Trapped with the CEO
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Trapped with the CEO

Trapped with the CEO
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Trapped with the CEO Comics Online. To survive in this world, one must be fire-proof, burglary-proof, and…bestie-proof?
Set up by her bestie, she woke up trapped in the arms of a mysterious man.
To take revenge, she married this enigma of a man, only to find herself drowned in his 1000 ways of doting on her.
He promised to follow their stipulated rules, but how could he make her heart flutter every hour of every day?
“From now on you have me to spoil you,” sending gentle words into her ear, he weaved a sweet dream for her, yet this was a dream with other purposes….
“I want to divorce you!” having realized the truth, she left him determined. Years later, her reappearance lightened up his world again. She couldn’t quite figure why this man wouldn’t let go even when he already got what he wanted...

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Hottest Comments
i kinda like the plot, and i think the translator do a good job. but the quality of the drawing is a bit... uh..
SweetNSour: i like the drawing style, but when it tries to explain what happened is a bit confusing and unrealistic. just an opinion tho..

i know its hard to draw, so i should shut up. 😅
Krysteljane Abcede: I th8nk the drawing is nice
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Hahahaha this words “Go investigate that woman for me!!!” also all Presidents and CEO’s favorite words!!! 😂😂😂
Now He used this words so arrogantly!!! Hilarious 🤣

Hmmm cuz of those crappy matters poor granny heart attack!!! Huge mess still continuing!!! Really sorry for this girl’s family!!! 😦
be my seokjin, I'll be ur food: go investigate that man for me
SHIPPER_FANGIRL: IKR? But u know they r ntg compared to the bast*** aotian yu from pure girl🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
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So Phi Na
Even if he is angry....he can't help falling in love with her cuteness🤭
PUTTING DUMB BITCHES IN THEIR PLACE: That does not justify him jumping to conclusions and pointing his finger at her without investigating what happened. They’re both wrong and at fault for being stupid. They deserve to be miserable
Grunge bisss: yah with all the dramas happening I wish they would just end it already. It's not like they are gonna have another ending. Anyway the last chapter will end with a happily ever after ending so it's better the author just gives a time skip and does something like "3 years later after all the problems" and we get to see the wedding. THE END😂😂
total 30 replies
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