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Boss's Very Hot Summer

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Update on Thu, Sun
Accidentally destroyed several very valuable photos, company's newbie Gu Yixin lost her way in the hands of the bossy boss Qi Xinchen...

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If only she can just leave. But that jerk is tying her down using her father. I don’t think that he’ll actually do anything to harm her father. Girl, just leave. Leave to someplace he can’t find you. He’s only providing you with a toxic environment. Why is he not considering her emotional well being. You know it hurt much more and last much longer than just physical pain. How in the world did he came up with that kind of way to protect her? If she broke down emotionally, he’ll just hug her and says sorry? The thing about emotional abuse is, there is no point of return. Once a person undergo emotional stress, it’ll change her/his behavior and intake of life/her surroundings forever. It’ll make her easily get affected, the emotional jump when something trigger her is tremendous. I don’t know how to explicitly explain this. But what he’s doing is breaking her down from the inside. He’s beyond stupid. If he’s keeping her at his side with this method in the pretense of protecting her from his father’s plan or what ever, make a clean break. Send her away and never ever made contact, not even the slightest. If he truly care. But he’s too selfish. He can’t bear to not see her, or let her live her life with someone else. So he rather chained her like this. He don’t deserve. Unfortunately the least deserving usually will get the woman 😒😒
AngelaUwU🤪😤💜🖤💜: You guys remind me of Freedom by Beyoncé it’s a good song
Anime Manga Lover: We want Freedom.We want Freedom.We want Freedom.We want Freedom..........
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The ML is stupid enough to be duped by this woman. Sleeping together eh. So much for love. Ah, but of course he loves himself the most. That’s why he can humiliates and degrade the FL without any qualms. He brought this b*tch into their life, consequently open the chance for her to plot against the FL. Way too observe in self pity, he can’t see the venomous snake woman coiling by his side. It’s all about his suffering, being “left behind” by FL, when her leave is due to the woman who sleeps next to him. Yep, you should just be together with this vile creature, leave the FL to love her life. But even now, her life is still tortured just because she was connected to yours.
Blazing Soul Spirit: I kind of agree with you since I really don't like the way he treats her moreover I can't just bring myself to like this story....
it take a turn for after that women just something came into their life and he just welcomes her.......
Katheryne Winters: Perfectly said!
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Otaku Princess 👸
" You look like a slut now"
and then he kisses her on her forehead and still trying to figure out what's wrong with her?

My Dear Pervert, Can I kick your ass right now? Do you even know how to talk with a girl?
She is wearing a long sleeved pajama and you consider her a slut. Something is wrong with your eyes.
cybergypsy: @Dark_Queen_z4 yeah it was probably a translation error, maybe he meant she looked sexy or something and they just put slut there even though those two words are very different
Dark_Queen_z4: I think , that maybe it is wrong translated
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