Unforgettable Love Of Mine
Romance / Modern / Strong Female Lead

Unforgettable Love Of Mine

Unforgettable Love Of Mine
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Unforgettable Love Of Mine Comics Online. “1 million, no more!”“I know I'm very handsome but you don't have to look at me like that, I'll feel shy.”“Once you put it on, you can never get rid of it”...He gave her the ultimate care, but also made her the prisoner of love. How can she find the right person through the intricate life…?

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Strong Female Lead
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Dear Readers,

Due to a recent system glitch, ep 48 instead of ep 47 was released on January 2 (Thursday EST). As a result, you may find the story jumped ahead. Now we have fixed this problem.

Since 47 is put back, 48 is pushed into the next updating window, meaning it will be released tomorrow (Friday EST). If you find the latest update on Friday is something you have read, please go back to 47 to check the skipped chapter.

For those who have already unlocked 48, rest assured, we won’t charge you twice for the same episode. If you do experienced this problem, use the feedback function (go to “mine”-“feedback”) to get reimbursed.

Yours Sincerely,
니사: Hy mangatoon I'm new here,,, I like your working 😍🤗 please keep up the good work for us your readers 🥰😘
Rosé always: please upload more episodes
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I honestly don’t like how manipulative the ML is and how he’s forcing her into these all the time. I feel so bad for her and the way she and her original boyfriend’s relationship ended was very sad and tragic.

I don’t think the ML has any respect for her or her privacy and is gonna continue to tie her by contract and force her to do whatever pleases him. Sigh I’m hoping she’ll successfully escape him but I feel like that’s not gonna happen.

Tbh guys, I know this out of topic, and I feel like most people won’t care, but I’ve been having a really bad day lately. I Just need someone to talk to, I’ve been bullied for a month by someone on this app for 3 comments that I made. I know I comment on a lot of mangas and I do get an immense amount of replies from people, mostly positive, but I feel drained, some of the hate has been getting to me recently :(
Chimi Kimari: I'm sad
Haruka Catteneo: ur name makes me giggle so sont stop commenting I read them all the time lol
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“omg why does she hate me so much?”🤪

LMAOAO WHAT!? Maybe because you r@ped her, abused her, tortured her, held her captive as a prisoner in your home!? What kind of STUPID question is that!? How can she not hate you!? 🙄

I don’t understand how people can blame her so much but defend this garbage ML’s behavior all the time 🙄 If you think him “being in love with her” gives him a right to force her to stay, abuse her, and hold her captive against her will, then you are simply beyond delusional.

And IMO, That apology was so freaking FAKE and insincere and the way he blamed her saying she killed their child was disgusting on his part. She didn’t miscarry the baby on purpose and AGAIN would any of this have happened if you have just treated her with respect and didn’t abuse her!? of course Rui Chen would blame everyone else except himself for his disgusting actions as per usual 😑
X: Well said! & you're always stating nothing but facts about this story 👏
Nadeishko: OMG you are so right!!
It's all true!!!
total 4 replies
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