Supreme Demon Warrior

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This is a man with an awe-inspiring demonic aura. For the sake of his beloved girl, he doesn't hesitate to become the enemy of the world and slaughter gods along the way. Different blood and legend, the same passion and emotion. The Demon God Guard, where are you?

MangaToon got authorization from iCiyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - yaozheweiwang,yzww
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Suraj Sain
hello guy if you interested to read peerless battle sprit so go on this link because I sub this manga chapter more then 15 so and read because I can't post it on manga toon so I make it blog because people can enjoy more so I do hard work to translate so here is link :- iisingalongii .blogspot .com I gave space because if I don't then I can't tell where you can read eng chapters of it
MangaGuy: Can you fix the page size when you upload? People on browsers having tough time reading
Suraj Sain: no chapters are already increased! go and look by yourself
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Edaurdo Vanez
So this chapter was a bit confusing to help u friend out here what’s going on.... Lang(MC) was supposed to be assassinated by Huofeng, when Huofeng almost WAS assassinated Lang(MC) jumps into a bottomless pit, then when Huofeng thought he had died and turned his back on the pit, Lang(MC) pulls his leg and takes him down the cave so now both are in the pit. Then Lang’s (MC) aquaintance comes but is too late but goes back to report to eight lord to start a rescue mission for (MC). Then after he left. The Aqaintance of Huofeng(the guy who hates MC) comes and asks one of the subordinate what happened, then man#1(subordinate) gives him false info and says that Lang(MC) was the one that assassinated Huofeng, but of course this was False but the Deputy(angry dude in red with slick hair) gives orders to rescue Huofeng(guy that hates MC. And that’s what’s happening rn.
Malcolm Ling: lm fed ao sleeping witb my phone in after rsading manga lmao
Mvjesty: 2+2 is 4 -1 thats 3 quick maths( 9+10=twenty one)
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Thanatos (Light_Sect😇Grand Elder)
Hello, Im The Core Disciple Of The (Light_Sectinnocent) Has Come Here To Recruit Some New Member To Join Our New Established Sect.

Available Positions Left

1 Grand Elder
10 Elder
9 Core Disciple
30 Inner Disciple
100 Outer Disciple

First Come First Serve
and add the sect title on his/her nickname on mangatoon.
Junior Assamba: my discord is takeout7ramencoredisciple
Junior Assamba: hello I'm your core disciple please add me to the sect
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