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The Deserted Woman

Yoolook Culture
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The Deserted Woman Comics Online. Falling into the conspiracy set by her sister, she witnessed her sister took away her child and married into the purple; She tried her best at the risk of death just to accompany her child; When the conspiracy is poked, what will their fate be?

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Griffin Grey
This story is beyond pathetic and slow as snail. Hopefully the kid will go to the university and become smart. He will realize that the witch is not his real mother and do a DNA test where he will understand that she was his aunt. Then it will tell his father (an old man by then) who will realize what a stupid a🌺🌺hole he was spending his whole life with the wrong woman that he never loved. The story will end with the ML an old man and his son in front of the grave of the woman they never really appreciated or get to know. Her evil sister will by then be at the Bahamas with her 20 years old boyfriend drinking mimosas and congratulating herself on how stupid everyone else was in this comic. THE END
Hadiyya Fashion: honestly I even stopped to read at chapter three 🤣🤣🤣. just so pathetic!
Erza😍: ok will pray for you😁
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I'm fed up with Kate acting like miss-goody-two-shoes. Gurl, get yourself together and fight for the custody of your child legally. There's no use groveling around like a beggar. Lina has already pushed you to a dead end and even your so-called father left you with a shitty promise to not do harm to Lina as you two are 'sisters' (what a joke). Now even a butler threatens you and if you continue to be a pushover, forget about fighting for the custody of your son, Lina might even turn your son against yourself who'll see you as his enemy. His spoiled nature already started causing big trouble before, and now how can you expect a six year old to accept someone else as his mommy (even when Lina treats him harshly, he still takes her for his mom). Seriously it's long enough and the plot is getting boring now. Kate had the chance to go away, accept someone else and settle down. Instead she sticks to her stubbornness. I understand it's hard to see your own child taking someone else as his mom and everything but still, she should act tough IF she wants her child back and avenge herself. She blames herself for everything and seriously. THAT'S. ANNOYING. AF.
Yuri Yurisawa: I agreed to you this story is getting boring now....the FL is really stupid here...
Felicia Dennis: The reality is that she's a dumbass 😏
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Random Toast
Okay, if you are going to have the truth finally revealed. Please and I honestly and sincerely beg you, have Kate end up with Nate because the man loves her so dearly, his mom adores her, his brother and sister-in-law trust her with their child but as for the Shings, they showed nothing but pain and detest over the past years. Sure, tann saved her a few times and was a bit ‘friendly’ to her but cheating is cheating, cough cough.

Nate has been by her side since the beginning, every step of the way. He didn’t even wanna leave her and he chased after her hoping to explain the situation with Alexa. You can see the love he has for her.

Oh and one more thing, I swear if the maid goes “I must tell tann” then turns to run but steps on a twig or something, I’m done cause I’m honestly tired of this back and forth abuse and manipulation,
Karma Phuntsho Choden: oh shit..tann asked Kate to be his mistress..
ah..kate its better to marry nate ...he will take care of you ...atleast better than tann..
Jade: Im sure that the scene with the maid isnt gonna end well... R.I.P random maid
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