Finding my Daddy for Mommy
Romance / CEO

Finding my Daddy for Mommy

Finding my Daddy for Mommy
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Hah! What'll happen in the next chapter might prove that she really did it.
It might sound weird and mean but I hope the child won't stay alive. Because... ngl but he's much better being dead than having such a mother! (she can't even be called a mother lmao)
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princess Deeya ling : thank you bro hey
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🌼Otaku Minu🌼

this is the place where Gu Mei lost her child because of being careless and blame it to FL, and being so careless that she spokes why they need that place.. and after those happening, all they got is Karma..
Nazirah the alpha: Tell us
Anime ZoneXx: i want too
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Why you always lying, why you always lying, why you always lying .. Stop tricking lying
omg yes karma get her as but I feel guilty and sad for the baby how could she she needs to stop being a slit and start acting like a woman because if she don't she going to lose a poor baby and get left by the dude girl woman up
Why are my children not obedient like him
Betty: sweet of you
Ziyuka🎶: I always want a girl.... and I always dream on, to dress up with different fairy, Princess and many more dresses... style her hair with colourful ribbons, hair clips.. but all my dreams in vain.. so I always get jealous who blessed with daughter. So, please don't take my jealousy in wrong way...
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wth the fl is that stupid & weak?!!! as much as I feel so sorry for the baby, at least that baby don't hv to suffer with that kind of woman
Riri x Sou
You don't deserve to be a mother! I feel sad for the baby but karma will get you in next chapter for cursing your baby to cover a lie, now you will lose it! Let's pray the baby will go to someone else that will love it 🙏🏻
Nokas _Hp78
I think she will fall and have a miscarriage.
And the child will die.
I pitty the child.
But perhaps it's better this way.
I would rather never be born than to have a mother like her.
Are we not gonna talk about how she said that I swear on ger baby and then next thing you kjow. her baby died. She was lying
Flower123🌺: Your probably right knowing how b*tchy she is 😂
mai__ thi: agree ! and why do I feel like the baby was not even his for some reason
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hmm I think I’m might to drop this story it used to excite me but now im a lil bored by it. I love the son but the fl is kinda…eh
BDean2: I know right! !🙄
sobharani gulipalli: stupid I know
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Era...the cutie pie
why is she showing this much skin?? aren't she a child's mommy..and she even have to sex with someone 5 years ago
Hi I'm Niangfries: What? u were clearly talking about her skin showing off 💀💀💀
Era...the cutie pie: no that's not it..i said all jerks like editor want to bully her
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hahahhahahah I can't wait I hope that in the next episode they will meet each other with his father..and be shock then find out the truth then love story begins again then the end hahahahhahah....just kidding
Suparna Ghosh
that personal assistant /bodyguard is a amazingly funny and interesting person 😂😂😂
Milette Ramchand: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, yes.. He can beat up our ass instead
Suparna Ghosh: 😁😁😁 it's truly hilarious 😂😂😂
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Didn't she said that if she was lying then the baby in her womb would die? and it really did. or did I forget about what she said in the last chapter?
In the first place, di nya planong ipanganak yung bata. Tsaka bobo masyado yung maniniwalang tinulak eh dapat hindi natumba papunta sa sinasabing nagtulak it should be in the opposite direction.
heh~ she's gonna have miscarriage and will blame the fl, typical plot
lvyKooK💚: yep... u r right...
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if she's really pregnant...I feel sorry for the baby to have such a mother....she even fell on her own...she's endangering her own child....what a vicious mom...I hope she won't blame Gu Hao because it's her own fault
Eww the chief editor is big prev he is so disgusting. Am I right guys?
LOL XD: Yup i agree
Era...the cutie pie: huh?? handsome?? he is not even worthy of that
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굴너즈 sarangheo oppa's BTS 💜
I waited almost 3 week's then boom more than 20 episode I enjoyed it alot now I'm gonna do that again
I'm waiting, I'm waiting
굴너즈 sarangheo oppa's BTS 💜: yeeaahh this work with others too 😁😁
Abigail H: lol, same
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