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Vampire Charming

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What if you’re spotted by a vampire?! And he is a very handsome vampire!! A wonderful show is about to begin. Mandy White will fall down on the vampire who brought her down, jumped her, and let her jump him.

MangaToon got authorization from HangMan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - xixueguinanshen,xxgns,Vampire Adonis
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Cloud Mist
(THIS IS MY OPINION SO PLS DONT HATE ME) ok guys... mandy might be stupid but please... dont hate her... what if u r in her position? what if you saw the person u trust so much "looks like" trying to kill your father/beloved one? would u still trust that person? i understand that u guys hate her for her stupidity but please! she does not know anything... did jack wilson told her the reason why he is doing that? did jack wilson told her that he is the one that helps her always when she is in trouble and the reason for it? NO, thats why she jumps into conclusions right away! she does not know anything! no one is explaining it to her! she does not even know if vampires are true... but she just saw that jack wilson killed the nurse by sucking up her blood! that made her knew that the culprit might be jack wilson because he is hiding so many things to her and made things confusing... she is not like us readers who knows whats happening so yeah... (PLS DO NOT HATE ME FOR WHAT I HAVE SAID... THIS IS JUST MY OPINION SO PLS... DO NOT HATE ME....)
×+ιloveмanga_anιмe+: I have a question........

Do your fingers hurt?
NAN GONG CHE....: ohh plss...bro I understand her because my girl. is like Mandy so stupid bro....but I love girl is so annoying
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She became a dumb M.O.N.S.T.E.R!!! that's her problem : she never gave him the opportunity to explain what happened. And her father was a sh*tty man for running away from his family and never explain things. Jack Wilson stop your cheesy love for her and get your son back! don't you think you owed an explanation? I hope Dreamy will be killed. A sh*tty woman like her who doesn't know to difference thuth from lie doesn't deserve to get happiness, especially having her son
AsukaHana122: And her mother and how much her family lied to her ? she never thought to expose them while they are guilty gir hiding things from her.
Amelia: I also don't want it to happen. Please author reveal it now and also expose Mandy's Father. 😖
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Oh this idiot of Dreamy finally noticed that her mother is the key of the mystery and that she should've from start asked her about the lies inside Dreamy's family! Kimi don't trust Dreamy, she is lying ! She would hurt you anyway, she doesn't have common sense to discover truth by herself instead of blaming everyone for her lack of luck. Useless FL, I hope someone could kill her. And Author, your story was good at start and became useless and boring. you killed yourself your story with these unnecessary plots.
Ayontica Banerjee: yes you are true on that. Well thats why I stopped reading most of them. I mean how much you criticise these authors won't change.
AsukaHana122: I understand what's you said but the author needs some criticism for ameliorate his next stories..Your aim as writer is to please the reader with your book and not make him feel bored, frustrated, confused etc.. you can see that most of these Chinese comic lack of realism and are focused on gags and pleasure to torture woman with frame/abuse etc. Here, it's the big problem here : he totally killed his story with unnecessary plots and most of them are not credible. He wants to full the blank left because of his lack magination.
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