Supreme Demon Warrior

Supreme Demon Warrior

Supreme Demon Warrior
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Supreme Demon Warrior Comics Online. This is a man with an awe-inspiring demonic aura. For the sake of his beloved girl, he doesn't hesitate to become the enemy of the world and slaughter gods along the way. Different blood and legend, the same passion and emotion. The Demon God Guard, where are you?

MangaToon got authorization from iCiyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Supreme Demon Warrior:
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Rhonda Mushy Alder
Who are some of y’all to judge. I don’t think the FL is bad, she’s not a dirty woman. Her husband a man who’s suppose to love and protect her force her into sleeping with others. Why does that make her dirty. She give up herself to save her family. Also what’s wrong if she’s older? I bet y’all would prefer if the guy was ten years older. You people are so one sided. Look if you can’t accept the story just stop reading it instead of giving stupid petty complains😡😡😡
Dunda: main issue for with female in this manga that at some point bunch of chapters were neglected and we supose to forget gat she were somewhat influencial suposedly strong enough to stand ount and on top of that his teacher. But from so point she is week seemingly his age nobody whose sole influence is her ded husband father who aparently lovea here more then he did and by alot. Other then that it is perfectly fine.
Bakokang Kong: No I don't like the white haired girl I only like the Lang Yu (sorry if I'm wrong) girl I don't care whatever you say to her...I'm with you Rhonda Mushy Alder
and one only reason why I hate haired girl because she only do is watching the ml getting hurt and she just say be careful blahhhblahhh blahhhblahhh and said I like the ml but I'm innocent please like me that's what I thought about her
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So she’s the female lead? Honestly, I’m very disappointed. Xiaoman Bu is much better and more suitable to Lang Hsiao. I know this is a nice story but I cannot bare seeing the male lead does not have feelings to Xiaoman(hoping that she is a female lead). I feel her pain💔. I guess I’ll stop reading this story. I’m sorry.
Bakokang Kong: Shuhan yeah that's true the xiaoman but is weak only admire the MC and watching the ml get hurt and can't do anything she has strength but didn't help the ml
Rake: Xiaoman Bu is the kind that hides behind MC and goes to him for anything. And still expects him to show up for her. She might have feelings for MC but shes just useless shit.
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omg he insulted aunt break his leg.......ahh he doesn't show us respect kill him......ahh he didn't bow down when we were walking infrpont of him kill him....ahhh he dares breath in my direction kill him....ahhh he ate the same food we ate yesterday kill him....theyre too hot headed and ignorant
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