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God of Martial Arts

Cloud Studio
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
wtf shes strong as f i think shes a core disciple of the ml's sect! remember the day when the ml's sect was annihilated? there were only inner core and outer core disciple presents there at the day of challend and also when some of the royal family went there to force recruit some of the talented disciples of the ml's sect the sect leader said they cant give them their core disciples cuz they serve as the pillar of the sect yet so funny thinking they werent there when the sect and leader died lol
Thousand Sunny : Are you trying to dry f*ck my skull with gibberish? Because I’d really prefer you didn’t.
Miszha Bettina Cruz: ulilulioiloiluliliioiluli of like tayo agad and then I hope soon like the l8p
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Lanch Aguirre Yasol
gooooood boy i thought you are an idiot who's going to pick some item and leave the rest.. good i it dint happend cos if that happend i will drop this manga for being an idiotic mc i ever read..
well I think author thought it's so tiring to introduce character and the world in an iskeai story so many cliffhangers,paths etc then finally after 40 chapters basics are finished so he gave character power to see the memories of previous owner so that it only takes 3 episodes instead of 30
Thousand Sunny
How did some of our comments get on here five days before the chapter was posted? It was post on November 15th, but there’s comments going back to the 10th.
prince night
OMG! if that scream more louder, I think that place not call broken sword anymore I think it will be broken city
Monsta X "Find U"
Usually the author use female character for Time travel.. And this one look more interested
Darrius Rivera: Not time travel
Darrius Rivera: Its not time its transmigration
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Just become stronger than that dumbass Master(not the sect head, instead the one who provoles him. I dont know his name i forgot) and then once u get glstronger remove his position since he is not worthy of it
Spring Trap
He promised not to tell anyone and yet he told han man
redneck: not really he just said he passed a test
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Angie Tim
guys i enjoy reading comments... so if you could write in english that'd be great., thanks
Dan Dan Rieso
indont have any points left huhu i have to wait one week tomread more on of this😔
lol fei is betrothed by her own father
Spring Trap
I like it when annoying people with high ego dies
Lin Dong my Favorite Guy: I thought your name was spring crap 😂😂
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Zoey Fitzgerald
GOMEN, GOMEN!! (Sorry, Sorry)
My twin swiped my phone
Please forgive my twins crude language
I don't like the killing in every fight 😩 . why he must kill everyone that he fights ?
The other websites are far ahead and you still here when I seen the recommendation I thought it’s something new just a waste of my time
W2K: Read mng(.)com
FIGHT0ERS: This is chapter 67,3
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Lin Feng is smoking hot. 😍😍😍 Damn it.

Lol they also look like a family, Lin Feng (father) Ming (mother) and then the children.
Juvo Bean
They still call him trash after all the power he had shown? Are they that hateful to him or just because they hate his father and they just put the hate on him because they know they can't get his father?
mel'scookies: hi you're cute
Nayli Sabrina: ?bb! ubb ni b
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lol, he's more scared of gay people than death
Harou Mclaine
What chapter is this on the other websites?
no I want the mask girl to marry Lin Feng
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