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idk but i kinda want her and charles to get together. its like everyone here just forgot aubery's a rapist
@par🕶️j🔥: celebrate it bruh urs is the most responded and liked comment now 👻😂🤣🙈🙊
^°Dandere Drop°^: Etooooo...Hai?
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Princess Shark
Toooo shorttttt😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I've been waiting for about 24 hours and now I just need about 30 seconds to finished it😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔
Spitting Dragon: 😥i cant wait for the next episode..
xXxANGELxXx: Hmm...I might check it out but I don’t know.
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yes the 1st and the only time i agreed with this asshole yes her sister is hidious
SERENITY CRUZ MARTI: Hey I hope you are having fun with whatever your doing I miss you!💌
SERENITY CRUZ MARTI: Hey Mishi I never forgot about you I miss you!😍
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i think he gain his memories back and realize the stupid shit he had done to nina...but i hope he won't disturb nina cause he already had dora pregnant with his child
Angela Nicole Palana: I think Dora fake the pregnancy
Nicholle Kim: read it there
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So for the guys that are shipping Charles and Nina should remember the way Charles treated Nina when she was kidnapped by aulbery king. " I'll claim your body for the sake of your sister". Even he didn't had his memory at that time but still is that a way to talk to someone who is OBVIOUSLY polite to you? A even aulbery was a rapist STILL HE CONFESSED AND IS CHANGING NOT TO MENTION HE IS FIGHTING A DISEASE. YALL NEED TO FINALLY SAIL HIS A NINAS SHIP.!
Gacha movie: Same with Charles he is CHANGING
BLUE: Tbh why can’t she be single😂like let’s ship her with herself 🤷‍♀️screw all the guys
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Everyone says that Charles is the victim because he was manipulated by the Sze family. That, I can agree on. But what about Aubrey? Most people just look at him as a rapist and asshole. But what caused him to be like that? I think it’s caused by his mental illness and the people around him. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth so obviously he was never taught respect. No one fought with him or tried to correct his behavior because his family has a lot of power and money. Since no one argued with him, he must have figured that what he’s doing is normal. All the women around him loves money and fame so he must have got the idea that all women are like that. So in this case, Aubrey is in someway also a victim. He’s never learned what right and wrong so do you really think that he’d act all nice and shit? Plus, he’s paranoid and has mental illness so he’d act like a complete jackass sometimes. I’m not blaming all of it on his mental illness, I’m saying that it’s part of how he became the way he is. He was brought up the wrong way so I feel that it’s not 100% his fault. I’ve seen a lot of hate toward Aubrey and I just felt that it was unfair. Most people are painting him as the villain and it’s making me a little upset lol

Don’t fight with me on this, I just want to state my opinion. Idk, maybe I’m too invested in this series 😂
Aya Chan 🌹🌷🌸: @Mirajane Devi....Thug life 😎😎😎
Mirajane Devi: I agree but that doesn’t mean Nina HAS to love him.I personally don’t ship her with anyone right now.
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be honest guys who else waits till it turns 10 lol...OMG I freaking out did he just confessed somewhat of what he feels....I really hope she can make him a bit mare gentle and right now the ship is at full sail... hopefully nothing bad will happen
Leanne Mercier: Look, we all know that something bad is going to happen.
ARMY-CHAN: Just 1 more likes and you're at 1000
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soooma 00

nina is more complex than what she seems, she feels attached to anyone that shows her concern, if u think about it she might have never loved charles she only saw him as a pillar to lean on because she felt lonely, but when charles hurt her she losed that pillar and decided to move on.

towards aubery she fears him and detests him, but because of his straightforward personality she felt that she can trust him since he's not calculative at all and also she developed stockholm syndrome.

i hate aubery he's a rapist after all, but as i said he got a straightforward personality, he is mentally ill it's actually clearer in the novel, he's been spoiled alot but his parents seem to be abusive as well i mean i think somewhere in the novel his father injures him for disobeying orders, i think his illness came from his stupid parents.

charles is gentle to whom he cares for but is cruel to others, he's also got issues with his parents, he's also lonely like nina and aubery that's why he viewed nina as his haven when he was blind maybe he didn't really love her that's why he felt nothing after losing his memory but when he remembered everything he remembered the gratitude he felt back then.

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Aubery is seeking the truth on the incident 3 years ago

#SpoilerAlert Later we can see that Aubery slowly admit his luv towards Nina. He want Nina learn English cooking style so that he can take Nina to meet his parent. Aubery also trying to cook steak for Nina but almost burn the kitchen 😂

#SpoilerAlert After being so clingy, Aubery get jelly over a shrimp bcs he imagining the shrimp so close to Nina's lip. He also did back hug. Later he bump to a door so that Nina blow his head and only satisfied after 20 minutes blow goshh Aubery is blushing. He also admit he want to only fall in luv with Nina and don't have time for other girls 😍

Oh pls let Aubery and Nina ship sailing 😍 Sorry Char u're good and kind but it's too late
I-love_Suga: Awww! YES
nommoonomme: great spoiler haha
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The Delinquent
Okay Charles so u saw them now BACK OFF !!! I know u lost yr memories n shit but it doesn't explain the bad way u treated the poor Nina just becuz she loved you and cared about you. IT'S TOO LATE ! I mean Aubery Kung is also mentally sick but he cares about her the most even if his actions are the opposite of what he feels. Our Aubery Nina ship is sailing n I'm not gonna tolerate any ship wreckers ! LONG LIVE THE SHIP !
Nina sze : He just got his memory back I don’t blame Charles
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Ousmane Balde
i fell like Nina will really fall in love with Aubrey, Aubrey already loves her, he just have a very hard heart that so he cannot tell her.
and it also looks like Charles has got or is getting back his lost memories.
Eva Dahlia: jmmklllllI'll
Kōwan: hard heart? It was said already. Aubrey is mentally ill. Nina is likely the only person who speaks straightforward and doesn't just flatter him.
With her and Charles, it's just sad. Neither he or Nina are to blame. They cannot change the past. That's life. Nina's sister disregarded Charles feelings for her sister and suppressed his memory. Nina also used him when he was blind as he was the only person she could rely on emotionally. This is being human.
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it's Bri
See, everyone thinks that most people like Aubry because he's hot. No, yes he has a severe mental disorder BUT you can tell he's trying to fight it. I like the Aubry that turned a boat around so Nina can look for her Sisters husband, I like the Aubry who cleaned her cheek after she was smacked, I like the Aubry who let her sleep on his lad and carried her to bed.

Aubry WAS a rapist, yes, and I don't think that was right, but he's clearly trying to change. we can't hold that against him forever can we?
Erin Blueitt: Doesn't sm mean sadomasochism?
Queen ***: 2**7**F**5**M**5 plss use this ❤️❤️❤️
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Sindi Games
Here is the thing, he was ** m a n i p u l a t e d** and the parents brainwashed him and made him believe that nina is such a bad person that he didn't help her earlier on in the episodes. And I think it's reasonable the fact that he regainned his memory and now regrets it. Just try to imagine how bad he must feel, and seing her now with another man just hurts him more. Yes, what he did before was not good, mean and shameless BUT the Sze's manipulated him into thinking that nina is a horrible and cruel person that is why he treated her bad in the past, and now he is looking for her, because 1 SHE was the one that helped him out throughout his blind state 2 Hebstill loves her very very much. And also for the child thing, it was also a manipulation from the Sze's to keep him with Dora, cuz ' omg he left his kid for some cruel and horrible woman! how shameless!' so that way he could never actually leave Dora, in conlcusion he was manipulated and to call him a 'stalker' and overall 'two faced character' just proves that you can't see it clear,
Btw this isn't mean in anyway, you are allowed to think whatever you want but try to think a little bit before just spitting stuff out without doing any 'research'
Thank you.
Wendy Chen: Yea I agree completely especially that last paragraph Lmfao, though remember the pills. I’m sure those pills were also blocking his memories and he’s regaining the memories now because hes only taking half dose now. The mom seems nice though, I agree it was still bs that she didn’t really care for Nina as much when Dora was born but ofc Dora is her actual daughter but what’s truly bs is the way the dad treats Nina. Honestly I shop Charles with Nina and Nina with Aubery. Even though Dora loves Charles I bet in the beginning she just wanted what was Ninas. Judging from her looks in each episode Dora looks like she just wants everything Nina has even thought she already took away everything important from her. Dora’s a spoiled child who honestly I feel like if she spent some time with Nina when they were younger, they’d have a better relationship. Even though Nina was possessive when she was younger, you can’t blame her she grew up with nothing and everything taken from her while Dora got love and affection, great genes, and still has to take the one person whom she knows barely anything about and hasn’t cared for at all, away from her ELDER sister. Honestly it doesn’t matter if ur blood related or not she’s the ELDER sister so Dora should be respecting Nina. I’m just ranting now, so sorry. OH and for Mr. Kung, my man did so many tests and yet still can’t believe that Nina does not have his kid
Jen Rodriguez: Boi why so much why???
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actually and seeing how much Charles loves her and cares about her makes me want to ship her with him... yes he was bad with her beforz but because he lost his memories and they made him belive that he loves dora so we can't hate him i believe that if anyone was in his same position would do the same... but i still like aubery and i hope that they'll maka some changes in his personality because being paranoid definitely won't help him to have nina's heart.. meanwhile Charles kows her very well with his kind and caring personality so aubery has a really strong rival over there
AB-AB: just put yourself in his position when everyone tells you one thing and only one person says the opposite a person who his all familly doesn't support him and you know nothing because you lost your memory you'll defenetly do the same
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girl you are Divine and we all knew he was gonna regret...also with Aubrey if he goes on all mean he going to regret and loose her but honestly she go kind hopefully she finally ends up with some as lovely as her and Aubrey hope you realize she is a human being so please treat her well
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Okikiola Jenmi: I totally agree with you 🤣
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I changed Sweet but a pyshoco song :

Oh , HE is sweet but a psycho
A little bit psycho
At night he's screamin'
"hey girl out my mind"
Oh, HE's hot but a psycho
So left but HE's right though
At night she's screamin'
"Come my roommm"

HE'll make you curse, but He a blessing
He'll rip your shirt within a second
You'll be coming back, back for seconds
With your plate, you just can't help it

No, no, you'll play along
Let his lead you on, on, on
You'll be saying, "No, no"
Then saying, "Yes, yes, yes"
'Cause He messin' with your head

Diverting Lucy: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sunil Jacob: You made my day🤣🤣I love that song but I love this more
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Akarine Chan
I saw the drama of this comic. the drama has ten episodes.this comic totally following the drama story one by one step.according to the drama it reach only 2nd episode.I will spoil a little bit .the real names of leads in this comic is same as in drama.following are:
Aubert king as Gong Oh.
Nina size as Xia sian.
OK later the story is her friend yuke as you can see she is drunker and was saying weird stuff.yuke sees abuery with Nina. so she is just seizing the oppurtinaty of as seeing Nina is trying to get rid of Aubert.she lies to Nina that she was the girl that year and now she has his son who is sick.who needs surgery and for surgery she needs money and stupid Nina get tricked.because Aubery goes for business and says to her wait for him.then Nina as you can see she is using device.because of that device she heard the meeting of Dora and yuke .when she follows them to hotel there she meet with Dora husband.Dora husband help her to hear their conversation.after hearing their conversation Dora husband tell Nina that he regain his memories and that Dora was giving him wrong medicines.there she got to know the truth and when she caught that time I told you above about yuki waht she lie about that she was the girl .
Akarine Chan: I am Reding this because the way their expressions are really u author.
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look, im not a fan of aubery neither but im tired of people paint charles as a victim🙄 sure nina’s family manipulated him BUT he’s not the same old helpless kid anymore. he’s from big family too and he can see things now. i mean he’s powerful enough not to be under sze family’s control and to find the truth himself after nina has insisted for YEARS. only if he CARES, i bet it isnt THAT hard to know the whole situations😬

the thing is, he just doesn’t care😴

he ended up like this bc once he’s not blind, he ignored a shy-plain girl like nina, and chose to look at s/o younger and more beautiful like dora instead.

funny how a normal eyes man is easier to deceive lol
Aya Chan 🌹🌷🌸: @Sasuto That just means you're cheated by appearances you gotta dig deep dude especially when you don't remember a thing and there are 2 sides you can't just take someone's side because they're beautiful?!
Sasuto : Think about it if you woke up and couldn’t even remember your name and you saw a Beautiful girl beside you what would you do
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There is just do much that I feel about this “Aubrey and Nina” relationship.

1) Aubrey probably really does like Nina but because Aubrey is stubborn, spoiled, rich, and basically- never really had to “give in” before, he is the way he is. It is the same reason why Nina’s sister Dora acts like a brat. Dora got everything handed to her on a plate and now thinks she doesn’t need to do anything but be a stuck-up-brat.
2) Nina has the right to not want to fall in love with Aubrey because he had every right to “hate” him anyways. He has done multiple things that makes her detest everything but I am not saying Aubrey isn’t making an effort, I just think that he should probably learn to be more “lenient” towards his “actions.”
3) I’m pretty sure Charles already knows and uses the baby as an excuse to avoid Dora at all cost to make plans to destroy the Sze family anyways. I mean- he basically got all his memories and Nina got disowned, he has nothing more to worry about expect trying to get Nina back by his side.
4) Dora is going to be the downfall of the Sze family, the parents will blame Nina until they find out the truth just to beg Nina for help.
5) Nina will probably start falling for Aubrey after she finds out the truth. I don’t think that she will with all this conflict because she wants to clear her ledger for herself, now yuki, and make a fresh start.
Ryumusuu: Yep yep.. Totally
aubery~da~man~😍: looking forward to #4and 5😁
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It’s already too late for Charles. I don’t really hate him but I just can’t see him and Nina being together. He’s already cause so much emotional damage to her and some wounds just don’t heal. Plus, he’s married to Dora and he’s going to be a father (If Dora was indeed pregnant) so it’d be too complicated.

Aubrey is a prick and a rapist so I don’t really like him either (some interactions between him and Nina are funny though lol)

But if I had to choose, I’d choose to ship Aubrey and Nina. It just seem more possible (He’s the male lead anyways so they’d end up together lol)
Savage Angel: Charles and Nina forever, so don’t even try it😡😡😡
@FAN#46: I'm choose Aubrey with Nina
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