Boss's Very Hot Summer
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Boss's Very Hot Summer

Boss's Very Hot Summer
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Boss's Very Hot Summer Comics Online. Accidentally destroyed several very valuable photos, company's newbie Gu Yixin lost her way in the hands of the bossy boss Qi Xinchen...

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Snow Bunny
GOSH!! Why is everyone still blaming on Qi?? Even after knowing his reason??! Actually to me, i am so dissapointed at Bai, though he is nice and kind and cool, and so on...but Bai, you are the only person who Qi trusted the most! You are the only person who knows what's going on with Qi. How can you do this?? Bai, if you don't stop right now, you are the one who will get hurt in the end!! She lost he memories, that is why she feel something to you because as far as she knows, you are the only person to her who protect her! Bai, you should understand Qi protects her from getting killed by his crazy old man, you are the only one who knows Qi's suffering!!
Please Everyone, Stop Blaming Qi!!!! I don't care if you ship Bai and Yiru, But Stop Just Stop Blaming on Qi!!!! and if you all really love Bai, you shouldn't Let Bai do this because you all know that He Will Be the one who got hurt badly if he continue this!!!
Why Can't Anyone See this coming?? GOD after all these chapters what are you all understand about this story?? Nothing! What a waste! Please do understand before you Judge!
isandra violet: I am Team Qi eveb when he tortures her because I understand his reason but dont forget that Qi doesnt trust her.
Nickolas Alden: vote for bai
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Snow Bunny
i don't care if everyone hates and even curse the ML!! That will only mean one thing...They don't understand the whole story!! Whatever arguments all of you have for XingChen, let me ask you all one thing...If you were him, how will you settle the matter when the girl you love are ready to be killed at anytime by a crazy old man?? While now he has been monitorized 24hours and he can't trust all those men around him! He asked Bai previously to leave him because he wanted to move behind the shadow and Only Bai can do that for him. I don't think all of you here who has cursed XingChen will have a better solution, or it might be making it even worse...You will get Yiru killed!
Stop Cursing if you don't understand the Whole Situation!
Annyeong : man,that sucks. let them curse qi,such kind of pips have a narrow minds in taking decisions irl. Why they dont shut the fvck up and just read? Are u the author?! Authoooor?! U makin me boil the eggs!
Snow Bunny: hmmm i will pray for you. But just for advice, if he really is not the one for you, God must have been chosen someone better for you. Because i have experienced a painful love him for more than 10years, but he is not my Mr.Right...he marry someone else, and i got stood up...while i have given him everything i have (except my Virginity)...i broke apart, hurt deeply, got depression, but i realized that life must go on. However, i really Pray for you, hope for your Happiness!
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Cherry Blossoms
I dont't know why y'all attacking the ml when you don't know his backstory I mean really people judge the books by their covers nowadays Yes it was a forced marriage No he isn't bad Why he agreed to that marriage because he knows what that person is capable of if he gets together with yiru I understand that y'all upset becuz he treated her like that let me tell you HE IS TRYING TO PUSH HER AWAY TO KEEP HER SAFE Y'all attavking him becuz he said yiru betrayed him even though she did not I mean think about the situation he is in now he has problems in trusting anyone
Hobby Unique: if he really doesn't want her to get hurt then he should also not wan't her to get hurt iether ways physicaly or emotionaly and just let her leave and be happy
Agatha28: calm down.. he should explained to her. I believe she will do whatever she need to. he will listen and observe and think carefully all the consequences. he was able to tell that she loved her, why he never thought about her feelings if he never explain? what will happen to her in the future? Aren't you guys care about your spouse feeling the most? take a deep breath and think..
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