A One On One, Your Highness
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A One On One, Your Highness

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A One On One, Your Highness
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I have to admit the ML is not totally useless at least he knows he's a failure as a husband but in the he still useless 😒😒
inyne↗↘this guy is so hot💘💘💞 LÉO: hahaha well said!
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Park Georgia
she: "I'm loaning this to you, don't get me wrong"
me: hahahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂
mom (to my dad) : "oh my God!! honey......call the priest!!!! our daughter is possesed"
( laughing like a lunatic that I even forgot the people in my surrounding)
I dare not laugh anymore....i don't wanna trouble the priest
Sarah : Don’t worry laugh as much as you want
Beah Jayme: try not to get busted though or your situation will get worse than just calling the priest. Just my theory if it would happen
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Swin Wang
Okay, I am I the only one who doesn’t like the ML??? He just doesn’t know how to show a some love to the FL
althea: no, you're not alone.
Swin Wang: Yes I guess it’s better than Aubrey, their relationship is what u call Stockholm syndrome
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shizuka may
😳the way she punched her to stop talking to prince Qin to know you also know this rumors and don't care about the rumors and thinking to how to cause trouble to prince what an brilliant girl😶 I feel like I have zero iq camparing to her😑😑😑
shizuka may
😥princess Carry the prince like she he's husband and he's her wife what an strong lady she is😅😅😅 but I don't hate the she acts manly and the way prince qin acts as girly in front of them 🤭🤭🤭
Jenhyung: may your dad rest in peace
shizuka may: wow that's amazing
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shizuka may
😒what an good actor she is front of prince qin acting like an poor girl did the wrong doings unknowingly and in front of Shane like an villainess🙄 and the way this prince from neighboring country calls princess qin as shaney it gives me chill's 🤪🤪🤪
Kyoshiro Hayakaze: Don't you know that she knew what are the prince and emperor planning to her family afrer gaining power? If you do.. then let her do what she does..
Poem Of Hell Confession : are you talking side of prince qin
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wow you have the guts to call our FL a jerk! go die in hell. someone should reach you some manners. ..
also jeez he knows how to protect her?! that news to me. well not complaining. if get better then I might start liking him to
He is still useless..period,but since there's season 2 can they change the useless ML ....Please
time less: they will but the author is gonna make our MC feel guilty and make her abandon her peince charming for this useless man -_-
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Glenda Go-ara
Glenda Go-ara: WELL, I REALLY HOPE SO.
Kyoshiro Hayakaze: maybe we should read it until the end and judge if it will really break your/our heart in the end or not.. it may break your/our heart in other parts but we will not know until the end
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shizuka may
what the 😐 prince is the leading female of these drama 😂😂😂 the way emperor and FL father reaction was so good and the Prince's didn't even care the look of everyone one and has only the princess in he's eye's and he even blushed 🤣🤣🤣
NANI?!: That father in law laugh though🤣
Unitz00: 🤣 it made me laugh so much !!
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for some reason in the end I feel like they will end up as friends/allies blue hair and red hair guys. I don't know, it's just me😑😑😑
What Shane Yun did was very bad, women should be helping women. Because they are sex workers doesn’t make them less of a human being. If they had the opportunities to get a different job they probably won’t be selling their bodies and even if they wanted sell their bodies how is it her business it is not her body. And instead of her to look for a way to punish her husband she is punishing the sex workers they are not the ones that are married to her neither do they owe any loyalty to her. Will punish them change the fact that her husband is a cheat it certainly wouldn’t . I liked the female protagonist before all these took place but I cannot be liking and supporting a person who looks down on other women because of what they decide to do with their own bodies
Gililili: its really funny how at one point she claims "women have it hard enough and dont have the right to make choices over their own lives" and in the next she goes all out on prostitutes that probably come from poor families, been forced to work due to owing someone money or were forced to do so because their nothing but slaves to their masters at the brothel.

you girls coming for a job that is regarded as one of thr oldest jobs in the world, and one that most girls didn't even really had the choice but to take on is whats really disgusting here. you know nothing about the history of prostitution and brothels thinking girls just randomly decided to sell their body, risk pregnancy at a time it could mean their death, or worse, risk abortion because the man who got you pregnant didn't want to take the risk or you got forced to abandon your baby by your master and of course take the high risk of disease or just plain murder because in most brothels in the old ages they were just easily replaced if "accidentally" killed during brutal r#!pe. many women suffered so much, being nothing but pretty s#x dolls, being spoils of war or sold by their own families for money.

go educate yourselves before talking like that about a profession that has cost many women their dignity and life.

and another thing, if your man cheats on you, no matter who he cheated with, its HIS choice.
GimmeCookies: And that concludes to NEVER EVET GET ON MOM'S BAD SIDE, OR HELL WILL RISE!!!
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Erlina Camella
really hate her husband, so irritating... please just leave him with all his women in backyard and go freedom... all the action and the palace now just want her dad and his family banished...and prince qin only got angry because of his pride just got hurt cause his woman now are more attractive to many man and he don't like to lose.. sorry for my bad english
th@tg!rl🎊ov€rth€rr: your English was just fine!! we get what you said, and I agree.
Orehime Hatashi: Nope! I think he is young and weak. While he is trying to keep up appearances, the red head is acting more of a husband. Go Shaney; to a world of adventure!
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Prince Qin, if you're not gonna confess to her now, she'll leave you one day. People probably can stand cold treatment once in a while but if there is no change in your treatment, they'll leave you one day. Don't be too confident. You're surrounded by nice people like Shane Yun, her family and some of your concubines. Don't take them for granted. Don't give chances to Snakes. They'll bite you one day.

Shane Yun never shows her love to you openly but she cares about you a lot. She's afraid you'll leave her one day.
✿ᴘᴇʀᴠʏ sǫᴜᴀᴅ✿
I love ML now, tryna be better which is good and I think he's not gonna listen to his brother or mother in the future... Hehe there's gonna be another scene😂😂
at first they are always arguing and now they have a same idea...

this is really the power of love.
✿ᴘᴇʀᴠʏ sǫᴜᴀᴅ✿
Hehe... Now the Prince agrees with Princess and no one cam go against them.. I really don't like this third Prince.. Just don't let my ship sink!
Hina A Horani G
I'm glad that now the prince finally realizes that he failed as husband and now he want to better for her ...!!
Hina A Horani G: you are right about it, even i agree with you and that's why god punish him in the end that he have to live without princess and then he realizes that how much he hurts her and how many wrongs things he did to her in the past, he will regrets it so much and he will be in pain and left alone in the end of the season 1, so it's the better leason for him to realize his mistakes...!!
time less: he always knew. the author is just making him said it cuz now ghe prince has a competition. I don't see it sincere if the person doesn't notice it on his own. he needed someone else trying to free her to make him realise that?

so when she shorted her lifespan for him, it meant nothing? when she fixed and saved people after the epidemic was nothing? when she brought to light that her father wadnt scheming anything but instead other ministers were plotting meant nothing?

nah he just feel bad and angrt tjat now a random guy is tryinf to take what is his...but can a person be the possession/property of someone else?
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Actually I'm very much in favor of what Shane Yun said and how she expressed it. Lynn Ye maybe the male lead, but that doesn't mean he would have her in his palms. She is her own person and how Louis Xiao expressed his love for her is commendable in sight of the fact that she is married and to top it off, to a prince, the full food-related brother of the Emperor. I would love it if LX is changed to be the ML.
Carolyn K.: Same here, I agree with everything u said. I've never been so disappointed with the ML, usually it's my otp ship (FL & ML) but it's frustrating to see how the ML reacts and he will regret it later
Comic_Lover: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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Betican Ajelyn
i still like prince qin...i dont like the third prince...no matter what the princess is married...for the other people eyes they were not happy but for the two of them they are match besides the prince knows her secret
Betican Ajelyn: if he did that he will reveal his feelings sooner and its not a good thing for her and him and even to her family....they have enemies in the dark that they tried to investigate so if they expose their feelings in public do u think its a good thing or they just bring calamities to themselves...the prince is just a prince for the time being without a strong footholds against those enemies do u think they can survive...i dont think so...its up to the FL to help him against the enemy and not create a misunderstanding...besides shes a married princess anyway...not good for her to entertain other man esp.if its the potential enemy
Shay Reynolds: He does NOTHING to protect her. He's just a passerby. like even Randy Liu brought up the fact that he should protect her when she's being slandered. He warns the third prince privately but that doesnt matter because he just stands by when people talked crap about her in public and doesnt say anything. Even if she's a strong female she can feel hurt too. I would dump my man if he didnt defend me in public even if I am outspoken enough to look after myself.
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