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Warm Wedding

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To pay the benefit, Charlotte married into Fan family. She believed that her husband is Shine Fan, who were seriously burnt and isolated in special care. But as time went on, she found that Ron Fan, the brother of Shine, are acting strangely towards her…

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Princess Hinata
I have recently listened about many spoiler.. Some people are saying "Ron and Charlotte will be together", there are some people who are saying, " Ron and Mo will be together", Others are saying, "Ron will go on adultery with many women" while other are saying, "Ron will not do anything adultery".

I actually don't what will be the future of this manhua or what The Author is thinking..

But I will still say that Ron is a b*stard, psycho, egoitic person.. He just lied her wife without no reason and psychologocally tortured which does not make any sense.. Why?? In fact not only Ron, his whole family is psycho.. He just did it to protect her which is really a ridiculous and stupid logic. If he told her truth from the beginning, Charlotte would help him in handeling his Shine's matter..Ron's whole family just used her as a machine but did not care about his feelings...

As for Charlotte, she does not have any self esteem, personality. I don't blame on charlotte for being gullible because it was Ron's fault.But She is always so soft on Ron when Ron makes love with him.. Does not she have any mouth?? Does not she slap him? If were in place of charlotte, i would never forgive this Ron and his family and flee away from their crazyness.

Ridiculous logic of Ron!! He just hide things for not hurting charlotte but did he consider how did charlotte feel?? What is she going through?? So b*stard guy...,😠😠😠😠😠
Olivia L Jongte: yuohffxgggdiifg😡😡😡
Bîgiu Nicu Adriana: q4444ghbv gf5
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Princess Hinata
I am currently reading this novel from chapter 260 to 750.. After reading novel, I am still not satified with the character of Ron..It is true, he is trying to change but he is still so arrogant..
And My heart aches by thinking about the sufferings of Charlotte.. What a cruel life she lead!!!..She has to go through a lot of sufferings.. What an unlucky girl!! She does not have her own parents from her childhood.. She does not have any peaceful moments in her uncle's house and is always bullied by her cousins..And the worst day comes in her life when she is married to Ron..Unlimited torturing of yveg, lying of ron's, imprisonment in Ron's father's house for 5 years etc many more.. But does a girl like charlotte deserve this life??? She should deserve a better life.. I am sorry to say that If I was in place of Charlotte, I would never entangle with ron and I would definitely divorce Ron and I would find a better partner. Ron is just arrogant, selfish and b@stard person..
In reality, people like charlotte has to suffer like this.. People always takes advantages of girl like charlotte.. They always find the oppurtunity to bully her, use her according to their own wish.. Charlotte is really pure hearted and kind girl but her lack of dignity and confidence pisses me very much..
To my point of view, a person should not loss courage in any situation..She should be brave enough to move forward.
Princess Hinata: Though I have not completed the full novel, but I will like to say that Ron's activities are beyond to the limit of forgiveness.. He has just crossed his limits. He abandons his wife, after 5 years he r@pes her again. When he found about his son, than he tries to change which seems to me very ridiculous..
As for charlotte, she is really naive.. After 5 year's sufferings, she should know how to be a strong woman but unfortunatly she is not like that..😑😑😑.. She just thinks like that, "I don't have money, I don't have house, how can I live without Ron bla bla bla..." which pisses me so much.. She should choose to do small works rather than depending on other.. She is also at fault by getting deceived and tricked by those people..
Coco Cookiss: Really.. I don't Really like The FL from Chinese Manhua, usually They come like Gentle, Kind, Easy to Bully..
I would really like it if They can Fend for Themself, or be a Villain instead Being Bullied..
Makes My Heart Aches..
And Makes Me Real Mad to see They Get Bullied..
And I Come To Get The Idea Like:
If You Fall In Love Hard, Then You Lose..
They Usually Fall For The Bad ML instead of some Kind & Gentle Side Character..
Really Stupid..
If I could say something, I'll Tell Them:
You should Choose Wisely..
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Princess Hinata
Charlotte has just known that ron was pretending as shine but she still does not know that ron is her husband because i read this manhua untill 185 chapter...Well, I was really happy with the chapter but I was dissapointed at chapter 170-173... Because ron will again have s*x with charlotte and the ridiculous matter is charlotte won't obtest him..😑😑😑. There is still no truth reveation until chapter 185.

Dear Author, let me tell you something.. Your writing is really good. This manhua was really interesting at the beginning but you make the character of charlotte over imaginay soft. Woman is also human. They are not doll, game or product with whom people can play easily.. Charlotte will be played again and again by ron but in last charlotte will have to forgive him.. Why?? Is woman a kind of joke?? Ron's and Ron's family lying towards charlotte will just cross the limit but in the end charlotte has to be soft and forgivable in front him. Does it make any sense??. I am also woman but i can't tolerate a woman with low personality.

Dear author, I am not critizing you. I am again saying your work is really good but please don't make a woman so dumb like charlotte.. It is really painful. My purpose is expressing my own personal opinion but not to offend other.. If anybody gets hurt, accept my apology..☺☺☺☺
Anastasia Lynn: hi😂😂😂
Princess Hinata: hellow...
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