The Deserted Woman
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The Deserted Woman

Yoolook Culture
The Deserted Woman
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The Deserted Woman Comics Online. Falling into the conspiracy set by her sister, she witnessed her sister took away her child and married into the purple; She tried her best at the risk of death just to accompany her child; When the conspiracy is poked, what will their fate be?

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I know all of y’all are anticipating for the mature content to happen next chapter 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 don’t lie my friends!

Anyways I think it’s about time that Tann cuts ties with this “best friend” by now. I know that Tann was not even in love with Lina, and just married to her by name, but the fact that Ming slept with Lina, and was fully aware that was his WIFE that time, still kinda disgusts me to this day. Just pure betrayal and backstabbing right there.

I’m at least glad Tann swooped in and saved Kate right in time before it was too late though. I used to dislike Tann, but now I see a lot of improvement in his character. He’s gotten a lot more smarter, is more calculating when planning his next moves, and has developed a strong love for Kate.

But what about Kate? She’s one of the prettiest female MCs I’ve ever seen, but it kinda weirds me out how she has all this power and influence with her being a CEO AND a lawyer and all at the same time, but she can’t save herself in any of these situations? She wants to find justice for her maid friend, but can’t even find justice for her and her custody over Yucheng? I wish she could stop talking and put more action to it. She says she’ll avenge herself and her friend but where’s the revenge? Instead, I see a helpless damsel in distress covered in money. I hope to see more development in her character in the future! :P just my opinion that’s all! My ship looks like it’s about to sail soon yay 🚢
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Roze Black
I feel like dropping this story. I liked it at first I'm like yea a story where a woman becomes a bad ass and get her kid back and a good life. But honestly none of the characters have made any real development and when being things are discovered some other idiot ruins it. Like I don't understand the old guy and the butler's thought process of one woman kidnapping her sister's child cliaming as her own to be part of a rich family equals the sister also being a bad person and wanting to get rich. Nothing Kaite done says she is a greedy selfish person or that if yuchen was revealed as her son would hurt the family. Also Shena hasn't really done anything to equal what he calims as love for kaite and honsetly done nothing to gain kaite trust or love also vise versa so that whole romance makes 0 sense. Nate has been a great guy but his only flaw his chancing a woman that clearly done see him that way for to long. Kaite also has made no development at all she is the weakess character she is a high power ceo and lawyer but uses none of that power to help her get back her son or squash thoes that try to drag her through the mud. Her and the purple hair guy wrapped around the evil sister's finger are infurating. With all the evil that was revealed the sister did this guy he still so ignorant to think she is somehow a vicitm of kaite harrassement and bullying. honsetly ill probaly drop this story if nithing changes.
Scarlet💜: fl is so dumb so I agree
Sweeta Thokchom: it feels like their is no use of reading this comic.. its so boring now . I like it at first but now the story goes round n round. the girl is too stupid n silly and the guy. They never understand each other... Make the story base little interesting plz..
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LMAO RIP to the purple haired guy. He just wants some alone time with his wifey 😏😏 too bad the kid is back to haunt ya!

And Tann’s dad is so selfish honestly. As if Tann wasn’t miserable enough from his first arranged marriage with Lina, old fart still wants to pimp him out to marry him to some other rich daughter? It pisses me off to see tann’s sad and disappointed facial expression, and how that old man sees his son as nothing but a cash cow of his 😒. He seems exhausted from all this stupid family affairs he’s dealing with.

I can’t blame Yucheng for being upset about this situation. It must be shocking and hard to take them divorcing at that age. He’s accustomed to seeing Lina as his mother and it’ll be a major shock to see his own dad with someone else (remind u he doesn’t know Kate is his real mom yet).

And Kate is starting to annoying the hell out of me with how stupid she is. Let’s not forget she is a major part of the problem over here. I really don’t understand her logic behind Tann “using” her. Like how? He saved your ass so many times, a person with bad intentions wouldn’t invest that much time on your useless ass anyway. And as if she didn’t ruin Yucheng’s childhood as is, she’s still not trying to fix the problem she herself created by dragging this along, like JUST TELL THE TRUTH ALREADY I CANT-
Grace Heart Silvosa: yeh we are same
spread_your_wings: yeah! i didn't regret reading it! can you check out my novel and tell me in the comment because i am a new author soo if you give review it will be my honor
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