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Warm Wedding

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To pay the benefit, Charlotte married into Fan family. She believed that her husband is Shine Fan, who were seriously burnt and isolated in special care. But as time went on, she found that Ron Fan, the brother of Shine, are acting strangely towards her…

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Spoiler alert 🚨

Charlotte will find out the whole truth and she’ll be very mad and she’ll decide to leave him but Ron doesn’t want her to leave so he locks her up but his brother tells him to let her go and after that his brother commits suicide and the aunt that works at the villa goes to Charlotte gives her soul and some money but charlotte suspects that something happened because the aunt looked weird so she asks what’s going on by nobody tells her then she calls the driver and he accidentally tells her so she goes to the hospital and Ron tells her to leave but she refuses to then he brings that girl to help Ron be better and she stood up next to Ron for 10 hours and Charlotte feels a little sad and jealous because Ron starts to give that girl special treatment which is pretend to love and care about her cuz she woke up his brother but the aunt feels that Charlotte is not safe because that girl would do anything to get Ron (even kill Charlotte)

Hope I guys liked it ❤️❤️❤️

Zeina Ahmed: where did you read it?
malak : The story hasn’t ended yet so idk but I hope it is
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here comes the devil 😈😈......🤣🤣😂🤣🤣......u r as good as dead girl......😛😛
just reading: the time you ask me i was sleeping 😅😅.
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