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Spirit Sword Master

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Spirit Sword Master Comics Online. The strong man was attacked and returned to his youth. He became the weakest waste young lord. He will never let go of the enemy of the previous life in this life and must make up the regret of the previous life in this life! By the time the Spirit Sword is powerful, the protagonist will be supreme in the three worlds between heaven and earth! If there is someone doesn't obey him, he will kill him with the sword!

MangaToon got authorization from iCiyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Spirit Sword Master:
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Azi (Light_Sect😇Elder)
Hello 👋 I am Azi a Light_Sect Elder. I came here to recruit members to our sect. We are at 30+ members.

Available Position Left
1 Elder
2 Guardian Elder
27 Inner Disciple
93 Outer Disciple


If you don’t have a discord you can just add Light_Sect😇 (position) in your mangatoon name.
Jackson Byrd: @AZI Kenichi Aburaya#8980
Leviathan: N0GAMEN0LAYP#9715 (the "o" in the no is zero)
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Ikki Kurugane
Till friday, i was in a relationship for almost 3years, our anniversary is at nov.. But suddenly that day she said something that blow off my mind..that was :"Im losing feelings for you, i can't be in a relationship at this moment at least not now" After hearing it.. I lost guys.. She was my first /true love.. And yet..yet she left me out of nowhere, i dont even know what to do.. Not even now.. But in my heart i still have a feeling that one day.... One day she will be back for me. What should i do? It hurts
KO 321: its OK let nature take its course
John Fok: I don’t think this is the place to ask ppl since 90% ppl reading manga, comics, n novels r singles.... lol (no hate but it a fact)
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
hahaha lol he tricked the dude to transfer the insect to him so that cloud can just burn him with beast fire ...poor dude he really thought hes gonna die lol cloud was just messing with him😂😂 hes a good one tho he is selfless...willing to sacrifice his life for pretty sure hell be a good comrade in the future
Jason Leong Shang Ming: Cloud said that he is burning the insect and the spiritual sea together. ... if the kid doesn't have a spiritual sea, the kid might have just DIED, so maybe the transfer was necessary
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