My Little Peachy Girl
Romance / Completed

My Little Peachy Girl

Cloud Studio
My Little Peachy Girl
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My Little Peachy Girl Comics Online. An accident designed by her ex-boyfriend changed her life dramatically, with her father in prison, she has to find someone wealthy and powerful for help. She sells herself to a cold and bossy man who falls in love with her at their first night. Once a young rich lady, nowadays a puppet, she tries her best to flee from him, and he spares every effort to torture her out of envy…… as the wheel of fortune started, where will they go……

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I’m actually starting to REALLY REALLY hate her even though I highly disliked her character ever since she tried to drug him in the beginning chapters.

She is so selfish 🙄 it’s always only about her feelings and never his. She doesn’t bother to even care enough to try to hear him out whenever there’s a misunderstanding and just calls it quits without trying 🙄 Kingsley may have screwed up a few times, but he is actually a much nicer ML than other guys I’ve read about, and he’s done so much for her. He took her in and cared for her during her most darkest times, he financially supported her, saved her several times even though she stupidly walks into her enemy’s traps half the time, I can’t believe how ungrateful she is to him and how she did absolutely NOTHING to try to fix their relationship when it was falling apart. It takes 2 people to be in a relationship, so both should support and help each other. You can’t stand on one leg for long, or else you will eventually fall. This is a great example of that.

She only thinks about using people instead of doing and making something on her own. It’s always his fault but never hers. I hate how she acts like a victim when she is a MAJOR reason why they can’t last long in their relationship.
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Imperial Edict is one of the most hilarious ancient Chinese stories I've ever read😂😂😂😂 It's short and completed already and it's a REALLY REALLY GREAT MANHUA😂 You definitely won't regret reading it!! My stomach hurts just by thinking about it😂😂😂😂
Grunge bisss: Oh and web novel app as well. It's quite nice and for first timers I think you get 7 days free or something. It's got quite good amount of stories. There's one I've been reading called "Please!Doctor!" and it's really nice
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Queen Elsa
Watching kinglasy like this, my heart really aches...😥😥😥😥😥..I don't want them to be separated.. I actually don't hate kingslay and summer.. I know she was dependent from the beginning.. She should have not seduced kingslay for rescuing his foster father.. But she actually loved kingslay. Yes, she should know to earn her own livelihood. But she was not an attention seeker..She did not want to be a mistress of kingslay. She was misunderstanding kingslay that's why she wanted to leave him. kingslay should have cleared the mistake in a gentle way in stead of imprisoning her..She lost her memory completely, so she can't be blamed..
All I want to blame on kingslay's mother and rosy gu..🙄😡😡😡😡.. These two women should have been vanished from this manhua...😡😡😡.. Evan is partially responsible.. Whatever happens, but he does not have any right to do plastic surgery without summer's consent. It is really a selfish desire of evan..
Anyway, now I want them to be cleared from all misunderstanding and I want them together..😥😥😥😥.. I don't know how many time it takes..
Queen Elsa: Thanks
Sammy Chapman: Hello sorry to bother you. Please read The President Finds True Love. It’s my first novel would like comments and likes. ☺️ thanks
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Queen Elsa
I wanted kingslay to clear up the misunderstandings to summer in a gentle way.. But I don't want them to be separated in that way.. I don't dislike kingslay.. I just want them to be happy together.. Neither of them are at fault.. They are only the victim of other people's conspiracy.. Kingslay's mother and rosy are responsible for all of this situation...😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Now, looking kingslay in that kind of situation is really breaking my heart.😒😒😒😒...He has not done any crime but he has done a little mistake (imprisoning summer and not clearing up the mistakes).. It is not logical to blame summer because she completely lost her memories... Summer just wanted to hold her dignity in the past but she was not an attention seeker.. So, If I blame summer, it will be illogical... I wish summer would be a strong girl in the past!! Kingslay has realized his mistakes.. I hope the misunderstandings between them will be cleared soon. I also hope that rosy and summer's ex bf (I forgot his name) get enough punishment.. I want them to be together...
Victory Dumaka: the art is really bad
Queen Elsa: Thank you....🙂🙂
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