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How to Get Lucky!

Yoolook Culture
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n order to break the record of being virgin for entire eight-times-life of a common high school student, the matchmaker god gives him a book about how to be lucky, getting which endowed the boy the most exciting and happiest life in the world!

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School life
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Popa Cosmin
who thinks this childhood friend is a psycho?And the reason he died in all his 9 lives is because she killed him.There was something off from the start....the good person in those kind of manhua is the last one you can trust.
Ĺïon Màń: hmm good theory
henry zarzoliana: the part which says hes childhood friend kills him in hes previous lives
total 4 replies
Unicorn Tv
i honestly don't want him to end up with the childhood sweetheart. She is just kinda..there..I don't like her bruh
Princess MM: I thought i was the only one
total 1 replies
( ' _ ')JustManga
I pressure it will not longer become fighting but some dirty action ( I like it ) 😝😝😝
Pritom 001: I am hoping so
total 1 replies
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