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Vampire Charming

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Update on Fri, Sun
What if you’re spotted by a vampire?! And he is a very handsome vampire!! A wonderful show is about to begin. Mandy White will fall down on the vampire who brought her down, jumped her, and let her jump him.

Manga Toon got authorization from HangMan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - xixueguinanshen,xxgns,Vampire Adonis
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Ye Zhong Jue
Spoiler Bean's here to spoil u!!!
Now, the stupid Mandy White with an extraordinary brain tries to find out the truth of the locket which was in Andy's neck and had the photo of Jack's dad. And while doing so, she is again lured by those butterflies and reaches Andy's ward where Jack was upto something again. Then after seeing crying Mandy at ward door, Jack rushes to her and hugs her and then loses his sanity and tries to drink Mandy's blood. At this moment, a nurse and Henry comes inside the ward. Jack jumps from Mandy to the nurse and drink her blood. Mandy is shocked and scared, Henry tries to stops him. After the nurse faints, Jack once again jumps on to Mandy and Henry's very angry and tries to control his dad with his tiny little magic tricks.

BTW, Art changes once again from 201
C P C G J One: lol..acting lile a mosquito..jumping from one person to another
Ye Zhong Jue: Yes Alison, its true
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Alison Anoa'i
whoaa literally 16likes...why does it happen like she always falls into some other women's trap? she should better be awarded with THE BEST VICTIM OF THE YEAR. moreover,in this manga,in addition to late updates, the manga has more pictures huge ones rather than the actual story. The pictures just cover the whole page and with very little story like what has happened in this episode ...just Mr.Wilson calling his detective to check on That guy. Mandy realizes tht in the party she is gonna be humiliated(which she would surely be) maybe Mr Wilson would come to her aid again. Whoa!its so damn predictable.
nothing else except just big pictures with very less story. it was the very 1st comic that i have subscribed to. it was very cool at the beginning but now ...where is the direction of the story?
guys...its really disappointing now
Katelin Moore: as so
Alison Anoa'i: why does it happen this way!
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May be falling in the water will make her brain works . She is so dumb that she doesn't know how to use her brain and she that her lover loves her and that Arthur is the one that she should be upset for breaking her relation with Mr Wilson. How can someone come back to work formally after everything happened to her. The logic disappeard after leaving place to the comedy ?? Sadly author didn't bother himself\herself to built a twist plot where Kimi, Dreamy and her family were involved in Mr Wilson's father and the wolves clan attacked them. She could've confronted her "father" and Jack Wilson and she could've known that Kimi is her son
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