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Bossy President
Bossy President
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Romance / CEO / Drama / Sweet / Tragic / Pregrant / Possessive / Moder
Author Name: iCiyuan

A paranoid present came to me and ask for a kid?! He is handsome. He is rich. He is a high-born and the heir of a multinational company. However, there is definitely something wrong with his brain!!! Because I have no idea where the kid he is talking about and I have never seen him before! Come on, somebody helps me. How could I get away with this bossy president!!! Woman, give my child to me! MangaToon got authorization from iCiyuan to publish this content, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

Positive Reverse
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Updated to Chapter 427    /    (295385)
 Updated to Chapter 427 
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Couldn’t wait to see how the full story goes.
I’m with Nina and couldn’t wait to follow her journey, and big decisions she will have to make along the way. She deserves to have happiness after all this thing.

Aubrey treated her badly at the beginnings, out of humanity.
But, he’s not “well” and mental health problem is something which most of us wouldn’t be able to relate to, there’s certain darkness which only people who experienced can understand.

So, I’m also willing to follow Aubrey’s journey to face his mental problem, and see whether he become more “mad” or get better psychologically.

I think if the author able to put everything into perspective, this manga can have deep meaning for all of the reader, and we can learn from it.

喵: Hmmmm
Lulu Lumague: i love this story.. I even check this out from time to time, if it is already free to read...kudos!
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Y soooo kind with Charles but pushes away Aubrey when she has the chance. God nina Aubrey gave u everything he loves u but yet u didn't even give him a chance and when Charles comes along u run to him
¶×Π♛♕Jelsa♕♛×Π¶: OK...
muffin time: gays.
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Ousmane Balde
i fell like Nina will really fall in love with Aubrey, Aubrey already loves her, he just have a very hard heart that so he cannot tell her.
and it also looks like Charles has got or is getting back his lost memories.
¶×Π♛♕Jelsa♕♛×Π¶: Gays Check my new chat story it will blow your mind's Title. Devil Sister's and Brother's
Nina Sze: well..I already completed your wish
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Offical Account—JoJo
Do you like Aubery?If you like himplease gather here!
Nina Sze: Well..I already confessed my feelings
now you convince him to marry me
and kill that mona
I'm giving this task to you
eilish_snow: hi po
total 57 replies
Offical Account—JoJo
Do you like Aubery?If you like himplease gather here!
dark Knight: yeah he's cool I like him too😍
Gaurav Garg: I like him
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Even Money Can't Buy Love
What a Useless thing to be called
¶×Π♛♕Jelsa♕♛×Π¶: Gays Check my new chat story it will blow your mind's Title. Devil Sister's and Brother's
Nina Sze: Indeed, I've given Aubrey a lesson about this
total 7 replies
idk but i kinda want her and charles to get together. its like everyone here just forgot aubery's a rapist
Shreya Jasmine: I didn't forget about that. His disgusting. i want her to be single at this point
🌙Soumya[EMTCAdMWc)MMDC: hey buddy can you please read my new chat story princess time travel ☺️
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Princess Shark
Toooo shorttttt😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I've been waiting for about 24 hours and now I just need about 30 seconds to finished it😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔
Demon girl: your welcome and yea I really like it thanks
🌙Soumya[EMTCAdMWc)MMDC: tq very much 😂
total 99 replies
Kimmie Condez
what a kid
I really think that mr. kung is the child he's been looking for
demon slayer ♏😈: you are amazing you are funny and you are cool like anime wouldn't be happy without you
✨👹the right hand of Satan👹✨: hole😂😂😂
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1 like = 1 bottle of holy water for aubury
🌠💡Namie💡🌠: i need 2 holy water and 3 blich for my eyes!
FlattyKawa: i need more
total 52 replies
Turnip Tulip
I want that towel (the never falling one)
S Dash: I want also
Snowy: lol 🤣
total 123 replies
u better watch out
u better go hide
u better not cry, im telling u why
aUbEry kUnG iS cOmiNg tO tOwN
ArisMisae: This storys plot is interesting
Candy Jholz: hi, sorry to bother you... please check out my chat story " Love Me Once ".. thanks🥰
total 159 replies
Coco Queen
I was innocent before I downloaded this app
no one: true same
itsss me skyyy: yahh same ;-;
total 289 replies
Donna Turner
can I kill all the men in this story 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
ruzana 🥰🍬: kill them all
cherry: even I want to 🙄
total 188 replies
(busy)♥why taekook are cute♥
Dora the explorer...

you soon gonna Explore...

the hell....
anime girl: yes dora explore the hell already
アビゲイル: i was laughing when i read this comment
total 107 replies
Kimmie Condez
asm Majumder: good speech man
asm Majumder: yes sze break it or throw the glass at her!👿
total 71 replies

If you are an Aubery fan that gets easily offended by ANY sort of criticism about Aubery, then please do not read my comment. If you attack my posts and tell me not to read this story just bc I don’t like the same characters/share the same opinion as you, I will block you and also screenshot your comments and report them. You are better off ignoring and scrolling, because nobody has the right to tell me/other people to not read this story regardless of their opinion about the ML or FL.

He still is very rude and disrespectful towards her. It’s as if he thinks about nothing but s3x whenever he sees her, like she’s your GIRLFRIEND not a hooker! It’s been 300 chapters and he still has a lot to improve on. I still stand by my opinion that Nina deserves better than that.
Erica: deserve the ratio
total 285 replies
Kimmie Condez
I think Mr. Kung is pregnant!!
after vomiting and feeling dizzy...
Sign of pregnancy
cherry: 🙂wut hahhahahah
Sonu Rawat: woowww
total 131 replies
i think he gain his memories back and realize the stupid shit he had done to nina...but i hope he won't disturb nina cause he already had dora pregnant with his child
Nina: emmm that'sh tired actually not tires typo mistake
Nina: Huff imma now tires of this Charles guy me only wants Aubery and Nina to be together forever just that without any troublesh
total 62 replies
Maha Chaidhry
I will DRAG him by his ass
me✨✨: Wait how does that work…do you…nvm…
Eliza Ali: me to
total 69 replies
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