Blackmailed by Bossy CEO
Romance / CEO

Blackmailed by Bossy CEO

Blackmailed by Bossy CEO
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Blackmailed by Bossy CEO Comics Online. This is a comedy story about a popular idol who was frozen out by the entertainment company and gained extra weight of 100 pounds. She ended up work as the servant in the bossy president’s house. She helped the president to solve his problems in his social and love life. When she finally lost the weight and returned back to the show business, she found the president is actually face blindness and can’t recognize who she is. She decided to continue her life as the best servant in his house.

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The Dreamer
She sure had a sad past but life is about if you can wake up as a human being even after these tortures. She had noone to rely on in such a young age and even when she worked very hard, it wasn't enough to save her grandma. But in the group when she saw Tang Su working harder and achieving everything she felt unfair and jealous. That means she has to leave her past behind and start anew and work hard like Tang Su. Having a sad past doesn't mean you can be a monster and manipulator. Tang Su was also suppressed by media due to her plots but even if she shut herself out for sometime she never thought of being evil or bringing harm to Yu Meng Meng. She had every right to revenge but she always focused on the path ahead of her. And now she is coming back with the support of Mr L. This is what makes them different. Villians and Heroes are not born the way they are nor are they molded by environment and society. It's just everyone's strength in fighting their inner demons and suppressing them that matters. If we have the strength to keep our own demons at bay, we are admirable but if we can't, we lost to life. It's still the same old theory:
But it has a much deeper meaning
omg was this a stupid or enlightening or abusive comment?? but anyways I liked it...!! The only one you have to compete with is yourself 😁😉
The Dreamer: hey!!😉
Navya Shree: oi, I found you....😄
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Hahahhaha I have had a situation like this.
In my town there is a theme park and on Halloween they celebrate it so good. Is soooo scary I am the kind of person that gets easily scared. So in there the monsters that where people that went to scare. they weren't even employees so that was more scaring because we didn't know if one of those ppl where a psychopath. So it time for the monsters, they use fire and neon powder ant that. And then boom I was being chased by two clowns and they were fast runners so the only thing that that I did was to throw them my shoes and it so fun because one shoe hit one clown in the face and the other one hit the other clown in his part. So I feel like like if I was carrying a weapon
Im Always Right
actually u dont understand why she dont want to work in his she afraid that people will slander her for benefiting..i dont think so...its the same in every company ..its not like his asking her to become top by his suppport..she can work hard in his company too..if thats what she want...and serioulsy i dont feel any romantic vibe from this two leads..they are both always keeping each other in dark...and to be frankly speaking i dont see any efforts from tang su in this relationship...effort not in the sense of supporting but in the sense of keeping their relationship from breaking apart...shes so full of herself but she cant say no to her brother nor family...this is her life why would she let them play with her life....well if she dont want to be played by others in entertainment industry then first thing she need to do is not to be played by her family...i dont know they even exists or not except for brother..
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