Flirty Boss, No!
Romance / Moder

Flirty Boss, No!

Yoolook Culture
Flirty Boss, No!
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Flirty Boss, No! Comics Online. A story about Cinderella and her prince with bad temper.

"Stay at the company, I'll give you a pay rise of 50%!"
"Well... I'll stay not for your money, but for my dream!"

Well the happiest thing in life is to find the right one to stay with, even he's cold and bossy.

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Hottest Comments
Hmmm is he really a player, or is he acting so that he can purposefully test the waters to see if my cinnamon roll will get jealous? 🧐 hopefully it’s just him pretending to flirt with that girl but who knows! And honestly the FL looks so adorable like a little puppy, I think it’s the glasses and the cute hairstyle she’s rocking! Love the fact that she has purple hair too! Good girls can rock purple too 🥰😍
Dolores Sierra Encizo: where else can I read this story?
Analuo Arcillas: ppool7i7777]7llĺ9990
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manga/anime or comic lesson; on how to get a guy or even a playboy to want you
step 1: work at his company
step 2: work late and after hours
step 3: be prepared with the weather
(depending on the weather)
step 4: when asked to share an umbrella start walking faster and one you know it's a playboy behind you started running
he will begin to become interested in you
Mion dudy: dashi run run run
Autumn Moore: Yasss girl run
total 13 replies
Byeol XuFeng
OMG what an awkward situation when your playboy boss who's normally super cold to you suddenly keeps asking you if you're alone and moreover, if you have a date with another man? Hahaha I feel you girl, it would be soo weird. And well, I think he's getting interested in her because she isn't a b* like the other formales around him. And she behaves indifferently to him most of the time and that's shocking to him haha. I really like this story so far. And the art is amazing! Just wanna know more about the stepbrother's story as well 🤔
Shristi Kushwaha: wow nice piz see more
Byeol XuFeng: Haha yeap, I'm the ghost of the comics ho-ho 😈😂😁
total 5 replies
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