How to Get Lucky!

How to Get Lucky!

Yoolook Culture
How to Get Lucky!
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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How to Get Lucky! Comics Online. In order to break a high school student's record of being virgin for 8 life times, the matchmaker god gives him a book about how to get lucky...

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Hottest Comments
and so our hero traveled far from home(from spiderman) will he be able to accomplish what he has to do or he would die terribly by the hands of his rivals?(that question doesnt need to be answered for he is our mc and ofcourse he will survive cause if not all of us will stop reading this comic and author wont get any momey if that happens) so our hero will now face and fight the demon in this endless train and ohh.....this...uhhh....hahahha this isnt (kimetsu no yaiba) hahaha sorryy
Sonam Tshering
Can't blame her after all the mc has acted quite lecherously against her and he just gave a simple apology with no proper explanation
CyberianGinseng: I can blame her. Her family is up against the wall. She just witnessed with her own eyes the MC defeat someone no one else in her family could match. Logic dictates that she either study the manual herself or give it to her sister or someone else trustworthy in her family, if she didn't want it herself. Dumb assery dictates otherwise. She clearly chose dumb assery.
Anime_lover_45: like wat sorry for gropping u girls usuall get amd when u say that.....
total 4 replies
wondering lord
well her lost someone else's gain that guy is going to start practicing off that page😏
hardeyhash: I think it will probably be more complicated than that.
total 1 replies
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