Revenge of a Fierce Princess
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Revenge of a Fierce Princess

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Revenge of a Fierce Princess
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Toka Saphira
Last year, my father took my youngest daughter (17yo) my aunt and I to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando (where he lived).
It was a sight to see! Not only were the specific effects absolutely excellent but just people watching was hilarious. Other than "Jump scares" we don't get scared, instead we love all the costumes and make-up. Because we know it's fake, we really enjoy going with those who do frighten easily, and enjoy it.

I have gone several times before. and I hate how this sounds, I'm not trying to single and one group of people out, but my favorite times are when we went with my kids (who talk back to the actors & props. She literally held up her finger and would tell them off. Kinda like a mother scolding her child. It was adorable) or with our African-American friends. These friend scare VERY easily and jump at a pin drop. and so very animated and enthusiastic even when its obvious that it's fake. My sides hurt so bad from laughing.
Toka Saphira : It was alot of fun. yes, Thank you.
kingcat: Glad you’d a good time
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Aihara Jade
love this comic. I skipped my studies today cuz I want to read this. This is a really addictive story.
I really love 7th princess and prince. prince is soooo cool. my god I love him. And both of them are supper intelligent . soo tricky but also magnificent .
hope these two will reach a supper happy ending . plz author-san . After all these troubles they deserve a supper happy ending with there little prince or princess .

its good that this comic doesnt need points to continue reading cuz if it is I will definitely die beacuse of curiosity .😊😊
Aimen Khalid: Same ! this comic is so good that I just can't wait for updates! 😻
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Does Jighan knows that Qiuyu is a phoenix? Is that y he is so obsessed with her. I wish the prince was more clever and stronger. He seems too incompetent for my liking.
Linzy PA: Yes, he said it some chapters ago when he was leaving the empire where Qiuyu lives, after making so much troubles there he told her, "u r not the only one Reborn here "
Evian: you mean Jighan is resurrected too 😱😱
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Byeol XuFeng
AAAAAAAAA FINALLY we get to know a bit about ML! 😭 His Princess Warrior wants to save him, aww how romantic! But please be safe, now that you're pregnant! 😣 And hey, you stupid man, will never succeed in having FL. She totally belongs to ML and ML ONLY! HUMPH! 🙄😤
Byeol XuFeng
Oh gosh, this FL has a lot of creativity hahah. Never seen one that dares to defeat their enemies like this hahah, so crazy. I truly give her 5 stars for the BEST FL of all times! Just hope she can reunite with her hubby soon tho. Aww! 😣😭
Akossi Paulie Nayo: I hope the same thing
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Merllia Silver 💎❄
I am not gonna be able to sleep tonight 😔😭 o am weak against Horror
honestly this guy he is like a stupid bimbo woman in the way of a hero's battle yelling " I won't leave you (cause I am gonna be your liability)😒😒😒
hey author how come this guy POSSIBLY PLAN A REBELLION with that STUPIDITY
Ban Ban
Stupid prince! I hope he will be turtored to death! He’s so dumb and stupid and yet he wanted to seat on the throne with that brain of his! Gosh! What a shame! That general also just waste his resources and knowledge for supporting a waste and idiot prince like him! He’s just wasting he’s efforts for supporting a prince like that! What’s wrong with this general! Tsk tsk
Another fool man. He heard it all that b*tch take blame on him right after he sacrifice himself to protect her. Yet, he still help her blindly.
What is he up to? Is he really fell for that kind of woman? Did he slept with her as well?
Gosh.. Is he really a prince? Did you guys remember Li Mo? Even they both a bastard Li Mo still have a little look of prince more than this piece of sh... Huft.. Be chill me.. 😒..

I want to compare him with Li Jian.. But.. It really like a heaven and holesh*t... Ups..
Aihara Jade
Definitely A.
cuz I know this prince is suprisingly dump. but not Wei .
He is wise and actually looks cool .okay. I really love him.🙄
sooo.. He definitely need to survive . untill the very end and be good and join with 7 th princess .
plus.. I already shipped him with Lily.😊😊😊
Mariska Hi👌
A and am here against aaaannnyyy~ one who dares hurt our General or make the D choice😠
stupid empror of beizouh or i don't know what s it's name..keep day dreaming you will have a nightmare sooonnn muaahhhaahhaa😈😈😈
Leyan Issam
i am home alone although it is only 9 pm pretending to be studying biology and the diseases chapter
i wad like oh my is it the corona real face coming toward me from the room window 😭😭😭i almost criend
Iris Nightingale: It's 1 am for me but I ain't scared lol hehe
Iris Nightingale: It's okie! I am here UwU
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why is the guy is kinda useless or less competent than her...I least make the ml as reliable as the she needs to save her husband too😥
Threxy Avon Vacaro Quiblatin
wait???xiner just lock only on the dunguen??why not kill her already???she already has a subtitute there y not kill her???and also after kick by limo she isn't have a misscariage...what a whore
it's getting complicated and effing annoying.. why all the protagonist being so careless even after all happened in the past.. they don't learned what they're getting through??
Adelina Van As
It so must be A she has love him and it haveing a babby with him too you can't split them up know it be so sad for the 3 of then to not be eith the one they love
I luv me
hey guys.
i wrote a short story of 2 chapters. Please reat it and also give some advice.
thank you

Here's a marvellous Novel for you, 《Short story(I have 4 Boyfriend)》
well, that b*tch isn't pretty enought to made someone fall in love i think. Moreover with that behaviour of hers. Just wonder what made that stupid prince fell for her
The Tinker: it's because she isn't special, in other words the prince isn't overshadowed by his own wife. some people can feel this way unfortunately
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xiaomei is very cute, indeed 😁😁

I just wonder, in the last life limo and xiner already made an allies. How about Murong family who defend crown prince?
you bastard pushed your own flesh and blood back into the womb right after the birth 😤😠😠😠😡
NOW you are going to wish that you could go back into your mother's WOMB 😆😆😆
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