Adorable Princess
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Adorable Princess

Adorable Princess
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Update on Wed, Sat
Adorable Princess Comics Online. Thanks to King of Hell's mistake in work, I died...and was then reborn. As a token of apology, King of Hell promises to make me: adored by everyone and loved by a handsome man.
Well, since I becomes a cute PANDA, I am indeed adored by everyone, but that's not what I signed up for!
As for the handsome man—ahhhhhh though I am now in my panda form it is still embarrassing to shower with you!

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Misty Plume
I think that Su Ranran and Ye Lingfeng are perfect together. Not only are they lovers in their past life (I'm just guessing) but they are adorable together. The way that they are both shy around each other is cute! I love Su Ranran when she is in human form with Ye Lingfeng. It's always comical and I love it! They are meant for each other in every aspect. I'm glad that the Empress Dowager died. She was annoying. And is or just me or does every villain in every comic I read have purple/pink hair? You've got Dora Sze in Bossy President, Su Ruoer in Spicy Wife's Reborn World and so on. I've grown to hate girls with purple hair. ps please try out my fanfic of Adorable Princess called (wait for it) "Adorable Princess". Click on my profile picture to access it. It's a great read and won't disappoint. I poured my heart and soul into it. Thanks~.
Claudia Vency: I like them too! They’re so cute together
BILLIONAIRE: Hello please read my novel named "MONEY SUDDENLY APPEARED" Thanks
total 2 replies
Actually I think the problem is that the emperor.IS a child. so naturally he is childish and self-centered which makes him dangerous because he has way too much power for someone his age. not mature.enough to.rule and way top easily is not that they cannot take.him as a child anymore, it is the opposite. He is a child with too much power and authority.
~Nishinoya's_waifu~🧡🐮: yes true
Azul: that's the truth
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Kpop's life✌️🥰
Little emperor, Let.Me.Tell.You.Something.
We all know that you are the emperor, but you still need to listen to him, cuz you are still a gotdamn child. Like, did you had any idea how solve the lightning problem?.... I don’t think so.
So stop hating on him, and do what you should do, at the moment to become the MF emperor you want to be. Okay?
lixlu: Can everyone stop selfpromoting please? I know you’ve worked hard for your stories but the notifications are pretty annoying, I thought someone said something related to the the story so I checked it out but lately it’s just self promoters
춘희: can you please check out my chat story "THE EMPRESS: FROZEN PHOENIX" and tell me how is it..
I'm sure you'll like it if you are a fan of strong women genre and ancient mangas.. support this author
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