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Revenge of a Fierce Princess

ChongZhuo Comics
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She was powerful and got unparalleled martial arts in her last life, but she paid her true heart wrongly and resulted in death. After the rebirth, she vowed to destroy the one who hurt her, ruin the one who framed her and...

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Rachel Knight
Not gonna lie, kind of disappointed in the FL’s development. She’s not nearly as smart or scheming as she used to be. This is her revenge story isn’t it? What is she doing NOT preparing? Why doesn’t she have any plans for the future? How can she let herself fall for these petty tricks? Shouldn’t she be able to plan a little something as insurance just in case these people plot something against her?
Tracy: Kinda feel the same way. This leads the story less interesting.
Aryusirius: Indeed. She lives in a palace where there’s shitloads of plotting so at the very least she could have checked the gift.😅
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Our 7 th prince is right to rebel: his sh*try father is ruining his marriage with his wife because of a cheap lie invented by Prince Jing to separate them. As emperor, you don't want to see clearly the enemy in front of your door ready to destroy your own kingdom. Can someone kill this emperor once for all? So our 7th princess is the daughter of last emperor of Beizhou. So Prince Jing and her are related ?🤔 Or he is an adopted son and killed the legitimated sons of previous emperor because of power quarrel? I'm curious
Our 7 th prince is so brilliant: he caught the spy who eventually feel on his own trap 😳. I love how our 7 th prince is a heartless man who want to kill the mastermind behind his princess's frame😳. Now, the 7 th is already aware what are 4 th prince's intentions. I hope they will be careful since there are so many traitors inside the palace
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