Royal Romance

Royal Romance

Royal Romance
Tangela Reynolds
he doesnt have any right to be mad or judge her. after all, she did everything to protect him and herself. besides dargon wasn't in love with her, he was obsessed. he completely ignored her feelings and just did whatever he wanted. you cant really blame her, giant he the same way towards the empress and the other concubine. he'll, he was even that way towards lianxi a while ago. didn't he use her love for him to trap his brother? he's not really in a position to judge her action. although I dont like her, I understand her side. she wasn't scheming for nothing. she was trying to survive while protecting her family. sad to say, that's just the way it is in the palace. not to mention, he's over here feeling sorry for the man who mad him grow up to be a bastard. think about it, everyone thought that he was this man's son. that's why his brother plotted against him and he has always been looked down upon. if they had known that he was in fact the late emperor's child, it would have been different.
Helly Fredella: dzikir,
I c "K /l
Ram Mercado: aaaaaaaap,
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she use to be a good girl but Bec. she do not know how to decide on her own she just got used and played by other people's command that made her life miserable and follow the wrong path and that do not know what to do, do not know what should she feel. I pity her Bec. she followed the wrong path that's why she's always alone but please trust lianxi your sister and not be fooled by others and also u must open ur heart for them ur family so be alone anymore and not just pity ur own self ur not the only person who is struggling and some of them has a worst life experience. you must also think for others be good and you'll find happiness for ur self soon
Коля Кіпенчук: hi, please help with money, how much do not mind, I beg you, card number 4149 4390 4113 4317
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Asiani Anwar
i really hate this ML now.. he was a jerk.. well the empress is your legal wife.. your first wife.. she deserve the best from you as husband.. in married life it just have 2 options
1 treat your wife with the great attitude
2 if you dont like her just get divorce as soon as possible.. it just to sad to marrying woman but her husband never sleep with her, never treat her as a wife, even never give a little care for her..whoever stupid she was but she not a puppet without a heart..
Code: 404: it's a political marriage what do you expect that they truly loved each other that is why their married then clearly you haven't read anything about Dynasties and Kingdoms...
carica passiflora eduliss: 😂😂well...this knowledge come from history dramas,stories..and even cereal movies...😆😆just love the history of China's...
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Tangela Reynolds
why be angry with her? although I dont like her, she has the right to hate the man who was single handedly ruining her life. things like that....she was married to his brother. no matter how well he was treated or how respected he was, people will always look at her a a who're who cheated on her husband and bore a bastard. he might be happy to get what he wanted, but he never took the time to think about the situation he put her in. even her own son believed that she cheated and Dragon was his father. I can understand get side on that. but I still don't understand why she is so against him having someone he loves by his side. there are so many women in the palace and out and all of them trying to curry favor with him. but she has ALWAYS bee against her. even before the two developed feelings for each other. what exactly does she have against laingxi?
Sabi mo wag ka niya iwan ngayun ikaw mismo nang iwan ang rupok mo men!!!kung mahal mo dapat sundin mo ang feelings mo bakit ako may crush ako pero yung friend ko ung nagustuhan aaminin ko kailangan ko din ng plastic para takpan lahat ng sakit ng nasa loob sabi ko wow congrats bagay kayo I ship u two "sakit nun pero nung nag basa ako nito parang ako yung babaeng bida parang lang dahil sinusupurtahan ko siya dahil sa huli ang happily ever after!!!sana wag mangyari sa nangyari saakin 😞😔😊
Spoiler aleeeert!

Note: dont read this if you dont like spoilers for this manga.

LiangXi will fight the spirit of Dong Ge. While Fulin shot the arrow or something like that to the spirit of Dong Ge when the spirit leaves the body of Liangxi. There will be a misunderstanding between the mother of Fulin and him which will be explained in the next episodes. After the incident, there will be a party wherein, the empress herself will dance, but, some peonies she use will accidentally be on fire, which made the queen dowager to be mad during the party and then walked out. During Fulin's sleep, he will encounter a nightmare. And when he woke up beside of his wife [Liangxi], he will notice sometjing strange in his hand.
Joyce Fang: Wait so liangxi is not a concubine anymore? She married someone else??!!
pk: she read it on Chinese version there it ended on 396th chapter
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Evil deeds like these make Karma crack her knuckles and start contemplating a beat down. Time to teach these two faced double tongued over reaching scheming conniving maliciously gossiping exceedingly cruel and nasty minded probably rabid b*tches a few salutary lessons. Especially this hypocritical cold sore of a "sister" and this coldblooded snake of a dowager empress. Make it hurt, Karma. Make them yelp.
Dakotah Pilo
Ok I got up to do 64 by watching the ads but there is a certain point on the episodes that r lock that even if u do the ad it doesn’t give u the episode but I think it gives it to u after a few days and u can reload the ad to watch again but it stills makes me mad on why they r locked and Ik they r for the authors but I can’t pay for it when the ads aren’t working😭😡😭(sorry just venting)
liangxi made it but her sister stole it... then when liangxi knew the emperor she wanted to escape but she can't ... she become a maid-servant but still helping her sister become the concubine..then marquis fall for her ..he regret sending liangxi to her death... but the emperor also has a feelings for her... (marquis and emperor are half brothers... i guess totally forgot)

Blossom: i mean.. the fierce one stole it
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Brandy klyde
I almost started appreciating this comic until I came across this chapter . why can't people change with this behaviour. Racism every where😠. You don't know that even black people read this? .what's about their feelings?! if you are still at this level then you have a serious problem😔 therefore shame on you . by the way am continuing Reading my thing😒
Anonymous: For the people that think that this is racism.Yes It is racism, but it's a fact that in ancient times they find light or white skin beautiful. The ones with dark skin were seen as workers, farmers and slaves that work hours under the sun and the one with light were seen as rich and pretty. It's their beauty standard. People in Asia and India are using light coloured foundation or lightening cream to be "beautiful". This manga is about ancient time, so it shouldn't be so surprising.
Just Existing: Dude, it’s set in ancient times, they want to stay true to how different people were treated
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consort PURE???? who gave her that damned title???? She's not PURE, she's FILTHY..... if she is not greedy and do that with that doctor then she wouldn't have lost her favor to the dowager..... Fulin just kill Consort Demure and Consort Pure cuz they will harm Liangxi
she's so much prettier than her b%#@h sister
Fadil Nazer: Bitchy 'Half' Sister
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Manga crown princess
I'm just reading this for points, I actually had read it before but I uninstalled MangaToon and installed it back agin even tho, it is the same account I am using, o forgot which chapter I'm at.

Who else is here for points??
VMINKOOK We Luv U❤❤: me this author has better comics then this
Diana da Silva: me too
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Au revoir, scheming harpies. You don't realize it now, but your two-faced, hypocritical, cruel, narcissistic, sociopathic, lying, cheating, conniving asses are about to take a one way trip. Maybe to outer Mongolia. Or somewhere in the Gobi desert. If you're lucky, a few of your most loyal or most stupid servants will go with you. At least as long as they are still being paid. Not sure how much of your ill gotten swag you can take with you, but I'm pretty sure you won't get a lit of notice or time to pack, so you should start now. Sayonara, Bye-bye. So long. Auf Weidersehen. Cheerio, ciao, farewell. Shalom, ta ta, aloha. Toodle-pip, adieu, peace out. Hasta la vista, baby. Toodle-oo, chop chop, good night. Adios, muchachos. See you later. Begone, happy trails, good riddance you delusional loons.
Ema Koka: LOLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felt so much love for them in this text. 🤣🤣🤣Such positive feelings, I give you that🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anja Angelyn Doro: relate
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If what she is wearing is garbage, I want to know what people would consider your clothes as.
Tanya Marly: damn, nice one
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Code: 404
everything her sister doess to her backfires to the point it is funny that her sister never learns
Consort "Pure" probably lost her mind. If we're talking about prostitute... She is the real prostitute...
I'm glad Liangxi already knows that she can't be trusted.
Backstabber go away.
MP3 player?? Time travel??? Hahahaha
Ms Xiao Chen
Stupid brother of Consort Stupid .. oppsssss .. I'm sorry it’s Pure,. Hahahaha ..
Shanellene Del Blanco: Consort Traitor lol
Jeng Tiara Pratiwi: well she is not pure anymore
cant blame u
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What an idiot 🤦‍♀️
I guess this is the time for her lianxi’s brother to shine 😁
With his achievements, her position in the harem will be strengthened and the dowager won’t be an ass to her any longer 💪
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