Bossy President
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Bossy President

Bossy President
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Bossy President Comics Online. An imaginary child ties together a British born Eurasian with a beautiful cartoonist.. She had no right to rebel...

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I love this comic and all, but why are many Aubrey fans in this comic overall so insensitive and like to throw around words like r*pe/abuse in their comments and sugarcoat it to sound less damaging than it really is?
“Sure he r*ped her and did bad things but he didn’t mean it” (50+ likes)
“I know that he almost killed her but he loves her” (deleted)
“I agree with the way he harassed her was really bad, but he changed”+“he may seem as a ‘r*pist’ and their relationship may seem ‘toxic’..” WTF!?!?!?😱🤢
Do ppl even know how problematic this is!? u realize this is a VERY sensitive word to use and this could really hurt real life victims that can come across and see your comment? There are ways to show love/support for Aubrey without desensitizing r@pe/abuse people. It’s very belittling and disrespectful to the victims out there that have to live with that trauma for the rest of their lives. Be careful with your words!! It doesn’t have to be directed towards them to upset them!And let’s not use his mental illness as an excuse to justify his abusive behavior!Reasons.don’t.justify.actions! Serial killers are mentally ill too!🙃You’re enabling his behavior! And stop blaming the victim (Nina) for rejecting him, bc what he did to her wasn’t some “small mistake”, it’s abuse. I love Aubrey, but do these people even think before commenting!? and I’m MORE SHOCKED at how many people agreed with them!🤦🏻‍♀️
Angela Yi: Over-protective? You mean holding her captive against her will? Refusing to give her freedom? What an understatement 👁👄👁. You think him having paranoia means it’s justifiable? In real life cases, I’m pretty sure if someone like Aubrey were to kidnap someone and hold them captive, r@pe them, etc. they would automatically get arrested and be all over the news. They know how he clicks, it’s just Nobody gives a shit if you’re mentally ill if you break the law. especially the judge in court.

Want me to give you a real life example?
Juulian: I mean I support Aubry because he is showing that he loves nina and he's never been in love before and think of someone who is paranoid I think they would be paranoid about that person and they have a crush they are going to be over protective I really don't want to start an argument I'm just saying condenser Aubrey as a goodish guy and that you have to see things from his prospective
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And the quote of today is....

“Mr. Kung, a gentleman won’t push a woman to do what she doesn’t want to.”

Honestly I’m so disgusted with the part when Aubrey elbows Nina and ends up pushing her to the ground with her already broken arm 😒, Charles is 100% right and I can understand that Aubrey does love Nina, and is extremely angry because of his jealousy, but he needs to calm down and not take this out on Nina. That’s the problem over here, Nina did absolutely NOTHING wrong, Charles was the one that approached her, not the other way around.

He shows remorse after she hits the ground and proceeds to try to help her and pick her up, but after Nina tells him to stay away, he threatens to kill both of them when she walks away with Charles!?!?!? 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

Boy you can’t kill her, and even if you do, that’s not gonna change the fact that she’s scared of you and wants her freedom. I’m so disappointed in Aubrey’s behavior ONCE AGAIN this chapter 🙃, I’m pretty sure Nina would much rather die than be treated this way by you for the rest of her life.

I bet there’s STILL gonna be victim blamers in the chapter saying it’s Nina’s fault for pissing Aubrey off, I already see it coming 🙄
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I’m getting REAAAAL tired of people using Aubrey’s paranoia as an EXCUSE for all the HORRIBLE things he’s done to Nina. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE, EVER, for him putting his hands on her, abusing her, and keeping her captive in that house, and there is NO EXCUSE for him to try to force Nina into being his mistress. Yes he has been forced into an arranged marriage with someone else, but nobody held a gun to his head and told him to make her mistress FFS!! His mental illness is not some permission card to excuse him from all the horrible things he’s done and is doing to Nina even up to this chapter! You’re enabling that kind of behavior! Reasons DON’T justify ACTIONS! I think he’s sane enough to be held accountable for his actions, he his not that insane people! 🤦🏻‍♀️ and last time I checked, abusing and r*ping someone is NOT a symptom of ALL paranoia patients! It’s so DISGUSTING that people are making up excuses for his behavior, even saying he loves her as an excuse. She doesn’t owe him anything, and just because he loves her back doesn’t mean she has to love him back, either.

This whole “oh he has paranoia, it’s not his fault Nina TRIGGERED (!?!?) his illness, it’s HER fault for irritating him. He couldn’t control himself.” Is just beyond me honestly. Serial killers and school shooters are mentally ill too, so it’s not their fault that they murdered people and shoot up schools? They “couldn’t control” themselves either 🤦🏻‍♀️ YIKES people!
Anonymous: why did she write her essay on the wrong app lol
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Same here! Can’t stop reading, this is too addictive
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