Flirty Boss, No!
Romance / CEO / Urban romance / Completed / Sweet / Possessive / Modern / Fated

Flirty Boss, No!

Yoolook Culture
Flirty Boss, No!
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Flirty Boss, No! Comics Online. This is a story of Cinderella who meets a bad-tempered prince.

We all want to live a wonderful life, and we may never ask for a life that is so gorgeous and charming, or a love that is so exciting. All we ask for is to exist in peace and security, and that is an indispensable part of a wonderful life. The momentary fragrance is just a blink of an eye, and so is love.

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Urban romance
Hottest Comments
well if this is really the ending then it is extremely disappointing. I have read this comic for past 2 months a d this is how it ends, infact, I was waiting for next chapters to be released but the end?
Just like that. Wtf author? you had so many good comics that you left hanging Arrogant CEO season 2 and now this.
I can understand that people may lose motivation and don't want to continue which is totally acceptable.
but if you are approaching a platform like Manga Toon then you must realise that you have to commit.
just because you don't enjoy working on something and want to finish it then give a reasonable endings I mean comment sections aren't full of stupid people they actually give some good ideas and in case you want to rush a comic and finish it then take some tips for an easy story and end it, like seriously, I can think of much much better ending in a single chapter.
seriously improve your attitude towards your work. if you don't want to do it don't it leave it hanging and call it finished. give it a rushed ending that is a billion times much better than what you gave us.
seriously youlook culture you have been disappointing your readers a lot and I mean it, a lot
N E Z U K O: Even the story line like come on dude what
N E Z U K O: True it's ver disappointing to me
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manga/anime or comic lesson; on how to get a guy or even a playboy to want you
step 1: work at his company
step 2: work late and after hours
step 3: be prepared with the weather
(depending on the weather)
step 4: when asked to share an umbrella start walking faster and one you know it's a playboy behind you started running
he will begin to become interested in you
Ishika Sonam: that's the fact of every manga 😂😂
I ❤ demon king: age 13💦: step 3 is little funny 😆
total 105 replies
Hmmm is he really a player, or is he acting so that he can purposefully test the waters to see if my cinnamon roll will get jealous? 🧐 hopefully it’s just him pretending to flirt with that girl but who knows! And honestly the FL looks so adorable like a little puppy, I think it’s the glasses and the cute hairstyle she’s rocking! Love the fact that she has purple hair too! Good girls can rock purple too 🥰😍
Earl John Degenion: you're here again
cookie JK: The end made me disappointed .I thought the ending will be good but it end up like that
total 195 replies
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