Unforgettable Love Of Mine
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Unforgettable Love Of Mine

Unforgettable Love Of Mine
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shïn seikatsu
that girl is become a evil and cold-hearted why she need to kill someone? and that girl who kill just now I know she did it on purpose but don't blame all on her fei fei it's your fault too cause your easy to believe it and the baby die because of you because your selfish i think the father of baby suffering the most. And now you want live again and again and your killer too you the One who killed your baby and you killed the girl because you want to revenge 😈 you no have different in a evil
Angela Yi: If she is evil and cold hearted then what does that make the ML then? 😂 he’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse than her not to mention is an abusive r@pist who doesn’t respect women
PUTTING DUMB BITCHES IN THEIR PLACE: Lmao says the victim blaming retard 💩
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I loved how she said she wasn't a part of their foolishness and asked for a chair to sit during a standoff 😂😂 it's bold and I love it! I hope she won't take a bullet for him or that dude with elf ears is like the joker and the gun will shoot out a flag saying bang because he likes to mess with and torture the ML. Killing him would be too easy
Lmao almost all the comments are talking about the elf ears and how her boobs got smaller over time 😂😂

But honestly why does the FL have to be so pitiful in majority of these stories!? Like really? She has to get kidnapped and held captive AGAIN!? Just from one prison to another 😑
Allo Maldonado
woman pls say this "....IT WAS HIM! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING.... I just went to...go with ....with .....my Bebe and he he he >:"c didn't want me to see my Bebe" *cries very talented*


do this *slap the purple hair guy infront of him* then just said "you deserve it...using against me for this guy mh!!! pathetic"

sharmyzz kookie: Haha yes I wish it was something like this but mostly the first one
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with the man like him( who does not trust the woman claims he love her)

and the woman like her(with self respect and stubbornness)
most of the time result will be the same.

but the thing disappointed me that he is still not regretting that she was telling the truth and he did not trust her.
anyway hope you both will be together soon and please trust her in the future
NEHA SINGHAL: and most important he never trust her from the beggning
NEHA SINGHAL: she stabbed him bcoz of the video and rui chen many times threaten her with the name of cheng yù.
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Kay Randall
she wanted to leave to life a normal life and be able to go out and shop and have fun and see those she loves and he just assumes she left to have an abortion. she said she wouldnt do anything to the innocent baby when she argued with him about being under house arrest due to her pregnancy. she said she wouldnt kill her innocent child and yet he believes she did and then came back? why would she come back if she wanted to leave him and everything else behind? ML is stupid.
Crzayreader: I don't think he was angry at her for the child and he believes her for that what she said he is more hurt because she wanted to run away.
Mangalore: yeah...
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First of all dude, this is kinda your fault that she wants to leave you never really shown her love and just misunderstand her.........
Girl you also never really trusting him and misunderstood him to which added more to the MISUNDERSTANDINGS....
I JUST HOPE THEY ALL FIND WHAT THEIR HEART/MIND WANTS...and hopefully they STOP blaming each other for their unreasonable actions...JUST FIND LOVE AND HAPPINESS 💔 ❣
“ look at my face poor me I can’t go outside like this” 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

with that kind of face I think he did you a FAVOR by slapping tf out of you.

It’s nobody’s fault that you and your in-law’s company went bankrupt except y’all!! You brought this upon YOURSELF, stop blaming every single one of you and your fugly ass sister’s misfortunes on my girl all the time! Yeah she loved your brother-in-law yet you and your sister’s shameless ass kept rubbing it in her face that you stole her man anyway, tf is your point? Trynna guilt-trip her into saving your family’s company when she did nothing wrong in the first place? FOH!!

And people stop blaming it on the victim all the time. It’s not the FL’s fault she wants her freedom and to get away from him. Just bc he saved her doesn’t mean she owes him anything. Nobody told him to hold her captive on his own private island. It’s not her fault that she wants her freedom okay? He shouldn’t even be forcing her around all day 😷
Mary Joy Cuizon: well, isn't that Evil woman's Line? they always blames the FL. i'm not surprise, but when she said she can't go out with her face like that, i really laugh and said "Your face is already ruined 😂. (but because this is manga she looks pretty but if she is a real person, with a bad attitude and bad...... i don't want to be rude.)
🏁ღ♡ღ🏁: 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
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ok..... 6 days. i will forget about it and then it will be ok till I get another episod. Anyway, I thing the girl will take the bullet, and I kinda hope this happens because he will see how it feels to lose her, but I don't want her to die either. Eh..... we will see.
Anya: yea. i hope this will happen, but still is a huge pity that this manga takes so long to post. The autor I believe makes the chapters pretty fast, but then they have to tranlate it and fix it, if it has any problems. So.... I hope it will start to post more often.
raccoon: yeah i agree that she will take it, then ouyang would be furious as the woman she loved is hurt😍😍😍 or he will take the bullet and she's the one who's gonna shoot
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So this was the missing chapter thats uploaded today! Glad my comment was noticed and they took action immediately!

That blue-haired girl got what she deserved tho, it’s not the FL’s fault your arranged marriage went wrong and that the man you’re arranged to marry doesn’t like your dumbass.

Tbh I don’t understand why people blame the FL for wanting to leave the ML, tho. I see a lot of victim blaming in here and Bossy President as well. It doesn’t matter that he took care of her or helped her out a little bit he shouldn’t be holding her captive while forcing her to be with him. Let’s not act like we wouldn’t do the same thing if we were held captive by someone. Just bc he did a few nice things for her doesn’t mean she owes him anything, she’s locked up like a bird in a cage. Not to mention the ML clearly has zero respect for her and treats her like a possession more than his other half.
april: this is sooo wonderful i want to see the baby of themm😁
april: this story is so embrassing i love it❤
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Fragrance Anderson
ok, so I doesn't matter how much i love the ML or how handsome he is.....
Fl don't you dare to go back to him.
He is not the one for you.
Go somewhere else or be with this second young master or with your old lover....just, not him.
He throw you in a dark room without food and a carnivore dog.
Takes you out when he heard you said I live you to him and she is pregnant
Again throws her away coz he thinks she is lying and the other girl is right.
Is this love? i don't think so. It's completely ridiculous
Oohhh God this Comic is more than depressing. How it started and what it became???? His doubt is genuine now because the first thing she said when she found out about her pregnancy os about aborting the child. But He didn't investigated well before accusing her. They don't trust each other. Then why the f/#& they stay together. I feel so depressed after reading this
you know what? she need to open her eyes, those two families were bullying her, okay i understand that she love him, but this too much, why must she become his pet, for saving them,(sorry i don’t remember names), he make this for her and she doesn’t even see it, i don’t know, if i were in her place, maybe i didn’t help them, it’s my opinion.
Misbah 😍(Angel sect new elder 🌈)
I donno what should I say... I feel bad for him... He forced her.. & locked her up in the house, Didn't trust her..

but why I am feeling bad for him 😔
he loves her 😍 he genuinely love her 😘 then why???? why??? doesn't he trust her 🙂

I am even mad at Our FL.. She stab him, Even though he didn't killed his ex- boyfriend, she always wanna escape like nina!!!!

I don't know... I am so mad 😡😤😤😤
The Genuine Me
wtf. if that was real, I'm totally disappointed with her character development! so easy for her to hurt someone. this kind of mentality is so toxic. I don't want immature people to read this kind of story, they might that it was okay to such things. it's not. life is fragile. people are not immortal.
Marie: the ml is the exact same lmfao the story was like this from the beginning how DARE a woman defend herself lmfao but if the guy does it it's ok
Scarlet_Xxx: True, even thou he treated her unfairly from the start she should know Rui chan did everything he can to love and save her, even if he becomes violent when hes jealous its just because he truly cares for her, Cheng yu is indeed innocent and he truly loved her, but Rui chan didnt gave interest to other girls but keep giving attention to her, shes even bringing rui chans baby, i hope she will regret what she did and apologize, no not just apologize, she should have punishment....
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Lydia Bell
This makes me so mad!! They are acting so dumb, both of them!!! Like come on, she knows how she feels but she’s just ignoring it. And him I feel makes sense because she always has tried to escape but he at least could have looked deeper into what she had said. But I feel like everything that has happened has been the FL’s fault
i dont care for how much long the wait. but only if the episode are longer or more episodes for such a long wait. i am looking forward for more updates after 6 days, if not i will just keep it to myself that ...... not to mention I am also lazy some...times
Queen Elsa
This type of woman is nothing but masochist..She fells in love with a typical person who abused and tortured her...🙄🙄🙄🙄????.. She has completely lost her mental sense due to his torture.
And this male???..😡😡😡😡.. He deserves this punishment...Psycho male!!!
Queen Elsa: I think this kind of girl really likes to be r@ped by b@stard...😡😡😡😡😡.. That's why she fells in love with their r@pist..😡😡
muffin time b: exactly. Comics sugarcoat r*pe and abuse like its "romantic" and it's just disgusting.
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Allo Maldonado
author did you read the deal? (I think not) but if did just 10 chapters and we stop saying "upspree" for 3 month. :"v Please we need a upspree and I understand you, making a manga is very hard I'm starting mine and I even can't Finnish chapter 1 damn 9-9.

Anyway :) pls 10 chapters and we stop saying upspree is it a deal?
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Oh f* off! She has every right to leave and be "heartless." He physically and emotionally abused her and humiliated her. He even went so far as to think she aborted the baby! Of course she's heartbroken and wants to GTFO of there!
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖: Yep. Cycle will continue....
X: I wish she would be free of him for good but we know that's not going to happen 😪
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