Warm Wedding
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Warm Wedding

Warm Wedding
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Warm Wedding Comics Online. To pay the benefit, Charlotte married into Fan family. She believed that her husband is Shine Fan, who were seriously burnt and isolated in special care. But as time went on, she found that Ron Fan, the brother of Shine, are acting strangely towards her…

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Princess Hinata
I am currently reading this novel from chapter 260 to 750.. After reading novel, I am still not satified with the character of Ron..It is true, he is trying to change but he is still so arrogant..
And My heart aches by thinking about the sufferings of Charlotte.. What a cruel life she lead!!!..She has to go through a lot of sufferings.. What an unlucky girl!! She does not have her own parents from her childhood.. She does not have any peaceful moments in her uncle's house and is always bullied by her cousins..And the worst day comes in her life when she is married to Ron..Unlimited torturing of yveg, lying of ron's, imprisonment in Ron's father's house for 5 years etc many more.. But does a girl like charlotte deserve this life??? She should deserve a better life.. I am sorry to say that If I was in place of Charlotte, I would never entangle with ron and I would definitely divorce Ron and I would find a better partner. Ron is just arrogant, selfish and b@stard person..
In reality, people like charlotte has to suffer like this.. People always takes advantages of girl like charlotte.. They always find the oppurtunity to bully her, use her according to their own wish.. Charlotte is really pure hearted and kind girl but her lack of dignity and confidence pisses me very much..
To my point of view, a person should not loss courage in any situation..She should be brave enough to move forward.
Princess Hinata: n o v e l o n l i n e f u l l . c o m.....
Maria Magdalena Phing: where can i get the novel of warm wedding?
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Jian Mo
Like everyone of you, I also started to hate Ron when he behaved so indifferent towards Charlotte but trust me you will regret it. When Ron goes to meet Charlotte and his brother he bluntly ignores Charlotte, only caring about his brother and when he is asked to chose whose life he wants to save, he still chooses Shine. I hated him most at that moment. But when the time came, he comes forward to take the bullets on himself. After all these, Charlotte still tries her best to protect Ron. He says to her "idiot, you don't deserve to die for me" this line really broke my heart and guess what he actually assigned his friend to save Charlotte without even telling anyone. Then I realized that though he never expresses, he is very cruel towards Charlotte but in real he truly loves her and he will never let any harm come to her. I hope that one day he will accept his feelings towards Charlotte openly
Jian Mo: The episodes have same numbering as posted in mangatoon so you can start from the next chapter
Kia chopra: Which episode should i start from
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i know i cant feel bad for yvon either, but i do. i know she did many bad things but i hope she changes, see she was worried for the fan brothers, shes just obsessed with ron.. i know shes been bad to charlotte, but everyone has their own light. Yvon wasnt born evil she was influenced, if only she was raised properly then she might have chased after ron properly.. and fought for him properly..

i always feel bad for the antagonists of each story since i feel like its not their fault, they were just brought up that way and was influenced with the bad side of the world. i hope each bad person will change for the better, everyone in the world deserves happiness, even from the small things.. they should be happy.

nobody is bad, its just how they were raised, and influenced, dont you copy your parents when you are born, or do things you are influenced by others? its all part of life and the human mind.

i hope they are forgiven and given a chance by the person that they wronged, i just feel a little sad somebody in the world is feeling despair while i laugh with my friends.. hopefully everyone can also bathe in that bright light we live in.
Princess Hinata: Well, hetun is responsible for yvog's misdeeds.. If Hetun did not pressure on yvog and Ron did not play with her, she might be a different woman..
To my point of view, yvog/lan you you is the culprit but she is also the sufferer one...
She should be sent to jail for her misdeeds but killing her in a cruel way is not a solution to my point of view...
Afia Azad: That bitch is a shit
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