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Hyuna La Folia Reinheiven
this manga keeps me surviving from my new quarantine environment....

I woke up🤤
I eat🍛
I take a bath🛀
I eat🍲
I sleep🛌

but what sometimes I hate most is the continuous orders from my mom...but any way it's not like I hate chore but come on its too tiring😅😅😅😅...

anyway just be safe my fellow readers😷😷😷
Hana Rashwan: yeah it's like "girls have to do laundry,dishes, clean,cooking Bec, they're girls(or women)" and men? NOTHING AT ALL , I know they go to work and they pay bills and like responsible for his family but most women do these chores and they also work it's like double the work but that's for men.. boys who usually are or younger than highshcool students do nothing at all.. really nothing
and most parents think girls have to do chores but boys? no never. ( not all parents but most )
Nanaxxyz: I can relate, but I hate chores. My mom uses gender stereotypes to make me do them. It's pretty cruel.
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Y soooo kind with Charles but pushes away Aubrey when she has the chance. God nina Aubrey gave u everything he loves u but yet u didn't even give him a chance and when Charles comes along u run to him
Andreea: I understand that he could've been abused,but that doesn't give him a reason to treat Nina the way she is being treated right now.At first I thought that he deserves a chance and maybe,he'd understand and change his barbaric nature,but no.This relationship is only unhealthy,it seems he has an obsession with her,he does everything in his capability to get her back,through means that are just petty and scary.He degraded and humiliated her multiple times (like the one where he asked her to put on a collar,his narcissit self believing she'd do everything he asked).Yes,he needs serious mental help,because he's unstable,but I don't want to see Nina being dragged down by him,feeding his obssesive desires.
❄ SnowTycoon❄ : hey guys... 😄
if anybody hear is a BTS fan..
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then you can try reading my novel "BTS memes "
you will find that in my account 😉
❤Bangtan Sonyeondan❤
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Couldn’t wait to see how the full story goes.
I’m with Nina and couldn’t wait to follow her journey, and big decisions she will have to make along the way. She deserves to have happiness after all this thing.

Aubrey treated her badly at the beginnings, out of humanity.
But, he’s not “well” and mental health problem is something which most of us wouldn’t be able to relate to, there’s certain darkness which only people who experienced can understand.

So, I’m also willing to follow Aubrey’s journey to face his mental problem, and see whether he become more “mad” or get better psychologically.

I think if the author able to put everything into perspective, this manga can have deep meaning for all of the reader, and we can learn from it.

Rhesya: What’s the title of the novel? I’d like to have it
Carson beer: What do you want to know?
I can tell u how many children will they have or if Nina will find her parents or what will Aubery done to her 👍 ALL ACCORDING TO THE NOVEL
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Serena Ferrer
Nina if you don't love our Ml then... Give him to us!!!
Korean_noodles: Same tho
Pika- Ra: No thanks, I don't want r@pist
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Dear Readers Can you please help me.
The problem is that A boy named "Dilou" likes me and I started to like him but I'm afraid of my bestie being sad because she likes Dilou.
It started when I was 16 yrs old. I met him in a school and we became best friends.
Right now 2020, I heard some of my friends talk that Amarillo likes me
Another when my friend's birthday party he came but I did not because I was studying.Then the next day my friends talk to me and said " Girl Do you know Dilou likes you!"And I said " What why does he like me?" Friend said " Remember My birthday party last night when you were not at my house. We played truth and dare And it's Diluo's turn A TRUTH. We ask him who do you like and love? Then He say "Gila I like Gila" ( Gila is me)Then my friend say " How many years you love her?" Dilou said "4years I started to like her when we first met" Friend said "what??!!! OOMMGG guys Dilou likes Gila" (Back to reality)
I Never said a word and my friends leave me alone.I was calmed in the outside but an eruption volcano on the inside I was Like " Why does he like me?!!"
Since we met he hang out with me all the times and never leave me alone.
But One day he started ignoring me but I thought that it's just a plan so I didn't bother.But he still keeps ignoring me!!!
I have known that he likes me all these years
Should I tell him that I like him too.But I don't want my bestie to be sad!
Please help me what should I do?🙏🙏🙏
Xx HappyGachaCookie xX: Awwww that's called a bff! I wish I had a friend like her but I'm a lonely potato TvT
Also good luck for you both lovebirds! ;)
♥️ Rose ♥️: Well, if your best friend is truly your friend she will support you and think of it vice versa
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I feel so bad for Nina as is, but that Dora and her assistant just added fuel to the fire by showing Aubrey her diary about her relationship with Charles. Bet they knew EXACTLY what they were doing, and I highly doubt Charles had any part in it either.

I have a terrible feeling Aubrey is gonna throw a tantrum and abuse her again as per usual. He is completely out of control now, somebody needs to stop him and get him some help because I’m tired of him badgering Nina and physically abusing her every time she doesn’t listen to him. Aubrey can’t seem to give her the emotional security that she needs at all, and I’m not even surprised she’s afraid of him. seeing how he badly treats her almost every single chapter up to this day. Every time he takes a step forward and shows improvement, he always takes two-step backwards it’s so frustrating 🤦🏻‍♀️ get it together man!

And isn’t it invasion of privacy for him and Dora to take a peek at her diary? Dora is such a snake honestly, what a low blow 😒 bet she knew damn well Aubrey was gonna go crazy after seeing her entries about her childhood sweetheart. I hate her so much, does anyone know any spoilers about what’s gonna happen to Dora later on? I hope she gets the karma she deserves 🙃
Pika- Ra: Indeed it is
Korean_noodles: 👏👏👏👏👏👏
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Cloud Mist
I wanna set out my opinion as of the comments that I have read for the past few chapters...

Some people are saying that Nina is very stupid, that she should just forget about Charles and accept Aubery, or say that stop hurting Aubery and just accept his love. For me its a bit unfair for Nina, like did you forgot how Aubery treated her in the first few chapters? how he abused her, took away her freedom, threatening her, almost killing her, and others. Yes you may say that Aubery helped her many times, but do you think its easy to forget those? its like a trauma for her. Whats bothering me is Aubery's anger, like when Nina did something that is not ok with him, he would get angry and hurt her, that sickness or whatever that is, is what making Nina more scared and run away, this is morely the reason why she always asked for her freedom.

for this chapter, I dont know but I think Nina is faking it (I think, ok?) but I dont actually blame her, you see, Aubery did not say anything and kept lying to her, I wont be surprised if the reason for this is to help Charles, because in my opinion its a bit natural as because Charles is her childhood friend and crush, they were really close in childhood, if not for him losing his memories, maybe they would be together now. Aubery kept this from Nina and just attacked Charles, its hurting her, like she said, why did he not just let him go? doing this would hurt her more.
NOt important here: i kinda agree some of that is what i have been saying that nina has never been love and long's for it but.but the thing he's done to her what.😬has she done any of those thing to him it her turn now and ya but it just a plot no matter if she free or not people such as her adopted mother and sister and dad will be there to make her life worse so im and maybe Aubrey wife will come in. each side has choice's both are bad for her im wait for to go psycho on them it her Revenge now
NOt important here: i kinda agree some of that is what i have been saying that nina has never been love and long's for it but.but the thing he's done to her what.😬has she done any of those thing to him it her turn now and ya but it just a plot no matter if she free or not people such as her adopted mother and sister and dad will be there to make her life worse so im and maybe Aubrey wife will come in. each side has choice's both are bad for her im wait for to go psycho on them it her Revenge now
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I like how Nina understands how Aubrey clicks and knew how to handle the situation to make Aubrey calm down and listen to her. Although her putting herself in a risky situation like that was an extremely dangerous thing to do, it actually worked and made Aubrey listen to her, like FINALLY! 😤

It’s sad how much she yearns for the love that she never got. ☹️ It’s also very hard to forget how she was always treated as a second choice when with her adoptive family, and how she always lived under the shadow of Dora living with them. So I completely understood why she refused to become Aubrey’s mistress. She already has lived under her sister’s shadow in that family, of course she would not want to live under Aubrey and his wife’s shadow in his arranged marriage. She wants a secure family and relationship, a place that she can call her own home.

I really hope that this is a turning point in their relationship in this story, though. The abusive behavior really needs to stop at some point. He needs to really calm down, and talk this out with her.

People always said that Nina should be more understanding of Aubrey, when I think it should be the other way around. Aubrey should be more considerate and understanding of her feelings in order to receive any from her. Now that Aubrey has calmed down and is talking it out instead of hurting her, she’s telling him the truth as is. Problem solved 🤷🏻‍♀️
Taehyung is my hubby: Ur name got me died
Eliza r: couldn't agree more 👍
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Oh so sweet!! Aubery Kung made Nina suffer, almost killed her, and it's a psycho killer, who just want her love, but can't set her free. And in the other hand, she have Charles Mo, who was her first love, but fell into the trap of her sister, and hated her, and then broke her heart, didn't help her when she needed, and let her suffering with Aubery, saying that it would be nice if she die there. They are so sweet, and their relation is so soft and heathy. Nina is so lucky of being with those guys, oh God.

Okay, I know Charles was drugged, and I also know that Aubery have a trauma because of his brother accident, but that doesn't mean that they can do whatever they want to Nina, that will be okay in the future. I believe that Nina's mind it's so broken because of her entire life, that she just can't think about her vallue. She think that she's insignificant, because everybody treated her like this, including Charles, and now that Aubery came, she's worse, because she doesn't know how to react with this kind of love, and she feels in a prison. If it was me, I would be so mind exausted, that I would only live, that is what she's doing right now, she's like a plant, just living, but she have feelings yet, and that's why she ran away from Aubery, and saved Charles.

What I'm trying to say is: she clearly isn't mind healthy to start a relationship.
Au/ra: It should be her decision

If I was the writer I would make get over both and make her independent
Advita Raj: I prefer Charles over aubery although she's hurt by both of them but we're talking about a person who lost his memories vs someone who's mentally sick...this needs no more explaining.. Charles is better now and is ready to make up for what he has lost Nina for...while aubery is obsessed with her and I don't think he realizes the true definition of love...
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An indian lover of bts kim taehyung
let me enlighten u😂 Aubery and Nina fall in love and Nina guves birth to twins(Gong yao and gong kui) land 4 years later she gives birth to a son. Charles Goes blind again and also has amnesia(he forgets about Nina and that he is in love with her and Nina thought it was probably the best since he can live his life again fall in love again) due to a gun shot while he was prtecting Nina. Dora Sze dies by a gangstar in Italy while defending the blind Charles. Carson becomes Ninas Foster Father and is Added in The Kungs Family tree(which is a big term of respect and a big deal since he is just a servent) since Aubery Marries Nina . Carsons beloved wife and daughter dies( they were already dead 5 years ago but he realise now 😥😥😥i felt very sad for him) . Auberys Brother Kung Yu is alive and was in live with Ninas twin bro Xi Yu but he didn't know Xi Yu had a twin since they were seperated at birth and the Xi family is filthy rich, But when Nina becomes popular with Auberys help but Aubery suddenly becomes cold (he gets his paranoia treated or so he thinks but his paranoia later rebounds and their back to squar 1) and ignores nina so she breaks up with him and Kung Yu hits on her thinking he's being compensated Xi Yus loss but Aubery fixs himself and treasures nina and nina turns him down on his forst confession itself and Auberys beats him up to death so he accepts an Honourable defeat( my ass ... he didn't even put up a fight which is a good thing😶) .
Naomi Tony: pls name of novel
Naomi Tony: pls name of novel
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Did she tie him up and go to sleep or something? Haha 😂😂😂😂 that’s hilarious, I love how she’s able to handle Aubrey and work things out together. This is a good start for their relationship, communication is key, after all. Less fists and more talking please~


I know this has nothing to do with the actual story, and people probably won’t care when they read this, but I’ve been getting a lot of rude replies on my comments on here calling me annoying because my comments are too long, and that i shouldn’t talk about Aubrey’s abusive behavior anymore, and to stop commenting in general. I know that my comments are long, and I understand not everyone agrees with me, I can see how my long comments can annoy some people, but I’m just doing what I love and I really enjoy commenting on this story a lot. I’ve been bullied recently on another manga for an entire month by another person, and im not gonna lie the hate comments have been really hurting me. Im still a human being with feelings, so PLEASE if anyone doesn’t have anything nice to say about my comment, please just ignore my posts and read the comments you enjoy reading. Thank you.
PUTTING DUMB BITCHES IN THEIR PLACE: Why don’t you fûck off and go seek attention somewhere else you sad little shitstain
SERAA: Hey, I love you and I love reading your comments a lot and agree with you in all your words, so do not bother with negative people. Sorry, maybe I do not know how to express myself
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When is he gonna treat her as an equal with respect, rather than a possession of his? I want Nina to be treated as his other half, not as a bird in a cage, being trapped and helpless while being wrapped under his finger. I’m waiting for that day to come.

I want him to tell her that he loves her, will do anything to make her happy, and will do anything to convince her to love him back.

I want him to say he is sorry for everything that he put her through, and that he will do anything to be able to atone for it and for her to forgive him and accept him.

You may want her to be yours, but right now

Her hair is hers
Her lips are hers
And her heart is her own.

She is a human with feelings and her own identity. Feelings are sooooooo important when you want a relationship with someone. Aubrey needs to stop making it all about him and have some consideration for her feelings, and give her a freedom of choice.

If he does, and gets help for his illness, I’m almost positive Nina will fall in love with him and come to him on her own will.
Update now: hmm! how? then lol! share the trick hehe***
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Nina.. you're so dramatic...and that's still the same guy who let you to die. memories or not. stoopid woman.
-^-: Thats like years years ago
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This is just a guess, but I also think Aubrey has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ever since he lost his beloved brother. This is not the way to treat yourself, he should not be self-harming to be able to cope with what happened. This is very sad and I do notice he is a very pitiful person, but why is he refusing to get the treatment he needed? Does anyone know perhaps? I think treatment will actually help him way better than this method, NO ONE should be harming themselves like that.

I think Nina should give him a good talk and convince him to finally get help, he can’t be self-harming like this forever. And eventually he will have to learn to move on and accept his brother’s passing away.

I just hope things will get better and more happy things will happen between the both of them. I don’t like seeing Nina suffer because of Aubrey or Charles and I don’t like seeing Aubrey suffer like this either. Please let them be happy for once! 🥺
kenya vail: I’ve been seeing his/hers comments ever-since I started episode 100!
Darya Biparva: you know I think he kind of thinks he deserves to go through this. because he thinks he is responsible for his brother's death. So this is the way of punishing himself, by not seeking medical help. I kind of understand him
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“In short. I’ve never cheated. And I’m not your wife, I’m free to date anyone else.”

That’s exactly what I said when I defended her about 2-3 chapters ago! Aubrey you need to actually claim her as your girlfriend or wife to make her yours. She refuses to be your mistress, so if you can’t give her a respectable title and a place she can call home, please either let her go or find a way to cancel your arranged marriage please!

I’m really glad he took a big step and restrained himself from hurting her. He would much rather inflict pain on himself than on her. I can see his improvement in character and NOW I see some sort of effort being put into fixing himself, now he just needs to go in for treatment, and come back as a man who would respect her and give her a healthy relationship. It’s great to see that he shows empathy and remorse for his behavior recently.

Nina is not wrong, though. I get that a lot of people who ship them want them to be together as soon as possible, but the damage that Aubrey has inflicted on Nina is not small. What he did and how he treated her was very serious, so it’s understandable that Nina is very stubborn about refusing him. I can’t blame either side this chapter. They both grew so much together and are handled themselves great this chapter! 🙂

Min Min Verador Balonzo: Yung pangalan nung male lead "Aunrey" yung asawa ni "Boyet" "Aubrey di kana ba pok pok?"
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Le weirdo
I always feel Aubery and Nina are just perfect for each other. Aubery is a damned control freak and Nina loves to be an independent bird. The way they both would sacrifice everything for the love that's gonna develop between them, that's really beautiful. I assure you guys, Nina and Aubery would surely be one of the best pairs though they would have hell a lot of misunderstandings / conflicts / breakups
Aubery is Paranoid and he cannot let go of Charles cause he is insecure! more insecure than a normal person and even Nina chose to be with Aubery for the sake of Charles that would hurt him even more and his illness were all a cause of him doing this to Charles.
And Nina, she is still so much concerned about Charles, like very very much concerned. Idk what might be the reason, but As someone who read the novel, I hate him most the time.
And yeah tough times never last, their love story is gonna begin soon and I'm all eyes for it
Le weirdo: naah. I thought about watching but gave up on that idea later
Cungkring Mochica: have you watch the live drama of the bossy presiden.
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I still don’t get why everyone is surprised that he would say something like that about women. You guys are disappointed with him because he said something misogynistic about women, but you weren’t disappointed in Aubery when he was r*ping her, hitting her, and holding her captive? And instead actually defended him and tried to justify his actions while blaming Nina for not trying to understand why he abuses her... And also blamed her for not wanting to become his mistress? 🤨????????

*Logic has left the chat*

Lmao but seriously hasn’t his actions already proved enough that he doesn’t respect women though!? He forces himself down her throat, abuses her whenever she does something that pisses him off even though it wasn’t even intentional, r@ped her multiple times and still holds her captive as a prisoner like some caged animal. He constantly disrespects and belittles Nina who he claims to love so much ! 😩 what makes you think he would have respect women at all!?
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Chill it’s just my opinion 🙄
Angela Yi: And the OP is entitled to her opinion so why don’t you stop telling other people what to do and kindly fûck off
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HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! Wishing everyone health and wellness!


Sigh he’s STILL holding her captive in that mansion of his!? 😒 Come on man, until WHEN are you gonna continue to keep her in a cage like this, just give her the freedom she wants so badly!

And honestly, why is Carson dumping all this responsibility onto Nina? I don’t get it, was it not enough that she was battered enough by him? I get that they’re in a very stressful situation, and need to immediately use a tranquilizer to calm Aubrey down, but why Nina out of all people? I think that’s a bit too much considering how much she has suffered and how she should not be bearing all this responsibility at all.

And I see this chapter gives more insight on Aubrey’s past. I think he does suffer from a lot of trauma from his brother’s death, which is very sad ☹️ I think this is another good reason why he needs to get treatment, it seems pretty serious. He shouldn’t have to be self-harming to be able to cope with his inner struggles.
Angela Yi: If it’s pissing you off SO MUCH why are you reading her comments and replying to it instead of scrolling away to read something else you stupid fûcking bitch
PUTTING DUMB BITCHES IN THEIR PLACE: Firstly, nobody fûckin asked you, secondly nobody’s making you sit and read these long comments, are they? 🤡 why don’t you kindly go fûck a cactus and complain somewhere else, you sad little bitch
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Actually both Aubery and Nina are equally in fault
Aubery doesn't know how to express his feeling and how to treat girls well and he gets jealous so easily
Nina is just so stupid she never understands how much Aubery loves her and i think she also likes him but never understand her own feeling as well. Furthermore Charles cheated on her (even thought he lost his memory and he is not virgin)
Just both of can you please get along and UNDERSTAND each other
And i keep seeing comments about how you all want update and crazy update come on guys author is working hard and updating unlike some other mangas and "new update" part is frustrating cuz it just updated today
Angela Yi: Did she really just say something up your d!ck size? Too short? 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
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💜🐶Tae's wife🐶💜
well you know what the problem is with most of the protagonists in mangwas🤔 they are too considerate sometimes and too aggressive and just don't think rationally 😔(I mean well maybe they don't have their own will cause the author is controlling them but just wanted to point out🙃) it's sometimes it's really annoying like a little more than 100 chaps back Nina saw Aubrey as a disgusting human being or something like that but then it changed and she just was like a friend and things were going steady but a certain somebody has to butt in (I m talking abt Charles mo he is an annoying ass character and Nina did broke their friendship but noooo for drama reasons 😐a married guy has to like her childhood friend scene😑) I mean Nina just starts to like Charles even though both Aubrey and Charles are equally hypocritical and in short stupid characters and yet nina again just rushes to save Charles mo😒 save the day and be the hero now if this isn't too aggressive then idk what is
Le weirdo: Because he did it all just to make her fall in love with him so that she won't worry about Charles. And that's wrong!
💜🐶Tae's wife🐶💜: well did she suddenly forget how rude and mean he was to her... I mean even if u have lost Ur memory would u be rude to someone who is being nice to u?
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