Revenge of a Fierce Princess
Romance / Fantasy / TimeTravel

Revenge of a Fierce Princess

ChongZhuo Comics
Revenge of a Fierce Princess
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Revenge of a Fierce Princess Comics Online. She was powerful and got unparalleled martial arts in her last life, but she paid her true heart wrongly and resulted in death. After the rebirth, she vowed to destroy the one who hurt her, ruin the one who framed her and...

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Toka Saphira
Last year, my father took my youngest daughter (17yo) my aunt and I to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando (where he lived).
It was a sight to see! Not only were the specific effects absolutely excellent but just people watching was hilarious. Other than "Jump scares" we don't get scared, instead we love all the costumes and make-up. Because we know it's fake, we really enjoy going with those who do frighten easily, and enjoy it.

I have gone several times before. and I hate how this sounds, I'm not trying to single and one group of people out, but my favorite times are when we went with my kids (who talk back to the actors & props. She literally held up her finger and would tell them off. Kinda like a mother scolding her child. It was adorable) or with our African-American friends. These friend scare VERY easily and jump at a pin drop. and so very animated and enthusiastic even when its obvious that it's fake. My sides hurt so bad from laughing.
Princess Irene: Omg! Sure! I would love that!!

Please do check out the novel “My IdolSuperstar” or “Her secret”. I really love those 2 novels and became attached to it! I think you’ll really love it too! Also please check out “I’m the queen of this empire,” none of those stories belong to me but to other authors. If you could please do me the pleasure and read any of those, I’ll surely tell others about your novel. As a matter of fact, I’ll check it out right now!!!

So sorry to disturb, have a lovely day💕
Manishi: hello everyone! sorry to bother you guys but can you please please please check out some chapters of my new novel unwillingly winded with you. I think you people will love it.. please check it out and also, if you liked it please give it thumbs up and comment down the chapters? thank you.
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love this comic. I skipped my studies today cuz I want to read this. This is a really addictive story.
I really love 7th princess and prince. prince is soooo cool. my god I love him. And both of them are supper intelligent . soo tricky but also magnificent .
hope these two will reach a supper happy ending . plz author-san . After all these troubles they deserve a supper happy ending with there little prince or princess .

its good that this comic doesnt need points to continue reading cuz if it is I will definitely die beacuse of curiosity .😊😊
Jade: Well.. I don't want to spoil this story. 😊
but if you reallywant to know it I can answer for yur question .
April Joyce Peñaflor: what episode prince and princess have a baby?
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Does Jighan knows that Qiuyu is a phoenix? Is that y he is so obsessed with her. I wish the prince was more clever and stronger. He seems too incompetent for my liking.
Princess Irene: Hihi, sureeeee!
Please do check out “My IdolSuperstar” if you could! I’ll definitely support you if I really like it and won’t forget to give you feedback. That author is not perfect but she tried, all authors did and I realized how hard it is for you authors to work so hard and put so much effort into it to make us so happy and for that, I’ll happily read your novels and thank you!
So so soooooooo sorry to bother💕💕
Chihara Studios✔: Hello! We are currently making 2 novels. One is called "Thread Of Happiness" and the other one is called "Your Name" (yes, from the famous anime movie) if you want, you can always come down and give us feedback, maybe if you enjoy it, you can even like/ subscribe, we need criticism too, so we can improve like the rest of the authors, thanks
total 8 replies
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