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Revenge of a Fierce Princess

ChongZhuo Comics
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She was powerful and got unparalleled martial arts in her last life, but she paid her true heart wrongly and resulted in death. After the rebirth, she vowed to destroy the one who hurt her, ruin the one who framed her and...

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I really love the story. Well it gave me a lot of excitement and sorrow . Additionally the antagonists are really hateful to the bones. I dont know how they can survive this unending conflicts and conspiracies. One problem solved but there are still lots coming. I think the 7th Imperial Couple still has weak power inside the palace and they only have limited people to trust. Sorrounding them are greedy relatives with their shenanigans. Our FL is a badass and im happy she found her perfect partner although all the plots and plans were conducted by her. She is a perfect empress to be. However i think Li Jian cannot function well without Qiyu and that would be his weakness which i think he is not qualified to be an Emperor. The Males here are easily manipulated. But im still waiting for Li Jian ang Murong Qiyu’s child. Really, when will she get pregnant? They already had a lot of intimate moments!
Humiliation? you? I would like to see you feeling ashamed 😒. you are a total failure as emperor. oh his previous liver look like our 7 th princess. So Yuxuan is prince Jing's elder sister? I'm feel the lie left from his dirty mouth?😒 Why I feel he wants to use the 7th princess resemblance (she looks like a lot like Yuxuan) and cancelled 7th princess's marriage with her prince?🤔
I mean pretend that she must be a child from the emperor?🤔
anyway, this emperor is too easily to be fooled by anyon. I'm glad 7 th prince don't inherit his stupidity from his father.
AsukaHana122: No, his previous empress was Limo's mother and by fact 7th princess's aunt. No. she can't be his daughter. It's a lie built by Prince Jing to cancel 7th prince's marriage. As you said marry a sister and brother is considered like incest. That's why I said he is a failure as emperor but also as father. He doesn't know to manage his heart but also a big empire which is Xixi.
Ayuzawa(Ghosty) : Lol i thought the same his lover looks like 7th princess.. For a moment I thought it's her mother.. Maybe emperor and his lover didn't get married? 😗 Nah she can't be her daughter 😪
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Why didn’t the seventh prince just go with them? Who let their wife go drink alone with another man? It’s not like he and other thing to do? And this Murong Qiyu. Who left a husband alone behind to go drink with another man? Regardless of you thinking him as a brother or not. Why can’t you bring you husband with you? Isn’t that a courteous thing to do? And this guy, she’s some one else wife. Why still offering her to drink alone without offering the husband too? Especially when he’s also right there? But of course he knows no better, he is being drugged after all. On that note, it seems like there’s a negative effect of the love potion given to him by that princess. Stupid princess! If he doesn’t like you then he doesn’t. You forcing him by giving love potion, aren’t you ashamed? Ah but you’re shameless to begin with! Poor white haired guy
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