call from the hospital and they tell her that her father is sick she goes to the hospital an he needs surgery after he in a stable condition but a couple days later he dies and she starts crying Jude Jin was also at that hospital and heard her and tried to comfort her but she pushed him away and runs. don't worry they make up in later chapters if put want to read it early to just let me know.
anushah faheem: where did youu read it?
SATAN ( im Demon Lord): MEEEEEEEE
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🐼Panda 21🐼
if u guys go to web.comics u can read this to chapter 160 something☺
🐼Panda 21🐼: hope it helps
🐼Panda 21🐼: no problem
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