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My Amazing Wechat

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Leo, a common middle school student, was accidently invited to a Wechat group full of miracle figures, such as Lord of Thunder, Mother of Lightning, Mighty Miracle God…since then his life became totally different with wonderful equipment he got from the wechat group.

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School life
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Code: 404
In Chinese mythology, there were 10 suns. Initially the 10 suns would cross the sky one by one, but one day all 10 suns came out at once scorching the earth. Hou Yi was tasked by the mythical King Yao to rein in the suns. Hou Yi first tried to reason with the suns. When that didn't work, he then pretended to shoot at them with his bow to intimidate them. When the suns again refused to heed Hou Yi's warnings, he began to shoot at them one by one. As each one fell, they turned into a 3 legged raven. Finally only one sun was left and King Yao as well as the sun's mother asked for him to be spared for the prosperity of man.
Himel Bishwas: i also heard that in aposthesis
Code: 404: Hou Yi was also known for the slaying, maiming and imprisonment of several other mythical beasts such as Yayu, Zaochi, Jiuying, Dafeng, Fengxi and Xiushporn He had been directed by King Yao to go after these creatures as they were all causing trouble for humans.
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Aditya Gaur
I didn't see this coming
when I started reading it
in the first chapter we saw that our main character's heart got broken and his girlfriend broke up with him
but now the story has come up to a nine head worm trying to surmount the doom itself and Leo has to save everyone from the vast destruction and save everyone's life 😯
this thing is dangerous and there are people out there who are waiting for him

I'd like to praise the author for such an amazing story with all those new plot twist
dear author, u have such great imagination and I like reading this story a lot
keep up the good work cuz we all love your story
Ronisha Ronisha: Yh author we all love ur stories
Omotola Dominic Timileyin: Yh author we all love ur stories... Dey are pretty dope👌
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