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Vampire Charming

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What if you’re spotted by a vampire?! And he is a very handsome vampire!! A wonderful show is about to begin. Mandy White will fall down on the vampire who brought her down, jumped her, and let her jump him.

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mιsz shυυ ツ
yeaaayy finally our hero coming to save the beauty 😘😘 .. where's his naughty son haaa ? i miss that cute boy so much .. btw happy new year uols 🎆🎆🎆🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Fallen01 : Cassidy 😂😂😂😂😂 I totally agree with you😂😂LoL
Cassidy Couture: Dude that little kid is gonna come bursting through the doors and start punching someone I swear😂
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So,… besides getting rediculously dark all of a sudden, now she's maneuvering to have the father kill the mother of the prince…😅

Wow… does she realize how this could turn out? I mean, from a psychological standpoint, how do you think an immortal like the kid would turn out if his father spontaneously murdered his mother at the behest of his underlings after they BETRAYED him, causing him to forget about her and then lie?

I'd imagine that the kid might well side with the Vampire Hunters (if they are indeed his own family). I mean, if you were in his position & this happened to you, what would you imagine that your childhood self doing?

Also, how can she override the kid so easily? Is it because he's half-human?

Also, will his uncle (if what looks like an unexpected brother turns correct) murder him for being half-vampire?

How will the kid cope with this level of betrayal? Will the sister be able to cope once she knows the truth—that she at the very least, attempted to murder her own nephew's mother?
Griffin Grey
Seriously? Wilson is useless. He got her pregnant and stole her kid. Never helped her and she lived through pain and suffering for 156 episodes. Now he forgot about her and none of those who tortured her was ever punished. I hope that she runs away with her little boy and the brunette man (I don’t even care if he is good or evil) as long as she stay away from all these horrible characters 😤
♡ Mayumi ♡: sToB iT,lmao thanks
sToB iT: for once i agree with you Mayumi
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