Chromosome 47
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Chromosome 47

TaXue Comic
Chromosome 47
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Chromosome 47 Comics Online. When he woke up, the whole world changed. Now, it is the end of the world, and the former rich, star, and high officials were all returned to be nobody. A canned meat can be exchanged for a beautiful female star who once hit the country. This is a world talking by fist…

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Hottest Comments
Way too short for it to be coming out only once a week...if it came out everyday then it'd be acceptable
Random Things: Definitely sad and it’s worse when you get obsessed with one that don’t upload that much and is short, it hurts inside haha I sound stupid now lol.
ImNotGay: mhm, I agree with you. the shortness is a bit too short but I don't think we can do anything about it which is also sad
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Zeno killer
wHAT just like and need to wait for seven days arggggggggggg
¥DemonGoD¥: The manhua is already made. what is hard to do is how to translate it. Soo many translator in one comic soo you have to think another words with the same meaning soo other translator will not think you copy his/her work.
Zach: you dont know how hard to do a comic you dont know there suffering you dont know if they are tired of doing this aprreciate it
GOOD SIDE: it is free
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I know that its good that the mc is successful in defending the plane's but........1chromosome of the mc is enough to defeat him like what happened before but now 4 of them can't even handle him?

welp I kinda sound like I'm in the villains side hahaha lol
Cris Elizar Arogante: that 1chromosome is really powerful ming and that 1 chromosome are special
Yuesbi Ci: but I am
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