A One On One, Your Highness
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A One On One, Your Highness

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A One On One, Your Highness
Joesef Baligad
i saw the raw version of this, can't understand chinese though. but i think the ending is kind of sad based on the illustrations. 😢 if the ending is really the chapter 154 or 156. but i hope that it's not really the end because theu had a son and i love seeing happy endings of a family. can't wait for a crazy update.
Dora Yaki: awesome! the translator this comic must be working hard now.. I wish them to be in good health everyday!?🤗
Asiani Anwar: it will be sad.. maybe not an happy ending for lynn ze..
i hope they was together but...
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Hina AG Horani
she already know that the royal family is using her and her family for own good and what will they do after using so she mentally prepared for it.. but she seem to be upset and i don't want to see her like this... i want her to be happy and cheerful like she used to be 😘💖 and let's see what will prince do now... I'm so excited for the next episode 😍💜💖
Hina AG Horani: i love crazy updates 😍
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honey💕♥️(angel sect co elder🌈)
I don’t know about the others but I think that the emperor is one the best character in this comic. He knows how to rule the country, he knows when to punish and scold his own concubine, and he also knows how to talk with other women with respect.
So he is currently my favourite emperor
The one that knows : He’s amazin’ the best emperor you could ever ask for!
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Yuki 🌹
hahahaha 😂😂😂 that kick was so freaking awesome girl 😆🤣 I'm on the train right now and peoples are staring at me because I'm laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂
BDean2: Kicked her right thru the wall... 🙌🏽🙌🏽😂😂
Asmiii Grg: hahaha 😂😂😂😂 that's crazy🤣🤣🤣
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Your Local Chubby Panda
Ofc she has a grudge on u.... lemme teach u a lesson NEVER touch a woman’s food she will choose it over u
Lucy Heartfilia: Especially chocolate
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Jaxshina Basumatary
Yesssss......dis women is really blessed by god 😂😂😂😂
Taniya Oliver: I wish I could do that say I curse u to be struck by lightning and bam 🌩 💥
Emma Shane: She is blessed by a fandom. Not even God can defeat a fandom so strong
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What’s that hell... the story is really complicated my brain getting hot. I can’t accept more story like this 😂
but this is quite good. I like the female lead. She have a good character not like other story will be easily to bully, that’s so boring 😪
I hope you’re not forget for the season two. i will be waiting for 😁
🌸Aiko Ash🌸
Shane:plss you cant see me you cant see me you cant see me you cant see me
Prince Qin: Too bad i see you
Shane: *Shocked*😱.
*rakes off slipper throws it in his face and runs away*
Prince Qin: SHANE!!!
Get you butt in here!!!
筆記室: good senario bro
Wolf: Lol😂😂😂
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i love this father daughter relationships.. i hope it continues because in many mangas their is no love between father and daughter only hate
Ive read many historical time travelling manga and find this fl is such a badass character until.. she just had to throw a tantrum every time there were girls flirting w the ml. Where is your pride :( You’re just too good to be with that idiot who’s always confused and also a bimbo just like his whores erghh
Ohh another infanta. Let me guess that infanta is harboring hatred for the FL for marrying the ML. And she will create ways on how to separate them. And will ask for the help from someone to turn them in zombiews. (Oh wait I think that's a different comics) ✌✌
Skyline Bubbles: wkwkw I guess we share the same point here
Faye: the story became a bit dull when "fanta" appeared.
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rinrin: urgh I feel you 😍🥰
amelia warren: me too
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Mishie Hobi sshi
yeah you moron! You better not regret what you said huh!? although in chap. 152(ending ep.) in the LAST PANEL you'll stood in the rain like a hopeless man... loser
Mishie Hobi sshi: That was also what i think when i saw the last panel... but it already said in the top of it's front cover complete... well I don't read chinese.. so i dunno
Asiani Anwar: is not complete yet..
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wen jie 💜 only me
Lucky I don’t have a crush to your brother 😑 what a dramatic sis in law 🤪
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i.... really kinda dislike prince qin I don't like him at all....he has tortured the princess in such terrible ways....he don't deserve to be with her....he should die with his cucubines.....he start to have guilt when she sacrificed her life for him...the leafs on her hand remember ya.....
My heart is waiting for him!!! ❤: Same here... I don't like him either 😒
He is thinking that Shayne is falling for him. But I want him to know that all of the things she's doing just to help her father. In her heart, he has no place. If he knows that, I just want to see the look on his face. 😈
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Sena Kusanagi
Thank goodness that this story is unique and different from other stories that I read ..... because the Emperor and his brother Prince are in good term not fighting for the throne
Fl : My husband is prince! My brother in law is emperor! My father is prime Minister!

Me : one more!! I AM GROOT!
MG20201cg: Three slaps right there
Shane Amaba: hahaha😂😂😂 kinda funny
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Hina AG Horani
interesting episode 😍 hahaha king and king mother left prince alone and don't even dare to interfere with princess matter... what a funny scene is this 😂🤣 and i like when princess feel jealous and push concubine 😆 and I'm happy that the way prince deal with princess 😍 i wish prince soon know his true feelings and confuse to princess 😍 it's comic is best 💖💜💖
Julie Tauave
I swear, I just want to trade brothers with her and have her father as an older brother, cousin or my closest uncle. Dang, just give me your family🤦‍♀️
Julie Tauave: wow!! you got kids and yet you still acting like one😏 how disappointing. still, health issues!!! it can happen to anyone just like how anything can happen in 3 sec. like suffocating someone with a pillow or pulling a trigger🤷‍♀️
zero ky: well.. u got it wrong coz ur study involving only few people.. meanwhile i got 2 kids with this condition alrdy... or u want to make 1 wif me? 🤣🤣🤣
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my dad is a prime minister
could you stop repeating those words
i am prime minister daughter!!
Karma: Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Anonymous: When you trying not to plagiarize 😂
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