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Resurrecting Queen

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Chu Yu had eternal resurrecting ability because of a magical jade. From the moment she realised that, the surroundings in the forbidden palace began to be dangerous. It was her grandmother who gave the jade to her, saying she must not leave it. However, she didn't expect that jade can save her from death.

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Time Travel
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🍧Anonymous Yoghurt🍧
i dont know, in sorry if we have different opinion.... but i think the heroine is hard to love by readers ( or its juts by me?).
She never trying to do with her own efford, and just begging for emperor's support when she get involved in trouble, she never try to safe herself by her own strength.

She is not smart, either nor strong, she never taught a lesson from what happen to her in the past, to careless and easy fooled, She only depend on the power of the talisman, if she dont have it, she would never survive in the past...

i wonder why emperor had fallen for her? he fallen for what? brain? no. beauty? no. strenght? no. unique personality? no. bravely? no. aaaah very frustating 😨

I mean, with her quality right now, how can she ever dream have capability to become empress beside the emperor? she will become the most weak empress in the history and the emperor will spend to much effort just to protect her and dont have energy anymore to run the kingdom to reach glory and welfare for his people

Please make character development for the heroine !!!
Granger,The Vagrant Poet: I actually agree with you... the FL is sooooo damn weak. I can accept a weak FL but get stronger through the storyline, but somehow this FL so damn annoying. she kept telling herself that she will be strong. But still, she needed the emperor to protect her 24/7 i mean, you wanna be strong but you didn't any effort on it. Come on. Having the talisman is her cheat, but she need to depend on herself more. The FL is really making me headache how she trying to look strong but in fact she look really weak and too naive.
Mitzicrayy: Sure enough everyone likes to have a tough fl, like the other stories have. I do believe that the writer has reasons for making the character that way and hopefully as the story goes on the fl will become just what you want her to be. But in the mean time let's just all be patient. The love rival should make the emperor super jealous 😄
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I’ll be honest, 4.7/5 is a major exaggeration. Even without the Heroine being a practical cliché, the story holds many many plot holes.

It’s fresh at the start, but plots holes appeared, a lot.

Prologue Spoiler**
The Emperor became a hypocrite after having no actual evidence and decided to sentence the MC to death by using his guessing skills. Later in Mc’s resurrection says that he hates how someone could use a snap of their fingers and kill someone(legit what he did and possibly did before).
Spoilers in general***
MC somehow gets medical knowledge after resurrection, okay? Didn’t see it used after a while, IQ drops as she mindlessly and recklessly defies the empress, if the emperor wasn’t bias. The MC would be dead.

MAJOR plot hole**
Concubines decided to try to stab the Mc’s eyes out in the open, at the entrance of a gate in the palace, because she was told to go to the emperor’s chamber, once. Apparently all working servants were dead that day, no guards. No maids. Just two concubines assaulting another. Guard(finally) comes in and helps MC, the concubines cussed out the MC as they run away, Dude doesn’t have a reaction as if he didn’t hear them. And he never acknowledged it.

This is where I dropped the series. btw like to say this is under 20 ch.

Carla Clark: The only cliche is the emperor. T.
Guess: where did u read it
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She could be as weak as she wants, as dependent as she wants as repulsive as she wants, but do that where he is not concerned, because she choose to stay, for the sake of her love, good for her, but he gave her the option to leave, he told her how dangerous the palace is, she should know better, after all she died few times already, and he told her he has to take care of things, can’t always protect her, hence the option to leave because that’s how much he cares, but he’s not selfish enough to ask her to stay. But out of her selfishness, despite knowing the situation, she choose to stay. What did she do to protect herself? Reading books? That she can’t even master? Did she planned and assessed her situation? She knew she will be the burden, he will be the one to wreck his brain to protect as proven time and time again. That’s why I said her own selfish reason. And then now she’s thinking, I know the kingdom is important but I hope he choose me. Like what??? At least could she think, it’s ok, do what is best for the kingdom, I’ll be fine. Because she will be. She has the pendant. Even if she doesn’t know if it’ll work again, but at least there’s a chance. But till the end she wants him to think of her and her only? All this while she has been thinking about herself only. How are these situation are affecting me, yada yada yada
c a p t a i n B R O N X E: she is just blind for her love.. anybody can get into dumb when fell in love.. nice story indeed..
Kate Darktower: that's why I'm going to drop this comic.
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