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Romance / CEO / Drama / Sweet / Tragic / Pregrant / Possessive / Moder
Author Name: iCiyuan

An imaginary child ties together a British-born business executive with a beautiful cartoonist.. She had no right to rebel... MangaToon got authorization from iCiyuan to publish this content, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

Positive Reverse
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Updated to Chapter 397    /    (283772)
 Updated to Chapter 397 
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Couldn’t wait to see how the full story goes.
I’m with Nina and couldn’t wait to follow her journey, and big decisions she will have to make along the way. She deserves to have happiness after all this thing.

Aubrey treated her badly at the beginnings, out of humanity.
But, he’s not “well” and mental health problem is something which most of us wouldn’t be able to relate to, there’s certain darkness which only people who experienced can understand.

So, I’m also willing to follow Aubrey’s journey to face his mental problem, and see whether he become more “mad” or get better psychologically.

I think if the author able to put everything into perspective, this manga can have deep meaning for all of the reader, and we can learn from it.

naira😁😁: please watch my chat story spicy wife
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Y soooo kind with Charles but pushes away Aubrey when she has the chance. God nina Aubrey gave u everything he loves u but yet u didn't even give him a chance and when Charles comes along u run to him
Kakung Kuku: Yes,good for you Nina why so kind to Charles who knows that Charles is planning something this is why I hate comic girls if i were Nina I would probably marry Aubrey and live happy life and give him a kid😂this sounds insane but I love him🤣👍❤
Chu -Tan: hey guys, do you wanna see my novel? it's called 'please stop divulging your novel in the comments' pretty cool right?
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Ousmane Balde
i fell like Nina will really fall in love with Aubrey, Aubrey already loves her, he just have a very hard heart that so he cannot tell her.
and it also looks like Charles has got or is getting back his lost memories.
Allyza Qim Rojo: they actually ended up loving each other. Charles got his memories and begged nina to be with hum but he rejected him for how many times
berry: Aubrey has a disorder right?
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Even Money Can't Buy Love
What a Useless thing to be called
Nina: yup ?
Divaerica Balisi: nina?????
total 3 replies
idk but i kinda want her and charles to get together. its like everyone here just forgot aubery's a rapist
lon3lyfr0g: Ur comment is so popular woahhh-
moshi moshi: I STAN YOU GIRRRLLL
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Princess Shark
Toooo shorttttt😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I've been waiting for about 24 hours and now I just need about 30 seconds to finished it😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔
Aiza Glova: same here
Nina: yes why are comics chapters so short not like novels?
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If you are an Aubery fan that gets easily offended by ANY sort of criticism about Aubery, then please do not read my comment. If you attack my posts and tell me not to read this story just bc I don’t like the same characters/share the same opinion as you, I will block you and also screenshot your comments and report them. You are better off ignoring and scrolling, because nobody has the right to tell me/other people to not read this story regardless of their opinion about the ML or FL.

He still is very rude and disrespectful towards her. It’s as if he thinks about nothing but s3x whenever he sees her, like she’s your GIRLFRIEND not a hooker! It’s been 300 chapters and he still has a lot to improve on. I still stand by my opinion that Nina deserves better than that.
Master Blaster jeya: y have to comment so harsh on zubi?
MirandaFrias7: I like Aubrey but yes she deserves better !!
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Kimmie Condez
what a kid
I really think that mr. kung is the child he's been looking for
Kitty546: A child and an adult somehow fused together and became an abomination name Mr Kung
_BTS_ LOVER_💜💜💜💜💜💜💜: U made my day😂😂
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i think he gain his memories back and realize the stupid shit he had done to nina...but i hope he won't disturb nina cause he already had dora pregnant with his child
Nina: emmm that'sh tired actually not tires typo mistake
Nina: Huff imma now tires of this Charles guy me only wants Aubery and Nina to be together forever just that without any troublesh
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okay so charles bastard finally has his memories back.. a little too late though. i presonally DON’T want charles and nina to become a couple just bc he was SO RUDE to her and all the things he said to her like i get it you lost your memories but even so if someone comes to you and tells you you were very close and that person cares about you and you are still very important to her... you just don’t..???? bang her SISTER who is btw the biggest bitch here???? like i wouldn’t never forgive charles bc that shit has gone for way too long and nina is really trying to get over it.

on the other hand i don’t really support nina x aubery either just bc aubery is a sadistic asshole but he is changing and as we can see he really cares abt nina. he even said so himself that she shouldn’t hide ”the child” which btw doesn’t exist i wonder how they’re gonna explain that lol but even if she gave him the child he wouldn’t abandon her bc it’s THEIR child and i think that’s cute. also you can see that even though aubery hasn’t been the most angelic to nina he has still helped her like.. the house.. standing up for her..
Mouakolah: Exactly because yes u lost ur memories but you didn’t have to treat her like that 🙄😒

But I still kinda want them to be friend and for both of them to be happy 😌
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I love this comic and all, but why are many Aubrey fans in this comic overall so insensitive and like to throw around words like r*pe/abuse in their comments and sugarcoat it to sound less damaging than it really is?
“Sure he r*ped her and did bad things but he didn’t mean it” (50+ likes)
“I know that he almost killed her but he loves her” (deleted)
“I agree with the way he harassed her was really bad, but he changed”+“he may seem as a ‘r*pist’ and their relationship may seem ‘toxic’..” WTF!?!?!?😱🤢
Do ppl even know how problematic this is!? u realize this is a VERY sensitive word to use and this could really hurt real life victims that can come across and see your comment? There are ways to show love/support for Aubrey without desensitizing r@pe/abuse people. It’s very belittling and disrespectful to the victims out there that have to live with that trauma for the rest of their lives. Be careful with your words!! It doesn’t have to be directed towards them to upset them!And let’s not use his mental illness as an excuse to justify his abusive behavior!Reasons.don’t.justify.actions! Serial killers are mentally ill too!🙃You’re enabling his behavior! And stop blaming the victim (Nina) for rejecting him, bc what he did to her wasn’t some “small mistake”, it’s abuse. I love Aubrey, but do these people even think before commenting!? and I’m MORE SHOCKED at how many people agreed with them!🤦🏻‍♀️
TuT: Way too true. You are thinking about others then commenting. I am not in any of the two's side.
NDM: you put my thoughts in words....
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be honest guys who else waits till it turns 10 lol...OMG I freaking out did he just confessed somewhat of what he feels....I really hope she can make him a bit mare gentle and right now the ship is at full sail... hopefully nothing bad will happen
Leanne Mercier: Look, we all know that something bad is going to happen.
ᗩᖇᗰᎩ-ᑕᕼᗩᑎ: Just 1 more likes and you're at 1000
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♥yours truly taekook♥(≧∇≦)
Dora the explorer...

you soon gonna Explore...

the hell....
Charmylover: Hi. Please could you give me your opinion on my new novel "try everything "
pallwi: I love vkook
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u better watch out
u better go hide
u better not cry, im telling u why
aUbEry kUnG iS cOmiNg tO tOwN
Rishana: hahahhahah
LeeEthan: LMAO omg
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So for the guys that are shipping Charles and Nina should remember the way Charles treated Nina when she was kidnapped by aulbery king. " I'll claim your body for the sake of your sister". Even he didn't had his memory at that time but still is that a way to talk to someone who is OBVIOUSLY polite to you? A even aulbery was a rapist STILL HE CONFESSED AND IS CHANGING NOT TO MENTION HE IS FIGHTING A DISEASE. YALL NEED TO FINALLY SAIL HIS A NINAS SHIP.!
Nina: yosh yosh that Charles guy damn thing serves him right now that Nina is with aubery
Bidisha Choudhury: yeppp
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Sindi Games
"it's too late for Charles, he fucked it up"
i have a couple things to share about this matter, one it is not Charles' fault that he treated her like that, it's the Szes' fault. Two **get ready to insult me in the replies**
I **personnaly** think that Charles is better than Aubery.And here is why : Charles is a naturally nice person, and he was manipulated into thinking that nina is the devil and blabla THAT's why, back then, he treated nina like absolute dog shii, but you can see his nice trait just from the beginning, now this for people isn't enough proof and there is always the ' well he treated nina rlly bad and blablabla' but, it all goes back to : He was m a n i p u l a t e d 11 letters, easy right?
And, on Aubery's side we have the fact that he is a rapist, paranoid diseased, stubborn, and overall angry person,
But that is just **my** point of view,
but on nina's point of view, Charles is a lost hope, even though she is still torn between the two it's pretty obvious she's goign to end up with Aubery as various signs of her crushing on him, ig you can say, were displayed in the last episodes.
What's the take away from this ?you might ask,
Here it is :
the major point is to stop blaming Charles, blame the Szes
The second point is that Charles is at 80% chance a lost hope for nina to fall back in love with
That's it, thank you for reading this
Rishana: i hate Charles mo
total 165 replies
1 like = 1 bottle of holy water for aubury
Breanna Paulo: actually. let's just get. a whole church
Jasimitten12: now gets 963 bottles of holy water
total 37 replies
R. Komi
America is my nation
Japan is my destination
To kill Dora is my mission
Nina and Aubrey is my inspiration
To read bossy president is my religion

I don't know why I made this..
But read my Novels please..
Nayihah123: let's complete our mission sis
Bidisha Choudhury: same girl.
total 108 replies
Donna Turner
can I kill all the men in this story 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
It's_3AM: yes plss
NASA-Yuzaki: ok good luck no mercy
total 138 replies
Turnip Tulip
I want that towel (the never falling one)
meow meow 💜: I want it too
Kitty546: Stick it with glue, it won't fall
total 100 replies
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