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Su Yanxi didn't think that one day she would marry the Demon CEO Gu xicheng in place of her elder sister. But what has been done is done. "Just make him fall in love with me after the marriage!"

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wait... weren't they on a high floor apartment seeing the theme park instead of inside the ferris wheel? coz I definitely saw another (if they are inside 1) ferris wheel and THE INSIDE OF THAT FERRIS WHEEL IS JUST WAY TOO LUXURIOUS FOR A FERRIS WHEEL AND WHAT'S WITH THOSE WOOD CEILING? DOES FERRIS WHEEL EVEN GOT SUCH? if you ask me I think its impossible since on rainy days those "woods" will rot or sth, they won't last long... well, its comic so... guess i should out logic aside...
i hate the ML...btw this FL is too weak, the stupid ML and this weak and naive girl is perfect for each other... but still since she is the FL I don't wanna see her get hurt,so I ship her with that Boya guy
rain coat
good story.... even the chapter already complete, but it is not too short rather than too long. its perfect. but still leave the problem. and im sorry to say.. better short season but long story than short story for one episode just to make get so many episode. ( more than 100 ep ). good luck author. please update the continuing seasons.
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