Phoenix Goes against the World
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Phoenix Goes against the World

Phoenix Goes against the World
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Phoenix Goes against the World Comics Online. When she opens her eyes, Huang Beiyue, a talented killer known as “ultimate weapon”, finds that she travels through time into another world and possesses a girl’s body, who is the trueborn daughter of princess royal but humiliated by everyone. With such an identity, Huang Beiyue rises from obscurity. Meanwhile, a mysterious guy becomes more and more interested in her…

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Girl Power
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Maple Syrup
uhm, that was a SMALL chapter. i mean, please author, i understand that it might take a some time to do the art and all, but come on, that small an episode?

i'm not leaving this manga only because of the fact that i have spent countless coins and points on this, i wanna see the end. but this is just too much. and if you can't update longer chapters, then take some time and upload a very long chapter that'll satisfy the fans, why are you making us suffer like this?

Honestly, it is just illogical to upload these small chapters. they don't satisfy the fans author, they rile up the fans, make them annoyed with you, and then they'll just leave.


i don't want to say that your work is bad or that you Should stop or anything. i just wanna say, that pls make your chapters a little longer, and if you can't post it on time, take some more time, and post a really long chapter.
Thina Calana: It’s NOT the author. MangaToon cuts the chapters so their not actually that short and MangaToon is behind the raw which is on chapter 177. There are other English translation that are caught up with the raw and DON’T cut the chapters, the chapters are released weekly.
Anonymous reader✌🏿: as I have seen, most of the readers are not happy with this and it seems like authors don't care at all 'cuz there is no correction in their work

it's really sad though😔
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Black panther🐕

I have read several comments about the novel final and the overall story. (it is in chinese)
I didn t read it so it may no be completely true.
She will end up being defeated, by a new villain I think and her eyes will be takes, and later reincarnated as a white fox with the name YuYue. After she will become herself again and try to find her sister? to take her eyes back.
As the story progresses she will be proposed by the ML and then transmigraed into another dimension where he has a child and is married with a girl named Wei Ran... Idr clearly.
And the real final is more like a cle to a season 2 for the novel as it starts a new chapter with a lot of confusion.
Dark_SinTeX: so she becomes an lesbian????
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wow... this artist is cruel to patriotic Americans.. showing a skyline in 2012 in another supposed country of New York before 2001 with the twin towers... I suppose most readers wouldn't recognize it as the are too young to remember that iconic skyline. I almost want to stop reading just for that, but I'm guessing that the artist is unaware of what they have done or how many Americans might take it as an insult... I'll try to be tolerant... unless I find other major transgressions against the U.S. or other countries.
Andrijana Dojkic: hello 🤗
if it's not a problem take a look at my novel mermaid pearl 😁
you can find it by clicking on my picture thank you in advance🙇🙇❤️
Hun Hon Han Hin Hen😂🐔: Yes. I hope religion won't separate us anymore. Other country should take Malaysia as an example because they live peacefully even their religion is different. We as Muslim won't critique other people religion because every person have their own right.
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