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Can people just stop saying "I'm here for the points"? First of all is insulting towards the authors effort to create a decent story. Second of all people don't care why you read the story or not...just enjoy and respect the dedication of an author that deserves appreciation instead of comments like "here for points"
June: But it’s because of the points that most people found these stories no?
Leonix: Please read my novel and comment your thoughts about it.《Adventurer From Other World》, Check it out now.
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Leni Purwanti
oh man where exactly is your heart going?
Lin Fei or Mengqi?
But I rooting Mengqi more than Lin fei. But wherever your heart to, I will still rooting for you. well I hope it doesn't disappoint at the end.
Leonix: Please read my novel and comment your thoughts about it.《Adventurer From Other World》, Check it out now.
whaaaaaaaaaaa!!: dont take it seriously lol🤣
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Leni Purwanti
they are all too arrogant.

the MC is always looking for trouble. and troubles always come to him.
at least stay away from trouble, you're still weak.

and you should practice more and less bullshiting around. 😒
Xx HappyGachaCookie xX: well I mean what's the risk? Don't forget the plot armour~
SteamPunk◾🎩: Nahhh They cant do it...They are weakshit to do like what mc did...
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Leni Purwanti
Yes it not worthy for killing like that, it not wise.
more people Will hunt you, more people will involved and your time for cultivate Will less.
Aman Khan: currently in novel part2..one has killed herself as she was forced to marry someone else...that was really heart breaking and after that he massacred 2/3 of that force...
ALKA PURWAR: ohh 🧐🧐😮
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Straw Hat😍😘
Crazy Update pls and also guyz can u comment here your codes pls😢😢im tired of watching add Haystt
Straw Hat😍😘: lol😂😂😂
eufreaks: haha the barbie song...😁
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Aman Khan
He is the second prince Duan Wu ya..one of the most evil person...he will use Lin Feng to kill his brother the crown prince Duan Wu Dao...
ALKA PURWAR: thank u
We Stan Big Hair: Y u spoil
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Leni Purwanti
in those world full of crappy people who just know how to humiliate people and coward people who just full of yapping and barking.
Arjun Acharya
I like this mc the weaker the mc the stronger he grow when he grow at perfect height then another mountain is appeared
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
aight all of you better watch carefully and see it with your own stupid eyes you bunch of shameless assholes!

Sutha Langhu: yeah well said
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John Smith
Although reincarnation would be incredibly jarring, I think its reasonable for mcs because they know that reincarnation is a theory of what comes after death, especially in asian culture, on top of receiving the hosts memories.
Nigel Burke
I Say Dis Is A Epic Masterfully Read My Heart Pounding & I'm Goona Read All Bess Manga Ever
Joseph RD RD
later the art get worst and worst . so worst that you if compare this art to current art you actually say wtf and he look more weak and and fighting mage only at current art miss the quality art :(
Aoi Sensei: What I see that has getting worst is the Hair Art, those Girl in the current chapter look like Broom... wkwkwkwk this chapter girl hair still look nice... 😖😖😖😖
Utpol All: i agree with you
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Oruen Elmshade
at least my dick longer than this episode. 😂
Ova: yeah...because this chapter only 3 minute...your dick 4 minute...
Nexttome •: I smell cap
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Jhay Em Silva
answer is.. Lin Feng is the newbyunhai sect head.. coz the former Yun hai sect head is dead
Jhay Em Silva: srsly.. you read it.. and find I said is true
Yuvraj Singh: mind your words he is fighting there burning his life
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Arjun Acharya
why translator make mistake of spelling of don't is wrong he writer son't
Phoenix: I shall translate: why did the translator make so many spelling mistakes the word don't is spelled son't in the manga.... And to answer your question because their not the editor/cleaner they just translate. If you write a book in another language and translate it make sure that you have someone edit after it's translated.
Im-super-ugly🙃: I had to go over this so many times to finally get what it meant 😂
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Ozner Vidaurreta
I wish this got crazy update because if only 1 was. one by one. it will take longer. and the fight between lin feng and dark demon
Leni Purwanti
what relationship this his highness with Lin Feng mother?
Aman Khan: the love sick forest is built by lin feng mother and she always stay there from the she got separated with lin hai...but he is also hiding with his wife in that love sick forest...
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Dan Dan Rieso
to short but im already satisfied cause the two idiots died haha
iamunqsi: guys read my novel new world queen part 1
and if you want give me feedback
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I wonder how could they adapt so quickly, if I were them, I would’ve die from thinking how did i came here
Cyclone Pr1me: That’s a fast death
Idk who cares it's a name: Tbh I think I'd just pass it off as a dream and try walking naked
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Leni Purwanti
It just make me more curious about This lady Ice. who exactly she is?
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