Revenge of a Fierce Princess
Romance / Fantasy / Historical / TimeTravel

Revenge of a Fierce Princess

ChongZhuo Comics
Revenge of a Fierce Princess
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Revenge of a Fierce Princess Comics Online. She was powerful and got unparalleled martial arts in her last life, but she paid her true heart wrongly and resulted in death. After the rebirth, she vowed to destroy the one who hurt her, ruin the one who framed her and...

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C’mon Yuxuan aka:Quiyu’s mom didn’t look like this in previous drawings. She had blue eyes and darker hair she almost looked identical to her daughter but now she has green eyes and etc. Plus I think the writer forgets about the details about he/she portraid the characters previously or just changes his/her mind without thinking on too much. Like when the nanny of Quiyu explained the whole story of her parents her dad was basically a bad character since he didn’t believe her mom about Quiyu being his own child and even wanted to kill his own daughter... But strange enough now we see them all cuddly and her dad is like an angel calling enemys brothers and etc. Like c’mon who’s lying here!!??
Nishat: Hello everyone!!!
Can you plz read my chat story named "Returning Kindness ". It's a story about Strong female lead who turn around everything & revenge.
Ãshkam: Hey guys, If u enjoy romantic chat stories...pls give these stories a try too...
It won't disappoint you ...please❤️❤️
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Meagan Valentine Magers-Johnson
You know... your husband is emperor... whether you agree to rule your birth country or not you’re still going to be shouldering the responsibility of a county... why not combine the two into one using marriage alliance. You become emperor of Beizhou and naturally build a new city, or at least a palace, on the border
Meagan Valentine Magers-Johnson: I did already say “your husband is emperor” she was, unknowingly, born the princess of another country. Becoming the emperor of said country would create an alliance between the two with marriage
tiffany byrne: she is already married though so the best thing to done is for her to ascend and have her husband (if not already) as crown prince and then emporer and combine both kingdoms/empires and have them have a new palace somewhere inbetween/benifical and let councils run from the older palaces
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Vitorier Grace
is the crown prince is stupid or dump,a ghost can not kill by sword ,how stupid
Vitorier Grace: no,problem bro
Vitorier Grace: OK,I,will
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