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Vampire Charming

Vampire Charming
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Snow Bunny
Mandy, please re-think your attitude towards Wilson. He had done so much for you..he believes you when No One believe you. He helped you so many times when No One care for you and when you lose hope.
But now, this is what you give him?? Just because you saw a glimpse of his action to your father whom you never met before, you do not want to listen his explanation?? That's so unfair to Wilson.
Galaxy Tab: drame
Galaxy Tab: waooh
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I guess the art now is much better than previous ones!! good improvement author go on I support you!!!
mangalover: yea much much better
Chihara Studios✔: Hello! We are currently making 2 novels. One is called "Thread Of Happiness" and the other one is called "Your Name" (yes, from the famous anime movie) if you want, you can always come down and give us feedback, maybe if you enjoy it, you can even like/ subscribe, we need criticism too, so we can improve like the rest of the authors, thanks
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Daphne Agus
hope there would be romantic moment with mr wilson and mandy
Kiesha Ragadio: where is the more ep plss
Kiesha Ragadio: where is the more ep plss
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Thought she was stupid? Wrong. She's just naive, gullible, trusting and innocent. And not alone in those things. Still...she's learning--painfully but inexorably.
Thought she was weak? Wrong. She isn't weak. She's DECENT. Even when defending herself, there are lines she will not cross. Her anger is almost always on another's behalf.
Thought she was a coward? Did you not pay attention to her meeting with the boy and her determination to see him safely restored to his family even AFTER that got her jailed?
Granted, many of us would handle the challenges she's had better...and a few would do WAY better--but most wouldn't. Be her situation, how many people would have run like Hell and never looked back? Courage is often found in close company with persistence...and both stick around. Even an exit made in a cloud of fury turns into a swift comeback, determined and unstoppable.
lemurloki: Thank you. You made my day.
GreenDragonSage: I haven't read this story yet. I was perusing the comments to see if it was worth my time. I haven't decided yet, but I absolutely love your comments. And especially your insight, understanding, and perspective.
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CAN’T HE UNDERSTAND THAT SHE’S SCARED! I totally understand why he reacted in that way as he feels hurt but this would be when she needs him most. He didn’t even let her explain and the fact that makes it worse is that he was manipulated too. But overall I think I like it (gotta keep on reading)
Cherry Mint
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ok no judging or whatever, but why all the comics i've read are all abt a pregnant girl who lost her baby and doesn't know who's the dad, and then the dad is a hottie rich man like... IT'S NOT EVEN BORING, HOW?!
KatsumiShipsTododeku_BakudekuShipperÙwÚ: I know right-
Bright Jangmi: I know right. It funny how the plot is almost the same but it’s not boring. I even found myself being fangirling over the ML each time :(
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pft hahahhahahahhaahahhaahha ahhahahaahhaahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahhahaahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahhaha lol this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny 😂😆
Enny Eńńy
It's a song!!!
You're killing my Mandy
And is that really fun?
No one'll bleave you
Because you're a lierOur mandy turn to mom in a second
L,A: 🙄oh I see
Enny Eńńy: I know
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Don’t these ppl know who to knock 😭 like it’s getting so predictable I knew since he’s in the bathroom she’s probably gonna wake up and go in there on him😭😳
Raven Gray: Up till now she lives by herself, she is probably used to just opening the door and walking in
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Ms. White, I cannot blame you for all your sufferings. but then, have you ever thought from the very beginning when you just started your career, who's their to believe you? who's their to support you from behind? well, I also know that you didn't know Mr. Wilson help you. but, HE BELIEVES YOU, HE TRUST YOU!
can't you see? are you blind or numb? you can't even give him a chance to explain! darn it!
animexkpop addict: preach nah sis or bro
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I don't get it u got her drunk left her in the forest . she didn't die now she got a baby on the way you use that against her and ur jealous ass push her so she lost her baby (henry Soo buteeee 😘😘) (AFTER THE FACT YOU STOLE HER MAnlN). and still want to torture her like damn
roberta delye: Delusional ! And yes, she should stop smoking crack, lol! 😂😂😂
레네애정: She need to stop smoking crack
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That masked woman is definitely Mandy's mom. Shes been trying to vanish all the vampires from existence. Maybe cause they killed Andy White?
ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ғᴜᴇᴠᴏs
the story is very annoying why? you can't forgive people easily with those arogrant words that the director gave you Mandy! hayssss the story Aura change so quickly and everytime Nancy heard some freaking news cause her plans is failing doesn't mean Mandy is behind all this you freaking rascal!
Jian Mo💔
Aww her baby here tunic is so cute.....I like this girl.....she doesn't give a shit about anything and lives her life happily
•~• Rose •~•
Not hating but the episodes are really short I’m on episode 40 in less than an hour
愛は愛: Baha me too but it’s really good so far
Alien_HD: I’ve been here for all of maybe 20-30 mins......
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shabana anjum
now this which name Nancy will again try to snatch jack from her Seeing a handsome guy taking so much care of her .
I bet
mangalover: Jack will not fall for her trickery
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this was a real and feels sorry for that b**** because the things that she has done so far show how low her life is how sad😂
bakugo🔥🔥🔥: why not sure😋
always willing to make friends!!!
Kanha Out: you know what I like you let be friends
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shabana anjum
Ohhh she doesn't knew that he was her child.
well like mother like son ..... smart
shabana anjum
why do you always fall and How did she fell without anything hitting her .is she a falling princess
<3 MoChhi <3: Yes agreed👌🙆🏻👍🏻
Cindy Marie: because she have soft feelings
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