The Super Doctor From 2089
Action / Fantasy / TimeTravel

The Super Doctor From 2089

The Super Doctor From 2089
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The Super Doctor From 2089 Comics Online. Ye Wutian, a brilliant doctor from 2089, somehow time-travels back to the year 2019 in a lab experiment explosion. He wakes up in a wild mountain, and then manages to save a girl, Li wan er who's been bitten by a venomous snake. With his apparently superior knowledge in medicine, Ye wutian embarks on an amazing journey in the beginning of the 21st century...

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Kana Licht
Well, i tought this story would be an interesting one, but it's very dumb, sorry if i wrong but, u can't just suck a venom out like that, u could die too, don't do that irl, snake venom would spread more quickly if u move more, that woman is makin so much movement to kick our mc ass, she probably die faster irl, and cure for that kind of venom cannot be cured by just biting a single herbs.
Kevin Jon Balasta: Oof you point that out while the title states that he's a "super doctor" he is very knowledgable and he is from 2025 so he had found a way to get the venom out of ones system.
Nefertari: total wrong we can do that
and that's really effective
total 42 replies
the timid guy: "my 300k money!"
*300m cheque appear
the timid guy : "fine, that 300k is yours"
*MC comeback
the timid guy : "fvckk"
MC made him h*rny with the baldy guy
Sparky ✨ : I thought she said mens / menstration pfft 🤣
Are Liep: hahahaha. it doesn't matter
total 6 replies
Dox kun
the woman do not deserve to be a police officer. Holding a personal grudge in a very serious situation.
devil art: First impressions are important imaging going to a girl and saying hey you have big breasts and you stare at them
BURNINGRAGE: yeah many police are corrupted but some are not when they have grudge's to other people they kill him or arrest him thats why we never have peace in our world criminals are not the only problem it's also the government no harsh if any of you are government officials ☮️
total 2 replies
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