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Resurrecting Queen

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Chu Yu had eternal resurrecting ability because of a magical jade. From the moment she realised that, the surroundings in the forbidden palace began to be dangerous. It was her grandmother who gave the jade to her, saying she must not leave it. However, she didn't expect that jade can save her from death.

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That’s why if you have a chance to go away from the harem, the better. It’s full of vicious women. At least if you can stay under radar from the King, do it at all cost. Even better if you never enter such place. The king should personally manage the harem. Can’t trust it to the empress, since she’s a woman, and a woman is an emotional creature. It’s hard not to get jealous. Sure a king has a state matter to attend, but you want a harem full of women right? So deal with it. Can’t keep up? Than keep one woman. Either you have an heir or not, leave it be to fate. You can have a thousand woman, if it’s not meant to be it will not. If you have one, and it meant to be, you’ll have it. And it’ll be more peaceful too. But this greed of power, lead to all this nonsense.
What a pitiful fate, just to get a one man attention. Harem should not exist. Even if in the name of getting heirs for the sake of bloodline, they should have limit the number of concubines. I mean, there’s only one king, how many women is exactly he’s going to sleep with? If you’re lucky you get a pregnant doing it once, but realistically speaking, a lot of people try a long time to get pregnant, and that’s just one woman.
nct units : imagine all of the diseases spreading
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I guess Chu Ming is framed by the empress due to her previous comment about the improper dress. moreover, she might be jealous because the emperor has currently summoned our brave and reckless heroine, but not her. clearly the empress is the vicious one here. I hope his majesty will manage to save his adorable concubine somehow. these two girls are probably thinking that Chu Ming actually poisoned them, but the thing is, she's not as scheming as they're.
Gaby ^^: i think the same too. the empress looks so villains. she must be jealous with chu ming. this story is so interesting
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