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Chromosome 47

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When he woke up, the whole world changed. Now, it is the end of the world, and the former rich, star, and high officials were all returned to be nobody. A canned meat can be exchanged for a beautiful female star who once hit the country. This is a world talking by fist…

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Servant of El Shaddai13
so does this mean the used all the nukes?

if this won the war why didn't they do something similar to this before it reached this point?

that nukes area of useless for , what, at least a millennium (each nuke is atleast 100 years of radiation)
Eplixse: Well I think I remember them mention that they weren’t sure if people were there or not so they didn’t but they were about.
The Real Gopl: @John Morgal

Looks like they all landed
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The author is great and all for making a awesome comic🤩but....why do we have to wait so long for the short chapters😩I know ppl can be busy with other stuff like school,work, and just stuff.😕but I mean you don’t need almost six days that’s almost a whole week!! Just to make these chapters it didn’t even take me a full minute to read the whole thing!? 😳but I’m just going be patient🤫 and wait i know it’s hard...I guess 🤷🏽‍♀️
typical panda: i think the chinese version of this manga has way more chapters,it just has to be translated
Zearo ExBonito: Hi i am PoroSAMA, finally someone who understands how hard it is to create 1 chapter.
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Kiranime IMO

Oh hey! Ming died.. oh there's the news about victory.. and nuclear pics.. the end..

Okay we'll be back after 7 days...


Me: Time to Unsubscribe.
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