Royal Romance

Honey candy
Where did they find this empress? Omg 🤦🏻‍♀️
Saeko: she's more entertaining than the MCs
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Me either confused 😕 there are many characters and their faces look alike. it's difficult to differentiate.. Where is the Emperor and his lover, Yingxi Donggo.
Lin ling: then why u need to tell it ?if u dnt like it bcoz same person or face...just dont read this comic..but i know you keep reading it 😂😂😂
Washiwep😂👍 washineyney👌: liangxi donggo
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there no development in relationship between MC
1794: getting boring right?
• т н α ι т є α •: Good idea Dora the explorer
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If we have this empress for our queen or for mothers we will be brooke in 1 weeks
that was really funny. the empress is trying her hardest. liangxi he never forgets you dont worry😉
Magical Hand: Atleast for now she doesn't disturb our MC 😂
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I think thé empress looks prettier with her hair down
Phyu: It’s a pity that the flowers has to wither in the palace
I just don’t get it
Why would an emperor need so many concubines?
even if it’s for the heir, 2 or 3 is enough but in dramas, I see many and most couldn’t even get to see the emperor...and they couldn’t find another man too
what a ridiculous logic!
Phyu: If she were with someone who truly loved her, she would have been an elegant woman...
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my life is in anime
Why dont be like this you ignore her my heart..🤕🤕😢😢😭😭
Youmie Tanaka
i hate the heroin so slow! so stupid! not badass at all! cmonnnnn!
Youmie Tanaka: yaa ohh cmon author listen us 😶
• т н α ι т є α •: Rip her
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I hope she drowns for real 😤 I need more of our MC TIME
Smile Bro
The first like the first comment it's the first time that this happens to me 😂💔 and damn I have exams but who cares thanks for the episode crazy adapt pls 🌹
Lin ling: me too ...have exams...i keep saying in my heart..."dont read it until your exam is end.."but i cant help i just read wkwkwk😂but tommorow is maths 🤧
asian potato: ѕαмє ι нανє тωσ єχαмѕ тмя
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Where is our ship 😣
Magical Hand
Just wait till our MC not holding back her strength 💪💪
Nadia Zolfaghari
I do love this Manhua and the art is beautiful but every girl looks the same and it’s making it hard to follow! I hate being negative but it’s difficult - does anyone have any tips to differentiate? I know if I go back and reread I can figure it out but i don’t have time xx
Nadia Zolfaghari: Thanks everyone 💖💖
Andrea 768: their accessories
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♥️Fairy Tailer♥️
I hate stories like this. I mean stories like the Deserted Women and this cuz the mc isn’t having her own rights and her qualities and talents are faked by others while the mc has to be like shy and cowardly. Nd the ml has to be so ignorant and not realise the reality or take a freaking amount of time to understand.
Zahra Ahmed: Hhhmm..... yeah you are kind of right to and that’s what I hate most in the story that she doesn’t reveal that it’s her son and I’m like f*** just tell them that it your son it’s not like he will be killed or he will faint of frightening
♥️Fairy Tailer♥️: @Zahra Ahmed Yeah, I did. But it took a lot of time to give her rights tho. Nd she STILL couldn’t reveal that it’s HER son.😡😡😡😭
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Tabinda Ghazal
disgusting emperor
You know when you go to see a play or musical I’m talking going to the theater and not the movie theater. Yeah that’s what the makeup us theater peoples have to wear because if we don’t then we will look like naked mole rats on stage
Outcast: Oof I can relate so much. My theater director basically phrases it that way, lol
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I feel bad for our girl but I pitty her stepsister idk why
Poor Her Majesty. 😂😂😂
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