The Deserted Woman
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The Deserted Woman

Yoolook Culture
The Deserted Woman
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The Deserted Woman Comics Online. Falling into the conspiracy set by her sister, she witnessed her sister took away her child and married into the purple; She tried her best at the risk of death just to accompany her child; When the conspiracy is poked, what will their fate be?

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spoiler alert!! read at your own risk:

a lot of you have been saying that the plot has been dragging, the storys become boring, etc. well same, so i read the novel version of this story, and finished it in about 2 days.
so apparently, kate ends up as ye tianming and ye tianqings cousin. kates mother was the long lost younger sister of ye tianming and ye tianqings father, and the ye family took her into their house, and the ye fu (head of ye family) took kate in as his own daughter.
ye tianqing got pregnant by nate, and realises nate likes kate, and feels super bad about stealing from her sister, and is full of guilt. but nate eventually starts to like tianqing.
about tann shing and kate, their misunderstandings get even worse, but eventually work it out. tanns father and yucheng also eventually warm up to kate, and kate couldnt be any happier. tann also has some character development, but barely. yucheng also finds out by himself lina isnt his mother, when lina tried to kill both kate and yucheng. lina hsiao is indeed pretending to have amnesia, and frames kate and tries to kill her 2 times, but got the retribution she deserves. wang minmin also wants to kill kate, but ends up with useless legs.
Stay haruhi: I do agree at 100%
sayyed Jasmine: thanks 😊 for telling us
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Makise Kurisu
Enough Tann Shing!!!...😡😡😡😡😡😡.. Every thing has a limit.. I am really astonished that you are crossing your limit in such a way.. 😡😡😡😡.. So disgusting!!!!...😡😡😡. Do you know what I am feeling now?? I wish I could enter into this manhua and beat you hard until your so called pride is gone..😡😡
Are you still so stupid?? Don't you know lina has the habit of lying?? You heard a conversation out of the room.. Did you see who the person inside is??? Without watching anything, how can you be so sure that kate was talking with lina???
I am really surprised to see how you can be a CEO?? You were investigating for many days but you did not find the truth..You have only taken a course on "How to be a prideful CEO and misunderstand your wife willingly"...🤡🤡🤡🤡. If you are so interested to be pampered by girls, then go and search a fan girl..By keeping so many fan girls, your intention will be successful. You don't need to chase a girl, the girls will be dandling you until you are satisfied..😑😑.. But leave kate alone...
Princess {AGM}: Hey, the best ending would be Kate alone with Yucheng. I mean to think ML and FL together after this all is just disgusting
Makise Kurisu: Same thoughts..😑
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VlogTV Fantasy
Tbh i really really hate tann i mean like dude he said he love her then he doesnt trust her like the hell i am imagining right now that tann later finds the truth then kate already leaving the city tbh i want kate to leave the country i understand why kate cant fight back because no matter how hard she explains tann just wouldnt listen if he would just listen for once maybe he would understand kate he didnt even know kate's P.O.V he just assumed that it was kate tann doesnt deserve kate i hope he suffers i know thats kinda harsh but that guy really gets on my nerves i want to see him suffer i want kate to like never come back to that city or country if she leaves the country. and what also pissess me off well not really that in the end tann just says sorry blah blah blah then kate ends up crying then saying SORRY?! then blah blah blah then kate slaps tann then desides to walk away then tann holds her hand then does not let her go then hugs her then she forgives her like THE HECK?! but there is one thing i still want to say

VlogTV Fantasy: well at the same time i want something to happen to kate like her dying(near death) or she leaves tann i just want tann to feel how to cherish people before there gone i also want their son to feel that. at this point i want both of them to learn how to cherish people
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