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Chromosome 47

TaXue Comic
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When he woke up, the whole world changed. Now, it is the end of the world, and the former rich, star, and high officials were all returned to be nobody. A canned meat can be exchanged for a beautiful female star who once hit the country. This is a world talking by fist…

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okay. I understood it all now...
Basically, this whole mess was an experiment from Ming to revive Rain (the dead lover killed in the explosion sent by the stalker upperclassman)
The Ming that got out from the crystal on first episode was actually his experimental clone...
The one who said the game started for real this time. and wanted to test how strong the scorpion ming is, the original Ming, the culprit who set up this whole chromosome 47 experimentation...

My theory as of now...
I think the memory and all of that past experiences or backgrounds are installed into the clone using some kind of method or devices.
I think the monsters and the people fighting against it are actually clones with false memories, which can be controlled, and be put to sleep using some remote control device...

I devised this theory actually... Using imagination and experience gained from watching clone-type sci-fi genred movies..
Akshat Kr. Pandey: Brother, although your theory is good and explains everything. But i find it wrong. For example, if all these people are clones.. where are the original ones? And how can you explain all the destruction? There are quite a few more flaws too. That's why i think maybe your theory is incorrect.
Kari Saito: Wow... jeeez.... your a smart person! I would have never thought like that, plus thank you for explaining!! I didn’t really understand some parts so yah! THX!!!!
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Jin Kisaragi
What a stupid detour from the main plot. Wasting more than five chapters straight is NOT how you do flashbacks! When you build all of the interest and investment in the main plot and characters and then go backwards in conflict, you’ve guaranteed boredom and a lack of stakes. If you’re not recontextualizing an action or relationship, which these latest chapters have FAILED to do so far, then you’re just spouting boring exposition for a needlessly convoluted backstory. This is not worldbuilding nor necessary character development.

Whoever wrote this manga has good ideas but no clue how to execute them. Dropping.
Albert James Redido Requilme: although your point is very good, and I am convinced, I'll still continue anyways cause who knows, it might become better........although based on this chapter, its quite obvious how the scorpion thing started which is SUPER cliche and SUPER just...not unique? not interesting?

also if it doesnt become better well, im gonna drop.
NaxtKap Is gone: you have very poor judgment be cuz
its just the rising climax it's making the suspension higher for those loyal readers who actually understand where the plot is actually going (btw dont try to act like Albert einstein
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anyone see that ming has lost his hand and in the past few episodes he has his hand when waking up in the container what happened really i want more episodes to know please post four episodes in a week till we know what happened.
or someone know the real name of this comic in which website so we can read it there
C(T)h(Y)r(D)o(4)m(I)osome47(Æ): so from where he gets it back again
Lil.-.tags: It got cut off from a price of glass I think or it could have been blown off during the explosion
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