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Spirit Sword Master

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The strong man was attacked and returned to his youth. He became the weakest waste young lord. He will never let go of the enemy of the previous life in this life and must make up the regret of the previous life in this life! By the time the Spirit Sword is powerful, the protagonist will be supreme in the three worlds between heaven and earth! If there is someone doesn't obey him, he will kill him with the sword!

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Hottest Comments
yogi down
his wife got kidnapped and he make more wife wkwk

but I felt bad for abby
yogi down: anyone in here , ever has read deceptions?
( ' _ ')JustManga: Me Too, I Miss Abby So Much😭😭😭😭
total 3 replies
So is anyone bother by the fact that he is about to cheat on our girl?!
StrongestKnightOfGwyn: How has a translator never heard of polygamy in that “era” of chinese history
Hakuro Inami: You been reading to much comrom romance..
total 9 replies
1st they locked it😔
2nd how can he flies with one wing?
Pina Gurung: Maybe the author didn’t want to draw another wing🤷‍♂️but we still love it🤦‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️
Thelastriddle23: 2nd its chinese, even can fly with the nose
total 6 replies
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