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Resurrecting Queen

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Chu Yu had eternal resurrecting ability because of a magical jade. From the moment she realised that, the surroundings in the forbidden palace began to be dangerous. It was her grandmother who gave the jade to her, saying she must not leave it. However, she didn't expect that jade can save her from death.

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Time Travel
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Asri Hafid
C'mon! How could you possibly mistake that man for your maid! His figure alone (being tall and having broad shoulders and all that) gave him away! They haven't even have the same hair color!!!
If I don't know how her any better, that she's naive by nature (or rather, silly stupid), I'll say she's flirting on purpose. But, that's not it.
To be honest, I think the way this man entering this story is a bit forced. They could have choose a better scene, the one that make sense.
Sღoothie: because chu ming is stooopid 😂
Kimiyara Yaname: totaly agreed, sometime it feels like she's hiting on them so hard LOL
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I’ll be honest, 4.7/5 is a major exaggeration. Even without the Heroine being a practical cliché, the story holds many many plot holes.

It’s fresh at the start, but plots holes appeared, a lot.

Prologue Spoiler**
The Emperor became a hypocrite after having no actual evidence and decided to sentence the MC to death by using his guessing skills. Later in Mc’s resurrection says that he hates how someone could use a snap of their fingers and kill someone(legit what he did and possibly did before).
Spoilers in general***
MC somehow gets medical knowledge after resurrection, okay? Didn’t see it used after a while, IQ drops as she mindlessly and recklessly defies the empress, if the emperor wasn’t bias. The MC would be dead.

MAJOR plot hole**
Concubines decided to try to stab the Mc’s eyes out in the open, at the entrance of a gate in the palace, because she was told to go to the emperor’s chamber, once. Apparently all working servants were dead that day, no guards. No maids. Just two concubines assaulting another. Guard(finally) comes in and helps MC, the concubines cussed out the MC as they run away, Dude doesn’t have a reaction as if he didn’t hear them. And he never acknowledged it.

This is where I dropped the series. btw like to say this is under 20 ch.

Fawzia Calandada: who is the mc
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Chu Ming is as stupid as ever. She even thought of herself as clever for figuring out the incident isn’t it? All the while they are being played by the empress. The empress will tell the consort why the emperor is being lenient to her, then she’ll run to the emperor to demand the truth, and the emperor will not be able to deny it, then she will kill her self out of shame, the emperor will get mad and distress, get pointed to the “fact” that Chu Ming is the one alerted the consort, which led to her death and she’ll lose the emperor’s favor. Well my guess anyway
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