Bossy President
Romance / CEO

Bossy President

Bossy President
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Bossy President Comics Online. An imaginary child ties together a British born Eurasian with a beautiful cartoonist.. She had no right to rebel...

MangaToon got authorization from iCiyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Bossy President:
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Hyuna La Folia Reinheiven
this manga keeps me surviving from my new quarantine environment....

I woke up🤤
I eat🍛
I take a bath🛀
I eat🍲
I sleep🛌

but what sometimes I hate most is the continuous orders from my mom...but any way it's not like I hate chore but come on its too tiring😅😅😅😅...

anyway just be safe my fellow readers😷😷😷
Hi everything💕: ok thank you...
Debobpriya: I have checked it, can you also please check out my chat story
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Y soooo kind with Charles but pushes away Aubrey when she has the chance. God nina Aubrey gave u everything he loves u but yet u didn't even give him a chance and when Charles comes along u run to him
🌸🍒🌸🍒🌸: Nina is not a cure. As if she is his psychiatry or vitamin for him that he should drink everyday 🤡 *sarcasm
Grunge bisss: Since she's entangled with him already it's her only way out. It's impossible for Nina to run away from Aubrey.
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Couldn’t wait to see how the full story goes.
I’m with Nina and couldn’t wait to follow her journey, and big decisions she will have to make along the way. She deserves to have happiness after all this thing.

Aubrey treated her badly at the beginnings, out of humanity.
But, he’s not “well” and mental health problem is something which most of us wouldn’t be able to relate to, there’s certain darkness which only people who experienced can understand.

So, I’m also willing to follow Aubrey’s journey to face his mental problem, and see whether he become more “mad” or get better psychologically.

I think if the author able to put everything into perspective, this manga can have deep meaning for all of the reader, and we can learn from it.

choy: “Certain darkness which only people who experienced can understand” Truuuee
GaRe: try reading this into 2 apps

Novelcat: My Lord, my domineering ceo president

iReader: Domineering ceo & doninated me
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