God of Martial Arts
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God of Martial Arts

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God of Martial Arts
Thousand Sunny
Lin Boi, pull your bangs out from underneath the mask. It looks ridiculous like that, and it’s making me cringe.
Thousand Sunny
Han Man?! You look like a raccoon! The point of wearing that mask is not to hide your identity. The purpose of it is to hide the slave marks on your face, so if it doesn’t even cover the slave marks then there’s no point in even wear it. Look at Po Jun! He’s doing it right. You were probably one of those slow kids in school, huh? That’s okay, Han Man. We still love every single little bit of you. So don’t you change a bit, you hear?
Thousand Sunny
Thanks for the chapter update!
Leij Anlocotan
sin of lust
Undefeated my ass...
hey chill
mylife is much worthier than thrillions of those stones.
Tito Chishi
i agree.. women are indeed unfathomable..😂
Deepak Singh
who bastar** said he can't have both
Mirunin Oath
I find it pretty funny how they operate on being able to be "disguised" by putting a tiny mask on while still wearing the same clothes as always and using the exact same abilities your known for.
Thousand Sunny : It seemed to work brilliantly during that competition in his home city. Even all the members of the Lin clan together who were present couldn’t tell that Duo Ming was actually Lin Feng, even though he was wearing the same exact clothing, carrying the same exact sword and had the same hair, body and voice. And the mask he was wearing then was much, much smaller then now, so almost his entire face was exposed. It called the “Superman-Clark Kent Effect”.
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Paul Anthony
nice chapter.
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Its been a long without you my friend and ill tell you all about it when i see you again😁🤗😊😄
-Charlie Puth
rip hentai haven: if only you knew proper english
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Samuelito Kalito
Bad story line plot... Taking revenge too quickly and missed a lot of detail... Fuck this manga
time less
han man ia so sad to leave hia friend after just meeting again
Lilian Wu
hi ppl in Love this I Love you Han man
1 st yay
rommel paez
no more update?
time less
argh fot to the last update. i want more! lol
rose harris: you can read it on this one website if you like
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