Boss's Very Hot Summer
Romance / Modern / Completed

Boss's Very Hot Summer

Boss's Very Hot Summer
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Boss's Very Hot Summer Comics Online. Accidentally destroyed several very valuable photos, company's newbie Gu Yixin lost her way in the hands of the bossy boss Qi Xinchen...

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I wanna share this tought of mine haha, I think,he knew the intention of that black haired girl. In the first place,we all know that Mr. Qi loves Ms. Gu, and we all also know that, Bai is falling for Ms. Gu(also ms. Gu is falling for Bai) BUT! Bai once said that he can't stay forever with Ms. Gu,it's because, if one day, Ms. Gu's memories are back and wants to go back to Mr. Qi(wich I wish would not happen)he(bai)will let go of her to make her happy.

What I want to be the plot now is that, Bai will live a happy life with Ms. Gu, and Mr. Qi, let's her go, because he know his fault AND I wish he would find the real girl he likes in the past(because, in the present, he loves Ms. Gu) I hope that Ms. Gu,will clarify things to Mr. Qi, I hope, Mr. Qi, will lead a happy life with the woman she loves. But if the story ends that Mr. Qi and Ms. Gu will be together, and Bai will find his happines, it's okay,but Bai and Ms. Gu,SHOULD be together.
Afrin Akter: Why Author end this story incompletely??????Why why???
karma 😈: I am there with you it's better if Bai and Yuri are together
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Black dragon
This is just my honest opinion. I feel like yiru should be with Bai. My opinion:
* Bai can take care of yiru and protect her even if he has to give away his life.
Qi cannot protect her, besides he causes more trouble for her.
* Bai respects yiru's opinions and doesn't do anything without her consent. (atleast that was the case until the kiss)
Qi does whatever he wants, doesn't care about other's opinions.
* Bai takes care of yiru.
Qi takes care of her too.
* Both love her.
* Bai is caring.
Qi is possesive.
* Yiru loves Bai like a friend??? Or a lover???
Yiru has forgotten Qi.
So, I think Bai is better. Whoever thinks the same, please leave a comment.
Aubrengoottss: I'm confused but I agree that yuri should choose bai. those this have a s2 this story leave me unsatisfied a lot of questions but it doesn't have an answer
Marujel Elquinto Lagansua: I think this manga sucks lots of sequels and question but theres no answer the ending didnt satisfy dont write again
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Janie Redington
He really should have just told her what was going on so it would be mentally a little easier for her. I also understand why he is keeping her there (either one of his fathers conditions or it’s to keep her safe from his father the best way he can) and I know why he is putting up this show with this woman. I still think that if he knew she tried to kill herself once and accepted her possible death another time; he would not make her stay and watch him pretend with this woman and possibly lose her because of mental instability. If this happened to me; I don’t think I could get back with him later after watching him with that woman (which we all know will more than likely happen since that’s how these stories go).
Elmira A.: exactly what I thought
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