Boss's Very Hot Summer

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Update on Thu, Sun
Accidentally destroyed several very valuable photos, company's newbie Gu Yixin lost her way in the hands of the bossy boss Qi Xinchen...

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I have a very LARGE problem with the two of them running off and leaving a bleeding, unconscious person trapped in a car where a high probability of fire exists due to the fuel from the wreck. Sure, he's a problem. But as far as they--and we--know, he isn't a Hitler or a Stalin or an Ivan the Terrible. He isn't Asmodeus, demon of Lust or Aamon, demon of Wrath. Maybe there's some resemblance, characterwise, but he's not an actual denizen of Hell. He's just a really, REALLY driven, ruthless, determined, preternaturally wealthy but still very human man who could bleed out or burn to death if you leave him there you two thoughtless idiots. I'm not saying you have to adopt him but you can't just abandon someone in these circumstances. Boo! HISS! BOOOO!
Deebs King: Wow true dat
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Naturally when a pure and innocent girl has lost her money because of a tragedy or her family's business woes, she gets called "a whore" by the family of her intended. And our girl must be totally broke since the old lady said she was "definitely a whore". And naturally the proper thing to do is to make a new match for him with the richest skank they can find, the kind of woman so slutty she makes the Kardashians look like a conservative Amish family, but who will be glowingly reported to be "a pure and virtuous girl". Because SHE has family influence and money. The equation is basically: Poor = Whore and Rich = Purity. Not sure what's worse, the hypocrisy on display here or the sheer bad taste, bad manners and bad character.
Shifa Goyal: You should be a writer..or a philosopher maybe
Anonymous_Girl_#15: Dannmmm this lemurloki is smart
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I have this mental disorder called dermatophagia but it isnt to serious. when I tell my family, they think I want attention whereas my older sister says I am autistic. enough about that though. this disorder is the conservative gnawing of the skin and mostly on the fingers. I only dofingers. of course, it causes bleeding. so when he was bleeding, I was gnawing on my skin and right when he clenched his fist at the end, instated to bleed. a weord connection, but to me it was weird timing. please dont leave hate comments. I'm already kinda sensitive about it...
The_ship_builder: thanks
Anonymous: hope it gets better for you
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