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I love this comic and all, but why are many Aubrey fans in this comic overall so insensitive and like to throw around words like r*pe/abuse in their comments and sugarcoat it to sound less damaging than it really is?
“Sure he r*ped her and did bad things but he didn’t mean it” (50+ likes)
“I know that he almost killed her but he loves her” (deleted)
“I agree with the way he harassed her was really bad, but he changed”+“he may seem as a ‘r*pist’ and their relationship may seem ‘toxic’..” WTF!?!?!?😱🤢
Do ppl even know how problematic this is!? u realize this is a VERY sensitive word to use and this could really hurt real life victims that can come across and see your comment? There are ways to show love/support for Aubrey without desensitizing r@pe/abuse people. It’s very belittling and disrespectful to the victims out there that have to live with that trauma for the rest of their lives. Be careful with your words!! It doesn’t have to be directed towards them to upset them!And let’s not use his mental illness as an excuse to justify his abusive behavior!Reasons.don’t.justify.actions! Serial killers are mentally ill too!🙃You’re enabling his behavior! And stop blaming the victim (Nina) for rejecting him, bc what he did to her wasn’t some “small mistake”, it’s abuse. I love Aubrey, but do these people even think before commenting!? and I’m MORE SHOCKED at how many people agreed with them!🤦🏻‍♀️
Aleysha Lafleur: yeah i agree
Stupidity: It's totally fine 😅😁 Everyone can express their views and defend their views..
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Takia Farzan
That's it...My brain be like---
💛Nina is...too stupid to understand how much Aubery cares for her???🤔
💛Aubery was kinda torturing Nina when he met her???🙄
💛Yuki wants a sugar daddy???💁
💛Charles loved Nina,then forgot,then remembered again & now......🤦‍♀
❤Whatever it is,Nina is falling for Aubery...😊😇😁
Takia Farzan: Me neither...🙋
Stupidity: I can read this comic even if it is 1000+ chapters..
I don't want this to be a messed up one..
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I’m getting REAAAAL tired of people using Aubrey’s paranoia as an EXCUSE for all the HORRIBLE things he’s done to Nina. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE, EVER, for him putting his hands on her, abusing her, and keeping her captive in that house, and there is NO EXCUSE for him to try to force Nina into being his mistress. Yes he has been forced into an arranged marriage with someone else, but nobody held a gun to his head and told him to make her mistress FFS!! His mental illness is not some permission card to excuse him from all the horrible things he’s done and is doing to Nina even up to this chapter! You’re enabling that kind of behavior! Reasons DON’T justify ACTIONS! I think he’s sane enough to be held accountable for his actions, he his not that insane people! 🤦🏻‍♀️ and last time I checked, abusing and r*ping someone is NOT a symptom of ALL paranoia patients! It’s so DISGUSTING that people are making up excuses for his behavior, even saying he loves her as an excuse. She doesn’t owe him anything, and just because he loves her back doesn’t mean she has to love him back, either.

This whole “oh he has paranoia, it’s not his fault Nina TRIGGERED (!?!?) his illness, it’s HER fault for irritating him. He couldn’t control himself.” Is just beyond me honestly. Serial killers and school shooters are mentally ill too, so it’s not their fault that they murdered people and shoot up schools? They “couldn’t control” themselves either 🤦🏻‍♀️ YIKES people!
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Thank you I feel flattered! Reading this brightened my mood today 🙂
Yoonmin Shookchim: I look forward to your comments, as much as I look forward to read a new chapter
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I’m hoping nobody is actually taking romance comics like these seriously and just enjoy it as a fantasy or for entertainment bc I’ve noticed SOME individuals that really believe that this is a true representation of what a relationship should be like and of what love really is. I noticed a comment that low key blamed Nina for Aubreys relapse and claiming that obsession is love while spewing nonsense saying you can force someone you love to stay with you and force them to love you back. Whoever is making these types of comments online, GO OUTSIDE, get a life, talk to people, make some friends because that is NOT love. Abuse cannot coexist with love! This is a romance story and should REMAIN as a story, it’s not supposed to be a real representation of love, and it’s not supposed to be what a healthy relationship should be like! Some of these people need psychiatric help more than Aubrey, like I’m genuinely concerned 😐 some of their comments make it VERY obvious that they do nothing but plan their faces onto their phones and look at romance manhuas 24/7 🙄 like if you’ve ever had a relationship before you wouldn’t say these ridiculous nonsense online. Some of you people are a danger to society, this is SO disturbing 😣
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: In real life this is just pure abuse and obsession and it could end up as a criminal charge in court, some of these kids must have no social life and read too much of these that it’s starting to affect their judgement. It’s like watching a Disney movie, it’s not meant to be seriously and exists just for good laughs and entertainment
Esther Bridon: I really agree with what you are saying its a story and just a story and it should remain that real life this should never exist especially in a relationship because this causes many women to go crazy or hurt themselves and it's so sad
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Honestly why is everyone cursing at Nina and calling her stupid just because she wants her freedom and to get away from Aubrey? 🤯She was forced to stay in that mansion for a long period of time, and he constantly abused her over and over again and not too long ago he abused her because she didn’t want to become his mistress. And I saw people blaming her for not wanting to be his mistress either, which honestly blows my mind because who the hell wants to be a married man’s mistress anyway? She was always a second choice in the Sze’s, but then Aubrey put her out of being the second choice in that family just to try to make her his second choice in his life. Nina just wants a stable family relationship that she never had..

And why are some people surprised and outraged that Nina thought Aubrey killed Yuki and Bob? Compared to a few nice things Aubrey has done for her, he’s hurt her WAY more than helped her. How he treated her in the past affects how she thinks of him as a person. I wasn’t surprised at all that she thought Aubrey killed them, he almost killed her when he sent her out to the forest to die, what makes people think she would think any differently with Yuki and Bob’s case? I don’t think it would be easy for Nina to fall in love with Aubrey unless he makes some changes ASAP! HE is the one that needs to change, not her!
Kath: Yeah so insensitive. Idk why it's hard for others to empathize. I got my hands down for you for taking a stand to what's right and for being on the side of the real victims. It's really hard for them and would be harder if they've read some of those comments. Like, come on, EMPATHY, guys. It's never the victim's fault.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I understand people are very impatient with the progress of this story, but it really bothers me when people say things like,
“He has paranoia he can’t control it it’s not his fault”
“I know that he r*ped and abused her but he didn’t mean it and he loves her very much”
“Nina is so stupid (for not accepting Aubrey)”

Some of these comments are SO insensitive and disrespectful to actual victims of sexual assault and abuse, and I’ve made a comment about this calling out people who said these things a while ago and an actual victim replied to me. So there are real victims out there seeing these comments and that’s what REALLY bothers me about it. 😥
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I’m SO freaking disappointed in Aubrey in this chapter! He was doing a bit better and he seemed to be more gentle and affectionate towards Nina and then all of a sudden this happens!! 🤦🏻‍♀️I hate how Aubrey literally faces no consequences for his abusive behavior! It would be SO SATISFYING to see him have a meltdown after Nina successfully escape his grip.😤 this chapter made me mad and I feel SO bad for Nina like she literally has no say in anything!! Idk this is just my opinion but I feel SO satisfied when the FL leaves the abusive ML and the ML becomes depressed and regrets losing her! There’s no karma in this story at all! I don’t think they even punished Charles that much compared to the horrible things he’s said to her!
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Probably bc I reply to everyone 😂😂
FireHorse Ffff: many replies!!
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Nina said EXACTLY what I said last chapter!!😱 She didn’t want to become his mistress since she never had a stable family relationship and that’s what she’s yearning for the most Aubrey can’t give her that so she rejected him!! He needs to find a way to break off that marriage and then pursue her!!

I know Carson is just trying to help Aubrey get better and become happy and stable, but Nina is not his personal rehab center so I didn’t like how he said Nina was his cure. Carson, I get that Aubrey has done a few good things for Nina, but Nina doesn’t owe him anything! Just because he loves her doesn’t mean she has to love him back, and submit to his every single needs when he barely has done any of that for her. There needs to be a give and take in this relationship. He needs to give Nina respect and freedom FIRST!! And maybe get help for his illness! That way he’ll be able to give her a healthy relationship and maybe she’ll accept him someday!

I honestly didn’t like how Carson enabled Aubrey’s behavior and allowed him to keep her captive and abuse her in that household, but I see he has good intentions for Aubrey but nonetheless it’s still selfish to demand Nina to do all this when she’s suffered so much as is!
Rodel Loder Redol: one thing that i want to say is i like the story, i want more till the end.
Comic_Lover: Yes. That's what I want to say too.
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For the people defending Aubrey saying he had a mental illness that DOES NOT excuse any of the behavior he’s done in the beginning chapters. He r@ped her and held her against her will, threw angry tantrums that could literally scare ANY person that’s close to him away, and was VERY violent. I’m honestly disturbed by the amount of people that are excusing his behavior in the comment section, that was straight up abuse, if you were in that situation you wouldn’t be saying the same thing. Now I’m glad he’s changed for the better over time, but let’s not act like what he did wasn’t a big deal at all. Nina definitely doesn’t know how she feels for him even now at this point but can you guys really blame her? It takes time for abuse victims to heal and I think she doesn’t trust Aubrey fully yet nor knows she has feelings for him. Just putting my 2 cents in there because some of the comments were literally disturbing to read.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Same here I really hope once the author gets better he would come back. That’s one of the only comics I would wait years for an update for ☹️
xiao shen: Oh so this is why Pure Girl has been discontinued. This is so sad. I wish people can see how that story will end. It has one of the most satisfying endings/ conflict resolutions in c-novels. Hope the comic author gets well soon.
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I don’t understand HOW the HELL some people are literally still saying that Nina is stupid for not accepting Aubrey. She was an orphan herself, she’s been through a lot and has felt unloved her entire life. He knows that himself and put her out of that toxic relationship with her family but has the NERVES to try to force her and become his mistress!?. He is SELFISH for doing that and why should Nina have to bear being called the mistress/ the other woman and have to bear the possibility of her child being called a illegitimate or a bastard by other people? She HERSELF went through something similar she would not want that to happen to her child! It boggles my mind that people are still blaming Nina, like DO YOU want to be a mistress yourself? Do YOU mind bearing the possibility that you and your own child will be looked down upon other people and be called a mistress and bastard!? Like god have some COMMON SENSE people! And I remember people saying that Nina never spoke up which was the problem, like NO she literally BEGGED him to let her go at the beginning chapters when they did a memory and lie detector test on her! Even if the results said she wasn’t lying HE STILL wouldn’t let her go, which is why she gave up 😑. Her words were literally a piece of 💩 to him, why else would she say that? He has NEVER considered how she felt but only forced her to kiss his ass all day! No wonder she’s miserable and looks exhausted in this chapter 😑
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: It’s okay Charles is a horrible man so he deserves it!
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: Hahahaha bro we are so mean 😂😂😂
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Hmmmmmm seeing how nervous Yuki’s reaction was and how she was panicking when Nina told her she told Aubrey everything, GUILTY!!!! Her schemes are revealed now! Finally!!!! Hopefully she hasn’t gotten backup plans and made some fake BS DNA test results but then Aubrey already probably found out that’s not his child anyway!

And I really hope Aubrey finds a way to cancel that arranged marriage instead of dragging Nina into the middle of his personal affairs. Becoming a married man’s mistress is such a disgusting and degrading thing to do to yourself as a woman, Nina is not a shameless woman like Yuki so it’s fair to say she doesn’t want to become the homewrecker. Im glad Nina refused him, she still has a sense of self respect and dignity which is what I love about her, she’s not shameless like Yuki and Dora. Even though I’m pretty sure Aubrey doesn’t want to marry that other woman and definitely would put a ring on Nina’s finger, this is just not the way to do it. It’s a very selfish thing to do to the woman you love and I hope they don’t go through with the marriage at the end! Nina doesn’t deserve all that pain and neither does his wife of their future child. Being looked down on by others, being branded as a mistress and bastard is not fair for Nina, she’s so pitiful in this story! 😢
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Right it’s not just gonna hurt Nina it’s gonna hurt everyone involved :/ a recipe for disaster. There’s no better solution other than him either finding a way to cancel this arranged marriage or giving up his position in his family to be with her. This is not fair to Nina or their future child, nor his wife
Yoonmin Shookchim: Agreed, and it’s also not fair for the future wife, imagine being married to someone for the rest of your life and he won’t ever lay an eye on u or love u
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So when Nina doesn’t want to become Aubreys mistress, she’s stupid..

Nina believes that Aubrey did something to Yuki and Bob, she’s stupid?

So no matter what she does she’s just stupid since she doesn’t want to accept Aubrey? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Like the amount of people that are not only dismissive of Nina as a VICTIM, but can’t see the reason WHY she keeps rejecting Aubrey over and over again boggles my mind honestly. As much as I like Aubrey and Nina and I’m 100% aware that they’re gonna end up together, I’m not gonna be making up excuses for his past behavior and be so far up his ass that I’m just gonna completely ignore and belittle Nina’a side of the story. I pity both of them but I just can’t understand why people keep calling her stupid over and over again when she’s actually smart for even handling most of the things she’s been dealing with when with Aubrey? Why’s there so much victim blaming in this comic and Pure Girl, like it just amazes me. Other than how she dealt with Yuki, I don’t find her stupid at all, but that’s just my opinion! 😓
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Same workin at the krusty krabs with squidward everyday! hehe
Roses18727: Ah ok. Bro spongie Patrick is a busy body too
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Just because he loves her doesn’t mean she automatically has to accept him and love him back. She doesn’t need to even try to understand/accept his feelings when he’s never considered her feelings or respected her in the first place. Why is a contract necessary in the first place if he isn’t treating her like a baby making machine or possession?

He is compromising with Nina but only in a way that it benefits HIMSELF, not Nina. Him saying he won’t sleep with his wife doesn’t change the fact that he’s trying to put Nina and their child in that unfair situation. He is not thinking about how Nina feels or how their future child will feel being looked down on by others, being branded a wh*re or bastard by other people, and having to live under he and his wife’s shadow.

And I don’t hate either of them, this is one of my favorite comics on this app and will always have a place in my heart, But I don’t agree with what Aubrey’s way of thinking and how he’s handling his arranged marriage situation right now. You can like a character even if you don’t agree with everything they do in the story. What he’s doing is flat out wrong and hurtful to Nina. If he loves her so much why can’t he use his intelligent brain and find a way to cancel the arranged marriage, and maybe if that doesn’t work out, sacrifice himself and his position in that family to be with her? Love is supposed to be selfless and healthy, not selfish and possessiveness, but that’s just my opinion.
primrose: good enthusiasm! you have my support.
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: They're just bored 😂😂😂
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To be honest, both Aubery and Nina are not at fault here.

Yes, it may sound a bit ridiculous but they both have a lot of issues here. First of all, Nina barely ever gets to speak up for herself and that affects the situation A LOT, as we can notice, Aubery has a mental health issue that needs to be treated, maybe he wasn't like that in the past so we can't just simply blame him.

I feel like Yuki Shouldn't even try to be in the picture, even if the child is Aubery's, she should move on and stop trying to hurt Nina.

I know that this will sound very selfish and not okay, but if Nina wants her oh so wanted freedom and respect, she should try and help Aubery because he doesn't seem alright.

I know that many of you won't agree with me nor even read this but this is what I have somewhat analyzed.

And yes, I do know how much Aubery has hurt Nina, but he needs help, they both need help they both can't get what they want if they don't make any progress.
shi Xiaonian: hei guys if you want reading the next chapter of bossy President
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Ashleigh: dora was the main reason
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I know alot of people are gonna hate on me for this but i still gonna say it . Ive been reading alot of comments on how carson was really messed up in this situation but now what i think is that yes carson really shouldnt have said nina was the cure and say that she should be a mistress but understand this carson how know aubrey for a very long time right and has been serving him for a long so he knows how much aubrey has changed after the incident but put yourself in carsons shoes for a little carson has been observing this for a long time so of course he wants to help right and now he will do anything so that aubrey doesnt have the issue that he. Now when nina came and aubrey started to like her alot and aubrey was really bad in the beginning but then started to like nina more so carson saw this and was like maybe she could help aubrey since he seems to like when she is around. So that means carson would have to make nina stay any way possible even if it meant doing something as bad as that i know this sounds messed up but im tryingg to that carson was just trying to do evrrything in his power to help aubrey i know its messed up that he didnt think of nina but still. Im not saying what he did was alright or that nina should just stay with aubrey im just saying that carson was just trying to help Aubrey anyway possible even if he is a butler aubrey means alot to him. Dont start saying im dumb and being rude im just saying what i think is the reason why carson is doing this
dreamyy angel: Just because you don’t know what kindness or love is doesn’t mean you treat people like a piece of shit. And like their your thing
Heather: He isn’t just some shitty machine
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Aubrey, that stinky little a**hole 😡
He basically told her, he would not marry her, but someone who matches him, which means he thinks she is not good enough for him (I think he is just a coward and doesn't dare to defend her in front of his social circle). If he already thinks this before they actually are in a relationship, she just has to think how log it will take until in his eyes she is not even good enough anymore to be his “ditry little secret“. And what will happen then? He makes her depend on him alone, so when he kicks her out like yesterday's trash, she will be left with her reputation in tatters, without family (ok, nevermind) or friends and without the means to survive.
Of course, she wants out as long as there is still the possibility to only lose time and nerves and her old flat to him. She would suffer damages but she could still build a new life for herself and might even be able to find someone to share her life with. Nina doesn't dare to become emotionally dependent on Aubrey and he just proofed again, that she made the right choice with that.
I am sad and really upset, because I had hoped Aubrey would have learned by now, that this is horrible and he shouldn't do this to anyone, especially not to the woman he claims to love. Well, by doing this, he helps her rejecting him. He reminds her, that he is still a horrible little flea and she really does not want to keep him.
Anonymous: I’m not bothered reading all that, but fr he loves and cherishes Nina sfm
Griffin Grey: Exactly! That’s why although Aubrey is over the top, I simply couldn’t help but eventually be happy that he ended up with Nina. He will really try to change and he will succeed to cure himself because he treasures Nina and doesn’t want to keep hurting her. All these stupid things that he says (wanting to marry someone else and have Nina as a mistress) will chance when he realize that he will have to be intimate with another woman and that he will lose Nina. He loves her and he is gradually realizing that by loving someone we must treasure her, respect her and have as priority her physical and mental well-being. No one taught Aubrey these things. The moment that he will throw on his mother’s face everything she holds dear and he will say that Nina is the only thing I want and I don’t care for anything else, is priceless 🥰. He is very capable and doesn’t need his family. He can destroy his family just for fun. His number one priority in Nina. When he stop hurting her with these unacceptable ideas (be a mistress and have children out of wedlock), Nina will return his love and help him relax and behave like a normal person. I don’t blame Nina for holding back with the nothing he is currently offering.
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Well I also can’t hate Aubrey.
I don’t think that he’s trying to say, that Nina is a baby making machine like y‘all thinking. Look... we’re now at chapter 214... some of you are here since chapter 1... and must already know how Aubrey is thinking and his way of acting. He’s trying to tell and show Nina, how much he loves her but just in the wrong way and OF COURSE his disease is a big Reason for his behavior. He wants a baby from her and only her, because he loves her so much, some of us can’t imagine how the feeling is if loving someone this deeply that it can become sick, he doesn’t want to hurt, that would be last thing he want, he wants to be with her, marry her and it would be a dream for him if the Woman he loves soooo deeply, could have his kids. He’s not that „sick of love“ type that cries all the time for his love for example, he’s the aggressiv type, that don’t want to loose his love at all cost because she’s the one that he wants to live the rest of his life with and his disease makes his „sick love“ sadly even worse but Nina already know how to handle his anger and that she CAN’T hate him is also a big fact for YOU that means she has somehow forgave him for the past or she were able to forgot and look forward, if she still would think about that, then wouldn’t she hate Aubrey ? Yes but she doesn’t. My opinion maybe sounds childish to some of you but that’s just how love is sometimes.
Stupidity: Dude I completely understand your point..
Aubery has his reasons for behaving that way but FOR ME WHATEVER REASON IT MAY BE HIS BEHAVIOR IS UNJUSTIFIABLE.. But I don't HATE Aubery.. He needs help and only he can make it up to Nina for all that she have suffered cuz he regards her different from others..
But from Nina's side.. She just want a normal and peaceful life..
But yeah Aubery and Nina both are pathetic and in need of help.. And I just want them to be each other's help and Aubery just have to accept the fact Nina needs marriage and he really has to go against his family if he loves her that much..
I know they will eventually end up together but at this point of story Aubery NEEDS to CHANGE!
And everyone has their own opinion and everyone can defend their views..
This is one of my favorite comic cause it doesn't involve much stupidity like Nina suddenly falling for Aubery though he has done all those crime to her..
It may take more time for her to forgive him.. and I'm ready to wait..
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Bro I NEVER said him making her his mistress means he only regards her as a sex toy. I also NEVER implied you were mad, I’m also calmly replying to your comment. Him making her his mistress doesn’t mean that at all, it means he has no consideration for her, and that his “love” is a selfish one. I said if he successfully puts her in that position, she and their child will live a long miserable life of being looked down on by others while living under he and his wife’s shadow. And yes he wants her to be his mistress since he thinks there’s no way out of his arranged marriage, that’s what he resorted to. Where do I sound mad that warrants you to command me to chill? Lol don’t tell me to chill bro, if you can post your own opinions so can I.
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I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right
I can't help but feel that this story has become a joke. It was so serious at first and now everything is just done for laughs. Aubrey has changed so freaking much that it's not even the same character. Yes, characters change but it has to be believable. It was cute at first but now he can't even have a somewhat normal conversation. He has becoke a comic relief character. I find that incredibly annoying. Most importantly, i feel like we are walking in circles. Nothing is happening recently. Did the author forget the plot?
Nina Sze: I am not yelling its for him to understand and also can you pls stfu?
Leaf-tan: @Nina Sze you're being disrespectful tho. Yelling at other peoples like that won't even help.
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Ann loves erich nz
between being a psycho and loosing memory, charles has a better excuse. plus charles took a lot of measures when he noticed that his memory was altered, he isn't even taking meds to relieve his migraine coz he doesn't want to be controlled anymore. he also planned to divorce nina's sister so that he can be free and once nina accepts him, there won't be any complication. Plus after recovering from memory loss, charles never forced Nina to be wd her, always the gentleman. How about aubery?? aside from abusing nina, not giving her freedom, asking her to be a mistress, asking for a child and making him/her a bastard coz Nina isn't the legal wife, his excuse is always his sickness and damn trauma!!! For all i care, Aubery can be treated!!! he does not want to be treated coz he thinks too highly of himself and obviously does not love Nina a lot to the extent that he won't undergo therapy. Charles is in physical and mental pain right now but tries to suppress it coz he loves nina a lot but Aubrey uses the I am a paranoid card and refuses to negotiate and understand nina. Aubrey Kung, if u really love Nina set her damn free!! Charles did it. so why can't u????
P.s. i copy pasted this from my comment to an annoying comment coz i swear charles has a better personality so far as thw chapter goes unless author makes charles a psycho too like aubery then yeah u guys can talk shit to charles. but up to this point, am going with charles
CarrotYun: Charles is NOT married to Dora!! He did not pass the papers that make it legal so theyre basically still engaged
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: Even though Charles is trying to redeem himself I still can't forget the rude actions and harsh words he said to Nina. She could've died in the woods back then and the last words Nina heard from him were "Then I'll collect your dead body". The only difference is Charles is doing good after doing bad and Aubery does good and then bad. I rather see Nina being alone that with any of this two guys, they don't deserve her at all.
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okay FIRST OF ALL, Aubrey! She’s NOT a baby making machine or some toy that you can possess! Your contract means absolutely NOTHING since that’s not gonna change how she feels about you anyway since that signed piece of paper did nothing but trap her from her freedom! Which is the only thing she wants from you!
SECONDLY! Just because you made an empty promise saying you won’t sleep with the woman you’re arranged to marry doesn’t make Nina’s situation any less worse than it already is!!!🤦🏻‍♀️Making her your mistress means she will ALWAYS live under you and your wife’s shadow, and she will ALWAYS be branded as the other woman, and your child being branded a bastard! That is such a SELFISH way of thinking like HAVE SOME CONSIDERATION not just for Nina but also your child that you so BADLY want to have with her! 😤
You KNOW she had always lived under Dora’s shadow and always felt unloved and unwanted when she was with the Sze’s so you put her out of that situation just to put her in a SIMILAR situation with you and your arranged marriage!?!?!? How about finding a way to cancel that arranged marriage instead of putting the girl you love SOOO much in such a painful situation along with your future child!?
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Until he gives her a healthy relationship, finds a way to cancel the arranged marriage, and get treatment for his illness, I 100% support Nina rejecting him. He is unable to give her a happy loving home until this chapter, and I’m glad Nina has self respect and love for herself that she would not degrade herself to become someone’s mistress.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Right!? And there are even people saying it’s Nina’s fault for “triggering” his illness 🤢🤮 that’s so disgusting I get that this is a comic but how can they blame a victim for being abused by a mentally ill person!? Just because they’re mentally ill doesn’t mean what they’re doing is not wrong or messed up!
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