Warm Wedding
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Warm Wedding

Warm Wedding
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Warm Wedding Comics Online. To pay the benefit, Charlotte married into Fan family. She believed that her husband is Shine Fan, who were seriously burnt and isolated in special care. But as time went on, she found that Ron Fan, the brother of Shine, are acting strangely towards her…

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✨ S P O I L E R ✨

I’ve read the whole novel and whoever thinks Ron doesn’t love Charlotte then lemme tell u something.

If u guys doubt that Ron ONLY AND DID love Charlotte because of their son then you’re basically wrong.
I have to say it’s not about samuel..Ron really did love Charlotte, he even risked his own life for his wife and son. Rotang and his men locked him up in the basement with no food, water, electricity whatsoever just because he wanted to save his wife and son from Rotang. He even trespass rotangs residence or house, He was severely punish, Rotangs men beat him to the pump, Lash his whole body, he was barely breathing, he was chained with both of his hands locked, he was like hanging while charlotte was locked up in her room. Samuel still hates his father but after charlotte persuading his son not to hate his father, his son thinks twice about it until Charlotte snuck some food into Samuel’s little pockets (I think it was chocolates?? i forgot)so that his father could eat even just a little bit, and let Samuel bring a storybook so that his father could read it for him, since Samuel can go to the basement. Samuel was loved and treated like his Rotangs son, not until Samuel did him dirty and sided with his Mom and Dad. Many things happened in the story and don’t u ever think twice about Ron’s love for Charlotte..He might be a dick but he sure does loves his wife and son, his family:)

Be calm (b_t): u don't have to be super man to be a ML. ML just means narrating the story he lived even if he is a moron. some could still explain the story with samuel POV or ivon POV. and then they could be the ML or FL
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Chen Liyue
Ron is more concern about his son rather than charlotte.. He can make a gentle conversation with his son.. He can hold an unlimited patience to explain the matter to his son in a gentle way..He can only make it clear to his son that he is not the father of ella.. He can express his love to his very perfectly.
But, in case of charlotte, I really explore the opposite things. For making charlotte to stay, he can have a forceful s*x with her, he can choke her, he can scold her..🤡🤡🤡.. Did he explain this matter to charlotte like he did it to samuel???..🙃🙃🙃🙃.. What a unique style of expressing love 🤡🤡🤡!!!!!
He can show his love to his brother, son and friend but in case of charlotte, he does not know how to express love...🤡🤡🤡🤡.
To conclude, charlotte is at low position in his ranking list..He wants charlotte because of his son and his obsession towards her body..
He was slapping lan you you it is not like that he minds lan you you about using slangs towards charlotte.. He was slapping lan you you because he wanted to show off his faking love in front of charlotte.. It is one kind of his technique to stop charlotte.. If he was so concern about charlotte, then he would not sacrifice charlotte for his brother and allow lan you you to torture charlotte..
Feng xing lang is indeed a clever person who knows how to play with women's emotions....🙃🙃🙃
꧁༼;´༎ຶ☬✿𝕻𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖊☯✿☬༎ຶ༽ ꧂: Welcome (~‾▿‾)~
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Lmao, you put Yvon through the same thing and NOW you feel sorry for what you did to Charlotte? Oh god, I can literally hear the mini violin playing in the background as I read through this chapter! 🙄

You want to make it up to them yet you won’t give them freedom and let them have time away from you? Then you’re not truly sorry for what you did 😴 imo Ron is just being the selfish needy prick he usually is. Forcing them to stay with him is just only gonna make things worse on the long-run.

Also, I don’t get why people are always victim-blaming Charlotte and making stupid assumptions that she did not teach their son any manners or respect. Um, seriously?? Do you guys not see how much Samuel dotes on Charlotte and has mad respect for her? AT LEAST SHE WAS THERE FOR HIM AND RAISED SAMUEL! Where was Ron!? He only respects Charlotte and not Ron for obvious reasons. It’s not Charlotte’s fault that Samuel doesn’t have any respect for Ron. What goes around comes around. Ron always disrespected Charlotte and treated her like trash, and now he’s getting the same exact treatment from his own son for what he did to his mother. He 100% deserves it and Samuel does NOT EVER need to respect some b•stard that abandoned them and r•ped his mother after tying her up to his bed.

Respect is something that is EARNED! Ron didn’t do jack sh•t to earn any respect from Samuel. It’s not Charlotte that is making Samuel not respect him, it’s RON and his actions that made him lose respect for him.
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