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Unforgettable Love Of Mine

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“1 million, no more!”“I know I'm very handsome but you don't have to look at me like that, I'll feel shy.”“Once you put it on, you can never get rid of it”...He gave her the ultimate care, but also made her the prisoner of love. How can she find the right person through the intricate life…?

MangaToon got authorization from Baigongyuanzhan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - yiaiweiming,yawm
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Cinderella❤ (Angel sect leader🌈)
Hey guys I'm Elmy Leader of Angel sect🌈
I came here to recruit members
to our sect
We are at 30+members
Available position left
1:Inner disciple
2:outer disciple
3:Younger elder
4:New elder
5:Co Elder
5:Eldest elder
And this our 3rd branch
If you wanna Join then add Angel sect🌈and your position in your name .Thanks you!🌈
BELLE🥀 (angel sect co elder🌈): Wow..... you all sure had your fun😂😂
Princess Aurora (JkJasmin💘) : find for me also siss
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she's worth of a 1 million! but him.. he's worth of 100 only!😂😂😂
❣Sese💞Ivy❣: yes he is!😂😂😂😂😂
❣Sese💞Ivy❣: yes he is!😂😂😂😂😂
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Hobby Unique
in my honest opinion,author if you wanted to make a story i advice you to make the male lead leave a good impression not the supporter character,then what?,chengyu would give up despite ignoring he's family's command just for fei fei?, this is the first time that i'v like the main character very much cause a lot of other stories have stupid female lead,i think it wasn't silliness/innocent anymore,its more like a morron/too ignorance,
and that guy was so arrogant ,who do he think he is to imprison fei fei?,fei fei isn't his property,yes she doesn't have a wealthy family but it doesn't mean she already can't sue rich people!,it is obviously considered as a kidnaping!,almost all of the authors think that it would be exiting if the female&male lead character is stupid&arrogant but they are wrong cause in us reader's view its really horrible and also a lot of author put some male supporter character that leaves a very good impressions and since he wasn't the male lead he'll end up getting dump and left over which makes us readers feel guilty,so whatever you do we still wan't chengyu for fei fei ,i'v already read a "LOT" of stories so im very familiar with this scense,if you made this story to entertain your readers then you should know what readers want,but if you made this story for your self then you should expect for bashes and opposite opinions.
Mara: i know right
Pervert 😂: Yea, your not hating on this comic or something but i get it. People tend to hate how the story goes or how common the story is. Or maybe how the character is. But oh well,people have different views and feelings so yeahhh , its 4 am and im sleepy so bye
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