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BLackmailed by Bossy CEO

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This is a comedy story about a popular idol who was frozen out by the entertainment company and gained extra weight of 100 pounds. She ended up work as the servant in the bossy president’s house. She helped the president to solve his problems in his social and love life. When she finally lost the weight and returned back to the show business, she found the president is actually face blindness and can’t recognize who she is. She decided to continue her life as the best servant in his house.

MangaToon got authorization from XianYu to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - wobeizongcaiheishangle,wbzchsl,Blackmailed by the Bossy President
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I wrote what happened next yesterday but I will fill up what I didn’t write. If anyone had missed my spoiler, just go back to the previous chapter, under the comment section.

After Tang Su’s eyes have recovered, she decided to get a job to support herself. She takes up a few jobs from delivery to disguise as a clown at theme park. She posted it on her SNS. Then Yan Zhi went to the theme park to look for her. Zhi Yan told Tang Su that if she wants to go back to the stage again, he will help her to,achieve that. Then Tang Su replied, she does wanna get back on stage to perform but she wants to earn her way back with her own efforts. When Tang Su said goodbye to Yan Zhi, he back hugged her saying that he missed her very much and wanted to restart their relationship. Of course, there is someone else in Tang Su’s heart now. Her boss who disguised himself as Mr L, wrote Tang Su a card telling her that he is her fans and hoping to see her perform on stage again one day. He will always cheer for her. He also said that she can continue to live at the house that she is staying right now.

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Komal Khan: interesting
Zarmeen Rehmani: Where did you get this spoiler from
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🌜Meow💞Moon🌛(Angel sect Elder🌈)
my favorite one 💓💓💗💗💯💯
totally unique story. I'd like to say ,, FL and ML are made for each other 😍😍😂😂
this is the only manga I have read that Purple haired characters are lit😘😘💜💜💞💞
author...good job
🌜Meow💞Moon🌛(Angel sect Elder🌈): who r u?🤔
Angel Dora(Angel sect leader🌈): What's up?
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I'm a BAD GIRL 😇
pesa don't worry my dear su
she caused u pain
soon her efforts vl b in vain
she's just a stain
let's flush her into drain

the venom she spill
will make herself ill
she's digging her own grave
coz her plots made u brave

I'm a BAD GIRL 😇: thanks 😉😎
chiba chiba: osm 👏what a great poet you are🥰🥰
total 143 replies
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