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God of Martial Arts

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God of Martial Arts
Can people just stop saying "I'm here for the points"? First of all is insulting towards the authors effort to create a decent story. Second of all people don't care why you read the story or not...just enjoy and respect the dedication of an author that deserves appreciation instead of comments like "here for points"
Anonymous : I think I would go crazy if I got new memories
Nathaniel Dela Peña: well he is an AUTHOR...
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
lol maybe what the lady said was indeed an awesome and accurate guess

lets assums that maybe lin feng's martial spirit is still in the early days thats why its just a snake but when the time comes it can gather enough energy it will evolve into a dragon and start forming the other heads after that? and lin feng will gain an incredible power for beeing chosen by the legendary martial spirit of the demon clan ..i mean just look at it at how demonic lin feng's face is when he goes on a rage lol😆

A crazy guess right? u guess guys😆
time less: yah cuz in the beginning it was very small. even his father said once he unlocked it, he will learn the secrets of his martial spirit. it is still growing. once it full mature /unlock its full potential, he will learn it was a dragon and not a snake
Lamata: Is this all the updates for the manhwa?!
Guess it's really behind. I'll just read somewhere else that's not so far behind!
Though other manhwa's here are caught up, I'll just read the other manhwa's instead!
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i actually wonder, how easy is for them to accept their souls have crossed over space and time , i mean they are like " where am i? this is not my body. wait these are the memories of this body, okay , the previous owner of this body was bullied, and now I'm here, okay so that's how it is, alright I'll accept this shitty arrangemt and make this body a badass hero now, " i mean don't they crazy over this shit sometime , most of time traveling comics have this same plot, at the beginning, at least let them get confused over what actually happened with them 😂😂😂
JAYZGAMING: I thinks its cause that he got the memories the good and the bad it feels like he’s been there the whole time it’s Like experiencing another life in a flash
sKILLer Oztaku: if it's just inheriting the body maybe you'll be have hard time accepting the arrangement he is in, but with also inheriting the memmory maybe he find familiarity and attachment to his/her new family and environment.
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hey I just remembered that his father also uses ice and now and Lin Feng also uses ice now, I'm waiting for father son reunion so that they can freeze everything and first btw
CJ MARTIN: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Meme: haha LOL
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John Comiling
So many readers post bad comments and yet they still read few episodes. Bastards don't deserve reading this kind of manga if they just hate hate not read read in a peaceful way. They have a complain then stop reading asshole.
Elham Abualrous
Who is reading this for points
Mariya Johanna Caldejon: please all of you guys if your reading this comic for points its better not to comment .what about the author who is hardworking for us to create the story interesting .and the one who are saying that they came here for points ,pls dont say it because you wont know that you may hurt tge authors feelingss im just saying
viet Dang minh: I read for point and this is a cool story
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great 9
im not liking his attitude too..
since killing or not killing doesnt solve the problem, the others still will looking for revenge. think too lowly on others life can make someone more unhuman than being cool.. too simple minded and unwise will lead to bigger problem upon himself. but still he of course still can overcome it since the author made so..
Alpha Bet: It is a rational move to kill him. But still you are right. Families will avenge him. He is a bit stupid. Although that is the only thing that makes me happy now. His stupidity. I was too angry before, then he killed that asshole. And I calmed down.Phew😂😂
Yama: aye and is mostly the only way to resolve (end) conflicts however petty it is 👍
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a certain someone
seriously, if I time travelled then it would take me quite some time to understand that I have skipped through time but these MCs be like:

"oh! seems like I have time travelled"
"meh..just another average day when I accidentally skip through time while almost dying"
April Gabayran
update please . i like how humble lin feng is, he is trying his best just to save people around him . no wonder he was chosen by the late elder north .
Teej: Being from the so called "crap", he knows what weak people feels to be in that spot. His goal for equality for all made elder north chose him. Being kind to humble and people who knows their mistakes, he make them his friends but to the people who were arrogant and look down to others, he make decisive decisions to kill them.
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Marry Grace C. Montecillo
this story is like "Martial arts reigns" they bully the ml they look down on them but regret it then after they know that they can be defeated by the ml of the story
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Good riddance! as what the golden saying is..

"Dont do to others as you dont want others do unto you"

😁😉 at saka sarap mong hampasin ng keyboard yawa ka!
Sajisha Kc
TBH, I'm here just for points
like if you are too.😆😆😆
Like You: yeah me too
||kriz||♡: me too
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SIGHT Seven Deadly Sense
Rare to find a manga that doesn’t have arrogant people who only comments who is here for coins only. Well that only proves that this is a great manga
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Alexa: mag away ang bayi na ice og ang laki dayun walay matches ang laki dayun ni retreat sila dayun patyun tong laki na nag maskara oh yeah🤘🤘🤘🤘
Alexa: spoiler alert
the guy have mask will die and their elder will no match to that girl and retreat
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Flavia Nobrega
Can you imagine being so arrogant and sexist that you bluntly declare someone is yours without her approval nor presence?
dont like to do this but you guys are way behind schedule with a few manga examples this one. go to Fanfox.net and over there is way upfront like almoat a 100chapter
Alexander Lee: ikr i already read this just reading it again
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
did you hear that?😲

Well its just my stomach being upset ..no worries folks..false alarm false alarm😂
when he cut the enemy's face , the word '奴' was written . it means slave or weak to those udk.
ShiroNeko白猫: ur wlc . happy new year
Dalitso Mwale: thanks
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Zer0taku Advanced Warlord
why do these MANGA so obsessed with
scorpion cat's there was scorpion lion
on forged success and scorpion tiger in
Zer0taku Advanced Warlord: yeah but there's too many scorpion cats
in manga toon
Arjim Yu: Maybe some sort of habit, obsession, or just a coincedental. Haha
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Thousand Sunny
Ahhh! The Golden Rule: “Due unto others as you would have them do unto you, and mess up others the same way they were planning to mess up you!”
Thousand Sunny : I meant “Do unto others” not ‘due’. Lol, I must have accidentally tapped the wrong word assist button.
Thousand Sunny : Happy New Year, Brother!!
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